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  1. One of the problems facing this franchise moving forward is that a large amount of fans unironically enjoyed Sonic when it was melodramatic, grimdark, edgy and awful.

    Rather than seeing the new direction in story telling as a positive, they want to go back to the dreadful days of the past.

    1. The Deleter
    2. Sean


      I'm sorry that you're so miserable with the series that you can't stand other people enjoying the things about it that you don't.

    3. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      One of the problems facing this franchise moving forward is that a large amount of fans think for themselves and enjoy things I thought were awful. Everyone just needs to agree that what they liked about the series and what made them fans of it in the first place is actually really bad.

      They need to not think that the comments about all of it being melodramatic, grimdark, edgy, and awful are overblown and exaggerated. As we all know, during that time Sonic was just so consistent with it's tone. That's why SA2, the Advance games, Heroes, Shadow, Rush and Riders all have the same exact grimdark, melodramatic, edgy tone. All of them had that. So consistently grimdark, that Sonic. The series just loved its consistency. 

    4. Zaysho


      This is really broad, generalized viewpoint that I've seen way too many times in this fandom and it's always used to talk down and dismiss anybody wanting a reason to give a shit about this series' output anymore.

      I personally find the current direction to be boring, and I haven't seen any gain in what we've had. That also doesn't mean I want another game to just be '06 or Shadow. The qualities in the Adventure titles, and by extension stuff in a similar vein like Archie and even IDW, are more reminiscent of what I always saw in Sonic ever since I was a kid. I like the adventurous tone, I like when characters and settings matter. Sonic Team has problems sticking the landing in that department, sure, but then maybe that means you hire someone who can pull it off rather than just say "nah, it's bad so fuck it."

      I only speak for myself though, and I've settled on not getting the things I like back, or if Sega tries to appeal to it they don't actually care about doing more than paying lipservice to it.

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Guys you're quoting someone who has an avi of Metal Sonic cybernetically linked to a dark warehouse interface while posing menacingly

      If they are serious they don't realize the level of irony going on here

    6. Wraith


      Has anyone like this ever quoted a joke they liked from the newer games?

      Have they ever been able to talk about the merits of the new stuff at all without just mumbling about how they aren't like the old ones?

      That alone has always said enough about how good the new direction is.

    7. Tarnish


      Your take stinks like echidnas do.

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