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  1. I just unlocked N Tropy today. That Oxide Station ghost is by far the hardest to beat.
  2. To be honest, I have a lot less interest in the film ever since the redesign was announced. This film is probably going to be utterly awful, and if Sonic looked like a gremlin at least I could watch it with my friends and laugh at it. Now it may just be another mediocre film.
  3. It's very weird and out of place, even for the Hidden World.
  4. Sonic's had some weird shit in his games, but everything pales in comparison with the Baku Baku. That's what they are called in the game files. Just what in the fuck are these things and why are they even in the game? I get that the Hidden World is supposed to contain fun, bonus content, but there's something so weird and baffling about them, especially since they have no context in the game and appear for absolutely no reason. It doesn't help that they are technically the last enemies in the game and end the Hidden World. Do we have any information on what they are? I find it weird the way the Sonic CD creepy face easter egg is so popular, yet this, which is far more weird and mysterious, is hardly commented upon. They are clearly a joke on Pac Man, but that makes it even weirder. Like, why? This has bothered me ever since I played Lost World in 2013.
  5. The strangest Sonic Zone by far is the Hidden World you unlock after beating the main story of Sonic Lost World. Most of it is just odd or cut content, but that pac man style monster at the end is by far the fucking weirdest thing this series has ever done. No context, no reasoning, no affect on the story, it's just there for some inexplicable reason.
  6. Also, I'm an absolutely huge fan of the original CTR on PS1. I played the fuck out of it as a kid. But this idea that Mario Kart 8 has less depth or whatever is complete nonsense. It's an absolutely fantastic game, brimming with content and personality. It's drifting system isn't as fleshed out as CTR, but the speed-running potential for it is still high. Especially in 200CC. It's not some dumb game aimed squarely at five year olds. In fact, I'd say that the drifting in both TSR and Mario Kart can feel smoother at times. The controls certainly feel a bit archaic going back to it, and there's not really any way you could improve them.
  7. Because when people originally said the PS1 CTR was skill based, they were talking about the time trial mode. The game is very skill based when it comes to beating the staff ghosts in time trial, and it's telling that beating Oxide's ghosts was the biggest challenge of CTR. In many ways the time trial was seen as the game's real 'competitive' mode. Now, CTR being 'skill-based' has suddenly applied to the remake's absurdly difficult and badly balanced normal races, which were originally incredibly easy on the PS1. As you say, the arcade style races in this remake have more to do with luck than skill.
  8. I think I've said this before, but the original game wasn't some ultra skilled racer that was as hard as something like Dark Souls (a good modern cultural comparison). As Tornado said above, almost everyone who played it interpreted it as a fun, mascot based racer. Now the game definitely has a lot of depth, and there were things you could do in it which you just couldn't do in contemporary karting games, and perhaps even modern karting games too, but the vast majority of people who played it didn't know about these things. Only people who beat Oxide's ghosts had to master the game's mechanics. It's why you saw so many people playing the remake in previews who didn't powerslide through the laps. It wasn't because they 'sucked', it was because a lot of people who played the original saw it as a mascot racer and didn't even know about the powerslide mechanic. You could easily beat the Adventure mode on normal without powersliding. And hell, even I, someone who beat all of Oxide's ghosts in the original, didn't know about the illegal shortcuts, 'ultimate sacred fire' or 'saffi fire'. I didn't even think of names for the game's techniques, I just thought of it as a power slide mechanic. I really do think the game's legacy has been perverted over the years as a single minded hard as nails game, because while the Oxide ghosts were certainly like that, the rest of the game was honestly pretty easy and accessible (except Tropy and the Adventure bosses). Exactly because it was a karting game. I get the impression this legacy has been passed on because of speedruns of the tracks and the notorious Oxide ghosts. I also get the impression that a lot of people who spread this misinformation never played the game when it came out, quite frankly.
  9. If it does then I think everyone here will be tearing it apart 😛
  10. I always find it funny how games like CTR NF will have 'free DLC', but only the kind which requires tons of grinding to unlock. It defeats the purpose. To be fair, it isn't the worst it could be. It doesn't charge money via mico-transactions for example. But it's still really dumb.
  11. Solo Sonic is probably the best thing that ever happened to the 3D games. Also BaronGrackle, I'm pretty sure you invented the term Sola Sonic?
  12. I just gave examples of stuff they've done, read the post again. And it's clearly evoking games like Streets of Rage, people have even made those comparisons here. I'm also not offended, I'm cringing. People who criticise this stuff aren't trying to score 'moral points', especially in an industry which is so obviously sexualised as the video game market.
  13. This stuff doesn't exist in a vacuum, school girls in uniforms are notoriously sexualised in Japanese media. There's no reason to just assume this game won't go on with the trend. There are in fact hints to it in the trailer. The girl waking up on the bed, streching and exposing her midriff in the cliche 'bed,' clothes. I can guarantee that would not be shown if the protagonist was male. There's also the spinning kick attack, which is a bit suspicoous to me, since she's obviously flashing her skirt up in the air. Doesn't seem to throw a panty shot in the brief footage, but I wouldn't be surprised if it will do in the finished game or other attacks, because it is riffing on Streets of Rage. I don't think it's a heinous crime ir anything, I'm just not a thirteen year old boy and so it makes me cringe.
  14. This is veering a bit into sexualised fighting girls if i'm being honest and it kind of makes me cringe a bit. It's not really 'progressive' to have girls beat a bunch of guys up to save their boyfriends if they are frolicking around in the kind of school skirt attire which is so often sexualised in Japanese media. I find the trope especially disturbing since it's based on school girls. The sprites look great though and the game looks fun!
  15. Most of the old Sonic racing tracks have been drastically changed though. Just look at how much Lost Palace got changed. They probably took just as much, if maybe a little less, time to reimagine as the new tracks took to be made
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