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  1. GentlemanX

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Still hoping the *inevitable* return of the anime covers Broly and uses Toriyama's full script, but really interested in the new arc.
  2. Adventure 1 and 2 are by far my favorite games in the series, with CD, Sonic 2, and Generations as a close backup, so while I have a soft spot for those first two 3D outings I at least feel like I have some love for everything in the franchise. I'm leading with that so I can talk about some of the positives and negatives I see with all of these various play styles. I think the biggest thing to get out of the way is how different the boost games operate from the rest of the series. The boost gameplay is about portraying a sense of speed that Sega feels gamers expect from Sonic titles. While the level design restrictions this format affords has been discussed plenty, I think there really isn't a good way of implementing other characters into this style without sacrificing that speed factor. Even ignoring the character perspective that folks like Amy or Big aren't supposed to move as fast as Sonic, implementing the abilities of other characters into the boost formula doesn't seem realistic. If Tails flew in the boost style, he'd essentially stop interacting with the ground level and only interact with airborne enemies, which would necessitate developing a level essentially on top of the existing level, or a new level meant to primarily or exclusively played at this upper portion. This becomes unfeasible given the amount of work is needed to build boost style levels. If Knuckles were to stop and climb up a structure, the speed conceit of the boost formula would be utterly compromised. The only real characters that can be added to a game like this are characters like Shadow and Blaze, who's unique abilities can be pulled off on the move such as a Chaos attack filled up by a meter or turning into or launching flames. Maybe Silver with psycho kinesis moves, but that would require a total rework of his gameplay from 06. The point is, you're looking at characters often cloning Sonic's gameplay with one or two differences, which to me doesn't seem like an enjoyable variant of the boost style. Slowing down the game ala the Adventure or Classic method allows the character move set and it's interaction with the platforming and level design to feel more natural and unique between experiences. To touch on the Classic formula briefly, as it is largely considered a perfect formula for this: I decided to stop playing Mania about a week ago. I like how all of the characters play - Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray all feel wonderful and each have their own unique gimmicks that make me want to play as all of them (though Knuckles jump is always annoying), but the levels themselves made the game an awful chore. The fact they were mostly recycled from the 90s games didn't help, but what particularly soured me was going over the same terrain with minimal differences five times, mostly on repeat as I wanted to switch between playthroughs because I liked the variety of gameplay styles. I'll get into this when I talk about the Adventure games, but the Classic method of designing one level with optional alternate pathways only reachable by a certain character does not appeal to me in the slightest. Even if I discover a path I can only reach by climbing with Knuckles, that pathway isn't going to make the level feel like something new and different to the degree I want it to. Playing the same level five different times with minor changes just isn't fun for me. While I think the classic gameplay is really solid and fun, the level design has to make those levels just as unique to justify using all those characters. Mirage Saloon Act 1 is great, but it has to be the norm, not the exception. So onto the Adventure formula and why it's my favorite. Each of the characters in SA1 have a unique feel to them that makes me feel like I'm getting a genuinely unique experience no matter who I'm playing as. I enjoy playing as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Gamma, and even Amy and Big, though I think Amy should be faster. Each level also feels designed with the character playing it in mind with specific changes to compliment each change in who's playing the level. This can be simply limiting what part of a level you play through and added objects designed for that character like with Tails in Windy Valley and Speed Highway, or completely unique places to visit like Hot Shelter or Big's section of Emerald Coast. I never feel like I'm repeating something. SA2 obviously has the Hero and Dark characters playing virtually the same, but each level is even more unique than in SA1, keeping that unique aspect front and center. That being said, the negatives for the Adventure formula are obviously the change in objective for several characters as well as the necessity to play as a character to complete the story which isn't a factor for the classic and boost games. As far as the "genre roulette", while I like Big's levels in SA1 and the treasure hunting, I'll admit that they do change the core concept of getting to the end of the level. I think both would be more palatable as mini games rather than the expected level format for those characters. I'd like to see Knuckles navigating full levels with the climbing there to offer opportunities to explore - I think 06 is a good model for how this can be accomplished, such as when he goes into Tropical Jungle during End of the World. Big meanwhile has a fun gameplay style in Heroes that I wouldn't mind regular levels being based on. Heroes as a whole shows unique ways to implement these characters into the standard format of Sonic levels, just with the team dynamic needing to be ditched (the team dynamic gives Heroes a unique style overall which I think isn't bad, just not what I'd prefer or want to see as the norm). I don't think anything needs to be done for the Gamma/mech levels in terms of design - just don't have Tails in them as he's more fun in SA1. One thing to definitely implement from the classic games is making the other characters superfluous to the regular plot. While I love the concept of a "Last Story", most regular gamers don't want to be expected to play as a bunch of characters to get to the end of the game. Having a Heroes-esque special stage to get the Chaos Emeralds and unlock a Super Sonic ending for Sonic's play through would be neat, but otherwise just let each character's play through model after SA1 or Mania in having each play through tell a complete story independent or requiring to play as anyone else. So... the topic is about how limiting it is that a character is expected to play like Sonic. While I agree that putting a slightly different character into the same level isn't fun, I also think that changing the objectives of what a character does to complete a level is probably too far even if it's still enjoyable. My ideal Sonic game would have characters that all have their own unique abilities romping around levels custom made for those abilities.
  3. Finally unlocked Chaos and Metal Sonic in Speed Battle yesterday, which gives me a full set till they introduce Storm.

