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  1. "posting the most controversial thing"? look at every thread i made since joining: literally the only threads where i posted "controversial" opinions were the one about why i didn't like sonic adventure, the one where i asked whether or not iizuka should leave and the one where i asked why fans don't like classic sonic in forces. just three threads, and even then, those weren't trolling; just me expressing opinions that other people didn't agree with. i'd like it if you stopped trying to paint me as a troll who posts a bunch of hot takes to rile people up.
  2. it's not that i don't care for them. it's just they're not that well known, so i don't think they're needed. most kids aren't going to do a bunch of research about the shows, comics, movies, etc they like. if something is old, kids most likely won't know about it. but most kids aren't going to use it for research on these things. not that many. the comics don't sell that well iirc no. sonic boom, a modern sonic cartoon, is much more popular and well known than the older cartoons. dude, kids are kids. it's not that they're stupid; most kids just aren't gonna know these things about the franchise. and it's not even just kids. most viewers regardless of age don't do a bunch of research on the cartoons, comics, movies, games, etc they watch/play. do you honestly think that the average person who picks up a sonic game or watches sonic boom watches the other cartoons and reads the comics? no. that's something more hardcore fans do. trolling? i'd hate to look defensive by digging up my previous posts to prove a point and i doubt it'll change your mind, but i genuinely feel attacked by your accusation. and no, i'm not trying to pretend to look ignorant here. i really don't see what your damage is. look at every post i posted so far in this thread. i simply asked whether or not the comics sold well: in response to someone else, i expressed my opinion that if the comics don't sell well, not many other publishers would jump at the chance to publish the comic. also expressed that i'd be interested in a new sonic comic while doubting it'd last long: expressed my genuine confusion at the big disappointment over the comics being cancelled as i was under the impression sega would be continuing the comics with another publisher. granted, i misread the facebook post, but it was an innocent mistake on my part. we all make mistakes: expressed that i would be happy with the satam/archie characters being dropped and that a new series could attract new fans: pointed out the boom's cartoon popularity as an example of a new series attracting new fans and the rest is just me going into further detail on why i don't think the archie/satam characters are needed as they're not well known: just because my opinions don't line up with the rest of this forum doesn't mean i'm trolling. simply expressing why i don't feel like certain characters are needed isn't trolling. simply calling people "vocal minorities" and clarifying why isn't trolling. i've expressed all of my opinions in a civilized manner. trolling would be me saying shit like "LOL no one cares about the archie/satam characters, no one cares what you nerds think LOL". that isn't the case here. i don't think these characters are needed and i civilly expressed why. how in the world is that trolling? give me a break. i'm not playing the victim here. i really don't see why you seem to have it out for me. having different opinions isn't trolling. but i doubt you'll listen to what i just said so whatever. i think i've done an alright job getting along with the other members here; when i do get into disagreements with other members, we have civilized debates. if you feel the need to take my posting privileges away for a while, then go ahead.
  3. it's not like the archie/satam characters are even that well known. the only characters the average sonic fan recognizes are the game characters getting rid of the archie/satam characters wouldn't cause some big backlash
  4. thoughts on nintendo's revolutionary new voice chat app? lmao
  5. the boom cartoon succeeded in attracting new fans and was pretty popular on cartoon network
  6. sounds good to me lol i never liked the satam/archie characters. wiping the slate clean with an entirely new sonic comic could also attract new fans
  7. why's everyone so sad didnt they say sega was looking to continue the comics with another pubisher
  8. last i played was mugen, will probs play more of it. gotta start unlocking new characters
  9. well if the comics don't sell well i don't think many will jump at that chance anyway i'd like to see an entirely new comic series on sonic. doubt it'll last long tho
  10. Muda muda muda muda

  11. i don't see why anyone would think grand priest has some kind of hidden agenda. what could he even be hiding at this point? we already knew a bunch of universes were going to be annihilated in the tournament. i don't see how the gods could reasonably come up with anything worse than that. grand priest is just smiling because universes getting destroyed doesn't unnerve him in the slightest.
  12. caulifla getting a buff form is fine. after all, kale has one, and caulfia and kale are like a duo so it's whatever
  13. obviously it won't star MJ because he's dead. plenty of actors portray dead celebs in movies and shows. mj is no different there's no reason for many things in the entertainment to exist other than money. this is just a kids' program meant to portray mj in a positive light. seems fine to me
  14. it still reeks BS plot convenience. rage boosts have always been stupid he rivals ssb goku (no kaioken) now
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