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  1. To add to Indigo's post, the main thing we should all be concerned about with the development of this game is how sonic moves and controls. Because if they don't get that 'really' right, all else is for naught. It would make sense to me (as someone already pointed out) that ST spent the initials months and years just getting Sonic to feel right and then add and polish other features later. I hope they understand that they can and should take all the time they need for the former, for a game like this it just has to happen. I don't even think Lost World's physics and controls would cut it here. Something in-between an SA1 and Utopia maybe, easy to pick up and comfortable for the player.
  2. I gotcha, wasn't acting like you wanted it this year, I can read lol. It's all good man. I have nothing but good vibes in this thread. It's other threads where I antagonize people for random reasons. 😁 😁(im a silly guy, love to joke, hope that's understood.)
  3. I strictly do not want this game out this year. They need to take their sweet time and get everything as right as possible and have confidence before release. Mario 64 this son of a bitch, know what I mean? We have colors, origins, and whatever else is announced soon to hold us over for a year. That should suffice, it's not that long.
  4. I'm hoping that this is another 'Sonic Wars' situation and they change the final name from Rangers to something else. Not a great sounding title, just my taste. Hoping almost desperately that the rumor is true (really seems like it) though.
  5. Hopefully ST took inspiration from botw AND mania. Sonic being put in a large playground isn't worth a cup of beans if he doesn't move and control very fluidly. This has been said already. I just.....have a hard time seeing them not understanding that idea though. It's just so obvious, and contrary to many I don't believe ST to be stupid. If it turns out to be fan-gamey and it's just Generations type physics and tank controls set in an expansive world....you know what, nope, there's just no way they'd do that. Only fans with literally no design experience would think that a good idea...
  6. Totally worth tweeting to SEGA, even though this rumor may be false and they can't respond right now anyway. Heck, I'd do it if I could remember my Twitter login info (never use it).
  7. It's a good decision to release a Colors Ultimate before a new, experimental 3D title (if actually true). If the new title doesn't work out, they have the classic collection and Colors to fall back on for the year and both will sell well.
  8. Yeah. Essentially, I always remember how I felt as a elementary school kid between Sonic 3 and Knuckles, and then the original magazine scans for Sonic Adventure back in 1998. In that time period I have never been more hyped for a video game in my life and that remains true today. I've always admired Hirokazu Yasuhara and his thinking on Sonic level design, that he always thought of them within a fully 3D context, so I've always dreamt about what it would look like to have Sonic moving through an expansive 3D world with momentum physics. SA1 got the closest to it (and really is the only Sonic game to somewhat approximate it), but lacked focus and refinement.
  9. I've said it before in this thread, but for you fans for whom "multiple playable characters" is a high priority, I think an open world playstyle makes that more possible than the previous 3D sonic attempts we've seen. I wouldn't feel confident saying they're going to be in this game, but I suppose I wouldn't be utterly shocked to see a Tails, Knuckles, or Amy playable. Anyway, the hype is pretty real for me and I need to calm down a bit. Y'all just don't know, I've been a diehard as a little kid since day1. Now I'm a "much older little kid" and SEGA is finally (...possibly..) getting close to making my dream Sonic game. Just out of nowhere, they're finally listening to ME, the guy who the franchise passed by a long time ago. Very much looking forward to June, assuming the game will be talked about at E3 or some event next month...I thought I heard that anyway.
  10. Best thing from this, is that almost all the sonic fans aboard this rumor have positive feelings about this new direction, and we all accept that the result may not be great but the attempt is worth it. And yes, it is worth it. I enjoy Sonic generations, but open world Sonic has more potential to be really great IMO.
  11. My thoughts too. This was in January, so there are many months left to tweak the game to get it right. If this is true, and ngl this sounds very true, this is quite exciting for me as a very long time fan. Maybe, finally, Sonic will have his first game in 3D that "gets it". ....maybe.... Lol
  12. This is the primary concern and what will determine if this game sucks or not. Its okay for ST to look at BOTW and get motivated, but they need to understand how important Sonic's controls and feel is. If Sonic feels anything like he's felt in recent games, this project was dead before release. If it's closer to a Utopia though, then this will be very interesting.
  13. The original leak was in January of this year and then just came out again after the trailer. But identical information. It could be fake, but this one seems plausible.
  14. I will say, open world makes Sonic's friends more possible than not. Just in pure gameplay logic, large open environments are probably easier to design for characters that can fly and glide, than ones narrow and restrictive as most modern Sonic games even going back to the adventure games. That said, I'd be fairly surprised (in a good way) if something like this actually drops with playable knuckles and tails or something. But it's not impossible like it was in the boost games imo.
  15. We're on opposing sides of the spectrum. Short of a full on 3D recreation of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, I can't think of a Sonic gameplay I want to see tried more than open world. I've been waiting a very, very long time for this. I don't think it will be good by default though, let me just say that immediately. It is crucial that sonic actually feels very fun to control in an open environment, that will determine if the game sucks or not.
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