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  1. Saw Spider-Man: Far From Home and it’s absolutely mind blowing!! That ending.......
  2. Just got done with #18 and I am loving this arc! I think Dr Starline is a ticking time bomb of problems for Eggman , I'm just not sure when he will go off . This was also my first real look at G-merl as I've never really played any of the handheld titles. I think he clearly holds a key to the solution of the metal virus problem.
  3. I love that level. Those furry things remind me of tribbles from Star Trek.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  6. Knuckles asleep (again) now complete with the correct colour collar. 


    1. tailsBOOM!


      Cute! (I also reacted with the correct character reaction)

    2. TheOcelot



      Image result for cute knuckles team sonic racing

    3. Perkilator


      @TheOcelot That reminds me...a believe me and several others voted to have that face as an emote back in May, right?


      Edit: Late April, around May. Well, I was close.

  7. Sonic. I like the design of his car the best.
  8. Well , here’s here. This is Knuckles our new puppy. Currently fast asleep. 😂


    1. Tatters


      I must belly rub him!

    2. Thigolf



    3. Failinhearts


      das a gud boi

    4. tailsBOOM!


      Does he chuckle

      Also, das a good boi

    5. Eurisko


      Thanks for all the comments and likes for the very good boi. 

      He’s been making us all chuckle.

      I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty about him.

  9. Some genius thought it'd be funny to Remake the DOOM:Eternal trailer using DOOM II assets....... and its brilliant.
  10. After reading that and your other posts, you’re clearly hellbent on the negative here. We could go on for weeks. I’ll agree to disagree and leave it at that.
  11. Yes I agree that when they lean heavily one way or another is when the fans complain of the storytelling the most for Sonic , we are probably the hardest fans to please in the world I do disagree with that platforming isn't as popular to an extent , Many many modern games have and are reliant on platforming elements. DOOM , Tomb Raider and even fortnite and Apex Legends just to name a few rely heavily on platforming and precise jumping. And there's the revival of Crash , Spyro and the indie wave of platformers like Shovel Knight and Ori. Sonic games have not charged full price for a while now , Mania , Forces and TSR were all under the full price range on release at least in the UK anyway. Sonic Mania sold well not because of price , it sold because it was a classic sonic game done in the right way that fans had been clamouring for for YEARS. Yes there were a ton of levels that were re-imaginings of older levels but it was a breath of fresh air for the series and it worked. I introduced my kids to Mario AND Sonic and they love them both. They like some Mario games and they like some Sonic games - its personal preference , they'd play Transformed over Mario Kart 8 any day but they don't like Sonic Generations over Mario Bros Wii. Sonic has also had games of a different genre sell better than his core games but that's also true for many other IP's that branch out into differing types of games not just Mario and Sonic. Any fandom where it be video games or TV and movie franchises will always have its hardcore fans that will stay with it forever no matter what gets churned out, and yes you're right, there's those fans that will fall away at some point and go on to other things, that's always been the case. Don't get me wrong I see what you're saying , but what you are saying rings true for many games and franchises not just Sonic.
  12. Just found out that Microsoft are done with Xbox One backwards Compatibility. Sonic ‘06 and All Stars Racing will remain chained to 360.


    1. Milo


      Not really surprising concerning 2006. That game has been officially delisted for years, for very obvious reasons.

      Pretty sure any used game store has a handful of copies of that game lying around.

    2. Eurisko


      Oh no doubt about that. The majority of casual gamers won’t touch it. 

    3. Menace2Society


      Poor OG All Stars Racing, tho. That game was freaking amazing.

    4. KHCast


      OG racing I’m betting it was cause Banjo and licensing possibly 

  13. That was a whopping reply I was pointing out that I feel that simple light-hearted storylines with a splash of comedy work better not just for Sonic but for the whole cast of characters. The over serious plots and acting don't. Lets face it, no matter what the current social trends are the fact remains that this is a series about a fast , anthropomorphic blue hedgehog and his friends trying to stop a crazy fat man with a megalomaniacal complex from taking over a world. It doesn't need to be complex, it never has and I think Sega have started to realise that. Yes , he was the "Cooler" alternate to Mario AND many other video game characters of the early 90's but as someone who grew up at that time , it wasn't the "dude with a tude" schtick that made him, it was his games. Simple and to the point. This is why Mania was so highly received. you don't need the overly complex storytelling for Sonic. Just great games. Welcome to the boards by the way 😀
  14. I think you're right to a degree there , however if a game takes off like Sonic Mania did then Sega have shown more than a willingness to support it. I mean with that game alone we got some nice DLC and a spectacular physical edition to boot. Then again I suppose you could also argue that Mania wasn't really made by Sega. As for TSR , I thought it was supposed to have sold well , even doubling what Transformed sold in the same time frame and topping the charts , well for the UK anyway.
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