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  1. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    Star Wars fans have it as bad as Sonic fans

    The two fandoms are not comparable at all.
  2. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    This is the greatest of ironies in this fandom, I gotta say. There is a large group of fans (some here) that constantly complain about classic nostalgia pandering, but then constantly ask for adventure nostalgia pandering at the same time! So they're ok with it, just when it's the kind they like. They say they dont want classic stuff shoehorned into modern stuff, but then in the same sentence say they want adventure stuff shoehorned into modern stuff.....even though adventure itself is over 20 years old now and the series has long since moved on from that "direction" (wow time flies). This is how and why we get into these faction wars, although to be honest it's none of our faults, it's the people that design and market this series that continually create these factions. I laugh every time, although I get it to be honest. Adventure fans have felt like they havent been catered to since before Unleashed. This again is an irony, because it's exactly how classic fans felt somewhere in the early to mid 2000s, when games like sonic heroes and shadow were being released and classic fans were wondering what was happening to the franchise they used to recognize. It's a weird generational cycle with this franchise.
  3. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    I posted this there, but despite me being excited about the possibility of an SA1 remake I do have some serious concerns about any sort of adventure revival type thing....at least in the gameplay department. We've really no good examples of the 3D sonic gameplay iterated and smoothed out. We've had numerous 3D sonic formulas and the only one that really tried to do it true and proper was....SA1 20 years ago. Forces is what we've most recently had and I think adventure fans wont be satisfied with anything remotely like that. I'm eager, I wont lie. A polished SA1 would make me very happy. But I'm concerned too. All fans of sonic's gameplay should be. I don't want them to even think about this unless they really know what they're doing this time.
  4. I will wait for the 1s version to release with fewer bugs before I play. But In general i dont need motivation to play my favorite game of all time. Man, this game is so etched into my life its ridiculous. Cant stop loving it. Best sonic game of all time (unless a fantastic 3D game somewhat like it is released).
  5. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    How many Sonic games do you like?

    Have to agree mostly, the JP CD soundtrack is in my opinion tied for #1 in the entire sonic series with SA1. S3K close behind those two. Sonic has had pretty excellent music throughout his history in general though.
  6. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    BorderLands3 is here

    Borderlands 2 is probably the most fun and greatest number of hours I've put into a game since S3K. I kind of fell out of gaming with an adult life years back and borderlands 2 made it fun again. I will buy borderlands 3 day 1 regardless, just because they won me over so much with BL2, but I'm hoping that the formula stays close to BL2 with only minor improvements and adds. I think a lot of fans want that, dont break the formula. It's really the only game like that. I love the stories here, definitely the character interactions, claptrap is legendary, its does all of that stuff just right for me. I like serious stories when they're written very well, but otherwise prefer fun stories and worlds like BL that dont take themselves too seriously. Gun play and looting is very addicting, as well as roaming around huge territories. I havent looked forward to a game this much since SA1 the year before release.
  7. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    How many Sonic games do you like?

    I've "liked" a fair majority of the ones I've played, despite recognizing that many of them were not too good. For example, I really enjoy Sonic 3D blast for its music, aesthetic, and simplicity. Inoffensive but pretty boring gameplay overall, would not rate highly compared to the rest of the series. I finally got my hands on Sonic lost world recently. I think it had some really interesting ideas and I think with more careful though could have been a good game but man those controls were terrible. I "liked" ideas from the game and dont hate it but I dont think it was a good game. I've always had a love/hate (or like/dislike, in the spirit of this thread) relationship with SA2. The good parts i really "like" but the bad parts I find seriously annoying and to outnumber the good parts. Also not a big fan of the artistic difference between that and SA1, which stayed a lot closer to the vibrant, surreal classic games, and instead traded that in for a drab blandness throughout. Even though I dislike a greater portion of the game than I like, I still consider myself to like it overall....although I wouldnt rate it as a good game, objectively since the majority of it is either boring or just bad. I can go on. I think most of the games I dont like throughout the series history were spin off, non sonic team titles. Of the main series games, 06 is the only one I actively hate everything about (boom I dont count). Every other game I like for some reason, even if it's a small, silly reason, because I'm a diehard sonic fan. Wouldn't recommend every game to non-diehards though. The list of games I'd recommend for anyone to try in this series is significantly smaller.
  8. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    Would you say we’ve entered a new “era” yet?

    These are internal happenings with the devs. While true, this doesnt by itself really say anything about the games. The team could have been the same but if the games change wildly between games, what difference does that make? We consumers are concerned with the end product, it's what we actually interact with and care about. During the pre 2008 era you kind of glossed over, there really was no consistent identity or gameplay, everything was changed fairly drastically between every title between gameplay, story, tone, aesthetics, etc. You did not address this in your post. In the era from 2008's unleashed until lost world, the games did consistently follow a trend, the game built upon the success of the previous entry. So I think you've got it backwards here. In that pre 2008 era there was really no clear direction for 3D sonic, almost everything was tried and thrown at the wall with alternate gameplay styles, stories, etc. After 2008, the games got more narrow in their focus. Not always for the better, but the general reviewer consensus was the the overall quality of the main series improved quite a bit over the pre-unleashed 3D games. Since this is a video game series at the end of the day, this kind of needs addressing in your view of what happened.
  9. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    Would you say we’ve entered a new “era” yet?

