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  1. The car spinning around happens a lot on the Steam version, including going backwards.
  2. Yeah, once you realise you are supposed to max out the power characters' boost, sperd and defence stat then they are a lot more fun. Maybe I was dumb for not realising that, but the game doesnt communicate it at all.
  3. Im racing @Tracker_TD in tsr matchmaking haha

    1. Plasme


      Im the one playing Big and you're Metal Sonic xD

  4. This game is way more item spammy than Mario Kart. You get blasted to hell with items and ultimates constantly and have to keep avoiding them. I get hit by 4 items and a ultimate once and lost 6 places at the end of a race.
  5. Okay, so the power characters aren't useless as I thought the gand just does a really bad job of explaining them. You have to build them into top speed and boost powerhouses.
  6. I'm wondering what the defence stat specifically means because Power characters seem to get affected by items like everyone else. Do I have to mod them to get their defence stats through the roof? Because otherwise the Power types are complete garbage. They are slow, handle horribly and always come last. No one online even plays as them. Not great considering the game has such a tiny roster.
  7. Btw do the Power characters becone useful after mods, are they always useless?
  8. Everytime I load up a match online, I pray to the gods that the game isnt aborted because of a network error upon the race starting. Happens 50% of the time. I also agree that the core race gameplay is far inferior to the past All Stars games. The team mechanics are great, but the turning and drifting are garbage. It's also so punishing with weapons and hitting was, which is frustrating when the controls are so awful.
  9. With the Xbox controller on Steam, the default option is watch story (A button). How is it on Switch? Did they just fuck up the PS4 version?
  10. After playing more of the game, I really like what it goes for, you can get insane speed with the team mechanics, but it's also really clunky and not polished. Mayor D is right about handling mods, that really matters here. But even still, I often go so fast that I career into walls and sometimes even get flung backwards and the game doesn't know what to do. I've also clipped out the map several times. The game's story is also absolutely dire. If anything, this game needed another half a year if it released last wonter it would have been utterly broken.
  11. I hate the mod pod system too, seems designed fot a non implemented micro transaction system.
  12. I just thought I'd say too, my PC is quite sluggish now, but the game runs like a dream for me.
  13. I like the game, but maybe its just me but the handling and driving feels way more clunky and annoying than transformed. I also fnd the weapons are really annoying.
  14. SEGA's marketing and business decisions are extremely bizarre when it comes to Sonic. Don't show any content from the game for ages and also don't allow anyone to pre-order it digitally. Eh, okay.
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