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  1. Why would they do that? It’s his eyeball and it’s wrong.
  2. It actually looks like a human with a sonic head. The body is human , just look at this mess. Just for the record I’m not against redesigns or tweaks. I actually liked how Boom Sonic looked but the game was not so good. But this? Anyone who has love for this franchise will not endorse this.
  3. The difinition of that eyeball man....... No gloves? what the hell have they done here?
  4. https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1072083793614319616?s=21 News is imminent
  5. IDW are building these comics as a marathon , not a sprint. We need old characters to help new ones grow.
  6. The problem with this is that the MCU and other comic book film franchises are pulling from 60+ years worth of material, with each character having his own long list of individual stories and lore. Any franchise not just Sonic would love this level of depth of story to choose from. I'm not making excuses for Sonic Team's wishy-washy back and forth take on Sonics whole universe but they are creating it as they go , the MCU isn't, its all already there for them to work with.
  7. Ive not seen anyone else mention the gliding maybe its just me. I've not got around to 2 and 3 yet but i'm sure they'll be good.
  8. Hopefully they will release Season 2 on DVD in the UK now. Did we even get it aired over here?
  9. Eurisko

    Who wants to be a Millionaire? Sonic Edition

    I'll look forward to this for sure. Love 'Who wants to be a millionaire'.
  10. Has anyone else found that when you start a glide he dips way more than he did in the originals? I'm missing loads of jumps because of that.
  11. Anyone going to MCM Comic-Con Birmingham (UK) next weekend?

  12. Eurisko

    Sonic Forces Anniversary~

    I enjoyed Forces , I liked the story and music. Some of the levels left much to be desired but i felt that the game didn't come truly alive until after the story with all the challenges and red ring collecting etc....
  13. Cant wait for tor next Tuesday! My wife loves Spyro , gonna play it together. Its gonna be a real trip down memory lane. I can still remember getting the original for Xmas '98.
  14. I agree The Sonic twitter at least could push the comics a bit at. Aarron did always mention them on the live streams though , by the way does anyone know when and if those streams will return?

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