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  1. I am surprised no one is complaining about the removal of the circus mini-games. Hopefully someone can re-enable it back in the game through the files or a mod.
  2. Which means the PC version better be optimized correctly then! Because both are microsoft systems!
  3. IS anyone even trying to hack this? I don't even think they are even trying
  4. The only problem is the development is on the hush hush
  5. Lol he won't be in future games, but you can always reminisce about the fun times fishing in Sonic Adventure and joining the girl group in Sonic Heroes. Lol Big the cat is a fucking awful character and I'm surprised they didn't kill him off. Retirement is lame because people can always come back out from retirement. sigh..
  6. I hope this doesn't cause SEGA and Sonic Team to release a cease and desist against you guys
  7. Wasn't Yuji Naka one of the people associated it Heroes, Shadow, and 06?
  8. Gameinformer just wants to kill the hedgehog
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