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  1. Seeing as the movie has been a box office success do you guys think they will increase the budget for the next film and if so how much ? personally with the first film being around $90m can see them jumping to $150m or something around that for the next movie, which would hopefully mean we can have more time in sonic's world.
  2. wisps return lackluster story 2d/3d boost gameplay green hill is the first stage again followed by other rehashed stages some cheap gimmick added on sonic only playable character
  3. If they just started filming now this movie could be rushed for a nov 2019 release date.
  4. I think the film being described as wacky and fun alongside aiming for pg-13 movie basically confirms for me their going for an avengers type tone which is perfect for the sonic series imo.
  5. so looks like there wont be any other characters other than sonic. eh idk i think the plot of the movie is pretty cliche strange creature shows up, people think he is weird, secretely feels lonely, befriends guy who is also lonely, guy and creature fall out, government catch him, guy goes to rescue creature, gives emotional speech about how he has feelings, government let him go everyone is happy.
  6. Looks like all the tracks will be from generations won't they ?
  7. Also it looks like there wont be a sonic x type story and sonic will already be established in this world will be interesting to see how they do it.
  8. Your idea Is pretty good i would be content if the movie was like that. in my dream idea
  9. This movie is becoming everything i didnt want it to be. I was hoping they would just adapt the adventure games but looks like this will be a hop, alvin and the chipmunks or smurfs type movie. sonic will be transported to our world. eggman will be some huge scientist who runs a technology corporation called E.G.G who is under suspicion by cops. . sonic will be found by Tom and says he will help him crack the case he reluctantly takes him home. Then he will try to hide sonic while walking in the street with loads of pop culture jokes and refrences. A scene will come where sonic saves tom and now they're friends. Right after that they find eggman who captures sonic. Tom convinces the cops to go after eggman and save his friend in an emotional speech. they free sonic. sonic beats eggman, eggman arrested sonic goes back to his world. the end
  10. looks like the movie will be taking inspiration from the classics then. But casino night really does sound just like a working title i dont know if a casino will be in the movie. but yeah all around really confusing title.
  11. finally someone with some optimism, i always believed the sonic franchise was more suited to movies and shows than gamesanyways with its many characters and potential stories. if this movie does well it really can revive sonic's reputation and popularity in the public eye. this could also bode well for the games as they will try to make them more cinematic to fit with the movie, we might even get a new tv show there are endless possibilities ( pun intended). the most important thing is they manage to market this movie really well for the general public.
  12. Intresting about the tone and humor however didn't van say it became more action focused with Tim miller.
  13. Because having him in forces is just so redundant when he has his own game. not too mention he was in generations which was just 2 games ago. it really was a let down when we were all looking forward for modern sonic to get his own time in the spotlight especially after boom but instead we see classic in there as if we need anymore of him.
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