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  1. Dr. Victor

    The Future of SEGA: Grim or glorious?

    My sincerest apologies, when I said SEGA, I meant to state Sonic Team, the subsidiary branch, rather than SEGA itself. This was made as a hobby, and errors are bound to be made, so I once more apologize for my lack of specificity.
  2. A long time ago, I came here and asked several questions about Sonic fan culture. Now I am back and wondering: what's your view on SEGA's future? 1: What do you think will happen to SEGA in the next ten years? Will it survive as a company? 2: Assuming SEGA goes bankrupt, what will happen to the Sonic fandom and community at large? 3: If you have a pessimistic view of SEGA’s future, when do you think it will cease existing outright? 4: If you have an optimistic view of SEGA’s future, what do you think will happen to the company? How will it stay relevant in the modern market? 5: Do you think fanmade content can qualitatively compete with official content? If so, why? If not, is it because of technical or stylistic errors? Or something else entirely? 6: Do you think the Sonic fandom has superseded SEGA as the primary source of Sonic content? 7: If you make fan work of any kind, what motivates you to do so, and what kind of work is it? 8: Assuming you make fan work of any kind, on average, how long does it take to complete a project? 9: If you could pitch a game idea to SEGA, what would it be, and how would it be different from any previous Sonic game? 10: Do you think SEGA should get more involved with its fanbase? If so, why? If not, why? Your usernames will not be revealed and I am not associated with any corporation or motivation beyond curiosity. Thank you for your time.
  3. Dr. Victor

    Interested in interviews

    Hello, we are interested in researching how various communities around large franchises interact with each other and within themselves. The Sonic fandom is rather prolific, large and established and we are interested in it. Would you mind answering these questions for our research? Thank you in advance. Q1: How long have you considered yourself a sonic fan? Q2: Is there a difference between someone who plays the games and an actual fan? If so, why? Q3: Out of all the media involving Sonic, which is your favorite? Q4: Have you made fan art or fan fiction of any kind? If so, why? Q5: Out of all characters in the Sonic franchise, which are your favorite and why? Q6: Is there anyone in the fandom that you look up to? Q7: Do you prefer 2D sonic games or 3D sonic games? If you have a preference, explain why. Q8: What does the sonic fandom mean to you? What is your relationship with the fandom? Q9: If you have made fan art or fiction of any kind, have you profited off of it or considered profiting off of it? Q10: What’s your opinion on explicit, controversial, or otherwise adult fan content? Q11: Have you made explicit, controversial, or otherwise adult fan content? If so, why? Q12: What is your opinion on other franchises and fandoms? Would you consider forwarding this to your fellow fans? If so, please send their answers to [mod edit: e-mail address redacted]. Thank you for your time. If you would like to have a more in depth interview, please message us either directly through this account or on our email.
  4. How long did it take you to draft a fanfic or draw fan art? Months? Years? Days? Please, let me know.
  5. Dr. Victor

    Favorite Sonic Media?

    Simple really, out of the comics, games, TV shows, and what not, which is your favorite series? 2D Games, 3D games, the comics, or televised shows (please specify for the last two). Thanks.

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