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  1. I agree with this. The reason I doubt it will be adventure (even though I'd be very happy with that) is because Sonic Team has spent a lot of time and investment with the boost formula. They spent a few years developing the gameplay and lighting engine and then worked to "perfect" it. Even lost world used the same engine. Are they really going to start from scratch now without a Yuji naka around to help them build something like the original Adventure? Who is around that understands anything about the 3D platforming style of that game at all, much less how to update it and where to correct the bugs? Well Iizuka himself might, but hes in more of an advisory role these days. If they remade that game now I think it would be based on their current engine...that I do not want. It breaks the spirit of the original game which is more open and expansive. If they'd like to stick to what they have I'd rather them just do another boost game with minor tweaks.
  2. Well this isnt a "I'm sorry our games sucked, we'll do better" statement. Those can be ignored. Sonic Team has been saying that for a long time. This is a "well, obviously we now see what worked and are happy with the success and we'll try to focus more on that" statement." As you said, it's a start. I do think it's a good start. It can't be spelled out any more clearly what needs to be done and at the very least they see it! As a lifelong fan, this is music to my ears. I've spent years just wondering if they have any idea what actually works and why. This says on some level, the recognize the ingredients of success. So what comes next....we dont know. But we know...that they know what has worked. So I'll go off and play borderlands 3 and wait until next year to see what they're cooking.
  3. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/takashi_iizuka_believes_the_blue_blur_has_turned_a_corner_following_the_release_of_sonic_mania Friggin yes. Well, in any case I hope they keep focused on their victories, however big or small. I'm not a "only 2D" guy, I definitely want to see a great 3D game at some point. But I also want to see sonic have a series of great games so the series can actually have further investment. So while this means nothing about the next game, at least the head of "Sonic Team" recognizes what he has now because of Mania. These types of acknowledgements mean something important, in my view. It means that people are learning! Time to steer the ship back on course. If sonic games were to perform as forces did going forward both critically and commercially, I dont see sonic ever returning to being a big franchise with big releases again. So we really need to see a few mania level games in a row and that will only help the big 3D projects going forward, because they'll have more investment from the company and more goodwill from fans and the media. ...that said... I think the next game will again be a boost style game. If it is more akin to generations in design with a little more physics and nuance added, I can definitely be okay with that. I'd really prefer a true 3D platformer like Sonic Adventure (but much more polished obviously) but if Sonic Team has the ability to focus on something they have done well in the past and tune it a little more, then I'm okay with that too.
  4. I'm actually in light support of the movie and I still disagree with this take a bit. This movie may hope to ignite interest in a new generation of Sonic fans but you've got to be kidding yourself if you think the studio chose the license without considering that Sonic has long been an entertainment icon. What would be the point of this movie otherwise? I think the movie may turn out okay and thought this before the announcement of a design alteration. The VA choice for Sonic and Carrey-Eggman both seems like decent choices to me and I'm interested in seeing how it turns out. This despite me being a lifelong diehard fan of classic era SEGA and constantly expressing a desire to see Sonic move back to something more consistent and in-line with his origins and foundations within the videogames. I mean, I badly want Sonic to return to being that way but can set aside my feelings for this movie because the movie does not affect the direction of the games whatsoever. However I can't exactly tell other fans how to feel about it. This fanbase is very divided in general and many come here for completely different reasons. For example, some people primarily are fans because of the character interactions and focus on story (the latter I do not understand much at all because in my opinion Sonic stories have all been pretty middling at best, even in the classic era). Although I don't have the same priorities it is their right as fans to complain about something that is a high priority for them. Now for the rest of you who are simply fans of the actual games like me, you should pipe down and get in line behind me. (To be sure, it is not only gameplay that I prioritize. I do like the abstract and vibrant art style of the classic era (LOVE the music too, in most of the games throughout Sonic history) and some of the stories and many of the characters I like as well.)
  5. Wow they're actually.going to do this? Pretty late in the game. Who are they going to receive feedback from? (Somebody contact naoto please) The design looked weird to me for sure but I'm struggling to see how they can improve it to meet fan demand in this short of time. Theyve already marketed the movie and character in this way, they cant just swap in a fuzzy modern sonic model now. I dont know how much fixing Sonic's eyes and legs are going to make a difference for people that are already this appalled by it. I just hope the movie turns out okay. I never want to see a disaster, even when I'm not happy about what I see. ....Except 06...I was happy that game failed spectacularly. It would've killed sonic for me.
