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  1. There are real ways to protest loot boxes and the best tactic is to buy the game second hand. You are denying the company money but still get to play the game. Obviously you resist buying into loot boxes. But boycotting is too difficult for some people, which is where second hand purchases can be useful. And I think it's untrue that backlash against loot boxes has had no effect. DICE has been upfront about how the loot box controversy utterly wrecked Battlefront 2 commercially. Other games, such as Shadow of War, were once popular franchises but then instantly flopped (comparatively) because of them. Some games, such as Halo Wars 2, have entire game modes which are heavily marketed (blitz) completely fail because of loot boxes. I can't think of many modern games other than Overwatch and FIFA that have been successful with them. The real kicker is that some games which were promising and had cult audiences, such as Shadow of War (Mordor series) will probably now be dead for good because of the wholw fiasco. I imagine Star Wars Battlefront's chamces aren't great now, especially considering how the first game was already controversial. But we cant be blamed for that.
  2. Does it even matter what it was 'supposed' to be? Sonic 1 has loads of dubious ideas in its development stage, such as Sonic's fangs, being in a band and having a human girlfriend. It's better to think in terms of what was in Sonic 1 that worked, and it worked really well having Sonic fighting a human to reclaim the environment from greedy corporate industrialisation. The whole nature vs industry argument has become cliche in Sonic fandom, but the first game clearly set it up in a heavy handed manner, and it works surprisingly well.
  3. I agree, I'm just pointing out that Meta77 wasn't saying what Blue Blood was alleging.
  4. I don't get your point here seeing as Meta77 is clearly not that fussed about Loot Boxes. He isn't saying that they are making kids gambling addicts, he's saying that if that common conception is true, then it should be the responsibility of parents to look after them. So yeah, I'd hardly say he's 'trolling'.
  5. If we are gong for fighting games, I think Noell Vermillion from Blazblue would be pretty cool.
  6. I know nothing about Puyo Puyo, but does she really have the recognisable star quality of the other DLC characters? ,Asking because I don't know.
  7. I'm loving the Sans costume, it's so good it might as well just be him.
  8. If anything we need Eggman to actually play the villain again. Most recently we've had Deadly Six, Lyric and Infinite as the focal villains, so we haven't really had much focus on him in the 'modern games'.
  9. To be fair, Sonic Adventure 2 was absolutely incredible graphically when it came out on the Dreamcast and looked better than most contemporary PS2 games. I remember being blown away by it when I first played it in 2001.
  10. I get that, but he's just someone who makes Youtube videos on gaming. Who cares about his personal life? We aren't his friends.
  11. I have no idea why everyone is so angry about him having affairs, who cares? He's a youtuber, his job is to make funny videos about games, not be some personal role model. I mean, the way he acted towards his fans was wrong and incredibly creepy, but I'm not outraged by it. Him soliciting pictures from minors was different, but he seems to be innocent on doing so knowingly. Although I've heard one of the Charlies has evidence to back up his claim which has yet to be released, will be interesting to see what happens there.
  12. Jango, I appreciate your enthusiasm for CTR, because I love the game too, but I think you can sometimes take it too far. It took me days of grinding online to unlock Tawna and the Nitro Girls, so it's not like the GP characters can be unlocked really easily. Keep in mind that a lot of people play CTR with family and friends, and it's really annoying to grind to this extent to unlock them. Also, I think you should keep in mind how good you are at this game, because I know youve gotten the platinum relics and can destroy the Oxide Ghosts. I bet you usually place highly onine, how long would it take if you didn't?
  13. I'm not an expert in the programming of Sonic. Even if it is intended, it's still a bad design decision.
  14. We have no way of knowing whether it was an intended feature or a bug. Either way, it's a really annoying feature.
  15. No it's not. You can like something while still acknowledging its bad. That's not even unique to Sonic.
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