    Umm....so what was the direction of the series prior to 2008? SA1, SA2, heroes, shadow, and 06 are all very different from each other across the board with gameplay that got progressively worse and less focused each entry, culminating in the 2006 disaster. I would say 2008-2011 if any time in the 21st century, is the only time sonic has had a somewhat clear direction. The "boost" games built off of the foundation unleashed laid and was essentially maximized by generations, with further refinement each game.
  10. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    Would you say we’ve entered a new “era” yet?

    If I were to treat any 3D game with meaningful distinction as the start of the modern era it would definitely be unleashed. But even then it is difficult, mainly because every mainline game between SA1 and 06 are so different from each other, it's hard to discern a consistent pattern. That era to me is more known for just throwing things at the wall to figure out how to do sonic in 3D, far more than any other time. The series clearly had built some momentum in figuring out what the games were actually going to be from Unleashed to Generations.
  11. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    Would you say we’ve entered a new “era” yet?

    No actually I understand better now what you mean. I'm not perfect in my understanding of things, so as long as I'm polite try to be patient with me. I get it though, that makes sense. I think I might disagree a little with colors because I have heard quite a number of people (read: not adventure fans) who quite like that story and direction. I dont know if that story was among my favs, probably not, but there are parts of it I liked. Not to get into our personal tastes too much but I dont think my opinion is uncommon. I do understand that modern sonic is meta comment, that I would agree with you on.
  12. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    Would you say we’ve entered a new “era” yet?

    Colors may not have been your cup of tea, but it is not a game that one can say SEGA wasnt trying. They listened to feedback from unleashed and got rid of the boring gimmick gameplay and tried to design a game around only playing the fun parts of the daytime stages sonic from unleashed. Was it amazing? No. But they definitely tried and it showed, which is why it reviewed well. We will disagree about story I think. Just because a story includes more dramatic elements doesn't make it more sincere. For me, Sonic 06's story is some of the laziest, most generic garbage I've seen out of this franchise. A total final fantasy rip off that was obvious from day 1. But I've heard fans of the darker sonic games defend it because they favor that tone, making similar statements to yours. To me this amounts to nothing. The game just happened to have your flavor of story, that doesn't mean it was executed well (it was not) or it felt "sincere". I'd really need to understand your idea of sincere, I think, to see where you're coming from.
  13. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    How will the series change in the future?

    If history is anything to go by in this franchise, then we have no idea where sonic will go next. It could be a direct sequel of what we just had in forces in regard to story and tone, or something completely and radically different. Theres no point in even speculating about this. Where we are right now is kind of in limbo. I think SEGA clearly understands that Forces was not the most popular game and direction for the franchise and there doesnt seem to be an obvious answer where to go next. The classic stuff is doing very well, there is some clamor within the fanbase for more "adventure" like things. There however has been really no indication that they're leaning in any particular direction, only that they are listening for feedback. Until we start seeing rumors and sneak peeks of the next big project, this is anyone's guess...
  14. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    Would you say we’ve entered a new “era” yet?

    This definitely. As much as people want to draw lines in history, it doesnt actually work out that nicely in hindsight. For me, as much as some adventure fans complain about the linearity of the modern era games, I see the progenitor of this very clearly in SA2. There are many other elements that have carried over throughout the years as well. The main difference between the games in the early 2000s and late 2000s is the tone of writing and character inclusion really. It's also weird to call that era "dreamcast" when it was dead by 2001 (which significantly affected the development of sonic games from then on). It's not for no reason that people want to segment history like this but I don't think it really works out as cleanly as people want it to. This is part of the reason why SEGA doesnt acknowledge that there even was an adventure era (especially considering there were only actually 2 sonic adventures, and the first was very different from the second), and instead says there was a 2D pixel sonic, and a 3D forward moving sonic. This to me allows for more flexibility, even though I personally advocate for just one sonic. The next "era" I think would be defined by pretty wide and sweeping changes across the board. Maybe a redesign for sonic, completely different style of game and new engine. Like if Sonic Utopia were to become a real thing (for example's sake) and be the blueprint for how games were going forward, that'd be something totally different to any 3D game we've seen until now. I dont understand this statement by some fans. I have seen it fairly often. What part of Generations didnt seem sincere to you? That game was definitely a love letter to sonic and fans and had considerable effort put into it. The climate post generations was definitely one of hope, that the franchise was finally turning things around. Colors also was a game that was not sloppily made and showed that SEGA cared about restoring Sonic. Both games, regardless of your personsl taste, are well made games that one can tell SEGA set out to finally get some wins with sonic after a long downtrend period. If you happened to be a fan of the more serious, darker tones games with more story focus, then they may not have been for you. Doesnt mean SEGA wasn't trying. They clearly were, which is why both games did well, even if not amazing.
  15. UpCDownCLeftCRightC

    How is it, that Sonic is still popular?

    Why do you believe this statement is a biased one?

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