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  1. I'm not expecting to deter a single soul, nor was that the jist of my post. It's like you're pointing to me and telling ME to let others be, for really no reason at all. I said people should want what they want (with no compromises) but keep in mind that communication between what fans want and we what the developers actually understand are not necessarily on the same wavelength and gave some historical context for it. Perhaps the most unobjectionable statement I could possibly make in a situation like this. If anything fans should be louder and louder (but perhaps in a more targeted way imo) until they actually are more likely to get closer to the ideal. Even if the devs don't get it, if you keep asking eventually they will get you, if you're patient enough. There's a gap between threads like this which are pure speculation, and then people actually creating rumors and running with the belief thereof that I think needs some caution, that is all. The latter is the part needing 'lowering' if there's any. Over the last year or so, some innocent beliefs and speculation based on desire have transformed into real expectation. It's like the boy who grew wings.
  2. Let me rephrase so I'm more clear, I think I wasn't: Any fan of any era should continually and incessantly ask for what they want, no matter what anyone else says. I just think we have to be careful in how we describe those things to SEGA, that's all. Like, Sonic Adventure 3 right? Comes with a lot of expectations for fans. But how well does SEGA or Sonic Team actually understand the key features that that game would need to have in order to really please it's hardcore fans? Might SEGA release a game titled Sonic Adventure 3 with many of the same features and characters, but instead with the boost engine for example because it's what they actually know how to do? Would that make fans happy (No it wouldn't). I bring this specific example up because SEGA in the last decade hasn't up to this point even differentiated between how the sonic adventure games played (in the purely sonic sections) and how the latter modern games played. They've commonly referred to the games in the same way, just that the latter games perhaps fixing the issues of the former in their opinion (Iizuka has commented on this before iirc, as "the forward facing 3D games" in contrast to the "side scrolling pixel games"). Have to watch out for stuff like that, for some reason miscommunication has always happened very easily in this franchise compared to others I've seen over the years. So If I'm saying anything at all, I'm saying, somehow there needs to be a more targeted vocal campaign for fans in order to get what they actually want, rather than just the packaging. Don't just scream 'SA3!!!' or 'SA remake yeah!!!' because it leaves ST in a position to interpret that however they see fit....that is NOT what you guys want....as a former victim of Sonic 4, trust me. You might believe they understand what that means...but you'd be surprised. This can very, very easily become a Sonic 4 situation. So again, I think you guys should be screaming for what you want definitely, I'm in support. In fact, I would like a SA remake because I think it might be the only chance to get what I actually want to see after all these long years of suffering (haha). I think that's a better goal than SA3, which as of right now has too much potential to go horribly wrong. SA3 should not be the first game made in that style after 15+ years, much like Mania only came after Whitehead had remastered two classic titles first. Also I do agree that there have been things one could interpret as 'hints' to a possible SA style game. It's why I had it on my list in the OP. I still see a brand new game as most likely, inspired by the recent successes of the franchises in some form, but SEGA isn't ignorant of SA fans and they've been the loudest group in the last 4 years or so. .....(Inb4 next game is Forces 2 with chao garden stuffed with microtransactions)
  3. @Scritch the Cat my comment was a simpler one, merely that SEGA would be obviously happy for fans to be anticipating their next game. Didn't mean anything more complicated by that statement, sorry if it seemed that way. You made good points though. I hope by the end of spring we do get some kind of hint or brief trailer because if what the next project is is NOT Sonic Adventure related in any substantial way, a lot of fans are going to be quite disappointed. I should say though, like I did many months ago, many fans should calm down a bit with conflating their desires and expectations. If you keep asking for a particular thing when the company hasn't dabbled in that idea in a very long time, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment when they actually try to do it but can't because they don't know how....it was over 15 years ago, after all, and the same people are not around today. (scritch said some of this) Or, if the company just isn't thinking about it in the same way you are, and didn't actually have your ideas in their plans. The fact is, we really don't know. All we have is the twitter "hints", which in hindsight usually don't amount to much. Edit: this is a speculation thread, so its totally okay to do all of the wish lists and rumor stuff here, didnt mean to put anyone off that. I just think people should keep these things under control, because im seeing a large number of fans actually, fully expecting a Sonic adventure deal and I don't think thats where we are right now as a franchise...It could be the next game! But we need more than the nature of what has been discussed in this thread before any hype train can get going.
