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  1. Agreed , I picked up 27 when it arrived and I was like........ hang on, what happened last time again? I deffo need a re-cap
  2. This rumour scares me and if this IS the announcement I will sob.
  3. As the comics are delayed I think I'm gonna have a re-read of them all.
  4. Yes. The Amy Rose in SA1,SA2 and Heroes was nails on a chalkboard annoying. The Amy Rose of more recent times is 100% better.
  5. The self- aware comedy was just fantastic across the show and the games. I hope that Sonic Team look back on this aspect and sprinkle some of that into future titles. Colours did it a tiny bit but Boom took it further. Just brilliant.
  6. Hi Guys. I like the new banner for the forums and the changing quotes from the series. Could we possibly get a Shadow dark theme? sort of like twitters 'Lights Out'? I like the 'sonical 2020' but the intensity of the blue gets at my eyes after a bit. I was using the Big The Cat purple theme which was fine so even something like that would be cool. As always thank you for this place and take care.
  7. Team Sonic Racing - You spend ages making your custom paint jobs for all the characters only to find you can't actually race AGAINST those characters with your paint designs even in single player. This is one completely bizarre design choice that I will never understand.
  8. Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric. Yep I'm that guy. I like the setting and the characters. I find it kinda chillin.
  9. I read Sony are coming after channels now that are simply just discussing the spoilers. Even without showing ANY audio and/or video. A bit harsh I think.
  10. Sonic Unleashed. But I love that game and I'm biased
  11. Man I'm missing these comics. It's been ages..........Forbidden Planet in the UK keeps putting the date back which I know Isn't their fault It's just a bummer.
  12. ahh Yeah I played a ton of Sonic Dash for a while. It lost it's novelty quite quick. Mobile games are what they are I guess.
  13. So is this like the Sonic Forces Speed Battle on mobile but its Crash Bandicoot instead?
  14. I'll always love the Michael Jackson' tracks. They've got his imprint truly on them.
  15. @itsamike Hello, sir and welcome to the Sonic Stadium. Hope you're keeping well through all of the virus stuff. Love your work. To respond to the OP. Mike is who I think of when I think of Eggman. I also think Jim Carrey did an amazing job taking on the role too.
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