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  1. Nope. I'm laughing at the many, many, many people online who were making out the game was going to be terrible, even in design and narrative, because it had marginalised people in it who they don't like to see. A hotly anticipated game that is made by an incredibly talented team with a proven track record can actually be excellent, it's not some banal prediction, just fucking obvious. The true banality is the whiny gamers who do tedious and predictable bitching because a game has certain groups of people in it who they don't like very much. It's more like "progressive" works are generally liked by critics because they can handle being challenged. If you take a film like Star Wars the Last Jedi, for example, all critics agree it's a great film. The film is obviously great narratively, it's just a lot of Star Wars "fans" can't handle being challenged. Similarly, whiny subgroups like "gamers" can't handle anything they don't like or goes against their ideology. And to be fair, I think most people who play game franchises more casually are probably more in line with game critics' opinions and can handle subversive narratives more than some hardcore "fans".
  2. I thought this would happen. People were just mad because it was too progressive. Typical whiny gamers like always.
  3. I really hate the way the game looks, it's too bright and colourful (much like New N Tasty). The atmosphere all around has been butchered. I also don't like the new stuff they are adding, like crafting and the weird as fuck level design.
  4. The forum is lagging horribly. Is this a problem with the site or my connection?

    1. NegaMix


      It might just be where there's an increase in activity at the moment.

  5. I hope the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4.

    If so I might actually consider buying it!

    1. Sean



    2. Plasme
    3. Tornado



    4. Plasme



    5. VisionaryofSUPER
    6. Strickerx5


      Telling you right now it won't be for PS3.

      That console was a mess from an architecture standpoint... a beautiful mess, but one all the same

    7. Plasme


      That's a great shame! Thank you though @Strickerx5 for addressing my posts properly, rather than acting like a child!

    8. TheOcelot
    9. Tornado


      "Thank you for not responding like a child to my 4th status where I say dumb shit as if it's revelatory information."

    10. Plasme


      Actually it was only the third status. Try again!

    11. Celestia


      They've already said it's backwards compatible with 4.


      Also this being the third dumb status instead of the fourth isn't a very strong defense.

  6. The PS5 conference was also extremely pretentious. I was laughing the whole time at the pomposity. 

    1. Tornado
    2. mayday2592


      Hows so? least it wasn't a cringefest like nintendo's or a bore like microsoft's.

    3. Plasme


      It had that ridiculous blob thing going on the whole time, the expanding buttons and really melodramatic swelling music.

  7. I'm not impressed by the graphics of the PS5 at all. Looks no better than what PCs have been doing for several years.

    1. Strickerx5


      sshhh, let them have their fun

      A higher bar here means better stuff on PC going forward so I'm happy.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You're hilarious 

    3. Tornado


      It's almost as if that's how game consoles have worked since the mid 1990s.

    4. Plasme


      True, but they usually haven't been gloating as much as they have with the PS5.

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Do people honestly still expect that a new console gen = massive graphical leap? Face the facts, that kinda stigma is in the past.

    6. Thigolf


      "True, but they usually haven't been gloating as much as they have with the PS5."

      Sorry, have you ever seen ANY console reveal

  8. This PS5 event is pretty dreadful and my expectations were already extremely low.

    1. KHCast


      >Varied games, many heavily requested titles, all showing gameplay

      what exactly were you wanting this to be to meet your minimum standards?

    2. Plasme


      All the games look like they could run on PS4.

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Idk, I think it's been excellent

    4. Kuzu
    5. Blue Blood
  9. There's absolutely no way SEGA are making a new console.
  10. My own opinion is that people are focusing far too much on Jackson. Buxer was recently interviewed about it and said that he had very little, or nothing, to do with it when it actually panned out becauae he was busy with other stuff. There clearly are problems with the Sonic 3 OST, as AT Games said so when they were on board to make rhe mini and one of the Sonic 3 composers claimed there was an ongoing lawsuit wheb asked about it by a fan. Stealth has also alluded to it. There are various issues about the lawsuit which people overlook. 1 - It's probably more recent than people think. People point to Sonic 3AK Collection, but ignore Sonic Jam (another port) and Sonic Pocket Adventure (which remade the Knuckles theme). We have no way of knowing exactly why the musuc was changed in the PC release, but it might not have anything to do with a lawsuit. I also thjnk whether the game is emulated or ported/remade is irrelevant, since over the last ten years it just hasnt been re-released at all. it has been ongoing for (at least) almost ten years - since that's when they stopped releasing Sonic 3 in any capacity and when people who either worked, or were working on the game, have alluded to a lawsuit. 2 - It might be any of the game's credited composers who are pressing charges. The reality might be mundane. Maybe they think they should be paid foyalties? Maybe they are suing over something on the original contract? Who knows. It might bot have anything to do with Jackson. Although - in favour of the Jackson argument, this stuff really started to kick off (games not re-releasing, devs referring to it) shortly after his death. So perhaps it is the Estate getting pissy about it.
  11. I can't say how much I love the banner.

