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  1. It’s gonna be awesome!! Might have a play through of DOOM II before this comes out.
  2. More DOOM Eternal concept art. 'Super Gore Nest'
  3. That trailer does what trailers are supposed to do in respect to the plot , not give anything away. Far too many trailers these days give you half of what happens in what basically is a 2 minute summary of the film they want you to pay money to go and see. So I'll give props here for it not doing that. However...…. I grew up watching the first two movies over and over so for me to see James Cameron back in the saddle is great. The second movie in particular is a masterpiece with Robert Patrick playing the perfectly menacing T-100 to a er….. T. Going off the back of that whoever that was in that truck didn't give me the same vibe , he looked more like a jock bully type character that would fit nicely into an American Pie movie. The lady with the short hair , no idea what to think there , again the trailer didn't give you much TO think about as well as the Michelle Rodriguez look-alike. I have a feeling Linda Hamilton could make or break this film , she still looks like she fits the part and Arnie's role is anyones guess. Overall , i'm intrigued but not excited.
  4. Jon St John has a lot to answer for he only did the Big The Cat voice as a suggestion/joke and they ran with it. Its awful.
  5. Glad someone has mentioned this , I unlocked one last night and it brought a stat down which I though was odd. I assumed maybe because it was mixed with mods of a different nature but clearly your find says otherwise. This has to be a mistake on Sumo's partelse what's the point in them? other than being gold.
  6. Thought as much. That's a shame as I think that SART had it perfect with the way stars were awarded.
  7. Are the difficulties nothing more than extra challenge this time rather than getting more stars?
  8. They bought back Traffic Attack!!!! 😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬 If I come across those tank missions I WILL cry.
  9. The DOOM official social media outlets posted some fine looking concept art of 'Dooms Gate'
  10. Amazon still has't shipped my TSR yet. Anyone else in the same boat?

    1. mayday2592


      Yeah, I have it preordered for release day delivery. Hasn't shipped but it says the game will be delivered tommorow by 11

    2. Eurisko


      Has yours been despatched? 

    3. mayday2592


      Nope. The progress bar when I track the package looks like its almost at the  shipped status but its been like that for a couple days now.

    4. Eurisko


      Me too. It better had turn up i Pre-ordered it May 31st last year.

  11. I'll bet that Travis will be back at some point , he's been Knuckles fora long time.
  12. Official Sonic Charity Stream is lov


    1. TheOcelot


      The charity stream is love, the charity stream is life ;)

    2. Eurisko


      😂😂😂😂Love , didn’t know it had auto corrected it. I’m leaving it 😂😂

  13. Does anyone know what time this official Sonic charity live-stream starts tomorrow?

  14. This issue will always stay with me as I may have had a little bit to do with getting this alternate cover. Maybe 😂 When issue 8 was released last August this Metal Sonic artwork was in the back under the "Next Month" bit , i took to Twitter and sent Tracey Yardley a tweet saying how awesome it was and it should be made into a poster or something , anyway Tracey 'Liked' the tweet and a good few hundred more folks approved too. It was soon later announced that it was going to be the B cover for issue 9. Did I trigger it? Who knows but its a wonderful piece of art.
  15. Again , another fantastic video. Really love this stuff.
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