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  1. Another character they might pick is Metal, since he could be added without needing to spend too much time developing a character unlike Amy or Knux - though I could totally see them too (maybe save Knux for a Sonic 3 if they want to imitate that like all the Tails Sonic 2 stuff they'll likely capitalize on in marketing). All I can say is, I had no idea how much I would like the first film so it's really exciting that I can look forward to the sequel! Will be an incredibly different experience than the "hype" for the first movie, and that's great!
  2. It's seems crazy to me that the only console games released this current generation so far, as the PS5 and XBSX are soon approaching, have been Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, Team Sonic Racing, and Mario & Sonic 2020. If we want to throw the Wii U in there due to it's short life span, we can also add Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Sonic Lost World, Rise of Lyric, and Mario & Sonic 2014 and 2016. Nine games, three of them Mario & Sonic games, two of them car racing games from Sumo (only one of which is actually a Sonic title, not a Sega crossover that was also released on the 360 and PS3), and two of them being Rise of Lyric and Mania which were developed independently from Sonic Team. Generations turns 10 years old next year - between the 20th anniversary and the 30th anniversary Sonic Team's only main series games will have been Lost World and Forces; two of the most divisive to poorly received entries in the series after 06. I don't mean that to say Sonic Team is wrong to take their time before the next game launches, that would also be foolhardy. But saying "we need to slow down" when the series, in my eyes at least, has essentially ground to a halt already, paints a picture of a franchise that's essentially ready to be dormant - releasing new games during anniversaries to remind people it existed and not much else. I don't know, I'm only musing, but to me it just screams how unhealthy the brand is if Sega is saying "we're planning to take our time" when the last main series game Forces came out three years ago this fall. We've got the IDW comics and a potential movie sequel - I guess that's what's front and center for the brand for now.
  3. Probably the comic. The Boom comic is very sparse on content, 11 issues - three of which were crossovers during Worlds Unite that barely count. Of the eight actual issues, the six Ian wrote were pretty decent, showing a good understanding of the characters and with humor that seemed actually funny to me, primarily meta humor and fourth wall gags. It's not really what I ask for in Sonic content, but was cute for what it was. Of the Freibergers' two issues, issue 11 was good, in large part due to Diana Skelly's art, while issue 5 was pretty meh. I actually like the story in Rise of Lyric, but I haven't played the game and am in no hurry to do so due to it's reputation. Other than that? There's a handful of good character designs - Sticks, Zoey, Perci, Lyric, Cliff, Q-N-C, and Nominatus - but otherwise and in general Boom was the one piece of the franchise I've never cared for. I hoped I would, I liked the trailers for Rise of Lyric promoting a 3-D platformer style that looked closer to the Adventure games than the Boost titles. And when we got our first bit of animation for the series being Sonic vs. Burnbot I was hopeful we were in for a fun kids action adventure series. But the game turned out to be an incredible disappointment to pretty much everyone and the TV series ended up being an unfunny sitcom about characters who were Sonic and Co. in name only, at least to my tastes. Am I sorry the sub-series is gone? I suppose I'm sorry for those did enjoy it, its existence didn't frustrate me or anything past that I wished something else was in its place. But I'm not going to miss it like say Sonic X or the Archie comics, that's for sure.
  4. The only obvious cheat I've seen are players who can spam items. Like they get an item and then use it like 10 times in a row or something instead of the usual maximum of three.
