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  1. Apologies for vanishing for like... a year? Dunno. What's new?

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      A whole buncha nothin, really XD

    2. SpinSlash165


      Yeah, fair enough lmao.

      Still, nice to see some familiar faces still hanging around.

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Sonic got arrested for possession of illegal emerald substances and Tails is in therapy 

  2. Finally got to see Sonic today!

    Also got some new headphones on the way home before suffering in Lua (it worked eventually).

  3. Here comes a new challenger! HQ: https://www.deviantart.com/spinslash165/art/Harak-Solia-829938920 Despite his imposing appearance, Harak is actually a pretty nice person for someone of his age (he's actually the youngest of the Zontal trio). He's easily befriendable and will go out of his way to help his allies out where he can. However, due to a mix of his age and the things he's had to suffer through, he's rather emotionally unstable. His mutation has also rendered him mute, meaning the only way he can communicate is by transmitting his thoughts into the minds of those around him. Harak used to be part of the Solaxis clan - a band of roaming axolotl mages like him following the guidance of the "moons' god" (the planet has three), who were led by Harak's family. Harak was prone to wandering off and rushing into conflicts to protect his clan, the latter eventually being his downfall. His father, Kosa, eventually decided enough was enough, and - despite protests from the others - mutated Harak and disowned him, leaving him to die in the desert. The young axolotl, distraught, wandered aimlessly until he found civilization, but, because of his monstrous appearance, was unable to reside in plain sight. Eventually, he found the city's central gardens, and made his "home" on a lakeside island's cave. Soon becoming an urban legend amongst the city dwellers, he survived off what little food he could find in the park. It would be a few months before a certain someone found him... Sheesh, I wasn't originally intending for things to get so dark for Harak but I needed some way to explain the mutation and this eventually came to mind. Poor guy needs a hug. Anyway, Harak was supposed to be ready before Ra-Kii's redesign was, but his original file got corrupted when my laptop crashed, which kinda put me off working on it for a while. But now I've come back to him (with a new design no less) to finish off the Zontal Squad!
  4. New art! It's... not an OC this time? That can't be right.


  5. spike in a kart wheres he gonna go Wanted to draw something that wasn't an OC this time. If you don't know him (can't say I blame you), Spike is one of the major reoccurring enemies from Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant. I like his design (at least in the first game, never played Mutant), so I felt like putting him in a kart. Higher quality: https://www.deviantart.com/spinslash165/art/CRASH-spike-in-a-kart-wheres-he-gonna-go-828886267
  6. And now he has a reference sheet! Decided to start doing these for every character. Full view: https://www.deviantart.com/spinslash165/art/REFERENCE-SHEET-Ra-Kii-827561630
  7. New artwork! Apologies for vanishing, there's been a bit to do before settling back in. 


  8. Ra-Kii has been revamped! I've learnt my lesson this time, and this piece is resized to fit with SSMB's file limits. https://www.deviantart.com/spinslash165/art/Ra-Kii-Revamped-827359472 If you were to summarize Ra-Kii in a few words, one set that comes to mind is "unyielding rage". Ra-Kii angers easily, which more often than not sends him on a destructive rampage to right whatever wronged him. He is extremely protective of his "horde" and his family - his sister Shar-Je, and their mentor/guardian Zarn - and is loyal to a fault if you can somehow befriend him. Unfortunately, he's also rather clumsy due to his young age - he isn't that skilled with the powers the Gemstones grant him, and he's not always in control of his vine grapple. Ra-Kii is designated as the guardian of Garum's greatest secret and the source of the island's massive power levels: the Elemental Gemstones. These seven gems hold the energies of various elemental magic: Stone, Water, Ice, Wind, Thunder, Fire and "Dragon". This orange, seventh stone in particular has a special effect on the Araneraco species: a high dose of the energies within will temporarily mutate them into a larger, more monstrous form, while lower doses temporarily boost their physical and magical abilities to high levels. The origins of the stones are unknown. I felt like he was too much on the "dragon" side of the scale, so I altered a few parts to have a more insect-like approach (note the elbows, fingers and neck tuft), as well as modifying a few other aspects to make him a little less like a generic dragon. A few aspects that I failed to show (or show clearly) from the last time we met Ra-Kii have been demonstrated here: Araneraco can split their mouths open into four parts, amplifying their breath attacks, and their hands have a port (idk what to call it) that they can summon plantlife from for usage (the type of plantlife can vary from Araneraco to Araneraco). It should also be worth noting that all eight of their limbs are in fact arms as well. One new addition is the neck tuft (idk what to call this either), which glows and sparks with energy when the Gemstones are being used. Hey, I thought it was cool. i may or may not have gone overboard with the effects lmao
  9. Merry (probably early) Christmas and happy holidays, SSMB! Got a new music track up for you.


    ...and one of the clips at the end got claimed by Warner Bros Entertainment lmao. Just the one, even though they're both from the same series.

    I mean, I'm not making any money off my YT right now anyway, so I'm not too worried about it.


  10. please for the love of god

    if there's any way to get older saves back

    tell me

  11. Oh yeah, forgot to share -

    A few days ago I went out and bought myself a few things. Now Sonic isn't the only amiibo I have!20191210_124134_compress50.thumb.jpg.c2a9a89a37e50785cc66a5ad8cabd5f4.jpg

  12. Art topic update - a few logos and icons. The Rocket Knight Adventures box art logo doesn't have a clean rip as far as I've seen, so I made one myself!


  13. Did you know that there isn't a clean rip of the Rocket Knight Adventures box art logo ANYWHERE (at least as far as I've seen)? That's why I made this. I've also been on a bit of a Smash kick, having gotten a few more amiibo recently. So I made some series icons for RKA! ...you might wanna use a dark theme for this. Here's the dA versions: https://www.deviantart.com/spinslash165/art/Rocket-Knight-Adventures-Logo-Recreation-823325063 https://www.deviantart.com/spinslash165/art/SPARKSTER-Smash-Styled-Series-Icon-823435500 https://www.deviantart.com/spinslash165/art/SPARKSTER-Smash-Styled-Series-Icon-FP-amiibo-823435985
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