  12. I like Sticks' character design, but I also hate her personality and voice acting. Although I get that they probably wanted that - so probably not the fault of the actress.
  13. One of the problems facing this franchise moving forward is that a large amount of fans unironically enjoyed Sonic when it was melodramatic, grimdark, edgy and awful.

    Rather than seeing the new direction in story telling as a positive, they want to go back to the dreadful days of the past.

    1. The Deleter
    2. Sean


      I'm sorry that you're so miserable with the series that you can't stand other people enjoying the things about it that you don't.

    3. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      One of the problems facing this franchise moving forward is that a large amount of fans think for themselves and enjoy things I thought were awful. Everyone just needs to agree that what they liked about the series and what made them fans of it in the first place is actually really bad.

      They need to not think that the comments about all of it being melodramatic, grimdark, edgy, and awful are overblown and exaggerated. As we all know, during that time Sonic was just so consistent with it's tone. That's why SA2, the Advance games, Heroes, Shadow, Rush and Riders all have the same exact grimdark, melodramatic, edgy tone. All of them had that. So consistently grimdark, that Sonic. The series just loved its consistency. 

    4. Zaysho


      This is really broad, generalized viewpoint that I've seen way too many times in this fandom and it's always used to talk down and dismiss anybody wanting a reason to give a shit about this series' output anymore.

      I personally find the current direction to be boring, and I haven't seen any gain in what we've had. That also doesn't mean I want another game to just be '06 or Shadow. The qualities in the Adventure titles, and by extension stuff in a similar vein like Archie and even IDW, are more reminiscent of what I always saw in Sonic ever since I was a kid. I like the adventurous tone, I like when characters and settings matter. Sonic Team has problems sticking the landing in that department, sure, but then maybe that means you hire someone who can pull it off rather than just say "nah, it's bad so fuck it."

      I only speak for myself though, and I've settled on not getting the things I like back, or if Sega tries to appeal to it they don't actually care about doing more than paying lipservice to it.

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Guys you're quoting someone who has an avi of Metal Sonic cybernetically linked to a dark warehouse interface while posing menacingly

      If they are serious they don't realize the level of irony going on here

    6. Wraith


      Has anyone like this ever quoted a joke they liked from the newer games?

      Have they ever been able to talk about the merits of the new stuff at all without just mumbling about how they aren't like the old ones?

      That alone has always said enough about how good the new direction is.

    7. Tarnish


      Your take stinks like echidnas do.

  14. Why is chat disabled on Sonic YT video?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Not gonna bother taking an educated guess????

    2. Plasme
    3. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      They said they were having issues with it.

    4. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Because it's a limitation of it being flagged as a kid-aimed channel. On Youtube you're not allowed to interact in any way if you're targeting kids.

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I'd figured they'd do that on purpose. This is Sonic fanboys they're dealing with. No matter what type of fan the content of the video appeals too, it's always gonna be the most negative fans that hog up the chat, at the expense of the silent majority. Don't they get enough salt already from every single tweet they post on their Twitter account? One look at the comments is all it takes to numb anyone's mind on the staff.

    6. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      If that was the issue, they would have done it a long time before now. Plus the Twitch chat is absolutely still there.

    7. Zaysho


      @Supah Berry can you please save these hot takes for whatever medium article you are writing.

    8. Plasme


      Thanks - I wasn't trying to get some deep argument going. I just wanted to know why it was disabled.

  15. 3D platformers don't have the same wide appeal as 2D ones do. It's easy for us to take for granted, but many casual players find if too difficult to navigats in an open 3D space. So I don't feel like a ranking system is out of place here. 3D platformers aren't a casual genre.
  16. I don't accept this argument because other games, Devil May Cry especially, give you rankings throughout on your first playthrough and it doesn't feel like you are being humiliated. I also don't think a game shouldn't have a ranking system because you might not get the perfect score. The primary issue here is how horrible Crazy Gadget is to play. Although I do think that SA2's E-A Rank system is too punishing. If you look at Devil May Cry, it goes from D to SSS. And I think in Sonic you could just get rid of the D and start with C, since the ranking is done at the end of the level and is the final score (in DMC, D is presented as a base to build upon rather than a final grade you could get). I know qualifications are changing to numbers now, but C is generally recognised as a respectable pass grade, so it doesn't hold the same punch in the face quality that the E rank does.
  17. I think it isn't just that the routes showcase Sonic's daredevil and stylish nature, but also because that they are more difficult to pull off. Messing up the homing chain can result in you falling in the water, same with messing up the homing attack on the rail, and missing the rocket is self-explanatory. This is where I think Generations could have done really well too, because while it did have a bunch of shortcuts which were perilous (the Speed Highway shortcut, jumping on the water to boost and take the shortcut to the rocket in Seaside Hill), a lot of the secret routes were also just difficult to pull off in terms of timing while going fast (the Speed Highway motorway, the City Escape ramp jumps at the beginning). Even Green Hill Zone, which is very linear and simple, has secret routes for hitting the wall jumps. A real missed opportunity.
  18. I think what makes SA2's ranking system interesting is that it isn't just based on time, but how many rings you have, enemies defeated and the 'trick' scores you have mentioned. I think Generations has a mediocre ranking system, because it's mostly based upon how quickly you beat the level, and if you haven't died for the S Rank. And this is a real shame, because I think Generations had potential to have a much better ranking system than SA2 did. Nailing quick steps, using the trick jumps and hitting a perfect landing, are obvious points which they could have used. But there are loads of shortcuts and daredevil jumps which already exist in the game and it is a real shame that they didn't incorporate them into the ranking system. There are loads of examples, but Speed Highway is a good test case. Jumping on the helicopter early Taking the risky shortcut before the building. Another great example is using the secret route through the motorway when you smash down the wall of the skyscraper. Unfortunately I don't have enough data left on this post to show an image for it! All of these routes and secrets are far more frequent and more organically interwoven in the level design than their sparse equivalents in SA2. They could have given you bonus scores for doing them and make the A/S rank require genuine mastery over the level as the rankings had demanded in SA2. Almost every level in Generations had secret routes and daredevil jumps like this. Just thinking of the possibilities in Modern Seaside Hill gives me limitless ideas. The more I reflect on Generations, the more I realise how genius it was.
  19. When I play Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast it definitely feels far nicer to play than DX.

