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  1. I do think there is a threat that Mania could be mishandled going forward, relying on remixing old zones and playing upon nostalgia. I hope that doesn't happen, but it is possible SEGA could take it in that direction.. And as I've said previously, I think Plus was a step backwards so I think there's a real possibility for the franchise to be mishandled. I didn't think Encore Mode was enjoyable, the palette changes were pretty poor and Mighty and Ray always seemed like odd choices to me. I also agree with the sentiment that the Mania brand can only go so far without major innovation. I think a game like Mania but with entirely new stages is the next logical step, but where do we go from there? We can't keep doing that without it becoming repetitive. At some point, we'll need a major shake up.
  2. Plasme

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I'm not going to spend too much time on this because I don't want to stray too off topic. It's well established that Jesus interpreted himself as the Son of Man and a divine ruler of heaven, something which he expected would be established on earth in the lifetime of his followers. The Kingdom of Heaven (or God) was the idea of God's divine law established on earth. Just as one example, from the Gospel of Matthew: "For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done.Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” Matthew 16: 27-28. This is a consistent point in the Gospels and it is mentioned at numerous points in the Synoptics that Jesus will descend on earth alongside God with his angels in the clouds to establish the Kingdom of God. I've studied New Testament literature in depth, have studied Koine Greek and am doing a PhD in Classics so kind of know what I'm talking about 😛
  3. I'll be honest, I'd buy it. The games have dated badly, but I still think there's value in archiving this stuff so future generations can play them. One of the reasons I like Gems Collection so much, despite that I recognised that most the games were awful, is so I could experience Sonic R, Sonic the Fighters, the rare Game Gear titles etc. I bought it with Sonic CD in mind, sure, but playing those obscure games was great, especially since I had no way of playing them when they came out. I feel like the Adventure games have a similar right to archiving. There will be some 15 year old kid now who, like I had with Gems, could experience Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, maybe throw Heroes in, for the first time. Or revisit it and their nostalgia. Even if the collection is made of games of poor quality I still think it should exist. I think it's a bit harder to justify here, because unlike Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters, both Adventures are easily available on Steam, Xbox etc. But I still think there's an argument for a physical release. Especially since Adventure 1 is in dire need of widescreen and a proper port. You could also put in a toggle between the Dreamcast graphics or Gamecube. And put in online support for Adventure 2's multiplayer if you are really serious about it. Do a proper package.
  4. Plasme

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I think it's actually tragic in this instance, as aside from the Rush series, the other series were awful (Adventure was fun when it came out but has aged). All Stars was great, it'd be sad to see that go.
  5. Plasme

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Israel didn't exist in early imperial Rome. The province was called Judae. Also, Jesus did expect to rule over the world with his twelve disciples each representing the tribes of Israel. He envisaged God coming in his lifetime to establish a Kingdom of Heaven which he would rule over. After his death this obviously didn't happen.
  6. Plasme

