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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Meanwhile, I'm still surprised we can even get a brand new Nintendo game and what's still looking to be my 2015 Game for less than £25. Seriously, what's up with these prices? I feel bad for you others guys.
  3. http://i.imgur.com/TiabWhx.png - a simulation of an emulation of a hack of a game. this is the future
    1. t0ms0nic


      New Retro Arcade, for the record. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this until the Vinesauce stream.

    2. goku262002


      1s th15 r3a41 l13f?

  4. Holy crap, 2nd in my first tournament! Great races, guys!

    1. jords


      Nice job! Hope to beat you next time!

  5. This sure is a Sonic news day.

  6. https://soundcloud.com/matrixmariox/super-shibuya-cho-hill - meanwhile, i want more sega x nintendo just for the music potential
  7. http://i.imgur.com/AKg9tLU.jpg - hooha, the blues brothers amiibos arrived
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2nkkekpnqjw157g/song019.mp3 - extracted the raw sound files for pinball party several times now, but neo green hill is the only one that seems to mess up
    1. t0ms0nic


      for reference on how it's -meant- to sound

  9. There's going to be a free expansion with Torque and Spade made playable with their own stories, along with Milla getting her story mode, but there's been close to radio silence on the matter. They've said it's coming in a few Steam Discussion posts, most recently in January from memory, but that's kind of it. News about the Wii U version is fantastic; easily earnt a double dip! An old-school SEGA inspired game of this caliber on a hybrid handheld-console Nintendo system is like some kind of amazing fever dream.
  10. http://sonicthemanga.tumblr.com/ - Ayyeee, someone's finally reposting the old manga! ... at least what was translated of it.
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