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  1. If we hear anything about the next game, any time soon, it's likely to be at the June event. I'd be surprised if there's no Sonic news at that time.
  2. I feel that modern Sonic developers could definitely benefit from remembering the more arcadey aspects of Sonic gameplay, namely the portions you described well. But not only that, imo it needs to be somewhat part of the advertisement of the game it you're going for this particular style. If you build a game in which the layers of depth are really contained within its replay value, make people understand this better. Make people understand that, you can play the game once or twice but the real brilliance comes out when you're reached that 15th or 20th run and you're getting very good at it. I don't just mean motivation in the game, I mean in the marketing and promotion of the game. At least in a subtle way. Then general audiences will understand it better. I only mention this because a lot of modern gamers seem not to understand the arcadey aspects of Sonic games as well as they did in the early 90s, for very natural reasons. But I think the games then sometimes get unfairly criticized for this. SA2 is one of the better Sonic games in terms of its replayability factor in the good levels and blending that in with bonus features in the game (Chao), and I think the series would stand to benefit from maintaining this in future games.
  3. I suddenly have a little more free time in my schedule so I've started replaying Sonic Lost World. I tried it about a year or so ago for the first time and I could only stomach the controls for about an hour before I put it down. I gave it another try today. Once you get used to the controls, (which are quite bad) then the games real charm comes out. Lost World is definitely not a bad game, there are a lot of good ideas put into this in the badniks and stage variety. Putting Sonic back into a real 3D space so more levels could be easily designed around him, it was the right choice to make. I still agree with Iizuka, its a better decision than sticking with the boost formula which peaked with Gens but doesn't really have any more depth to explore. Whatever the next 3D formula does, I hope it naturally incorporates the parkour mechanics, but in a much smoother way. Sonic games controls should always be fairly simple and feel very smooth and fluid. That is one key reason adventure fans will defend those games to death and theyre right. I'd rather control SA1's Sonic than the rest of the 3D games, if we're just talking control. We need that smoothness back, but with a lot less twitchyness. Also, no run button ever again. I find myself holding it constantly. There's never a reason not to. I think they did that because they didn't know how to handle level design in 3D with momentum mechanics, thinking Sonic moves too fast, so they wanted a way to control the players speed and platforming a little more. Its just not the best idea, the way it actually manifests itself.
  4. Contrary to what seems to be a popular sentiment, I don't at all think Sonic Team is stupid. I think Sonic IS a big series, it still easily has global recognition, it just needs the high quality, awesome games to back it up. And to get awesome games they need 3 things: 1) budget 2) creative energy - a mix of old and new blood, for fresh ideas but technical competency and a consistent direction 3) time - refusal to push out titles that aren't ready, especially the big ones. Regardless of what style of game they make, the post Naka Sonic Team (or what used to be ST) has shown many times they are capable of putting out good games. Even in a revolving door state. If they get the 3 things above, more than likely new Sonic games will be fun to play and of good quality.
  5. Sonic Unleashed is on par with SA2 overall, possibly superior but it's very close. In the past I had Unleashed as a tier, or maybe half tier above but since I'm raising SA2 a bit they're about even now. I'd probably take it over heroes... but I also haven't listened to heroes soundtrack in a while. I might have to revisit soon. Maybe I should do a tier list of soundtracks. Very few Sonic soundtracks would be below a B though, which would make it difficult. Edit: when I think about a tier list, in order to do full justice one would have to do two lists. One in the context of being a Sonic game and the other as an indepdent collection in its own right. The lists would look very differently obviously based on that. I might just want to do one list though, and I'd probably stick to the Sonic game context.
  6. I've said this a few times before, but the hate bandwagon genuinely confuses me because I see it coming most often from the fans who never liked the direction of Sonic Colors, and prefer Sonic Adventure. (and truth be told I mostly prefer the Adventure games over Colors gameplay wise, but it's always been obvious to me why we needed Colors) And I just have to remind them, Iizuka is the daddy of those games, they're very much his brainchild. So if you ever want to see a faithful reproduction of them, you should probably not turn on the man who invented them. If an SA3 ever happens or an SA1 remake, Iizuka will undoubtedly be heavily involved in the direction and approval and will absolutely be one of the primary reasons they are any good. And that's not to say he's above criticism. However.... It would be a lot more therapeutic IMO for these fans to take the time to understand how we got here where we haven't seen a game like that since Sonic 06, why this is this case, and a little more about the dynamics of the company during that time, how much responsibility and power Iizuka actually had. Stop shooing him away, for goodness sake.... You really have no idea how much more of a focus grouped disaster of a series Sonic could have become without him around.
