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  1. Official SSMB Theme for Firefox

    Very very nice dude
  2. My Dream Finally Came true

    Yeah me too, they are awesome!!! WANT.
  3. Mmmmmmm Interesting , not sure how to take that. He had some very impressive side burns though.
  4. Sonic Remake Ideas

    I never missed the spin dash for Sonic 1 as a kid as it wasn't a thing until Sonic 2 and the game works just fine without it. But over the years as I've gone back to Sonic 1 the spin dash's absence stands out more and more. In my opinion The spin dash is probably the best addition to Sonics arsenal of attacks and abilities to this day. Some will agree with that and others won't which I guess would make that topic itself a very interesting discussion too.
  5. As a base game they couldn't , but this is the era of DLC where there would be very little limitations. They could quite literally include everyone if they wanted. You could have proper good Vs evil team races for example. Heck, Chao race mini-kart game anyone? Breed your own racer even
  6. Imagine if they included EVERYBODY from the games ,no exclusions. That would be quite a cast.
  7. Sonic Remake Ideas

    Sonic 1 needed the spin-dash so bad. A few more zones on that game wouldn't have hurt either. Sonic Heroes needed much better controls , I've always felt like you were moving on Ice.
  8. Really looking forward to the IDW Sonic series which is unusual as I'm not the biggest comic book fan but I think Ian and the team are gonna do a really good job. Rough and Tumble seem to give of all the right vibes as new characters and have a natural look for the universe and don't look forced.

    Trying not to board the hype train for this Kart-Racer that may or may not exist and failing. 'All stars transformed' was one of the best games I've ever played ,100's of hours was poured into that and even managed to get some of my non Sonic/Sega fan friends hooked on it, so the prospect of another is just mouth watering. Fingers crossed.

  9. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    There does need to be fine balance between old and new characters from the start. I don't think SEGA will allow for any over saturations of OC's and as Flynn said: They are going to try and keep it very "game centric" to begin with to appeal to the casual fans. But as time goes on and they find their groove I think it will get its OC's more and more and if Rough and Tumble are anything to go by I'm not at all concerned by that. I think they look great in my opinion. Plus it would take a very special character of major mass appeal to over-shadow Sonic , Tails , Amy etc..... , There's 25+ years of legacy to overcome , I'm pretty sure they are safe in the limelight.
  10. THIS ^ I don't want to sound too pessimistic but we could be setting ourselves up for disappointment here. I jumped on the hype train for the Resident Evil 2 remake reveal on Resi 2's 20th anniversary the other week. Nothing was shown at all , we as fans hyped up something that never came to be. I hope we get all we want at SXSW but as FFWF said, I'm not holding my breath.
  11. Yeah, I like this idea. It would be cool to have some really obscure stuff in there like an unlockable Waku-Waku patrol car Or just give me some Streets Of Rage references. That series doesn't get nearly enough love.
  12. Balancing fun and responsibilities

    Do what you Love and pursue it to the ends of the earth. Yes its always good to a back up plan and something to fall back on but don't stop trying to get what you truly want, because that time will go and you'll wonder what the hell happened. Trust me , I know.
  13. Is Mania After The 8-Bit Games? Theory

    I think the "Sonic from another dimension" was the worst thing they could have called him. So much confusion , they should have just gone with "Sonic from the past" or something.
  14. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I think Rough and Tumble look great. Their character descriptions do remind me of Bebop and Rocksteady from TMNT though but probably not as blatantly dumb.

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