  4. GentlemanX

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    I like the full version more than what we hear in the trailer. I can't picture it being used in the movie itself though. It'll be a great credits song though.
  5. GentlemanX

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It's awesome to see Gray doing serious content again (as opposed to the Off Panel gags he became known for). Not many people associate him with action packed content, but Return to Angel Island stands out as a great example of what he can do and this cover definitely channels that. I also love that POV shot for Wells' cover.
  6. GentlemanX

    Media that Traumatized/Scared/Creeped You as a Kid

    I've got a few, sure. Video game wise, first thing that comes to mind is Super Mario 64. You know. Snacker was another one that while it didn't scare me, but especially the music always upped the tension. It's hard for me to think about any other video game stuff though. I'm sure I'd have put Zelda on here if I had played it when it was younger but I didn't. I tend to go for the colorful platformer genre and thus avoided material that would have given me a jolt. Television and film is another matter. I can't think of too many specifics, though I'm sure there are a number of them. Some highlights. I remember the first show on Adult Swim I started to get into was Inuyasha. I can remember seeing the first Inuyasha and Sesshomaru fight and being surprised when Sesshomaru's leg got caught off. There was blood, but it only surprised me. A few episodes later though, there was an episode where a jewel shard brought to life a noh mask. That thing got me to stop watching pronto and I didn't watch Adult Swim again till years later when enough people on sonicanime.net were talking about FMA that I decided to give that a go. Loved it, as well other stuff airing at the time such as Eureka Seven, my soon to be favorite anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, and even some of the late episodes of Inuyasha. I love Inuyasha and the episode doesn't freak me out now obviously, but it sticks in my mind. Lastly, it wasn't until I was actually older that I saw the Mickey Mouse short Runaway Brain. It's a beautiful short that I can't recommend enough. Despite never seeing it though, these friends of my parents had a picture of Mickey from it. So yeah, a picture of Mickey Mouse, how is that scary? Well, I first came across it while playing in their basement. My parents would usually go over to these friends' house to have an adult get together, and I happened to be the only kid so I'd play with my toys down stairs or in a bedroom. So I'm downstairs, by myself, and I happen to look in the laundry room where that's all dark except this one lit up picture of Mickey. To me at least, at that young an age, not expecting to see Mickey Mouse (a character I was obviously familiar with) look like that has always stuck with me. Again, years later here, I love this short to death. But back then, the face was pure nightmare fuel.
  7. I wasn't digging the new One Piece OP at first, but man is it stuck in my head now.

    1. Ferno


      That's how a lot of the recent openings are for me, they seem underwhelming on 1st listen, but once I get to that 3rd or 4th time its stuck in there and I'm playing it on loop.

  8. I'll say that I don't really want "fixes" for SA1 and SA2, some minor new aspects would be neat but I don't need them to be heavily restructured because of something deemed wrong with them. The minor additions E-122 mentioned would be my ideal for a refurbished re-release. Beyond that, giving the games a Crash-esque remake is what I'd prefer - "fix" them by starting from scratch. But that's not really what this topic seems to be about, which is a collection of the existing games. Again, I'd rather have a general collection that includes Genesis, Dreamcast, and maybe some modern games than exclusively one time period, but I would like to see the Sonic Adventure titles re-released physically on the Switch (the only current-gen system I own, and plan to own - and I don't do digital titles).
  9. Gonna guess Werehog for Halloween.
  10. As with most of the games I love, I'd welcome a Sonic Adventure collection on the Switch just so I can play them on the go, my girlfriend would love to play in the Chao Gardens like it was a mobile/handheld title. I also like the idea of having another Sonic compilation period as I'm not one to download titles and it's nice having them on whatever system I'm playing at the time. If possible, I wouldn't restrict it to just the Dreamcast/Gamecube eras and put as many titles on there as possible.
  11. GentlemanX

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So Mariotte just posted on the Sonic Comics Squad facebook group. Some bullet points: - Issue 10 has been delayed to 10/31. The TSR one shot has been delayed to November, no exact date. - Evan Stanley is now drawing at least part of issue 10. - Joe Hughes has left IDW. IDW Sonic's new assistant editor is Megan Brown.
  12. GentlemanX

    Super Mario Odyssey (October 27, 2017)

    Much as I'm not a fan of the Broodals, I'm glad they're rabbits instead of Koopas. It fits the game's moon theme and helps them stand out.
  13. GentlemanX

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Episode 24. Sonic gets in a fight with Eggman's robot of the episode, Lightning Bird, and a chip from inside it gets lodged in his ear. It activates and makes him go screwy so he can't stop running. It's not until he fights it again at the end of the episode that it gets dislodged and he's able to return to normal. As for the tidbit for the comic, eh. It doesn't sound like a bad idea for a stand alone story, but having that be an "arc" doesn't sound particularly interesting.
  14. How many times will I watch the Broly trailers before the movie comes out? The world may never know!

  15. Trying to wrap my head around the soul talk in the IDW thread. Specifically how it supposedly works like it does in Evangelion which is my specialty and... not something I usually have to reference when thinking about Sonic.


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