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  1. latest?cb=20180219121743

    Every time I see anti-Chris comments, my love for him just gets that much stronger. I love this art of his older design, would love to see it colored to match the Sonic Adventure style like Vanilla's concept art was. That and finish his shoe which looks like it got cut off.

    1. Tatters


      I wished it was used in the third season of Sonic X.

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Not a big Chris fan, but he does look kinda handsome there.

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I'm genuinely curious as to why you love him.

      I mean, I don't dislike him like many do, but I wouldn't say I love him.

    4. Rusty Spy
    5. GentlemanX


      Probably the biggest thing is that I'm a fan of (and identify with) his archetype and he was one of the earliest examples I got of it growing up. By that, I mean I enjoy seeing characters who are somewhat self conscious and place great value in their relationship with others. I love seeing his story throughout the first 52 episodes of Sonic X and seeing him slowly grow more confident through Sonic's influence until at the end of the series (episode 51 in this case) he can finally admit he can make do without him. I think it's a great example of Modern Sonic's influence on other characters, which is a trademark of his storytelling throughout the game series. 06 tried to do something similar with Elise, but the over emphasis on romance over Chris and Sonic's straight friendship loses me somewhat toward the end. While I think he's a lot less interesting in the Metarex Arc, he does sort of feel like he's comfortable in his new role of technician similar to many other characters that find a niche to exist in like the game cast. That role is essentially just Tails 2.0, which is disappointing though. I love picturing his adult form filling a sort of Ovi Kintobor position of being this kindly scientist that cares for animals when he's not helping Sonic though.

    6. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      That's cool. Yeah, I feel about the same way toward him. I mean really, when it comes to kid characters, you could do a lot worse, I think.

  2. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Joy. But seriously, source. Ian knows every character has fans.
  3. My Hero Academia

    The only reason it hasn't been on the block already is because of a deal between Funimation and Hulu. It must have become available.
  4. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Yeah, I really would prefer he just roll with the retcon. Just say the events of the Genesis games happened in Modern but they had the Modern designs.
  5. What If There Was a Truly Cruel Sonic Villain?

    I think there are a number of reasonable comparisons you can make between Eggman/Infinite and Freeza. Both have distinct personalities and enjoy verbally toying with their opponents though neither have Freeza's flowery speech pattern or are as violent, though Infinite does decently. I think with better writing (or perhaps simply better localization?) Infinite can fulfill the role you're looking for since he was seemingly made to take some of that expectation off of Eggman (Forces doesn't give Eggman enough comedy to compensate for this though). If your wanting to see more of Freeza's level of torture though, I think that would be out of place in the Sonic games at least. Games have a format of gameplay that requires the characters to stay active and doing different things. Another series might be able to frame the gameplay around an idea like that, but it'd be out of place to sustain that for a period of time like Freeza does in his long fight scenes. In a Sonic comic, yeah I think you could accomplish something like that. While the violence would be turned down obviously, having a villain get into a characters head is certainly doable in a series like this that I don't think it would be out of place.
  6. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    He also once again confirmed that we're unlikely to see content from X-treme because of some nebulous reasons that don't involve Chris Senn.
  7. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I doubt it'd be like Boom where she's around in nearly every story. I can handle her in occasional doses.
  8. Oh a chris liker!

  9. Oh a collection for the Switch! That's neat. 15 games seems low, but it's still nice to have a disc with... Annnnnd not interested.
  10. What Crossovers Would You Like to See IDW Do?

    I would prefer there were no crossovers. If I had to pick an IDW property for Sonic to crossover with though, I'd be up for a Sonic/Disney crossover. Largely because I already follow the IDW comics and think Dubs would have a ball doing something with that.
  11. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    That's fair. Decoe and Bocoe's designs deviate only slightly from the characters Epsilon and Omega from the 1991 anime Emergency Departure Rescue Kids. The series was also produced by TMS, so it's likely TMS alteady owned them and therefore Sega would also own them. The fact their designs were derivitive of a non-Sonic work may have played a part in Sonic Team introducing Orbot and Cubot to fill a similar role. So Sega owns Decoe and Bocoe no question though. You can see the fan art section of Sonic Channel website for yourself. I don't have hard numbers, that's just what I remember seeing. For the record though, Cosmo does show up significantly more than Chris. He just shows up more often than other non-video game characters.
  12. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    So, some things about Sonic X. 1. Sonic X was very successful, airing on television across the globe into a decade after it ended and still has a presence to this day through online streaming, new home video releases, and kids on demand programs. It was successful enough to have 26 episodes produced after the initial 52 episodes ended due to it's popularity over sees. Sega knows Sonic X did well. 2. Sonic X was produced by TMS Entertainment in conjunction with Sonic Team. TMS is owned by Sega. Everything in Sonic X is fully owned by Sega and most of the designs for the series were done by Yuji Uekawa. There's nothing standing between Sega using elements from Sonic X besides Sega themselves. 3. Despite all that going for it, Sonic X finished airing in 2006. That's 12 years ago. While the brand was and arguably is still successful, other than the Archie comic which ended years ago as well, Sonic X has not had new material produced for it in over a decade. So elements from it, especially elements like Chris which are so tied to that specific off shoot of the franchise, are seen as irrelevant to the brand as it exists today. It's the same reason Sega doesn't use Scratch and Grounder or the Freedom Fighters, Chris and the rest of Sonic X's cast is from an old piece of the franchise that Sega no longer cares about. And yes, IDW has confirmed they may be able to use the Freedom Fighters, but those characters have a history in American Sonic comics that Underground, X, and the OVA don't and even then it's been looking like they wouldn't be allowed in. That's the exception, not the rule. If Sega did choose to use Sonic X elements again, it would likely be in some anniversary special or revival of the Sonic X branding as a whole. Like if Sonic X got a special OVA or a new series with the same name and general premise. 4. If nothing else, keep in mind that Chris and Cosmo often show up in Sonic Channel's monthly fan art section. Other than Sticks, they show up the most of any alternate media characters, easily showing up more often then Sally who's the next most often. That should show you that if nothing else, Sonic Team remembers Sonic X fondly and likes to indulge fans of the series.
  13. Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 2 Coming Soon)

    Out of curiosity, why? I can't say I feel the same, though I can at least understand why Night of the Werehog could be considered better.
  14. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Issue 4 cover, plus connecting cover. Curtesy of the Facebook group.
  15. I was reminded this existed today.



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