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  1. List of Sonic games I've played: Sonic 1 (stopped at water level) Sonic Adventure DX Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sonic Heroes Sonic Riders Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic Colors Sonic Generations (recently started it, need Crisis City Act 2 and onwards) Sonic Mania Sonic Forces I am clearly missing a lot of Sonic games, but out of the ones I've played: 1. Sonic Heroes. It always bothered me that many of the bosses were either rehashed or were just simply replaced by another team battle that can be cheesed pretty easily. Outside of that, I actually enjoyed the secret stages, but I absolutely detest the controls which felt very unstable. 2. Sonic Mania. Tails' playthrough feels largely similar to Sonic's playthrough and unfortunately the game is still very short. The replay value and level design is phenomenal though even for someone whose first Sonic game was Sonic Adventure. 3. Sonic Generations. Incredible game. The biggest flaw is how Sonic controls. Sonic is still pretty shaky when controlling him in a 3D plane and Classic Sonic's physics are iffy. Gaining momentum when rolling down a slope doesn't work as it should and sometimes, I slow down to a stop arbitrarily. The game also feels very short, but replayable and the story is pretty basic.
  2. Unpopular Opinion: I don't mind the implementation of dash pads in modern Sonic games. I actually preferred them since you can gradually gain speed without ever needing to roll down a slope. I don't even think that's the main issue with Forces at all though I will say the use of dash pads in that game was horrible not only because they were overused but because dash pads were used to compensate for Sonic's poor controls. There were even times that I flew off the stage despite using dash pads. Another one, I think Generations Classic Sonic controls fine. Him not speeding up when rolling down slopes sucks, but I value the level design above all else and I think Classic Sonic's levels are extremely enjoyable. He controls well enough that you can still take advantage of Sonic's speed and momentum to navigate through levels and reach alternate paths.
  3. That is my hope and dream. I've played through Colors 100% and bought Sonic Generations today, but I'd really kill for a collection with both of those games along with Sonic Unleashed which is only available on old hardware so I can't even play it. I just hope Sega hasn't lost the source code for Unleashed, so the newer generation of gamers can actually play it.
  4. I'm expecting an anniversary collection of the Adventure games or a remake of Sonic Adventure with Project 2021, but I'm honestly hoping they finally port some of the older games such as Sonic Heroes, Colors, and most importantly, Sonic Unleashed.
  5. Yes. Not because of Sonic Forces, but because I know there's still potential to make something great that will excite longtime fans. When I was going through a rough time by having to stay in the hospital over a few weeks of my well-deserved summer vacation, I actually had an opportunity to play Sonic Generations. I only had a Wii at the time, so I personally didn't think I'd ever have the opportunity to ever play that game, yet I did. I hadn't even touched a video game in roughly 4-5 years at the time. I didn't think any game could rekindle my childish joy and completely blow me away, yet it did. I was completely addicted and could feel why I fell in love with Sonic in the first place. When I saw Forces, it felt hallow, so devoid of passion. It had no soul. The levels were bland, with constant repetitive "challenges" within each level that can be solved even by a mere toddler. Sonic team didn't care about Sonic Forces and it showed. But when they do put their heart and soul within a project, it shows and it was reflected by Sonic Generations which is arguably the pinnacle of the franchise (outside of Heroes and Mania) for me and I know if Sonic Team actually worked hard and cared,they can produce something absolutely incredible. I still have hope, even if it's faint.
  6. Xenoverse 2 wasn't on the list and I believe it was stated to have sold ~450k copies, so Mania on Switch likely has at least 500k copies sold. Very impressive and I'm very happy to hear this.
  7. I actually appreciated that. Not only does that added momentum make controlling Mario more enjoyable and stylistic IMO, but since the worlds are much larger than they've ever been before, being able to traverse through each world with these new momentum-based mechanics would make exploring the worlds less cumbersome. I can definitely see why they did it. As for how he controls outside of that, I haven't noticed that much of a change. His movement feels more fluid for me, but that can only be a good thing.
  8. Wow, we essentially have 5-6 days left. I can't say I was hyped initially because I've been busy with school, work, and Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2 (which I still haven't beaten and I haven't even gotten the DLC yet), but playing the demo made me simply not care about any of that. I don't care if I'm not finished with Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2 because once this game comes out, I am going to purchase it at launch. Mario controls better than ever and long jumping and going into his rolling maneuver feels so stylish and so much fun and the world feels very open yet feels very focused since there is a main objective involved which caters to both Sunshine and Galaxy fans. In a sense, I would say this is like Breath of the Wild. The world feels like an open sandbox where you, much like you would with Zelda's physics system, would actually experiment with Mario's new abilities to explore areas at its fullest. I found myself using Mario's new rolling ability which when combined with his long jump makes maneuvering around so much fun. Just today, I watched someone play the demo and he had a lot of fun just zipping around as a Bullet Bill. This game so far seems very solid and the demo has made me even more hyped for the game. I really can't wait to get my hands on this game.
  9. Perhaps because while Forces is criticized for lazy design choices and very rudimentary level design, I still have faith in Modern Sonic after seeing how Generations advanced the series. I know they can do it, but the question is will they follow in Generation's footsteps. The Casino level for Classic Sonic was executed fairly well which renewed some of my faith, but we'll have to wait and see if they maintain this momentum as the game progresses at the very least.
  10. Took a few days off from playing Sonic Mania and managed to set a PR of 1:16.96 on Oil Ocean Act 2 (Sonic). This actually took many runs, but I managed to figure out a very obscure alternate pathway in the process. I can definitely shave 3-5 seconds here:
  11. Japan's eshop has it for 2500 yen which is equivalent to ~$23 USD, so I'll definitely try to purchase it from there.
  12. Oh wow, the season pass is $30. I guess I'll have to purchase the DLC from the Japanese eshop then.
  13. One thing that I believe is paramount in differentiating Mania from its predecessors is not only its expansive level design, but also how it aids in helping you maintain your momentum. There are numerous obstacles used to impede your progress as is the case with previous Sonic games, but what's different from its predecessors is that at no point does it feel cheap. Mania gave me the tools needed to successfully escape any obstacles as long as I understood the ins and outs of every level and while I understand this is hard to with later levels, Mania seems to remain consistent to that trend even when the difficulty spike increases and relies on more complex level design and trickier platforming to help boost the difficulty instead of artificially increasing difficulty with shitty level design. We see this with Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 with Labyrinth zone and Metropolis zone where they didn't understand how to make difficult levels, so they shoehorned enemies and obstacles until it was hard which only created artificial difficulty and just slowed the pace of the game when it was unnecessary. This was honestly one of the only things that put me off from previous Classic Sonic games, but Mania rectifies these poor design choices and helps create a difficulty curve that feels completely natural and rewards with speed perfectly as long as you know how to play through each level.
  14. Just bumping to let you all know that Xenoverse 2 on the Switch is coming out tomorrow! Who here also plans on getting it on the Switch. If so, would any of you be willing to exchange friends codes with me?
  15. Just to chime in here, what bothers me the most is that I've seen nothing that really attempts to differentiate stages from each other. Sonic Mania did this perfectly by filling the already very diverse platforming sections within the game with unique level gimmicks that really made each level feel unique in its own right. I haven't even seen them attempt to make any stage unique. It's still the same boosting into enemies shit or completing enemy chains and hopping on springs that act as the game's primary form of platforming. It's annoying because beyond different enemy/object placement, the levels feel and play relatively similar which makes Forces look embarrassingly repetitive.
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