  5. I encounter the Zeti fairly often when I play, Zazz in particular can be a pain if you get behind him due to his star land mine move. The only characters that are less common are the special characters really, which makes sense because they're lower level. I've played the game since it came out almost daily, mainly because it's an easy way to pass time for a few minutes while I'm on a break - I complete whatever the missions I've built up from the previous day are and open whatever longer chests I started to unlock before I left. I've played some with every character, but I like Amy's moves the most so I usually stick with her. I imagine it's probably frustrating coming in late in the game and having a backlog of characters that are either a time investment to get enough cards for or are only rotated so often. If you've played like I have though it's been pretty easy to unlock everything as they come up - especially because I rarely spend Red Star Rings on chests, usually saving them up until I can buy one of the big chests when they do their 50% of sales. Because of that, I usually have enough Red Star Rings on hand to easily spend buy the 5 Red Star Ring requirements to double my chances when a new character is added (I don't do that to get more cards after I've unlocked the character though, I just let myself get those slowly). I have yet to spend any actual money on the game, nor do I ever intend to. I love how many characters they've added, Zeti included, and it'd be rad if they keep adding them over time - the rest of the Deadly Six, Tikal, Sticks if they can swing it (it's pretty clear they intended to add Boom Sonic at one point and then were told not to), Infinite (he's probably barred too given how obvious a choice he would have been), any other modern characters they could convince Sega to let them use.
  6. I was watching it weekly until the hiatus hit. It's hard to tell what my early thoughts are on it. The first episode was okay while the second episode The third episode ended with them reaching the Digital World proper, so I imagine the series will be heating up going forward whenever things restart (word is One Piece - which went on hiatus at the same time - is moving to have everything produced from home soon, so hopefully Toei will be able to get their other series like Digimon and PreCure up and running not too long after). Easily the best thing about the reboot has been the animation, which has been really high quality so far. The plot I'm finding a little boring, but hopefully that changes soon. Part of the charm of Digimon for me is the quirkiness from the old English dub, so if you're like me watching the Japanese version of either the original or this it comes off a little bland. But I also appreciate it for what it is.
  7. I haven't played a Paper Mario game since Thousand Year Door, but that's mostly because Super Paper Mario didn't look as interesting to me and I didn't own a 3DS or Wii U to be able to play Sticker Star or Color Splash. I actually like this trailer myself, the story looks fun and that's what sucked me into the first two games. Maybe it won't be, and I'd definitely be even more excited if it looked just like the older games, but what's here looks like a good enough time for me to get it at some point after it comes out. Not like Odyssey which was got me to get a Switch as soon as I could, but still something fun to add to my library.
  8. People are literally dying right now due to the current administration's failure to properly address a pandemic. The administration that let kids die in cages. The administration that says we should copy China in appointing a president for life. The administration that is packing the courts with conservative judges which will prevent unbiased rulings for decades. The administration which consistently makes decisions which will permanently wreck both the environment and economic futures of this country and/or planet. The administration that is primarily delegated on twitter. The administration that is run by the leader and his children rather than qualified scientists or other experts. The administration that creates propaganda videos that play at news briefings. The administration that consistently admonishes the press for their existence. The administration that threatens other countries if they won't do it's dirty work. The administration that will block federal funding unless it includes money for a vanity project until a transportation emergency forces it's hand. The administration that wants to remove medical programs because of the person who initiated it. The administration that expects a check that doesn't even cover a month's rent in several cities keeping people with no income alive for 10 weeks. The administration that will delay the release of those checks so the leader can personally put his name on them. The administration who's leader was the third in history to be impeached. The administration that creates controversies at best constant chaos at worst on a daily basis so we've all lost track of them all by this point. You can say Joe Biden is a poor candidate and shouldn't be the nominee; I don't think many if anyone here will disagree with you. But to equate him with what you have to have lived with for the past nearly three and half years? To say you're fine with things continuing as they have because the alternative isn't ideal? I'm sorry, I can't respect that.
  9. Both Orbot and Cubot are in Forces. They are never the sole focus of the scenes they're in, but they are there. I don't think there are any Sonic characters I "hate", but there are plenty I'm apathetic too, at least as far as the grander franchise. I think I can list the number of Boom characters I have any sort of feelings about on one hand, with the rest being a scale of boring to irritating, even if I don't outright dislike them. Same goes for most of the single appearance characters in Archie or Fleetway or AOSTH - I don't dislike them being there but I usually don't give them a second thought. I care just as little about Rough and Tumble honestly. As far as the games are concerned, I like pretty much all of the main cast you see pop up on Sonic Channel or something like that. I'm not a big fan of Zeena, Zomom, or Zor - so maybe them?