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I know people are really upset with the Chao racer, but that's actually one of the racers I think is more interesting. Cream with Chao sitting next to her (or at least Cheese) probably would have been a better idea with the current roster, but it's still original and not what we were expecting. I think Chao's a great choice, it's just the tiny character roster messing everything up. It's weaker than Mario Kart 8's was, for example. Team Vector probably wouldn't even exist if the roster was bigger. I'm kind of mixed on that team. On one hand, I don't really care for the Chaotix, and would have found their team pretty boring with the limited roster. Then again, it's pretty fucking stupid not to have Team Chaotix in a three man team racing game, especially since they are the most team focused characters in the franchise. They are consistently together. Again, the tiny roster is the problem. They couldn't just do all the teams as Sonic Heroes because it would be dull and predictable with so few teams. We could have had some really obscure and great choices: Tikal, Chaos and Chao would have been a great team for example. Metal Sonic, Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles would have been a good choice. The whole appeal of spinoff games is tapping into the nooks and crannies of the franchise, which this game isn't really doing. I mean there's really no excuse for such a minuscule roster when the Team Ultimates are utterly boring and non-personalised outside the theme music.
  7. I think there's some good stuff you could do with an Adventure rerelease. You could try to accurately port the Dreamcast version of Adventure 1, which is far superior aesthetically than the Gamecube one. You could put in online multiplayer for Adventure 2. You could make some minor bonuses with having the 2 Player characters playable in single player in Adventure 2. Etc. However, if it's just a re-release of the XBLA, PSN and Steam versions, I don't think there's much need.
  8. Sonic Adventure 2 is definitely trying to be dark. It focuses on the trauma of Shadow after his friend Maria was murdered in a secret government cover up of the Ark Incident. At the end of the game, Gerald Robotnik tries to destroy the entire planet due to the grief of losing his daughter. The main theme of the game is how people deal with grief, it's pretty dark, way darker than any Sonic game before it. I actually do enjoy the game's story for what it is, but I know it's actually pretty terribly done 😛 . I mostly like it because when I played it when I was 12 I thought it was badass, but I've grown up now and seen stories which tackle subjects like this with much more nuance and skill. I do think there are elements from Adventure 2's story which are legitimately good. I like the rivalry between Sonic and Shadow because it focuses on their speed, since that taps into the whole ethos of the franchise. I also like Tails and Eggman's more antagonistic relationship as tech scientists. It works for me in a way that the goofy rivalry in Lost World etc doesn't.
  9. Now that Mania's come out, a lot of people have pretty much shelved Sonic 4. It's not surprising, Sonic Mania is a much better game. But I actually liked Sonic 4: Episode 2 and think it does some things better than Sonic Mania . Yes I know, shocking! - First of all, I think the sense of progression and narrative is better in S4E2. You fight Metal Sonic multiple times and the threat gets increasingly intense. I think they fucked up the race with him at the end, but otherwise it was neat. In Mania, the story's pretty confusing and wobbles around. It's unclear what's going on, and while the Titanic Monarch is a great idea, it's very confusingly communicated to the player. It's unclear what happens to the Hard Boiled Heavies too. S4E2 had a much clearer narrative: Metal Sonic wants to settle his score from CD and Eggman's taken over Little Planet and remade the Death Egg. - I think S4E2 has a better final boss and climax than Sonic Mania. The ending in S4E2 is dreadful, but it's also terrible in Mania, so no big deal. I think the progression from Sky Fortress to Death Egg is great, it feels like you are on a serious adventure and are getting closer to Eggman. The final boss is great. Mania's just confusing. You go from Lava Reef to Metallic Madness to Titanic Monarch. I don't think either the Titanic Monarch or Egg Reverie bosses are very good. - While Mania has a better soundtrack, I think S4E2 has a great soundtrack. The production and instruments are horrible, but the actual melodies of songs like Sky Fortess and Vs Metal Sonic are great and fit with the atmosphere of the game. S4E2 also has remixes for each act, something I really like and most Sonic games don't do (of course Mania did do this, Mania's OST is brilliant). - I think S4E2 has compelling levels and art design. Even when they reuse themes, it comes across as remixed in a way somewhat similar to Mania.
  10. When it comes to 3D Sonic, fans typically just have great ideas. Open levels, non linear level design, multiple characters which have Sonic's playstyle, accurate genesis physics etc. Problem is, that's just ideas. It's much harder to actually put that into practice. Sonic Utopia made progress with Sonic's movement and physics, although even that is flawed, but its level design is a mess. Of course, it's not supposed to be amazing, it's a tech demo, but the point still stands.
  11. Plasme

    Soul Calibur VI (Does your soul still burn)

