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  1. I really hope that there's SOME sort of break period between the Challenger Pack's conclusion and the future DLC characters. Sakurai deserves a serious break for all he's done.


    also hi im still floating around

    1. SupahBerry


      Honestly at this rate, Sakurai is becoming more and more content with being a doormat for his consumers. He knows what he does is tearing him apart, but he goes for it anyway just so they can be happy.

  2. I was just trying to complete ONE of these challenges... What the fuck?

    1. blueblur98


      obviously you just needed to play as CHARACTERNAME_A.

  3. Question regarding CTR: Are the servers regional? I've been matched up against players with NZ terms in their usernames multiple times.

  4. A realization I had about the new CTR.


  5. Well.

    This has been a rather eventful morning.

    (Not a leak)


    Our garage caught on fire. Not exactly sure how it happened, but whatever it what broke a window out front.

    It's been dealt with about an hour ago, but the garage and everything inside it (including a car) is completely fucked.

    Minor damage to the caravan and truck, which were next to it. Some fire damage to the hallway and smoke damage to the rest of the house, but that's it for damage.

    We're all safe, just quite shaken up. My biggest concern is getting the money for an external hard drive to back up all the data on my PC (and possibly my tablet), which will aparrently die within three months or so due to smoke.


    1. Strickerx5


      That's terrible to hear man. Glad you and your family are safe though and that the fire only stayed in the garage.

      As for the PC, I must admit that I've never heard of one dying that quickly due to smoke. I mean I guess it makes sense with some of the components but overall, it's a new one. Might want to try looking into cloud storage if you don't have an awful lot of data to back up and don't plan on keeping it there for long. Simple things such as google drive can be a lot cheaper in the short term than buying an entire external drive (though those can come in handy later on so hey).

      You should also try and look into air dusting your pc every couple of weeks in order to get the smoke particles mostly out. Again, I haven't heard of such a case with smoke but I'd imagine cleaning out the hardware more regularly should due a massive amount in keeping it all running.

  6. Another Sparkster mod, this time for SRB2 Kart!




  7. I could be looking at this the wrong way (and I probably am), but... "1/25"? Is that characters or pages? Or something else entirely? Edit: It's just characters. The number changes between the different menus.
  8. Good god my SRB2Kart skills are rusty.

    Or maybe it's just because I'm playing as Wonder Boy that I'm doing so badly?

  9. Here we go again: more music. I need to stop these batch uploads...

    (in the spoiler tag to make this status smaller)


  10. Back from Endgame.

    Maybe it's because I don't watch a lot of movies in the cinema, but that really didn't feel like three hours.

    Really good movie, though.

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      When your into the movie you dont notice the runtime

  11. Gonna see Endgame very soon. See you all later!

    1. TheOcelot


      Hope you enjoy it.

  12. My school's wifi broke yesterday.

    The Sonic trailer also came out yesterday (roughly).


    ...probably not, but I thought it was funny.

    1. Teoskaven


      Eggman launched an EMP to impede you from viewing the trailer.

  13. The Sparkster mod is out, if you wanna have a look!


  14. 20190429185526_1.thumb.jpg.0fdfe0f71f662d08ff49eca9a2d320ab.jpg



  15. Last night: Age of Ultron playing on TV, watched a little bit of it (the hammer-lifting scene to be exact), then went to bed.

    Just now, in my YT recomendations: Avengers: Age of Ultron - Lifting Thor's Hammer


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