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  1. Can anyone that has Blaze confirm what her model looks like compared to say Sonic Dash? I'm wondering if she was put in because she could easily be plopped from one game into the other. If that were the case, we might see Cream in the future.
  2. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Nice to see Yardley doing what I assume will be one of many, many variant covers. If he's not doing interior art for the first four issues, here's hoping he contributes more in the future.
  3. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    You can find the topic discussing our comic here!
  4. Again, was never debating Forces' execution of its concepts, only the concepts themselves.
  5. I have no problem with any of that. Like I said, I'm not arguing Forces failed in execution, and that fully deserves criticism. People here have criticized Classic Sonic (at least, Classic Sonic not produced by Whitehead's team), the boost gameplay, and the avatars on a conceptual level. I'm sorry I assumed that you were repeating that point.
  6. It's awesome that more characters are being added to this after the fact. One that's not even in the full game is even better. But wen Infinite?
  7. You say that as though Sega actively tries to make a bad game. Or that Forces is bad on a conceptual level. Which, given the popularity of the Classic style in Generations and Mania, the popularity of the boost style in Unleashed, Colors, and Generations, and the popularity of the create-a-character in Forces - is not the most reasonable argument. Everything in Forces is something that's been popular or requested. People like the boost gameplay. People like Classic Sonic gameplay. People like making OCs. People like Sonic's supporting cast. People like a more serious narrative. If you try to tell me there isn't an audience for any of those elements, I'm not going to take you seriously. If you hate any or all of those things, then yeah, Forces won't appeal to you. That's Meta's point. But if you do and you're still disappointed in Forces, I think the problem is in how Forces' executed the ideas rather than the ideas themselves. And, again, they didn't fail because Sega set out to make them fail.
  8. How is Pontaff's writing viewed now?

    Something worth remembering is while Pontaff are our only real example of an American writer tackling a Modern Sonic game (I'm not counting Boom since that was approached in multiple, unique ways), saying "Japanese writers" is vague given how many have been involved over the franchise's history: Akinori Nishiyama - Adventure Shiro Maekawa - Adventure 2, Heroes, Secret Rings, Zero Gravity, Black Knight Takashi Iizuka - Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2 Hiroshi Miyamoto - Riders, Zero Gravity Shun Nakamura - Sonic 2006 Masahiko Shiraishi - Zero Gravity Kiyoko Yoshimura - Unleashed Otake Yasushi - Free Riders, Colors Ken Pontac/Warren Graff - Colors, Generations (they are the solely credited writers on this actually, make of that what you will), Lost World Harumasa Nakajima - Lost World (given what Pontaff have said, I assume Nakajima was essentially localizing their script for the Japanese release, especially given his other credits on say the Boom series) Eitaro Toyoda - Forces, also served as scenario supervisor on Free Riders It's not as though there's some single Japanese writer that came back for Forces and proved they don't have the magic touch anymore.
  9. How is Pontaff's writing viewed now?

    It's worth noting that Lost World is the only one they've said they provided the plot for, Colors, Generations, and Forces plots were all written in Japan and Pontaff only punched up the dialogue for them. So blaming them for Colors and Generations simplified plots isn't fair. If you have a problem with "baldy mcnosehair" "you got dis Sonic" "true dat" or any other cringey dialogue, that's perfectly justified though. I think they can be good, it's just that they aren't most of the time. Orbot and Cubot usually get good dialogue, and I liked Sonic and Tails' dialogue with each other in Colors, Generations, and Forces. Eggman's usually a hit, but he can miss on occasion as well. The rest of the cast is almost pointless to talk about given how little they've contributed to the plots lately. Forces is obviously the big exception, and I think Knuckles, Silver, the Chaotix, and Shadow all sound fine there. Amy and Omega too, but they're about as involved as Amy and Knuckles were in Lost World. Rouge has some noticeably bad lines where she suddenly becomes Sonic for some reason. Infinite's dialogue is one of his best things honestly, the handling of the infamous scene in Episode Shadow aside. So dialogue wise, they're hit and miss. Lost World is where they actually get to show how their plotting would work and... personally, I hate it. The conflict between Sonic and Tails in that game was painful to watch, showing a lack of basic understanding of the characters. Characters like Knuckles, Amy, and even Eggman mostly stood around; further illustrating they don't know what to do with the cast likely from not knowing the source material at all. The Deadly Six aren't interesting characters on their own (Zavok and Zik aside), but I will admit watching them interact with each other can be enjoyable and their scenes were miles better than what Team Sonic was up to. So as far as their plotting goes? No, I'd much rather get games like the Adventures, Unleashed, the story book games, or Forces than Lost World. As far as dialogue goes? I think the Adventure games are a lot more quotable, but I'll admit the characters have much more defined personalities than they did during 06 or Unleashed. But does that outweigh the negatives? For me, it doesn't. Btw, since it came up - Pontaff actually have very little as far as credited works beyond Sonic. They're known for Happy Tree Friends, and that's kind of it. Occasional other stuff, but it's not like Sonic Team are choosing them because of a track record of hit works or something.
  10. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I'd like to see the Freedom Fighters repurposed. Sally, Rotor, Antoine, Bunnie, and Nicole are great characters that can exist without being a team always trying to overthrow a dictator (which is fine in and of itself, but the characters are capable of being more than that). I think they'd work great among Sonic's tertiary cast along with the likes of Team Dark, the Chaotix, the Hooligans, Mighty and Ray, Big, Blaze and Marine, Silver etc. I think they've served their purpose as Sonic's immediate supporting cast though, sure.
  11. Super sonic final boss ?