  4. I think the series will get better. It has before. However, I don't think it will reach the same level it had in it's 90s heyday again. I would love to see it, in particular with the 3D games, but people should realize that when a brand tanks, it almost never regains full strength again. Ironically the only thing I think could boost Sonic up to the level of the classic era or better, at least in public perception, is if Sonic were to change fairly drastically and market himself to a completely new generation, and do a total rebrand. But I don't think it'd be anything any of the current fans would actually want, myself included. I've seen this happen with other game series before. When Takashi Iizuka retires this will probably happen, if Sonic still hasn't strengthened by then.
  5. I actually don't really mind the youtubers who discuss the rumors. When a franchise goes several years without releasing any new titles and giving virtually no information, where are fans supposed to channel their passion? They'll become creative and do it in a number of ways but they'll also get anxious about the next product. It's definitely what the company wants as well, no doubt. If someone wants to expose a tuber for creating a rumor and then discussing it as if it's something official, that's different. Speculation isn't illegal and imo shouldn't be frowned upon in the fan base. I've actually seen this be quite fun in other franchises....although those games tend to have higher quality titles on average, and thus are more fun to speculate (I actually remember what this feels like a sonic fan in the mid to late 90s, waiting for sonic adventure! We didn't always have the sonic cycle...😀) Anyone who is a long time fan of the series by now should have learned to not believe anything by default. Rumors CAN BE real, as we saw with the sonic forces several rumors years ago. It's up to people if they want to wait around for stuff like that and deal with the hype.
  6. There's a new economy around sonic rumors. FWIW I don't exactly believe the zippo leaks either. It really doesn't make any sense to shelf classic sonic after mania at all and secondly, zippo actually did just more or less give his opinions on what he thinks will happen. His opinions, tbh, are fairly worthless in speculating what the next game will be if it's not him actually seeing something or being told something. No disrespect intended either, I'm not suggesting he isn't a credible leaker but this isn't really a "leak". I think 2021 will involve classic and "adventure" styles sonics in a not insignificant way and I've thought that for at least the last year or so. Maybe in separate projects but both audiences will get attention.
  7. I think I agree with you but I suppose it is understandable how it happened. The art direction and just about everything else in the series by the mid to late 2000s had veered quite far away from the original games. I think the best choice would have been just to keep classic as the younger version of modern. I suspect though that SEGA themselves were actually flirting with the idea of moving on from traditional sonic games completely prior to Forces and that's what caused the split. Iizuka and numerous sonic team members came out before the games released and said they would be important in determining the direction for sonic's future. Tbh, I think many at SEGA were fatigued with dealing with this franchise since they really haven't understood it (at least in japan) from the get go. The leaks from forces suggested that the buddy character was meant to be a much bigger part of the game from the beginning and they were exploring potential directions without the traditional sonic at the forefront of things. That's how it appeared to me anyway. Mania really saved this franchise. TLDR, I'm saying a lot, but I think the split came from a lack of confidence in the brand prior to Mania. And yes it's their fault and maybe it should never have happened. But then, they could just release solid games consistently enough and we wouldn't be talking about it.
  8. This is the reason I'm interested in the premise of this new show Sonic prime and the multiverse aspect. It seems clear to me now, even though I've wanted another soft reboot (and we probably are getting one even its minor) the answer may actually be to have a multiverse where all of these past and present ideas can coexist without so much infighting. Although to your point, even then it's not like the universes are connected; like a universe that contains modern shadow and a separate one that contains ray and mighty may exist next to each other but if theyre never allowed to mix then what is the point for someone who is interested in both? And the same reason why someone like me would wonder, why does classic sonic have to be limited to 2D, or green hill zone for the 20th time? The original sonic team never thought that way back in the mid 90s. Good questions to ask.
  9. They were screaming at us for so long they hadn't noticed they BECAME one of us lol. It's true. They are doing it to the youngest group now that grew up with the boost titles. But I do sincerely hope they get what they want and we all chill out. Mainly because none of this is any of our "faults". It's just something that was destined to happen tbh. As frustrated as I've been over the years at SEGA, I realized that a many of their problems were just timing in the marketplace, as most notably experienced in the early 3D era, and thus unavoidable really.
