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  1. The fandom's known about him being a mutated Chao at least since his profile went up on Sonic Channel. Don't know if it was mentioned before that though.
  2. GentlemanX

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Everyone's going to have their own valid takes on something sensitive like that. I still like the roles I enjoyed him in (Broly, Edward Elric, Tamaki Suoh, etc.), and I can also appreciate that his ability to play those roles aren't representative of him as a person. Not everyone's going to be able to disconnect him from the roles though, and that's a perfectly valid reaction as well.
  3. Topic is a powder keg right now, but the RBWY news tonight made me think: I assume all of Omega's lines have already been recorded for TSR, but assuming he shows up again, good chance he'll get a new VA. Not that we'd be able to tell - it's Omega after all.

    1. Teoskaven


      What happened.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sexual misconduct allegations. Literally the only thing that ever happens anymore.

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      RBWY just makes me read it as Ribway...sounds like a restaurant.

  4. GentlemanX

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Chaos and Tikal, Chaos Gamma if Ian wants to go that far (he said he had an idea for him post-reboot I believe), Big and Froggy, Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla and Chacola, Omega, Gemerl, Nega (if he's not off limits still), Babylon Rogues, Marine, maybe Whisker and Johnny, Pickle possibly (the human world as a whole is possible, so who knows), Deadly Six, and maybe Sticks. Obviously there are more modern characters like Void or Erazor or Merlina or something, but the ones above are the ones that either are still relevant or were allowed in Archie either pre or post reboot. It's not a ton or anything, but still a number of options for Ian to pull out if he and IDW want (if Sega okays it of course).
  5. GentlemanX

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Awesome to see IDW is going to be doing mini series. Not sure if focusing on Tangle and Whisper first is wise, but I like them both so, whatever.
  6. GentlemanX

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm a big fan of Infinite, so that he's currently barred from the comic is disappointing. As has been said earlier, Omega was once barred from Archie Sonic and was eventually let in, while Eggman Nega has always been banned from this material. My guess is that they haven't decided whether they want Infinite to be a returning character or not yet and aren't comfortable with IDW using him until they have. Or they already made up their mind that they don't want to use Infinite again and are essentially discarding him. I'd hate to see that happen, but who really knows with Sega. I know the social media team used him in a Friday the 13th post a while back.
  7. GentlemanX

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    I went to see the movie Wednesday and marathoned the three old movies on Monday as a warm up. This is very different character from the old Broly. They may follow similar character beats, but the new Broly's reasons for acting the way he does, what he wants out of his life, etc. are not only different from the previous version, but in many ways are even the opposite. While I admit I didn't hate the original character (the original Broly film was my second favorite DB film after Battle of Gods, and I actually like Second Coming to a decent extent), there's no question this is the superior version of the character in pretty much every facet. Better design, better arc, better relationships with other characters, better potential, pretty much better across the board. Don't get me wrong, the reason you should see the movie is that is looks absolutely gorgeous from start to finish (ymmv regarding the CGI parts, they didn't hurt it for me), but Broly's character is definitely one of the strong marks for the film, regardless of the character's history. I plan on seeing it again some time next week with friends. There's a ton I could go into with regards to this movie, but the short version is I love it a lot. Not as good as Battle of Gods in my opinion, but easily second place.
  8. Broly's a visual tour de force, but plot is pretty average.

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Agreed. Though, I feel it did well towards actually getting me to like Broly. 

      Plus, I never go into a DBZ anything expecting the plot to be more than average anymore.  

  9. GentlemanX

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I'll admit I'd have preferred Infinite, but I like Zavok a lot too so this is fine. I'm glad he's showing up frequently. Better than Orbot, Cubot, or an Egg Pawn.
  10. Sega determines what IDW can and cannot use. Sega has, for now at least, decided not to allow IDW to use concepts from SatAM. Some day they might, or they might not. That's up to them.
  11. GentlemanX

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    Tri's dub was produced by Toei themselves, as they've largely stepped up since Saban bowed out after the first two seasons of Xros Wars. Shout Factory got the home video rights from them and have put all six movies out on home video (a box set of all the films is also coming soon). Given Toei continues to work with Funimation on Dragon Ball and even Viz with Sailor Moon, any major region 1 distributor could be viable for Digimon in theory. Toei could also continue to handle everything themselves, but who knows.
  12. GentlemanX

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    I really do need to watch more of the Japanese version at some point, I got to shortly after the defeat of Etemon in the Japanese version and then got busy with other things, not helped by the fact I've largely switched to only watching stuff if there's a domestic release in some form; begging for Discotek to pick up Digimon since they have a history of releasing both the Japanese version and edited only dubs (Samurai Pizza Cats, Monster Rancher, hopefully Beyblade soon, rip Sonic X).
  13. GentlemanX

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    It really depended on who was writing the English script. The dub's sense of humor can be an acquired taste, but I honestly think it's part of the charm of Digimon for me. I've seen a decent chunk of Digimon Adventure subbed as well, and while it's enjoyable in its own way, it can sometimes veer into being a bit on the generic side. The quirky tone of the dub though gave the show an identity that I personally enjoy quite a bit. The dubs for Tamers and Frontier will go serious more often than Adventure and 02 did, but still have enough of that humor to have a similar feel. Tri's dub actually plays things straight early on, but eventually finds a nice balance between accurate and playful. I haven't seen Data Squad or Fusion enough to judge them.
  14. GentlemanX

    Am I a failure if I don't finish the Genesis classics?

    The only classic game I finished was CD, and even that I've never been motivated to make good futures or get the Time Stones. I've gotten pretty far in Sonic 2, but never finished it. I like playing Green Hill in Sonic 1, but don't really care for anything else. Sonic 3&K has always bored me other than making Knux and Tails playable. Mania also bores me, though I love how all five characters play. No one has to finish or even play a game in this franchise to be deemed a success or a failure. Play what you want, love what you want, and spend your time however you want.
  15. I actually like the look of the concept art? one. He doesn't have the muscles or human appendages, the fur is smoother, and the face is cartoony. To be honest, if Sega saw this, I'm surprised they'd approve something else.

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