  7. Diogenes took my obvious response but the other one would be Sonic Unleashed night time stages. Does anyone remember the commercials/advertising for that game? Do you remember how quick the werehog looked, how acrobatic? I thought "holy shit, maybe it'll be like Spiderman" But instead we got a slow beat em up. I wasn't expecting the game to actually be as large as a Spiderman game, but making the werehog a little faster, so as to keep his momentum up and basing his attacks more keeping up that flow (through various spinning, slashing, rolling cannonball attacks, etc.) would have been waaaaaay better than what we got. Which wasn't terrible... Just not interesting at all.
  8. Sonic 3D blast probably. As in, it's genuinely a bad game regardless of age. At least with SA1 or 2, there are sections of the game that are genuinely good. Most of the problems have to do with padding or just the age of the game. 3D blast does just stink. However I love it. It's always been the last act of the classic Era to me (with the benefit of hindsight, nowadays SA1 seems more like the finale of the classic Era) . And in that game one could easily tell, even me as a kid, that Sonic was going to have some issues transitioning into 3D. But I still enjoyed mostly everything about it. It had a lot of the classic aesthetic that I like, but with just the most basic and uninteresting gameplay (especially those special stages, my goodness they suck). The bosses were decent, especially the final boss which I appreciated for not being easy on the first try. No super sonic was disappointing after S3K, made collecting the emeralds feel pointless. As I was playing I often jammed out to the music and enjoyed the vibe of the levels.... and pretended I was playing a much superior game. Basically, being a kid playing with a broken toy pretending it still worked, or a toy that wasn't fun and pretending it was something better using my imagination. That exactly why it was like. Very pathetic but when you're a little kid you just enjoy what you enjoy, the rest doesn't matter. I can't imagine playing that game again today, although the music is still awesome. Perhaps that's why I never got over my desire to see 3D Sonic finally get a great gameplay formula nailed down. SA1 quickly surpassed it in my mind, for actually having real hints of what I've always wanted. Although even after I played that for the first time, I remember feeling some of the hollowness in the Sonic stages as well because of how automated they were at times, despite how good the looked. Sometimes I forget how long I've craved that ideal 3D Sonic game. It's been little crumbs here and there for me, and me pretending to see something, seeing the potential hidden somewhere that never quite manifested in a full game. Maybe it is truly something that just lies in my imagination or people like me anyway. If I hadn't seen the Sonic utopia concept, I'd probably have let go of that idea few years ago. ST team just never seemed to "get it", with what was special about the original games in their 3D attempts, something was always lost in translation. When I put my finger on it, it's really just the feeling of control and freedom that you get when playing a game like S3K, where one can travel in many directions.... But in 3D which in principle should have an even greater effect. The momentum translated over to SA1 somewhat, but the rest didn't. But now I know it's definitely out there waiting to happen. So I look back to games like 3D blast and SA1 and see them as the crude stepping stones to something that will eventually be amazing. So 3D blast is a symbol of the beginning of a long and bumpy road, but a road that will end up somewhere truly great, and worth it in the end.
  9. What about how BOTW handled it? There is dialogue, there are VAs. But mostly dialog boxes and expressions. It actually complimented that game fairly well because that game had less of a story that past zelda games and was much more about pure exploration gameplay. Just a suggestion, not saying I think it should go this way. I really don't know tbh.
  10. Yeah I have to admit, I actually have no clue whatsoever what ST would do with the dialogue in a game like this. Mario is a mostly silent character and it's worked for him. Mania is also silent, as well as the classics. But for some reason I doubt they'd take that approach. I also don't think I'd want a mute Sonic for a big 3D title. But maybe that's because I've gotten used to him talking in that format as well. As long as they get his personality right, I think making a classic Sonic talk could work well. For example the OVA. Not a great movie, but the portrayal of classic'S personality was spot on. I'd want to see something like that maybe? (inb4 "strange isn't it" ) And for the first part, thats exactly how I feel. It'd be nice to be able to play as tails and knux eventually but for the first foray I'd rather they nail Sonic down firmly and the expand from there, that's what matters most. I just wanted to point out that the classic formula clearly permits multiple playable characters and stories from other vantage points.