  10. Besides the fact that kuzu keeps making false accusations....(😁) I don't find it hard to believe at all. It's a matter of preference. If you have your preference for modern, then others can have theirs for classic. No one thinks modern sonic is going to go away and no classic fans (even on retro, afaik) are out here seriously campaigning for the destruction of all things modern. I think for a brief moment, some fans were hoping that a classic renaissance would lead to a greater fusion of those ideas in the current franchise. The fact that Mania was the most widely praised thing in the franchise in over 20 years, not to mention how much the franchise has floundered in that time, just added fuel for us. And to tell you the truth, I think these ideas are so obvious and straightforward at this point, the only reason we find people arguing with us is because we know they just want attention for their own preferences. And that's fine, I just wish they would admit it and relax! That's what this really comes down to imo and I've literally heard dozens of younger fans say it: "you had your turn classic fans, it's our turn now."...whatever that is supposed to mean lol. That kind of discussion is ridiculous. No franchise would ever operate like that. It's about what's best for business and for all interested consumers. If we have to be told repeatedly to "get with the times, it's over!" then we're allowed to assess the current situation as well, and talk about how to improve it. it's pretty hilarious to me, like why would that thought have never occured to us? I don't think a single classic fan that I've come across is delusional enough to not notice.... classic sonic is not the face of the brand anymore (**gasp!!**) and I have no idea why that bears repeating. It's more like some of you need to convince yourselves of that, I swear it seems that way. I've been a fan longer than some of you have been alive tbh, and I know how to read the writing on the wall. This series is undergoing yet another change soon as it has many times before. And yet again I'll adapt my expectations to it, as will others from my generation. People like me have no trouble seeing things as they are and chiming in with our input and preferences when we feel like. It's why were still here. The classic fans that truly don't like anything modern and don't want to adopt have long gone. Trust me, I personally know many people like that. Several of my colleagues and friends around my age have told me in recent years, especially when mania released, they hadn't paid attention to sonic in forever and hated the 3d transition. Those people aren't the ones you're chatting with though. I dunno...maybe diogenes is like that but I think he/she may just be pulling your legs like I am.
  11. Just in case I was misunderstood, I've already said I think the classic sonic character design doesn't work as well as the modern iterations in 3D, except possibly the Saturn versions which are extremely similar minus the eye color. My favorite compromise was how he was in adventure. Taller than classic, as he had been getting slightly taller throughout the classic era anyway, but not quite as tall as the 2006 and later versions. That's all I'm saying. Sonic is known for both running and curling into a ball and the design should reflect that. In general, modern is fine. I just think the proportions are a bit too much, it should dial back a bit to earlier in the 3D series.
  12. No problem man. And as you might guess I agree to a large extent. Sonics history is not just the classic games and he's had good ideas sprinkled across all eras. I think even diogenes has said this, that if he were going to do a full reboot he would not throw out everything after 1994. Same here essentially. I think SA2, for example, probably has the best post game multiplayer and general replayability of any game in the entire series and it doesn't get enough credit for that by sega, especially in this dlc/lootbox world we live in now. That needs to be added permanently to the sonic formula because people replay the shit out of that game, warts and all. There are other examples across the series as well. For me with classic, I just really look at the consistent focus the main titles had, the obvious gameplay foundation, and the art direction. I don't even think it's plainly necessary to do that art style all the time, but I think the series should use it as the foundation, it's just unique to sonic and helps the series stand out from other franchises. But everything else, especially story, I think they can pull from more modern takes with some careful revisions. Truthfully I don't think a big story is necessary to sonic but if handled right it could certainly be a positive. And to your main point, I have to stress that a refresh isn't a reboot as you know. I don't think modern should change dramatically, only slight updates. I would like to see a shorter sonic (with smaller hands and feet too, they're just awkward atm), like the adventure games tbh in 3D. Tall sonic imo takes away too much of the 'hedgehog' from Sonic. He should be rolling as much as he runs tbh, it's in the original spirit of the character. I get why they did what they did with post 2008 modern, it's not illogical and it's not a bad design. It's just not ideal IMO.
  13. There has been ONE full game in the last few decades which was a 2D game based on classic sonic and you think classic fans are afraid of this? I think YOU have an highly irrational fear that every game is going to be like S3K because it's not what YOU want. People like you who make statements like "not every game can be Sonic 3 again". Lol... no offense at all, honestly, but do you hear yourself? The series clearly moved on from that 25 years ago. Take a look around. We were shocked that Mania could even exist. And as you probably have noticed there are really no signs of a follow up to it. It's just weird to see this caricature of the old heads, when we've just sat back and watched the series evolve numerous times and continued to participate in it anyway. Maybe you need to think about why you're so afraid of an idea that SEGA has not entertained in over two decades. Seriously, it'll help you relax. Modern isn't going anywhere. Yes obviously we will ask for the stuff we want when we get the chance and prefer what we like. This should go without need for comment.
