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  1. I'm not sure what part of the whole thing is supposed to be *Official* ? I don't recall anyone saying anything was official... In fact Steve made the whole thing unofficial, as far as I know.
  2. let me just put all this complaining into perspective.... The complaints are nearly matched by the number of people who have said they like the roster, (here and on the SEGA forums) The number of both those are small in comparison to the number of silent people on the forums. maybe around 20. The number of people on the forums (any of them) is VERY small compared to the number of people who will buy but aren't on the forums. What we're looking at here is just a "noisy few", whose numerous posts skew the apparent opinion. I'm not trying to belittle your opinions, but just to make you understand how daft it sounds when you say *people* as if it's *everyone*. Is it true that *not everyone* likes the roster...? Yes Is it true that the roster is weak? Well that's each persons opinion, but mine is, No. and a lot of people (I can point to actual posts) agree.
  3. The model had a BIG makeover She has a completely new face/head. And this time I think she's *much* prettier, and way less "jarring". Why though? What is it that annoys you so much? I'm interested to hear. (Honestly) Try to be constructive in your critisism, rather than emotive and it will be much easier to reply to.
  4. I went well enough that we *are* indeed planning one doing a similar thing again. In Sheffield. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Erm off the top of my head including the squid, 6 maybe 7 different robot types. I may have missed something there but that's all I can think of. One is mainly just a very brief glimpse.
  6. remember, that works both ways doesn't it? Or am I not supposed to be granted the same liberty? I didn't target you personally there buddy. Did you think you were griping yourself perhaps? Don't worry, it's ok to gripe. It's just won't actually get anyone very far... That's all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guys I don't actually mind a bit of heated debate... As long as we don't get too personal! You can say what you want to me. It's all cool! Now, on your marks, 3 2 1 go for it.
  7. Good points taken on board. Thanks. I *still* can't promise it won't happen again, but I'll mention it when decisions are being made next time. How's that? xx Sad, maybe for a few really hardcore fans possibly. But I don't see it costing SEGA any sales TBH. That's not really dropping the ball is it? Has it fulfilled your desires? No. Will you buy it? Well that remains to be seen. I think having GHZ on the box sells more copies than it looses... I think that's a slam dunk for SEGA personally.
  8. I can see it, I just think it's funny to see the steam coming from your bright red ears. That's why we do it. We aren't here to make your dreams come true... It's a game. We make it the best we can make it. You'll play it and you'll love it, I dunno why you're bickering tbh... Don't get dismayed. It's a game. You love Sonic preumably, and it's got Sonic in it. Is it the realisation of your deepest dream? ...No. Will you buy it and play it and enjoy it... I think yes. Even though it's got Seaside Hills in it *again*. Don't be offended. We're all friends in here...
  9. There you go, and actual intelligent question. And an opiniion, not a gripe. Guys you can learn from Jango! Hmmm it's a good question buddy. I think that for All Stars part of the methodology behind the thinking is that we do some *very* recognisable stuff, and then we also try to get in some less well known stuff. The old games where there is no 3d version are our attempts to try and bring something new to the table... However, a totally new Sonic level (in my mind) is a bit beyond our remit. I think The All Stars titles are more for remembering things old, and new, famous and forgotten. Thanks for that. I dunno maybe we'll give it some thougt if we do end up working on another All Stars title...
  10. not you, but: "There is no real excuse for including Seaside Hill AGAIN"
  11. Again... I don't need to make excuses. However, if it's the same looking, then why would it matter either-way anyway? Is it just the name you're unhappy with?
  12. Just bear in mind that we don't *need* an excuse. We don't have to make excuses for our, nor SEGA for their, decisions. We make them for a whole raft of reasons which you are not party to... ...and it's in. Sonic fans *may* be fed up with the checker pattern but they can't deny it's Sonic looking. If you put it on the box on the shelf, people will know what they are looking at from across the store. Even Grandmas buying for their Grand-kids xmas prezzie know what they're getting if it has the checker pattern. ...and there it is. Really, the nub of it is that it's synonymous with the Blue Hedgehog.
  13. That is right on the money. These vehicles are crafted with the same attention to detail that the characters themselves are. They aren't just a vehicle which the character drives. They are an extension of themselves. The colour is as much a part of that as the way it looks.
  14. LOL. You're safe. However, I have some sweeties if you want one..... I'm 52. And possibly the oldest SEGA fan in the world.... I was the first person to fly solo across the English channel. I invented steam. I survived the Battle of Hastings and went home with a Tee shirt which read, "I was in the battle of Hastings and all I got was this lousy arrow in the eye". I watched while India crashed into Asia. I *am* the fossil record ....and I'm older than God. Anyone older? Don't worry, it's rhetorical.
  15. We'll stick around. I imagine there'll be a few post release questions... (lol)
  16. Thats a pretty good spot, and pure coincidence I assure you! His vehicle front end is supposed to reflect his own head shape with the extended bits being his, erm dreads. But you're right, it is reminiscent of that image.
  17. Well, A: it's giving us data on where people are getting lost (on the more open sections) so we can improve track legibility in targetted areas. B: It's telling us which tracks are favourite, allowing us to hit the fun button on the less popular... C: We're able to see the results and identify which tracks are splitting the pack up, so we can fix it... So many things it's too hard to think. This is different to the usual test department results which normally find bugs... This is invaluable info on how much the levels are being enjoyed by people not familiar with them... How peolpe react the first time they see a level... That kinda stuff when we still have enough time to do something about it is great! Just so useful. Hope that sort of answers. I can't really be more specific, it just that the general level of usefulness of this is pretty high! Nay, VERY high!
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