  6. I mean, it could be that I dont think this is horseshit too..... shocking, i know. I definitely have my preferences and standards and wish for sonic to be a particular way, and constantly talk about in this forum and other places. But this doesnt get in the way of that at all, which is why I'm not reacting strongly to it. Most of why I'm a fan of sonic has to do with the videogames, particularly the classic SEGA console era games. But the standards I use to judge videogames are not the same standards i use to judge the movies, particularly when one does not affect the outcome of the other. This movie existing has no effect on whether I get the games I want and why I primarily patron the franchise. So if it's bad, so what? If it's good, cool, I had a fun time. Again, this is different than a disaster like sonic 06 which threatened the direction of the franchise and the very reason I support it. In general I'm much more critical of sonic's main series video game outings, because they're the primary representation of the character and direction of the series. Spinoffs are much less important, and movies have almost zero importance. So they can be what they want and I dont care unless it's actually good. Then, great, it worked out. All the rest of this, in my opinion, is most people not really considering that. Its only important for sonic to fit the mold of what you or I expect, when our idea is threatened by a permanent shift in direction. Most of us diehard fans should be quite familiar with this concept already....classic fans when Sonic Adventure 2 released and it showed a clear divide from the previous era.....Adventure fans when unleashed/colors released....etc. when your franchise's creative direction sharply changes, that's THE reason to raise a stink, because the thing you patron with loyalty is "abandoning" you. But this is disconnected from that entirely, it's a one off thing.
  7. If the movie is decently funny and sonic games do not follow this direction going forward, I'd be fine with that. When all we had was the "jacked sonic" silhouette months ago I was worried, but seeing it in motion calmed me down a bit. The movie seems like it has enough ingredients to positively surprise people, at least in a minor way, if people can be open minded about it and realize it's not going to change anything about what they come to the franchise for long term. But seems like I'm in the minority in the sonic community on this one.
  8. It seems like we'll disagree here. I dont think its bootleg tier. Definitely not amazing or close to D. Pikachu, but sonic himself is such a interesting and fun concept of a character that this trailer does enough for me., and hasnt butchered the concept. This seems ok and that's fine. Again, this is my view. I come to this series for the unique classic gameplay (and visual style in the games) experience it provides. If I can get any other enjoyment out of it that doesnt conflict with that, I'm good.
  9. They're incredible failings if your bar was for sonic to fit your (and probably mine) specific vision of him. This just doesnt influence that. All we need to really be doing here is hoping the movie isnt a trainwreck, that's it.
  10. If SEGA were tell us that they've decided this is the new direction of sonic going forward, I would completely understand all of the negativity coming from the fanbase. But this is something completely separate that i dont have to interact with, except to decide if I like the acting, the plot, the special effects, etc. This is not going to be sonic going forward or serve as the basis of the games, so what does it matter? Either you actually find it enjoyable or dont, you're not losing anything but 10 bucks. For contrast, Sonic 06 was fully intended to be the foundation of the series going forward before it released, so that direction was completely worth getting up in arms about. And then they abandoned it and went to modern sonic, and things were better. This risks nothing for us fans. Either see it or dont. Your concerns should really be more with sonic team (or what's left of it). They control sonic's future in terms of the products you actually want. This has no bearing on that at all, it's just a cash grab that you either take or leave.
  11. I mean, I might be what some people consider a "classic purist" (whatever the hell that means) and definitely have a preference for sonic. But this is fine. This entire project has grown on me since we saw the jacked version of sonic months ago (and i hated that). I just never expected this to be modern sonic or classic sonic, or really anything except the bare bones of the character and his personality. It really doesn't matter to me because it's not like the source material itself is morphing into this. It's an adaptation. I'll have fun with it as long as the plot isnt terrible and Ben Schwartz does a good VA and carrey is decent. And I'll still have my videogames the way I like them.....well....that's another conversation but you get the idea....
  12. Hmm...... I'm gonna say that all in all, it doesnt look too bad. Sonic isnt jacked, and looks more or less (well still freakish) what you might imagine in that world. I never needed this movie to be that close to my idea of sonic.....I just didnt want them to ruin the character. This doesnt look like theyll ruin it, it honestly looks ok in motion. It actually looks like itll be a decent kids movie. Better than I thought for sure. I'm sure sonic will have some good lines and eggman will be good. This wont be a disaster and I'll go see it. (However keep this far away from the games...)
  13. Ah, I havent played it so dont know. I do mean on the relative scale of generations or forces though, lots of characters and alternative routes.
  14. This.^^^ Although I do want to see a return to 3D platforming Sonic next (finally executed well), I hope the boost doesn't get tossed away entirely. I've thought for years now that a Sonic R type game could be built using the boost engine. Seems like the logical conclusion of that hybrid racing style.
  15. I feel like any proper guesstimation of the next game is not about what the game will feature, but rather who will be making it. We know theres really no "Sonic Team" anymore. So personally, I will get my hopes up if Yuji Naka, or Christian Whitehead, or anyone like that who understands the original gameplay is around to help guide the project, even if they are not the actual workhorses. If it's yet again a revolving door of people with no vision, then we cant predict because the game could be of any quality, whether good or absolutely terrible. I'd personally like a SA1 remake that does more than justice to the original; one that actually fixes the gameplay issues so that there is something to build on going forward. But If I'm honest, I think it's more likely that the hedgehog engine is reused in this scenario, and we get a boost style adventure game. I'm fine with the boost titles, but I'm more craving an excellent 3D sonic platformer, so that would disappoint me at least from this angle. I actually think the game has a much better chance of being good if it's an SA1 remake rather than SA3. Them making SA3 anytime soon despite not having developed and tested a proper gameplay would probably be a disaster. SA1 gives them a chance to think carefully about what they originally were after, and fine tune it rather than jump back into a style they havent touched in over a decade and probably get it all wrong.
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