  14. I mean, yeah I am. When doing series evaluation I primarily look at main series titles, since those are the ones that get the big money and focus from the main developers. Many spinoffs in this franchise are not made by sonic team proper and thus I don't really harp on them when they are duds and that goes for any era of sonic. For example, boom wasn't a big a deal to me as it was for others, because it wasn't a sonic team game. It only mattered because it was catastrophically bad at a time when Sonic had barely recovered from the previous decade and because SEGA (even though they won't publicly admit it) were considering riding that as the series flagship.
  15. I already said the primary problem was the gameplay. Come on, don't dance around the other bits in my post. It's obvious that the aesthetic alone isn't going to change anything, we all know that. It's why classic sonic has been under fire by some fans recently. It's also true that some of the other elements of the franchise have caught tons of flak in the media, especially the more "serious" tone of the franchise between 2002-2006 in particular. A ton of people (outside the hardcore fan base) ragged on the melodramatic stories and the edgy try hard thing going on. I remember they did, I was there and constantly reading about it. Younger fans look fondly back on those times and I'm not telling them not to (so please don't bite my head off) but the question has been asked by innumerable gaming journalists why sonic had to start taking itself too seriously, in addition to the primary complaints of the gameplay being ass. Again, no need to debate it, the conversation is overcooked and completely pointless. Why are you suddenly looking at me like I can't just accept modern as the evolution lol? I did that back in 1998 and had absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. I've even talked about it in this thread, I actually prefer SA1 sonic as the default in 3D over any classic model, I think they got him just about right tbh. Don't be acting like Im not adaptable or objective, I can see reality without my own rose tinted fan googles on, as well as anyone. Most of my commentary is really just for the heck of it. I just see these "modern sonic is the future" type posts so often now and they are puzzling, thats why I entered the thread. Do people really not realize he's not much younger than the original sonic? We've been at this for quite a long time now. Tbh, "modern" sonic as he has been presented to us for the last few generations is beyond played out in my opinion. He's due for a refresh. If there were ever a time to discuss "what the fck even is a sonic?", I think this next iteration should address that for the next generation, like unleashed did and like SA2 did. I will readily admit, I'd be super duper interested to see what a classic in full 3D interpretation looks like by a inspired director. A game like the sonic cd opening with all of that abstract bright and vibrant art. Yeah, sure, i'd drool over that. But it's definitely not the only way I see sonic, he's a more versatile character than that. I bring it up, because we really have never seen classic in 3d before. Only SA1 was anything resembling that. I'm not even looking for this anymore though, this franchise stopped catering to me a long time ago. I'm here now more or less just to see the next trend for sonic and then move on with my life. I somehow missed this. This is incredibly funny, thank you for that. I too, in some sense, wish the modern sonic house would burn down to the ground and start over. Sonic can still have green eyes and what have you, but I think a solid foundation is desperately in order. Yes, a lot of mania should be infused in the next formula, I will say that without hesitation or care for anyone's objections. But from there, just smart decision making whichever direction they want to take the character. Sonic's guidelines don't need to be super strict, they just have to have a good sense for who the character is and what world he lives in, and let it flow from there.
  16. I forgot I made this thread. My OP #1 is looking to be the most likely actually. Seems a small reboot is likely on the way, with a probable return to 3D platforming. No clue on the 2D games though. For a while there, the feeling was getting stronger that we were getting some kind of adventure redo. However Its not been confirmed or denied yet, although most of the rumors have been debunked from what I've seen recently. I've been on something of a hiatus with Sonic and may resume it soon again but from what I've been seeing, the energy around speculation and the actual reveal is rising. Or maybe it just seems that way because I'm paying more attention now than I was a few months ago. Ugh....the cycle strikes again. Goes to show what happens when you listen to commentary inside a bubble. Adventure fans tbh are really loud right now and dominating most online conversation, and that energy is carrying over into people's expectations. Could also be true though, as a company you want to see a rabid fanbase that loves your stuff. If I were SEGA I definitely would be trying to do something for them this year. I truly do hope ya'll get some of what you want this time around. #3 is mostly ruled out at this point. I mean, technically its not but replacing the entire cast among other things seems to be hinting strongly in a different direction. Its strange how time flies. I didnt think Roger was going anywhere anytime soon....but its been over a decade. He had a long run.