  11. What if the next game were just a 3D classic game? No gimmicks, just a pure 3D classic game like Sonic Utopia or something like SA1 but with the full on aesthetic? I'm sure not everyone would be happy. There are many fans on this site who have no affection for classic at all and would probably be pissed. So no 2D but instead a full 3D game. (this probably isn't happening, maybe ever. I'm just curious) Well like you said... They're just rumors. And none of Sonic's 3D titles, with all due respect to the blue ring boi, hold a candle to Mario's, despite the pain it causes me to say that. Mario's 3D outings have just been much better from the beginning. If it's just a Sonic Adventure remake its going to get overshadowed period. But I don't think Sonic should worry about what Mario is doing at this time. Eventually, when he gets his footing and makes consistently better games, sure. Right now he should focus on his own identity and have the best outing possible this time round. Mario is going to Mario. Sonic simply needs to do better than the mediocre outing it had in 2017 and keep growing. Still don't know where people are getting the Mario rumor from.
  12. I think it is and I vividly remember it being the reason I disliked him as Sonic's VA from the beginning. It's not even that he tries to convey cheeriness necessarily, it's just his tone of voice that gives that off for me really. More so compared to the other VAs. Perhaps Cheery is the wrong word. Maybe optimistic is better. Eh, that's not quite right. When I think of it, I'll edit. In any case, he has more of "that" than the others, the quality which I found a bit annoying. Anyway, it is a matter of taste. It's not like I'm commenting on the writing of Sonic in Griffiths games.
  13. Sonic. There was a brief moment as a kid when I first got Sonic 3, that I liked Tails the most. I was so excited to actually be able to fly with him after playing Sonic 2. (and at first, in Sonic 2 I thought "he" was a girl and became weirded out when I found out he wasn't.) And he's was such an innocent looking character. I was sad the first time I got to launch base and Tails couldn't make the trip to face big arm. I was like 7 or 8 when I first played, so it resonated with me. But as I got better at the game it became Sonic again and it's never not been Sonic since. I've mostly not identified with Sonic, my personality is very different to his, but he more than most characters I've seen in fiction just exemplifies freedom and "kick butt first talk later". Also strongly independent, which I do identify with.
  14. I've never liked Jason Griffith, he's actually my least favorite Sonic. Something about his voice I find a little too cheery and annoying for the character, not to say that Sonic isn't cheery at all, but he doesn't convey enough of the cocky, borderline ass that Sonic can be at times. I prefer Drummond for that era. (.... Schwartz is the best ever Sonic, fight me). But I think I agree about Unleashed being the best story. I'm not that rigid on what I think a Sonic story can be, other than the basic principles of writing and the overall tone. But at least that game was pretty consistent throughout with a good sense of seriousness/urgency and typical Sonic vs Eggman banter, etc.
  15. Right, I remember this one. And then the GameCube review from six months later on the same site. Thats the point, there were a lot of glowing reviews about the game but equally as many that were not so glowing. To me, it doesn't indicate a bad game by any means, just a divisive one. My parents bought me several among magazines back then, I read them regularly and checked online when I could, talked to my friends about it. And my younger brother is a part of that Nintendo generation, although he's probably influenced by the classic games to a degree because he watched me play all the time. But his favorite was SA2/shadow, that was HIS game and that next game or so in the series even though I always bought them (when I actually earned money). When I ask him about it, he loves everything shadow and SA2 but knows where my Gen comes from. And he has his friends like him that were Shadow fans and swear by SA2B. And then I have my friends, we all grew up with the classics, watched the Satam cartoons (and sang the theme song, I'm still embarrassed) bought the dreamcast which was extremely hyped for us (so many fights over the dreamcast because my older cousin always tried to steal them from us and play marvel vs Capcom) and loved SA1. SA2 for us was definitely the beginning of a new era, one that was less "Sonicy" to us. None of us hated it though, it was just different. So for my Gen, it was kind of the point where we felt the series starting slipping, even though it wasn't all bad. We just don't have allegiance to it. For my younger brothers Gen, it is Sonic. Edit: I should add that SA2 is probably around the point in life where we weren't exactly kids anymore. Like, we were still young, still in grade school, maybe just hitting puberty. But not quite as impressionable as around the time leading up to SA1. I remember seeing magazine scans for that game the year before it came out, I must've been 9 or 10. That game looked absolutely incredible at the time, I have never been more hyped for a game in my life, including with S3K which came fairly quickly after I had gotten Sonic 2. And most kids I knew at school were the same way, everybody had an N64 but wanted a dreamcast really bad. And when the demo came out, I played it every chance I could get until I finally got my hands on it.
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