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  1. Thank you buddy. Yours looks like it could end up looking epic. Make sure you post the finished product. ūüĎć
  2. This was my effort from last year. Gonna do another next week. Might do a few actually.
  3. Nice write up. Sonic Unleashed and Generations both run pretty well backwards compatible on Xbox one as do the HD ports of SA1 and SA2. Though having said that does anyone find there's a bit of input lag when playing Generations on Xbox One?
  4. I'm glad it's been debunked so we know once and for all. Also, Jim isn't a big fan of running characters into the ground with sequels, we are lucky he likes playing Eggman.
  5. I hadn't heard anything before this video. It'd be a nice idea though I doubt anything will come of it. I hope they just concentrate on the sequel for now.
  6. Ok, I've been thinking about the Sonic Canon timeline a bit just recently and instead of creating yet another "What's Canon?" thread, I thought I'd just drop this here and whoever wants to discuss can do so.

    I've been trying to sum up this whole two Sonics/two worlds/two timelines thing and It's a mess isn't it. So I decided to try and only look at the 'Main' series games and what gets explicitly mentioned in those titles. Also, I'm looking at his as Sonic matures from classic to modern if you get my meaning.  So lets begin.

    Sonic 1 Must come first as it is just Sonic and Eggman going at it and there's only 6 chaos emeralds and Sonic doesn't know the spin dash move yet.

    After that Sonic meets Tails and the two team up to face Eggman in Sonic 2.

    2 leads straight into 3 & Knuckles which I believe concludes what I call' The Death Egg Saga'

    Now...… Waaaaaaay into the future after Sonic Colours, Sonic strands Eggman in space where Eggman discovers the Time Eater which as we see distorts time and space and grabs Sonic and places everyone in limbo where Sonic meets his future self, and the events of Generations play out and at the end Sonic finds his way home.

    This is where I think Mania kicks in as it starts VERY similar to 3&K. At the end Sonic is transported to the future where he pops out during the resistance war in Sonic Forces and once again teams with his future self to defeat Eggman and Infinite and again, like in Generations gets transported home.

    Sonic then goes through events of Sonic Mania Encore mode where at the very end Eggman gets caught up in the warp created by the Phantom Ruby. Now the question has been asked … Where does Eggman go?  I think (and this is just my guess) That this is how future Eggman ended up with the phantom ruby in the first place by younger Eggman getting caught up in that warp that led to the future where he once again meets his future self like they did in Generations, and gives him the Phantom Ruby that causes the events of Forces.

    Now presuming younger Eggman returned in the same way Sonic did from the future Eggman then begins the events of Sonic CD. Why place CD here? well, in Sonic 4 we learn that Eggman goes back to Stardust Speedway to pick up Metal Sonic and if Mania was to take place after CD then Metal wouldn't be lying in the same spot as he was seen at in Sonic 4. As CD has always been debated on where it takes place it's fair game that it could take place here.

    After CD I'd say we begin Sonic 4 as Sonic now has his Modern look and has learned the homing attack which Sonic learned the existence of at the end of Generations but wasn't able to master at the time.

    I then believe the order of events occur in same order they were released in. SA1,SA2 Heroes ,'06, Secret Rings (I include Secret Rings because it is mentioned by Sonic at the beginning of Generations which would lead me to believe that Black Knight must also be a main series game?) , Unleashed, Black Knight , Colours , Generations -again, Lost World and then Forces again.

    Like I said at the beginning of this little rant :joy: this is just me spit balling and I could be a million miles off but It's fun trying to make some sense of it.

    What do you guys think? Can you improve on this? do you have a different take or idea?

    Again, I did this on my profile page so as not to create yet another Canon topic that normally ends in chaos.  Just like the Sonic Timeline.


  7. Make of this what you will guys. There’s reports of a solo Eggman movie being proposed at Paramount. Details are here: The Eggman segment starts a 9:25 Enjoy.
  8. Coleen and Ben have the same Birthday? That's too perfect LOL
  9. Here's a link for you dude for Amazon UK. This page lists the gamebooks on the site. Some have none available but there are a few and at good prices too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=sonic+adventure+gamebook&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  10. I love Episode II. Episode I not so much.
  11. Sonic 1. Got it for xmas '91 and beat the game sometime in '92.
  12. I watched that 'High Score series on Netflix and how did they not even mention Yugi Naka? 

    1. Mil-O-Lantern


      >Yugi Naka

      i think i have an answer for you

    2. Marcello


      Definitely strange not to mention the King of Games.

  13. Bring it on...... New games. Hopefully this prolonged development cycle will have had the desired effect.
  14. One thing that has really bugged me about the film is why did Pretzel lady's Sister hate Tom so much? Has it ever been explained? It just seems and odd thing in the film.
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