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  1. I agree completely. Even though I think Generations is "objectively" the best and most consistent 3D sonic game, I wouldnt call it my favorite. I still prefer SA1 and would love to see that specific shade of sonic explored more with more focus. I also dont want to underappreciate the boost games for what they were on their own either. Generations had some legitimately fun levels with a lot of creativity and obvious investment. I'm not going to poo poo it (not saying you are) just because it doesn't fit my ideal mold of a 3D sonic platform if only because it does at least offer a competent alternative. And I have this viewpoint in general: If SEGA cant get the 3D sonic formula right, I'd rather see a series of solid quality games every few years than to see them constantly throw sh*t at the wall and destroy Sonic's reputation and budget in the process like they were from 2002-2007. That isnt going to work, we've already been down that road and so many seem to forget that just because they're not getting the exact game they want. I'm not either, arguably the series hasnt catered to the exact direction I want since 1999. But I love sonic and still want to see his unique gameplay and style exist with good quality and as long as were getting that I'll continue to return.
  2. I don't think projared had much to do with people turning on the adventure games to begin with. People had done that wayyyy before his review, which by the way was like 95% true. And you even acknowledge this earlier in your post. That is the truth. Projared may have made it fun and meme-y in recent years because the Sonic series had released yet another catastrophe level game in boom and was taking shots from the media yet again. The adventure games were turned on very sharply immediately following 06. Every critic was piling on at not only that disaster but what the series had become over the last few years leading to 06. That one game alone was really the last straw and the series needed new life and a new direction. This is what the boost era did for the series. And despite it being not being aces all around it did provide a few years of positive momentum for the series when it so desperately needed it. Without unleashed/colors/Gens this series is probably much closer to dead than people realize. A lot of fans of this series may have been too young at the time to realize it or dont want to acknowledge it because their favorite titles fall in that time period. But the boost games were clearly a breath of fresh air coming off of that 2002-2007 period. I remember it like yesterday because I was one of many die hard who were hyped by 06 as "a return to form" (how many times have we heard that since?) and promise initially only to see the beast for what it truly was and get crushed.
  3. Generations has always been considered a good sonic game, since release, by the mainstream. The primary group who complains about it are among those who preferred a different style of game to begin with, i.e. some (but not all) fans of the adventure style games. It always seems like this fanbase has opinions that change over time but in reality that never happens because we are not one fanbase, we are many. The numerous subsets have stayed consistent in the things they want but their voices are louder at different times, when the series is either catering or not catering to the style they like.
  4. Ah that's a good point. I guess when I've looked at him in the movie posters and promos he's looked a little shorter. Especially the one in which Carrey-robotnik is standing in the background. Anyway its not as if Modern is excessively tall either, I think I mentioned that. The only model that was really way too tall was 2006 Sonic, that was too much. My biggest issue with Modern is the huge hands and feet but it's not major. Overall I think it's a good design for 3D and dont mind it staying, although if SEGA suddenly decided they want to alter it a bit to make it slightly shorter or what have you I would probably be for it.
  5. Brutally honest moment: this design is really growing on me. Dare I say, I actually like it more than Modern Sonic. It has nearly the proportions of SA1 which is the design I've always favored for 3D sonic and tons of expressiveness much like classic sonic. I think I'm really going to enjoy Sonic just for being Sonic in this movie, if that makes any sense. Like, his personality really coming out in a way that isnt overly one note. The cool with a slight bit of cute thing, little bit of attitude, lots of fun guy. The plot just has to not be terrible. Hopefully....pleeeease just be decent in that regard. I'll honestly be satisfied with a pokemon level movie, which by the way I didnt think was that great. By the way modern sonic is fine overall and I dont mind him. The only thing that bothers me on occasion is that his hands and feet seem way disproportionately big for the character. Like ginormous hands and feet, and a little too tall for my tastes.... Not like he should look like an actual hedgehog by any stretch but I've always liked Sonic to have a more compact look, because his primary method of attacking is rolling into things. He should logically be short and small even if hes not a potbelly like classic. This is partly why I like the in game model for DC SA1 so much. Pretty much nailed it IMO.
  6. Exactly my feeling. Theres really nothing to be offended at other than the original movie design. Never thought this movie was going to be totally faithful to the sonic lore....and in fact, there is no really consistent lore across the entire franchsie anyway. I wish there were but because there isnt and this isnt promising to be the new direction of the series, I'm going in expecting to have fun with it and enjoy myself at the movies.
  7. I'll probably see it. I like it. Ben will do a good job. Not expecting an amazing film but pokemon wasmt amazing either. Think itll be at least that for me.
  8. My issue with forces was never that it was the worst game ever. There are clearly worse productions in this franchise than that. It's just that the game was so decidedly mediocre after a 4 year development period and hype, public apologies from SEGA that Sonic games would be of consistent quality in the future, etc. It clearly was not worth waiting 4 years for and was definitely not of the higher quality they spoke about. It was very deflating seeing just how easily Mania overshadowed the game. I couldn't believe it at the time but ai was actually.more eager to see what the bigger budget 3D game would turn out to be than Mania, which I knew would be very good from the start. But Forces was so forgettable that even a game less successful than Mania still would have beaten it out. And Mania was made with such care by the team it was obvious, while Forces had no consistent direction. These are reasons why Forces was a bad experience for me. And why it seems like the energy behind the fandom is probably at an all time low. How can anyone know what to expect at this point? People are hoping (myself included) that an SA1 remake is on the horizon but we're just guessing.