    Hard to explain, but Sonic doesn't fuck about clipping on stuff as much.

    1. Tracker_TD


      Can't say I totally agree with it feeling nicer; I played it again on DC recently and for one thing going back to 30fps was brutal. But also it's still pretty damn buggy even on DC; the Lost World snake is just as busted as it is in DX, for example 

      That, and the Dreamcast controller is an abomination.

      Nowadays, if I'm playing SA1 I'm just using DX with all the restoration mods. 

    2. Plasme


      I'm not claiming it's an incredible glitchless product. I've been very critical of SA on this forum.

      I'm just surprised by well it holds up all things considered.

    3. Solister


      Yup, that's when I first started appreciating it, but mostly with BetterSADX on Steam 

      Though, what @Tracker_TD said is true. I actually played it on emulator with a XBOX 360 controller.

      But yeah, it's an awesome game, maybe underrated by a few by judging the PC versions, but for me, made a very good transition from 2D to 3D.

    4. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Do you fall through the ground in that part right before the loop in Emerald Coast in the DC version?

    5. Plasme


      Yeah you do and I did on my first playthrough of it yesterday!

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      SA1 will always be a buggy mess no matter which version you play. The game simply wasn't polished in time for its original Japanese release or even it's updated international release a year later. But when DX came around, they focused almost entirely on visual updates to game and introduced more new bugs than they fixed. Every port it's ever had has been a lazy rush job that doesn't do any justice to brilliant game that it is at its core.

      SA1 needs either one of the following:

      1) A total re-imagining remake. Not a 1:1 remake like Crash and Spyro, but to rebuilt like a new game with the same ideas.

      2) To be receive a definitive edition port that goes back to the original game and finishes it  

  20. Im emulating SA1 on Dreamcast and got the Japanese CDI by mistake.

    Sonic sounds so insufferable in the Japanese dub. He sounds so cocky.

    1. Plasme


      Just fell through the floor in that infamous Emerald Coast loop lolol

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Any reason you're emulating the Dreamcast version? The best way to play the game is the PC version (either the 2003 version of the Steam version) with mods to bring back the DC models and lighting, widescreen and higher resolutions.

    3. Plasme


      Just for nostalgia. I know it's not the best way to play it, I just want to go back to how I remember it playing as a kid.

      And the fact it's in Japanese makes it a fun novelty.

    4. Plasme


      I'll compare the modded version to it now though!

    5. Polkadi~☆


      Sonic's Engrish makes it all worth it.

  21. Incredible the lengths people will go to pretend Knuckles was never dumb. Sonic literally calls him a "Knucklehead" for being dumb and trusting Eggman. I give up.
  22. I'm not remotely interested in that. He's presented as dumb in Sonic 3 at numerous scenes. He stands on a launch platform when Death Egg is about to launch and he falls off in a comical style. Such an obviously dumb decision. In Sonic Adventure, Sonic explicitly calls him dumb for trusting Eggman again. Knuckles has always been dumb and his character only really changed in Adventure 2.
  23. If any Sonic rival was redundant it was Shadow, since we already had Metal Sonic. And Knuckles has always been dumb. He was dumb in Sonic 3. He was especially dumb in Somic Adventure.
  24. The main issue is that Knuckles doesn't really have a reason to be doing anything. I think that's a significant reason for why he's been mostly absent in games. In Sonic 3 he was guardian of Angel Island and they tried to make him have an excuse to go to other places by having the Master Emerald shatter or break. They already did that twice in the Sonic Adventure games. There's not many excuses you can use to get him to leave the island which he guards. When they say "fuck it" in games such as Heroes and Forces and just ignore his ties to Angel Island and the Master Emerald then fans just get annoyed.
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