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  1. Plasme

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    The panel explained why the recovery time for racers is so long, it's to make the skimboost useful. Quite annoying though, because I liked how the past All Stars games had really quick recovery times.
  2. Plasme

    General Halo Thread & Discussion

    The panel explained why the recovery time for racers is so long, it's to make the skimboost useful. Quite annoying though, because I liked how the past All Stars games had really quick recovery times. Oh fuck wrong thread.
  3. Plasme

    How many Sonic games do you like?

    I've probably replayed Mania now more than some of the classic games such as Sonic 1 and 2. Really crazy how good Mania actually is.
  4. Plasme

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    I'm aware that some levels in Sonic 3 are designed and clearly communicated as slower than others, Marble Garden is one and there are a few others you could name such as Sandopolis. Perhaps Launch Base could be counted as slower too. My point is that Sonic isn't as fun when going slowly when compared to going fast. There's a reason why people prefer Sonic 1's Green Hill over Marble Zone. It's not that Marble Zone is badly designed; it pretty clearly communicates that it's a slow, Mario inspired level. Nevertheless, I don't think Sonic is fun for that kind of slow gameplay. His acceleration is much quicker than the likes of Mario and Kirby, which makes it really easy to overshoot platforms when jumping (I've covered this before). But additionally, it just doesn't play to Sonic's strengths. There are loads of 2D platformers which encourage a slow and methodical pace, and Sonic doesn't do that kind of gameplay better than its competition. I play Sonic because it does fast paced platforming better than everything else. There's a reason why Sonic 2 is the most widely loved of the franchise, because it's the one which focuses most on speed. Pretty sure English isn't his first language. He doesn't seem to be an idiot like you are saying, more that he's intelligent but finds it hard to express himself.
  5. Hope my topic can bring some positivism to this forum!

    1. Heckboy


      I admire the optimism but it'll devolve into shitting on Iizuka and/or Pontaff in two pages

  6. When it comes down to it, what Sonic games would you have fun sitting down and playing? What I don't mean here is which Sonic games you think are good and stand up well to criticism, but which ones you think you would enjoy booting up and playing from time to time. I think it'll be interesting to see which games the users here like when arguing over its good and bad points are taken away. So, I'd enjoy Sonic 1, 2, 3AK, CD, R, Mania, Adventure, Adventure 2, All Stars Racing, Transformed, Generations. I'd have some level of enjoyment with Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic the Fighters, Sonic Heroes, Riders, and Lost World too, but I wouldn't play them for very long and would only dip in and out of them.
  7. Plasme

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    Disagreeing isn't misunderstanding, you don't need to be so aggressive in your posts. I'm a PhD student, so I find it pretty hilarious when you start insulting my intelligence by claiming I can't read. Sonic isn't very good as a slow paced platformer. His jump is floaty and hard to control when trying to make methodical precise jumps; it's easy to overshoot or undershoot platforms. If I wamted to play a good slow paced platformer I would play Mario or Kirby. Sonic was defined around and plays best when going quickly. You can repeat 'just play Sonic Advance 2' as much as you want but it doesn't change that key fact.
  8. Plasme

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    These games are at their best when the challenge is clearly communicated and I think it's uncontroversial to claim that they are at their worst when the challenge is trial and error. A good example for the Souls games actually is in the more recent entries when the enemies delay their attack animations to trip the player up. This just encourages the player to learn the enemies' attacks, which isn't about reacting to the bosses and beating them with skill, but learning about how the game actually functions. This is even worse in the Souls games because it decreases immersion (a key aspect of the series); you are no longer in the shoes of the warrior and reacting to the situation in real time, but are instead memorising the game design as a external participant. The issue is that memorisation is a completely different challenge to difficult game design, and has nothing to do with challenges in actual playing a game whatsoever. You could have the same experience playing Simon Says. I think its a disservice to say the games are founded on trial and error, I'd say they are games which mostly communicate their challenges clearly to players.
  9. Plasme

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    Is bad game design equal to good game design.
  10. Plasme

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    I know what the video maker means though, even in good Sonic games there is often ridiculous enemy and trap placements which you could never see coming if you were running at full speed. Even Mania falls victim to it sometimes. The game's challenge should be clearly communicated to the player. Sonic's challenge often comes from throwing things at the player with no time to react. In these cases, you end up going slower to react in time, which defeats the whole purpose. Titanic Monarch is particularly bad for this. What you are describing is trial and error, which is bad game design.
  11. Plasme

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    He talks about Sonic 2 and 3 in particular.
  12. Plasme

    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    There have been some good criticisms of Sonic in this vein, such as this video which argues that Sonic is too fast paced to react to obstacles and so encourages trial and error, which is bad game design. This therefore punishes playing quickly or the game has to be automated to accommodate human reaction time. The OP's not really doing it, but I guess you could call Sonic unsuitable for gaming if you hold this view.
  13. Plasme

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I get there are nuances between them, but the majority of the track for both Radical City and Radical Highway is motorway lanes They look pretty similar to me. And yes, the tracks could probably be improved with more modern technology, but the problem with them is that in concept a lot of them are very bland. The thing is, people don't remember Sonic R for its tracks, because its tracks are generic and boring outside Radiant Emerald (which has a simplistic track design). Sonic R is memorable for its music and fucking weird characters like Tails Doll. I think taking cues from its levels would be taking from the least interesting aspect of the game and a mistake.
  14. I'm actually pretty hyped for Team Sonic Racing. It's looking much better after the delay.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I'd assume a lot of the new content, namely the car customization is from the delay.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The car customisation was mentioned before the delay. While we don't know the specifics of what the delay entailed, it's more likely that the game was delayed so that it could be finished up to the standard that Sumo and Sonic Team/Iizuka wanted, rather than to add in content.

    3. TheOcelot


      I do like SEGA's new policy of not rushing games out, delaying them to give the developers time to add polish.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Forces still managed to get around that policy; they didn't have to rush the game out, they just set out to make a mediocre game from the start.

      TSR after last night finally looks like a really good game. I haven't doubted that it would be great for a long time, but SEGA didn't do anything to prove me right for a long time. I hope there's enough time to get a good media buzz for the game going.


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