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  1. I don't think he is working on the game. This game goes against a lot of Steve Lycett's philosophy for the All Stars games. He said that the All Stars games he designed were all built off existing SEGA properties to feel authentic (Sega Superstars Tennis = Virtua Tennis, Sega All Stars Racing = Outrun). Team Racing, on the other hand, is influenced by current teamwork trends (overwatch etc), and isn't rooted in Sega's heritage. I think this is part of the reason this game doesn't appeal to me. It seems to me that they are treating this project as very much a chance for new members of staff to get used to working with SUMO on. As far as I'm concerned, this isn't made by the SUMO Digital we know, but by an entirely different team who have yet to prove themselves.
  2. I wouldn't take the Amy comment seriously. We haven't heard that anywhere else and the E3 demo explicitly only contains Team Sonic and Team Dark Eggman and Amy are obviously not going to be in the same team so, a select number of journalists saw two other teams in addition? Highly unlikely. Probably just an error.
  3. Interesting news update. - The game's team is mostly made up of new staff who haven't worked on the previous all star racing games. The lead designer is new to SUMO. - Confirmed that there are different difficulties which affect vehicle speed ala Transformed. Looking at Richard Acherki's Linkdin, who's the lead designer of the game, he's worked at sumo as a lead designer at SUMO for around a year and a half and he confirmed at SUMO that this is his first game with them. So maybe the game has been in production for a while?
  4. Plasme

    How do you perceive Sonic (the character)?

    My favourite version of Sonic is in CD. He's cocky but also quite cute. And most importantly, he's serious when he needs to be. This is something Mania Adventures captures really well, but I think the dystopian atmosphere of CD also helps a lot. I think what makes CD unique is that this incarnation of Sonic is cast against the dystopian Eggman future. Forces had the potential for this, but failed massively. I saw a fan animation of CD recently which I thinks captures CD's essence really well and what makes it special. It's a bit amateurish and not wholly professional, but it has a lot of personality. Also, Metal Sonic is actually threatening in it, which i don't think he's even really been since CD. Sonic CD did a lot wrong. It's level design can be weird and it sometimes comes across as a port of Sonic 1. Also it has Wacky Workbench. But I think the music and atmosphere is part of the reason why it's so memorable.
  5. Plasme

    Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked

    Here's Windii's screenshot of the excel file she was sent: Sonic Retro are accepting this as legit, and to be fair, they are the forum who know best about this kind of thing.
  6. Plasme

    Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked

    Windii's posted a picture of the file on retro's Sonic Forces thread if anyone's interested.
  7. Plasme

    Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked

    You would have to ask Windii on Retro or Twitter. I doubt she'd let just about anyone see it, but I reckon she'd let you since you work at TSS and are reliable.
  8. Plasme

    Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked

    It's been heavily edited. You can read more at Retro: https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?showtopic=35712&st=6270
  9. Plasme

    Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked

    Thanks for reopening the thread Sean! Windii's said that the excel file of the leak was a protected file, and the reason she couldn't upload the file itself is because the revision notes contains the names of one of the people responsible for the leak. Obviously this isn't hard proof, but both members are very reliable. SPEEPSHighway in particular has revealed loads about the Sonic Adventure games. I'd highly recommend her Youtube channel actually, there are loads of stuff she has recently put on there that you probably don't know about, even if you might know a lot about Sonic Adventure. And while I know a lot of people might facepalm at the 'my girlfriend found and translated', SPEEP's girlfriend is Windii, who helped translate both Adventure games from Japanese into English. So it's not as stupid as it sounds 😛 . One of the things I find funny about the leak is how inconsequential Classic Sonic's role is, even at this early stage.
  10. This all ties into something I said a while ago on here but was shot down on by various members. This is the result of this strict classic/modern dimension split they are going for. Mighty and Ray belong to the 'Classic' universe, and so wouldn't appear in a 'Modern' universe game like this. Aaron basically said in his interview that the team are focusing on putting 'Modern' characters in. I'm really fed up with this 'Classic' and 'Modern' strict universe split. Having Fang in this game would be cool, but he can't be in because he's a 'Classic' character and so he's in a different dimension. The whole thing is so stupid. Mighty, Ray and Fang are Sonic characters, their different appearance is just a difference in art style. Just redesign him to make him fit into the current art style and it would be fine. I like all Sonic characters, they shouldn't be relegated to separate dimensions. Fang should be able to appear in a 'Modern' game and Blaze in a 'Classic' game. I rue the day that SEGA/Sonic Team decided to split the Classic and Modern designs into different dimensions. It's such a stupid idea. I understand having a Classic 2D and more Modern 3D parallel game series. That makes sense because the gameplay styles are so different. But this whole approach of dividing the two series into different dimensions and strictly stopping any character spillover (aside from Classic Sonic ironically enough) is so irritating. And all over a minor difference in art style for most the characters.
  11. In regards to that Forces' leak, it's highly probable to be true. It's coming from SPEEPSHighway and Windii, who if you know about Sonic datamining, is a very reliable source. 

    The thread should be re-opened honestly. It's not hard proof, but SPEEPSHighway is responsible for a lot of stuff we know about in the Adventure games etc. It couldn't actually be coming from a more reliable source.

    Also, the comment about the girlfriend is not as stupid as it sounds. SPEEP's girlfriend helped her translate both Adventure scripts from Japanese to English on youtube.

    For more, see https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?s=2dd054058d6b0e01bb382e04d16f614e&showtopic=35712&st=6270

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      @Sean quoting your name for your interest.

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      We'll look into and consider it.

  12. I thought Forces did much better in sales than everyone assumed? I think Metal Sonic (speed), Infinite (technique) and Eggman (power) is very possible. Eggpawn is probably not playable, especially seeing as he's a power type character, which Eggman is almost certain to be.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  14. Seriously though, that toaster looked really dangerous. I was worried it was going to blow up.


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