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  2. Ahh ok. I’d gone with the idea that they were getting married and remembered the DIVORCE bit in the first film. I guess all will become clear soon enough.
  3. Where has this idea they are on Honeymoon come from? Has this been stated somewhere official?
  4. It’s a decent read and the little companion book is pretty cool too. Definitely something to hang on to.
  5. REALLY looking forward to the next Power Rangers helmet in Hasbros Lighting Collection. 



  6. This is more of a heads up. Out today (June 11th) in the UK is this months Retro Gamer which celebrates the Blue Blur’s 30th anniversary with a MASSIVE article. Also included is Sonic The Hedgehog mini companion. Grab it while you can.
  7. I was surprised not have got Knuckles Chaotix in this announcement. I think I had convinced myself that for the 30th anniversary they would free the game from the confines of its 25+ year 32X prison. I’ve NEVER played it. As for the the rest.......It’s all well and good but it does need to be the those updated versions if at all possible with all the bells and whistles such as playable Hidden Palace from Sonic 2 etc............. Like a few folks have already said lets have some awesome unlockables and hidden extras like the 8-bit games, soundtracks, art, interviews. Make use of the massive storage Blu-Ray provides and just go to town. Make this collection worth while and special.
  8. It’s up for pre-order at GAME. Love the cover https://www.game.co.uk/en/m/sonic-colours-ultimate-2859379
  9. When he's running at the screen it looks like classic sonic but if you pause it when there is a side on view I'm not 100% sure if it is classic?
  10. colours looks fab and new content too? wonderful news. Finally! 3&K is getting a re-release. That logo or whatever it was for the new game is bugging me and the fact that was Classic Sonic running through the trees............very interesting.
  11. Here Weeeeeeee GO!

  12. Roger Craig Smith is officially back as the Blue Blur. Super happy to see him continue this role. Like him or not he does have a love the series for sure.
  13. In an ideal world.... Im hoping for 1,2,CD 3&K Chaotix, Mania. Throw in Sonic 4 I & II as well for good measure. This on the presumption that its a classic collection. Could we see the 3d games in one package? could be a thing.
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