    Rock is basically Astaroth though, it'd be like having a clone character. It's a shame Lizardman and Hwang/Yun Seong aren't in. But honestly, I think the roster is solid despite only having 20 characters. It's not like MvC Infinite, because that was not just terrible due to the small character roster, but also due to most the characters being uninteresting. All the characters here are the core cast. I do think they could have had more new characters though.
  12. The hatred for Sonic friends isn't just due to genre roulette though. A lot of people say that and it's a revision of history. There are other key reasons. A major criticism is that you spend more time as the other characters than Sonic himself. This was a problem in a number of games; Adventure 1, 2, Heroes, 06 etc. Sonic's importance in the franchise became increasingly irrelevant as it went along. And I can't say I disagree with this argument, it would be like playing 4 mainline Mario games in a row in which Mario had little relevance to the narrative and didn't feature much. Secondly, some peopls just never liked the designs of his friends. I remember reading articles and magazines in the early 2000s which mocked how out of place Rouge, Big and others from Adventure felt. In fact, I remember reading a review for Adventure 2 (a positive one, gave the DC version a 90) complaining about playing as a sexualised bat girl.
  13. Plasme

    Soul Calibur VI (Does your soul still burn)

    How is the roster weak? All of the Soul Calibur veterans are here.
  14. Cool username

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      Just a little something for the month, lol. Might keep it as a secondary alias if I get attached to it, though... 1f914.png

      Always thought Plasme was a p cool moniker as well, btw :thumbsup:

  15. The first Sonic game I ever played was Sonic 3D Flickies Island on the Megadrive, and shortly after I got Sonic 1, Sonic and Knuckles and a cartridge called Sonic compilation which featured Sonic 2 on it. I had no idea what the cheat codes for the old Sonic games were at this time, because this was around 1996 and I had no access to the internet at this time, so I would play through the games in one run just to fight Mecha Sonic is Sonic and Knuckles and Silver Sonic in Sonic 2. Those were good times! However, Sonic 3 was always the elusive game. If I remember correctly, I really got into Sonic around 1996, and getting Sonic 3 was really hard in the UK around that time, it cost like £80 or something to buy second hand. I played it once because I rented it and really liked it, not because of it's level design or anything, but because Tails could fly in it and Tails was my favourite character 😛 . One day we found it in a shop at random and I was so hyped to play it. I completed it on its own at first, and then beat it when it was locked to Sonic and Knuckles and unlocked Hyper Sonic and everything, it was so cool. I was also really into the UK Sonic Comic, so knew a bit about Sonic Adventure before I finally got a Dreamcast and played Sonic Adventure. It was so cool to play the comic storyline and see all the events come to life in a game, Chaos and Tikal etc. It was different to the comic, but close enough that it felt really magical. I really, really loved Adventure 2. I actually remember my dad bought me that when it came out because Sonic Shuffle beat my ass and I could only barely manage to beat it 😛 . I thought the story and Shadow was so badass, I would go back and rewatch cutscenes and replay memorable bosses, in particular the final Shadow boss. I remember when Shadow turned good I was so shocked, and the Super Shadow (I called him Hyper Shadow) and Super Sonic fight was so cool my 12 year old self almost died when I saw it. After the Adventure games, I kind of grew up and still loved Sonic, but could see that the stories were actually really stupid. I do have fond memories of Heroes though, I was an absolutely huge Metal Sonic fan (still am) and was absolutely shocked when I saw the opening animation and Metal was in it. I was disappointed by his final boss, because I wanted to fight the real Metal Sonic, but it was still really cool to fight him after such a long time. Metal is in everything now, but when Heroes came out, he hadn't been a major character in a while, and so it was so cool to fight him again. After Heroes, I kind of drifted out of the franchise a bit, but there were a few games which had a really big impact on me. In particular, when Gems came out, that was the first chance I had to play Sonic CD, Sonic The Fighters and Sonic R. Regardless of their quality, Sonic CD and Sonic R were something like mythical games, because I knew about them in my childhood but never had the chance to play them. It was so cool to play them at last. And actually, the gallery and unlockable artwork had a big impact on me too, it was great to have such cool Sonic artwork to unlock which I had never seen before. Do you have any special Sonic childhood memories?

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