  9. Like some have said, definitely the mid 2000s, from like 2003-2007. The downspiral and then rock bottom the series has still not recovered from 15 years later. Having witnessed the entire history of this franchise, I can say that the was by far the worst things have gotten, watching Sonic spiral down the drain like that. ....but the last 4 years have got to be among the most boring in the franchise history for me. I realize this is a weird statement with the outstanding Mania.....Part of it is because I'm an adult now but also because I have really no idea what to expect out of this series now. I know what I think makes sense and can only guess where SEGA will take sonic next but....that means little without consistency which we havent seen a lot of in this franchise in a long time. The only thing I basically expect is for games to be of middling quality, while hoping for that long awaited 3D game that finally nails the translation of Sonic's classic gameplay. So that's basically it for me. I was never really looking for a reboot of 2D sonic. 2D sonic peaked for me with S3K and I dont think it can practically be topped, it was as close to perfection as possible for the formula. I just want a 3D sonic that approaches that quality, even if it takes a few games to build towards like with sonic 1, sonic 2, sonic cd, etc. But building a good foundation is the primary thing I've wanted. With the exception of unleashed-gens we havent gotten that and definitely not as a 3D platformer which is what I've always wanted sonic to be, rather than a 2.5D hybrid (although fun in it's own right). Boring is better than 06 like disaster but as a fan.....not by much.
  10. Probably 2 or 3 copies of the genesis original. Cant remember when they disappeared. Had mega collection on gamecube but then sold that awhile back. Regret it.
  11. This is hard because I have personal favorites list and then I have my "objective" critique list. Here's the latter: Generations > Colors > SA1 > Unleashed = SA2 > Lost world = Forces > Heroes > Shadow> Secret Rings > Boom > 06 For my personal favorites (not what the thread asked) SA1 > Generations > Unleashed > SA2 > Colors > Lost World > Shadow > Heroes > Secret Rings > Forces >>>>>>> Boom > 06 Generations wins by default because it is the best designed and most consistent 3D sonic game to date. The gameplay is not perfect but it can be exhilarating and most importantly, most of the game is of the same relative quality. In fact for this reason, Generations is really the only 3D sonic game that I could recommend to a casual fan to try if they've never played a sonic game before. The other games have bits of fun throughout but have too much junk/filler gameplay that detracts from the core experience. SA1 actually has the best 3D sonic gameplay, taken alone. But only about half of the game can claim to be that and the gameplay can be quite rough to navigate at times.
  12. That's because Adventure 2's soundtrack was balls. *dodges projectiles*
  13. Me too. I suppose the time is as right as any. The previous iteration of Sonic (boost) has seen its positive momentum kind of stalled with Forces' underwhelming reception. There has been a consistent fan outcry in the fanbase for Adventure, moreso post Mania and the classic era fans seemingly finally having what they've wanted. Also in general, Sonic Adventure is recognized by many as perhaps the only serious attempt by Sonic Team at a classic in 3D formula. Coming off of Mania's success, that would seem like a logical priority to make. But as of now these are just things we hope for. I really do hope of they do anything adventure related at all, they stick to an SA1 remake. Makes much more sense than SA3 honestly, which at this point has already happened in some capacity or another and doesnt deserve a shot at the moment. SA1 if the bugs and gameplay issues are worked out could actually solve all of 3D sonic's problem properly, in one go. But once more, these are things we hope for. This reads like an awful poem.
  14. I feel you. The irony in the post though is that the modern timeline is essentially the evolution of the original timeline starting from S1. Sonic did all that stuff, somehow didn't age much, got taller, and his eyes turned green. Those details are irrelavant to the fact that all those stories happened in the modern timeline. You can consider that the Universe 1 sonic if you will. The fact that the stories aren't usually written well doesnt take away from the fact that "Modern Sonic" is the evolution of sonic on the original timeline. The "Modern Classic" sonic is Universe 2 and represents the actual split. Sonic is still pre-adventure in Mania, which follows S3K. To be honest I'm not super fond of Modern Classic, and I'm about as big a "classic era" fan as you'll find. Modern classic doesnt feel quite the same to me as the original did, at least how he was commonly portrayed in the west as well as the gameplay nuance. He feels like a reminder that SEGA remembers the surface level appeal of the character but has completely forgotten why playing the games became so addictive in the first place. I didnt care that Sonic got 'a little' taller during his jump to 3D (although Sonic 06 was fairly offensive) or that he had green eyes then. I cared about the progressive loss of the gameplay identity and to a lesser extent the tone and art direction of the series. If Modern's gameplay was still on point, most of my issues with the series would go away instantly.
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