  17. Tbh I was already doing that. I've said before I mostly don't really care about the difference between the two character designs, it's everything else that comes with them that needs distinction because they really are quite different. Classic sonic to me represents the series at a time when it was clearly in touch with it's foundation and built on its successively and successfully, with a clear sense of style and direction that didn't stray far from the original. Modern is everything but that and that's what I take issue with. All the rest was just an argument. I also happen to not like Sonic too tall and with huge hands and feet like he has had for 15 years, but sonic wasn't tall in sonic adventure either, his proportions were spot on actually.
  18. No I agree with you completely. It why I'm not holding up the classic banner on social media. I think Mania was critical in how it provided a reminder for why sonic ever became a successful platformer. I think what many wanted was for sonic team to reverse engineer that game and pop out with a slick new 3d title, not literally clone the aesthetics and cheap imitations of the music and what have you. I definitely do want them to occasionally dabble in the aesthetic, it's a huge wasted opportunity if they don't because the classic worlds are absolutely gorgeous artwork. And on that you'll have to fight me! 😁
  19. The value is, modern hasn't exactly done well since he took over in 98. What if by some strategy it were decided that focusing on the classic design and gameplay for a while was needed? That's not going back just because you CAN. It's going back because there is a reason to consider doing so. It's very common in popular culture for franchises to briefly return to their original style to find their footing because of brand struggles. Now you, I, and everyone else in this thread know sonics trouble have a lot more to do with gameplay than anything else, but the actual branding and style is not a negligible part of the equation either. I'm totally fine with modern being the guy going forward and the classic model disappearing but this series really needs some kind of shift in how it treats basically everything, and start building consistency and excellence. The idea that classic could return for a few years at the forefront should not be outright dismissed considering all that has happened, if the conditions were right and it was advantageous to do so.
  20. This thread OP is about the classic character design. I'm responding to that specific thing. I don't think there's a major difference between the two designs except for some iterations of modern in the mid 2000s and later. The primary difference between the two is in the general world design focus (and tone) of the series in their eras and that's what I'm talking about. The character model is also associated with that time, so it's relevant in that regard. Why does the lanky green eyed version, with all of the different styles he's attempted and failed for 20 years running, get a pass? Please understand I don't give a rats arse about the eye color, it meant nothing to me in 1998 and it doesn't now. However, if we were going to choose one based on strength and versatility, then why would it automatically need to be modern? This is just an argument for the sake of this conversation. I'm not even advocating for this because SA1 version is arguably my favorite in the entire series. I'm just making an argument that this era of identity loss and throwing stuff at the wall should require a second, third, fourth, and fifth look by now lol. Seriously man. This series needs focus like fish need water, my god, where are we now that we haven't figured this out yet? I think in a timeline where sega decided to ride with classic sonic as the focus for a few years, meaning the design of the character and the style of world that he comes with, and they actually had a gameplan for the character in 2d and 3d....can anyone really suggest that'd be somehow worse than with the modern version? That's all I'm saying, think about that. OP is suggesting that the classic model doesn't need to exist because modern can do everything he does. I'm saying, well can't that be flipped around to modern, especially if the top brass in management decided they wanted to focus a bit more? There are a lot of people that prefer the classic design over modern as well. Just a thought.
  21. This question is amusing to me. I could ask the exact same question about "modern sonic". What has the modern sonic design, beyond the specific character, done to earn it's keep? What amazing, industry impacting titles has it birthed since 1998 that would convince anyone more than his most diehard advocates that he needs to exist? What even IS the modern sonic design?! No one can answer that question because it's a mix of about a dozen different things that are done much better and associated with other franchises, from the final fantasy esque era of the mid 2000s, to the pixar style of early 2010s, to the mario clone in sonic lost world. Modern sonic couldn't describe itself if it tried, it has tried to be so many things and changes every other year because none of them stick. And for some reason this point doesn't really get across to many fans who wonder why the series success never catches fire like it once did. I have witnessed every era of this franchise and "classic" sonic or how he was portrayed in the 1990s. #1, he's a lot more versatile than younger fans give him credit for, and it's absurd to pretend otherwise. If you weren't alive in the 90s, or were just a toddler....for crying out loud, his friggin face was plastered everywhere in the known world to a degree that modern sonic has not come close to, in every form of media. And he had tons of spinoffs and stories outside the games as well. #2 There is no reason whatsoever that classic sonic cannot do both 2d and 3d games, just as his modern version has done. None. Since sonic adventure, younger fans have naturally taken ownership of the 3d titles without really thinking about an alternative because it's what they grew up with. I'm going to tell you something: if classic sonic came