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  1. GentlemanX

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    My girlfriend just got into New Leaf and is ecstatic that Isabelle is playable. I'm heartbroken I don't get to smash Tom Nook's face in with a home run bat. I like that there's a new Animal Crossing game coming out Nintendo, but this is a dream I've had since 2002. The reveal was too cruel.
  2. Toonami is seven hours every Saturday starting Sept. 29. Just in time to make the 10th anniversary to the month when the block was cancelled on Cartoon Network. It was two hours a week at the time.

    Life's funny.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      And yet the UK only has Cowboy Bebop on a different channel altogether.

      It's ironic how the UK went from having a channel dedicated to the regular Toonami>into having that channel replaced and gutted into live action crap with the Toonami name>to being changed to CN Too altogether. And despite the fact Toonami US made a comeback and was very successful, the UK have yet to get anything like it again.

  3. I actually really like the version of Infinite we got in Sonic Forces, the main reason I think his portrayal doesn't seem focused is because the narrative of the game as a whole is unfocused. In another game, the story would have been about how Sonic inspires the Avatar to be a hero and makes Infinite's god complex unravel into the temper tantrum villain he is at his core. But when the focus shifts between so many events and characters; Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, the Avatar, the Resistance, Shadow, Infinite, Eggman, the villains sub plot, etc. Infinite just doesn't get to be the center of attention he would need for us to see any real arc for him like we do in most Modern Sonic stories. So yeah, not really change any of Infinite's backstory, just rearrange the narrative to make it clear who the story's about. All that said, I really don't care about his backstory, especially going forward. I like how he bounces off other characters and just want to see him act as Eggman's arrogant toady if I'm lucky enough to have him stick around.
  4. FINALLY started playing Sonic Mania Plus (I hadn't played the original release) and... it sure is a Genesis era Sonic game.

    1. VEDJ-F


      It sure is. 

  5. Toei couldn't even be bothered to re-animate the Noland/Calgara flashback in Episode of Skypiea. Wooooooooooow.

    1. Sean


      If it doesn't help them make money it's not something worth putting effort into. That's the Toei way.

    2. GentlemanX


      It's just such an odd laziness though, since the rest of the special is re-animated. Just all the flashback scenes are cropped versions of the original.

  6. So the only three characters left from Rio are Eggman, Nega, and Sticks. Given Eggman isn't playable yet, I doubt Nega will be added beforehand. Sticks has a usable model from Sonic Boom 2, making me think the hold up with her might be a reluctance to use Boom material in general, especially after the teaser that resembled Boom Sonic never went anywhere. Could still show up at some point of course.
  7. GentlemanX

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    I like most Dragon Ball anime original content. Saiyan Arc stuff, Other World Tournament, driving episode, etc. There's way too much to cover. The only anime original episodes I don't like I can immediately think of is the Bulma two parter during the Freeza Arc. Her hanging out with Freeza grunts and dealing with a giant crab is... boring.
  8. GentlemanX

    A Solo Sonic Game

    Misunderstanding the tone of Sonic 1 is important if that's what you're looking for with a future Sonic game. Scrap Brain Zone doesn't make Sonic 1 as a whole dark any more than Big Boo's Haunt makes Mario 64 dark. Anyway, I can say with no hesitation that a game with just Sonic and Eggman sounds dreadfully boring to me. I like that Sonic stories usually revolve around Sonic bringing about a change in another character and like seeing Sonic's extended cast of personalities play off of one another. If the game was just Sonic and Eggman, you only have one or two cutscene options (assuming there would be cutscene as you're contrasting your idea against Unleashed, Colors, etc). One: Sonic is by himself. See the scenes in Colors when he's making jokes to mute robots. Two: Sonic is with Eggman. See any scene where Sonic and Eggman interact since Adventure. That's really it. It purposefully limits how much variety can actually be shown between the characters.
  9. GentlemanX

    Streets of Rage 4 "Grand UPPAH!"

    I'm not a fan of Streets of Rage, but this is cool news for its fans and I'm always interested in a new entry in a Sega franchise.
  10. GentlemanX

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I love how this reminds me of SU 50's cover.
  11. We're stil getting used to the process of making comics and various factors have led to delays. Multiple issues are still being worked on, so rest assured we're far from dead.
  12. GentlemanX

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I hated the repeated levels in SASR. I get that it's the cheap option, but geez everything seems to be "it's the cheap option" with regards to this series. I don't like the cutscenes being barebones but I realized it was a possibility given Free Riders. It sucks that it's coming off of Forces talking heads cutscenes too. This game has two things going for it right now for me: the story mode giving us new character interactions like with Team Vector and the fact that it's an easy to pick up kart racer I can play with my girlfriend. This game feels so small. If it's really performing poorly too... man.
  13. Hearing Sean Schemmel sing Cha-La Head-Cha-La is probably going to be the highlight of my week.

  14. GentlemanX

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I totally get why they had NiGHTS and Reala as cars. I just don't think the car forms are visually attractive and it's not how I wanted to play as them. It's totally a personal preference thing and I understand why others would not only be okay with it but actually prefer it. And I'm aware of the constraints on the game mentioned in the rest of your post. I just find those to be major negatives for me, even if they were unavoidable to put more focus on other parts of the game.

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