    By using an extreme to discredit any rebuttal that doesn't fit your parameters of acceptability and doing it in a hostile way besides. It's overkill if I'm being generous. Detach yourself from the slope physics, you keep getting stuck because the game still lives or dies depending if that one element is present. Nothing else seems to matter about the game to you unless this is present at all times, which I assert is unreasonable. The mechanic is offering a new way to experience the momentum the Sonic formula provides. Sonic wouldn't start from 0 to 60, he'd build up momentum in whichever direction he was going, it's just no reliant on the gravity that pushes him back down. I mentioned the homing attack directing him toward an enemy mid-flight. You say you don't "need to interact with enemies". A lot of the time, you already don't need to as regular Sonic, certainly not as Super Sonic. But the player enjoys smashing the badnik, they like freeing the little animal, it's what is expected by them being there. Do you need to homing attack into them? No. Would it make it easier to hit them? Potentially. Could it be a satisfying way for the player to control how they hit them? Potentially. How you're describing flight seems like the most boring way to utilize the mechanic that wouldn't be the intention of its inclusion, nor would be the only way to use it. Honestly, I'm only getting more interested in how you could actually implement flight and the possibilities it would offer. Where you see the game being neutered I see it being re-imagined. I still think you're focusing too much on these criteria you feel have to be there in order to keep it feeling "like Sonic", as though that's defined so blatantly.
  12. Super sonic final boss ?

    You're trying to provoke me because I'm disagreeing with you about a video game. Take a breath. Super Sonic already overpowers the other gameplay mechanics. Super Sonic can regularly be used to fly over loops and onto areas springs would normally be used to reach. His invulnerability makes the homing attack as a method of defeating an enemy moot. Even gravity's ability to bring him back down is lessened by how much time you spend airborne already depending on your speed. Super Sonic is about overpower, that's the whole idea. I'll start by saying I'm not a developer, I have no background in video game development or even the slightest bit of programming. So I'm not in a position to assert I know how to do these things. I'm just going to spit ball ideas. You jump into the air with the jump button. This becomes your ability to ascend, either by repeated pressing of the jump button or holding down the jump button. Holding down the control sticks continues to allow Sonic to move. Continued movement in a particular direction continues to allow Sonic to build up momentum. This momentum however can now be applied to whichever direction your control stick is pointing. He'll go up or down or left or right with his momentum in tact due to flight. Not regularly pressing the jump button or releasing the jump button may allow him to slow down if the player should choose to. Rolling is disabled while flying for obvious reasons as it is reliant on the slope controls. Spin Dash remains functional with it's standard button, while spin dashing Sonic descends but once spin dash is released Sonic bursts forward and maintains altitude or slowly descends while still in ball form. Once spin dash is released the jump button once again allows Sonic to ascend. While in a 3-D environment, if an enemy is nearby Super Sonic homes in and strikes the enemy as is standard. Springs are positioned on floating platforms or on their own to push Super Sonic in a particular direction, whether that be to successfully collect a line of rings or to direct Sonic toward a particular aerial platform. Essentially the springs offer precision. Hoops can also offer the same thing, in addition to allowing Sonic to perform tricks and in rainbow rings. Additionally, hoops can be positioned in a way to see if the play can successfully fly through them all, the reward for going through all of them can be points, extra rings, etc. In a boost style game, upon jumping Sonic can use the boost to go up and down depending on the direction of a second control stick. Quick steps can now be performed in a a variety of potential directions, not limiting Sonic to left or right. Slide can be used to make Sonic through narrow obstacles he's flying toward. Homing attack continues to operate as previously described. Drift also operate the same if Sonic wishes to instantly change direction. Again, that's just me spit balling ideas. I'm sure someone more versed in this field could do better.
  13. Super sonic final boss ?