  10. I'd laugh if we got a upgraded game next year with a few new games or characters or something like that.
  11. Sure, but that risks killing a lot of physical sales - which comic shops across the country depend on for their livelihood. Diamond essentially potentially mortally wounded the direct market for comics so publishers like IDW are scrambling to try and save it. The situation currently going on is more an issue within the comics industry and it's established system and preserving the status quo.
  12. I love Infinite and will be disappointed if Forces is his only appearance in the series. Here's the thing with Infinite - I do take him seriously as a villain, but I think people misunderstand the role he serves. Infinite is not the big bad in Sonic Forces, Eggman is. Eggman takes over the world, Eggman is the final boss you fight, and everything is framed as the Resistance fighting Eggman. Nothing in any of Sonic Forces' various material shows Infinite has any machinations of anything more than what he is - Eggman's hired goon/general. He attempts to fight Eggman briefly during the Rise of Infinite comic, but then immediately agrees to work for Eggman based on the vision he gets. He and his squad work for Eggman until they're taken out by Shadow, which motivates him to be experimented on to get strong enough to beat Shadow and anyone he perceives as being stronger than him - a petty reason based on his ego and self perception. Throughout the main campaign he is presented as a credible threat - or rather the Phantom Ruby is. Infinite's act is all bravado, he sees the ruby's power as his own power and this gives him a cockiness and smugness that is completely unearned. The game presents him as a major threat who oozes pompousness and you can't wait to deck in the face: and the game gives you three opportunities to actually do so and push him off his pedestal. Infinite is a hubristic lackey, and this is what I love about him. He's like a melding of Jet and Metal Sonic with some Fang thrown in for good measure - his role is to talk a lot of trash and then get his ass handed to him in a cathartic act for the player. I would love to see Infinite come back as a mid or penultimate boss to shoot his mouth off toward Sonic and then be put in his place leaving with a "I'll get you next time, Gadget" line. Don't look to him to fill the roles served by other big bads like Mephiles or Merlina - characters with the power or motivation to make them compelling on their own. Infinite is on the same level as Orbot and Cubot, except his personality is defined by his ego and he can be used in a boss fight.
  13. Mike Hughes is credited as the artist for Irish the Hedgehog.
  14. I think the idea of Team Dark being tied to GUN is more limiting than Team Dark itself. In a narrative like the comics, in particular Archie which had more factions, it makes sense because it solidly defines what role the character serves - that they are a more militaristic approach to Freedom Fighter group concept employed by the United Federation. In the games though, that sort of continuity has been out of favor at Sonic Team for quite some time and continuing to acknowledge it would only frustrate and confuse fans more than anything. It made sense back in 2006 when the games cared more about the world the characters existed in and had the plot disrupt the status quo but not now when world and status quo feel constantly in flux. But Team Dark itself? Nah. I think the supposed problem here is that in order for Team Dark to exist they have to be Team Dark all the time, which they really don't. Just as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles can have their own stand alone characteristics and roles where they can operate independently of a group dynamic while also operate as team on occasion which focuses on their interplay as a set, Team Dark can and I would argue does do the same. Forces is a perfect example. In the main story, Shadow is fighting copies, Rouge is spying on the Death Egg, and Omega was clearly fighting on his own too. In Episode Shadow, Shadow is communicating with Rouge and attempting to reach Omega. The group and individual characterizations can both be utilized where appropriate without negating the other. I personally enjoy seeing the Chaotix acting individually in the IDW comics or games because I find their dynamic a bit played out, so I like seeing how they bounce off other characters more. Do I want Team Chaotix dissolved though? No way, they do have a fun chemistry between each other and I don't want that dynamic abandoned. I just want more variety from time to time. And all this applies to my thoughts on the Freedom Fighters' potential roles in IDW too by the way.
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