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  1. Oh yes! I'll have one of those please. Hope we get a UK release.
  2. YouTuber Whang! Has done a video talking about what he found while scouring Anglefire for Sonic Underground fanfics
  3. Nope. If Sony go ahead and take Spidey out of the MCU Sony won't be able to reference ANYTHING that has gone before i.e. from 'Captain America: Civil War' all the way up to 'Far From Home'. Without a partnership with Disney/Marvel Studios , they won't be aloud to. Yes , they will still have Tom Holland but that's all folks.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  5. Ahhh was it? I thought it was an omitted level from CD. I probably heard the name a good few times in the run up to Mania and its got lost in translation in my head.
  6. A bit late on seeing this I know. Didn't know this, and after reading what you've just said makes me believe it that much more. Fingers crossed.
  7. Standing on their own two feet, but its gotta be consistent throughout *COUGH - Tails in Sonic Forces
  8. I read T&W number 1 and it was ok , nothing mind blowing but not too bad either. The fact that we have an entire comic based completely on new characters this early in says a lot about the quality of the cast so far , this alone should be commended.
  9. Just read the Jim Carrey thing and to be fair it's just his opinion and he's probably spot on.
  10. Didn't know that , I'm betting Bethesda or id have delayed this as it would've completely dwarfed the announcement of the other 3 games.
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