out with a banging 3d title that created a similar feeling to the originals, there would be no need for modern sonic. Period. This is just a point I'm making, not something I'm advocating for. I'm not anti modern and I fully expect modern to continue on and I'm completely fine with it. To be honest, I don't see a major difference in sonic actual model design between sonic 3 and sonic adventure 1, at least in game. To me they're the same. The difference is in the other details like the universe and in that area classic sonic wins by a landslide imo. His specific worlds are far more unique, interesting, and iconic but there really isn't a reason you couldnt for an occasional game put him in a slightly more "realistic" setting, like adventure 1 did. In fact, that was the exact idea before sega thought they needed to give the character a tad more "edge". Not my words by the way. The classic aesthetic is certainly a more specific thing since it's generally more focused but within that style there was quite a lot of creativity and most importantly consistency. Mario does get some flak for remaining too conservative at times, but given the state of the two franchises, anyone would have to admit sonic isn't anywhere near mario in terms of quality and reputation and that has almost everything to do with it. Nintendo understood with their golden boy that just because one CAN do something doesn't mean they should. Sonic could take a lot of lessons from mario. I'm sorry but I have to immediately dismiss arguments that ignore that reality. So no, classic sonic is not somehow handicapped or limited compared to modern; Modern tries way too much shit, that's his problem. I think many of you have this idea that classic = 2d and green hill zone and it always has to be exactly that and that's wrong. Sure there's a lot of what one would call an actual "identity", something this franchise hasn't known in decades, but there is also just a character that is in general popular with kids and adults, can be used to market in all forms of media, and has lasting appeal.
  22. Are you trying to say that quality control and taking risks ARE mutually exclusive ideas? I'm a tad confused by your wording. I'm suggesting is that they are strongly interrelated in the game development business, particularly in this franchise. And the very simple reason why, is because of brand management. You made a statement about preferring when the company "took risks" with the brand and released all sorts of Sonic games of varying ideas and quality. I feel the opposite of that, I prefer consistency. You seem not to understand that a very basic idea of brand management, especially in regard to quality, is consistency, and there is no possible way you can separate that from the discussion. Constantly diverging from what you primarily promote or represent will dilute the quality of your brand. It is vitally important to stay on cue, or on brand. This is 101, there's lots of reading on this. And in the 2000s sonic was all over the goddman place. Quality control has multiple aspects in business, and in this one; it does not just refer to whether a game mechanic is broken or not. It also refers to whether or not it belongs in the game in the first place. I can provide some reading on this if you'd like, not trying to off as condescending at all, so please excuse me, I sincerely mean it. Again, It is well documented how rushed Sonic Team was during the 2000s and how confused they were with what to do with Sonic. They did what they had to do to stuff features and concepts into games very often without consideration of the player experience or brand long term because they had to. If Sonic Team had had more time to carefully think on what they were doing in the 2000s and more support, a lot games of the games are probably much different. And not just in things like working physics, but actual game content. This is undeniably true.
  23. I dont think it's separate. If quality control was done more often, there are probably a lot of ideas that wouldn't at all have made it into numerous Sonic games. A lot of ideas in this series were born out of the necessity of having to release a new Sonic game every year instead of making the best game or best decision possible for the franchise long term. Sonic Team was extremely overworked for about a decade and forced to release things per contract before any baking or marinating of ideas could be done. I do understand your point though.
  24. And? If you release a game and don't test its ideas and mechanics thoroughly, you are taking a risk that people will like it and buy it? Edit: I mean, you are anyway for sure, but releasing something without it being tested raises the chances it won't be received the way you want it to be. This series took risks over and over during the 2000s for consistently putting out games without regard to quality control. If noting else, that happened. So whats the use in saying something like that? Aaron Webber just said it outright on a livestream less than a week ago...
  25. I feel almost the opposite of you. I think many fans in this series don't put enough value on quality control, it is really underappreciated for some strange reason. Games that are known for being simple, fun, and functional are a lot better than games with broken or sloppy mechanics, etc, just because people had a grand vision in their mind and not enough time to work it out. Potential can in fact be wasted. I've been wanting the same damn Sonic game for over 20 years. Which is basically SA1 but a tad more classic-y and open world-y with obviously much more polished mechanics. Maybe I'll get it someday, maybe I won't. But I damn sure am not asking for a team to make it that isn't capable, because it's just going to make me suffer worse as a fan. All Sonic fans should know this, since both Sonic 4 and 06 happened. So I'd rather definitely have a a generations 2, which is solid fun with a character that I have always loved, instead of watching someone f**k up my dreams and the franchise even further. I want to see Sonic be awesome again, and not just once per decade.
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