    Because fans of a documented broken game is equivalent to a gameplay approach you disagree with. The homing attack can be implemented while flying. Bouncing off springs and going through hoops can be done while flying. If the level is designed a particular way you can go through loops while flying. You could need to jump in order to fly and jumping can be implemented into the flying mechanic works. Again, you're rejecting the concept without considering out how it might be implemented with the standard Sonic controls and level design.
  14. Super sonic final boss ?

    Awful gameplay to you. This assumes the player doesn't find it fun to "fly over/around" objects. Which I think is silly. You're description of Super Sonic's high jumps and faster speed essentially describes the same thing, but with less control - essentially making easy mode floaty mode. You're rejecting it because you believe a Sonic gameplay method lives or dies depending on how Sonic interacts with the ground when the form in question is best known for not touching it. But again, you're rejecting that the cape or Tails are enjoyable to play. You're insisting that Mario and Sonic have a strict gameplay formula and the moment it breaks the rules it becomes asinine. When we're not evening talking about how the meat of the game plays in any of the three instances: the cape, Tails, or Super Sonic. That's crazy. Of course it does, it adds replay ability to a title by giving the player a new experience when going back to existing areas. "I can fly with Super Sonic now, let's see how high up I can fly. Oh look, there's this upper path I didn't know about. Let's give it a try." By this logic, if Knuckles had been unlockable after finishing Sonic 3 without plugging in Sonic & Knuckles, you'd complain that they were introducing gliding and climbing physics and areas only Knuckles can reach after the credits roll, but having him available at the beginning magically fixes the problem. Yes, exactly. A reward that is, essentially, not having to play the game you bought is a pretty shit reward. This is essentially my problem with your entire argument. You have this pigeon holed idea of what a Sonic game looks and acts like and if something breaks the iron clad rules you've set for yourself, you throw the entire thing out. It doesn't matter if Super Sonic flight offers exploration, a new way to show off Sonic's speed, a new dimension to his movement through a level, or anything else. The moment you mess with the rule, "this ignores the slope physics", you toss it out on the basis that it suddenly inverts everything else and stops being a "Sonic game". And I just can't think any developer, Sonic Team or otherwise, would look at a title with that kind of black and white thinking.
  15. Super sonic final boss ?

    I mean, if flight in itself is a problem, I think you just don't like the concept of Super Sonic general. It's kind of his next best known thing besides invulnerability, and Sonic has a power up to do that. Which, I guess is fine. Super Sonic has never been a requirement in a Sonic game outside of final bosses in... 9 games? Not counting the 2-D platforms? And if you just don't like Super Sonic you wouldn't like Super Sonic against the final boss. And given that with the exception of Generations Super Sonic hasn't been a thing in final boss fights for the last decade means you're getting what you want. To speak to my point though, if you wanted to incorporate Super Sonic into Sonic's ordinary gameplay, in this case the boost style, it makes sense to give Super Sonic an ability that is significantly different than Sonic's normal state. Super Sonic in Colors, Generations, Lost World, and Forces is essentially a longer invulnerability for Sonic. He boosts the same, he jumps the same, etc. He's essentially a color swap. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to fight Nega Wisp Armor, the Lost World mech, or the Mega Death Egg Robot as Super Sonic since he'd play the exact same way. At this point Super Sonic's been done away with as there'd be no point. Flight makes Super Sonic unique. This shouldn't be about gravity or accurate physics or the other buzz words Sonic fans like to use to describe Classic Sonic's gameplay. Super Sonic is entirely about spectacle to begin with. He's the player's reward for collecting Chaos Emeralds or reaching the end of the game. It's about seeing the environment you've traversed already and moping the floor with it with super powers. Flying makes perfect sense to reach that goal, especially in a 3-D title. It means developing an aerial environment for him sure, something that's never really been attempted, but the concept of it interests me. In a boost title as I said, it'd probably be allowing the player to boost vertically in addition to horizontally. Essentially controlling the boost with either the control stick or the secondary stick/down pad. For an Adventure game, I immediately think of a faster version of the flight cap from Super Mario 64. For a classic game, it'd be about reaching higher portions of levels you can't ordinarily reach with regular Sonic by ascending. Yes, it changes how Sonic falls when he jumps. But again, why even bother with Super Sonic otherwise? Just for nostalgia? Just so everything in the game acts the same? Because than it wouldn't be a "Sonic game"?