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  1. You say this as though the series was going to end after an Eggman victory. I'll use a Power Rangers analogy. The ends of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Turbo have distinct major losses to the respective villains. For all intents and purposes those stories have a victorious villain ending. But Power Rangers was at least at that point a flowing narrative where the story kept going. The Rangers lost to Zedd and Rita, but bounced back against the Machine Empire. They were defeated by Divatox, but managed to defeat Dark Spectre, Astronoma, and the Alliance of Evil. Like with Power Rangers, the Sonic series is never ending, so it has the luxury to know when one story arc ends, another will inevitably replace it. Maybe Eggman gets a decisive victory and the status quo changes. But in the next arc, Sonic will still be fighting to get things back to normal, or confronting a different threat. No one here is likely to want "I want Eggman to beat Sonic and then that's the end of the series", they just want things to feel like there's a genuine back and forth without things always reverting to the status quo all the time. In the games it's expected due to the stand alone nature of them, beyond introducing new characters. But for an ongoing narrative focused on long term storytelling, people expect more variety in a number of ways.
  2. Please support the official release.

    Unless Netflix puts out a crappy version. Then just pirate the good version.

  3. 496.gif This is likely going to be me for the next like week. Banjo-Kazooie is one of if not my favorite game of all time. I'd play through the game a ton when I was younger and it's one of the few games my dad also fell in love with, along with a few other 3D platforms from the N64. These characters mean a lot to me, and even if it's not a new game just seeing them here makes me incredibly happy, like seeing an old friend doing well after having gone through some hard times.
  4. The first game is one of my all time favorites, in large part due to memories of playing it with my dad. I love Tooie as well, but never really got into any of the other stuff (I do own Grunty's Revenge and Nuts and Bolts, I just didn't get interested in playing them too much). 3-D platformers and collectathons are my favorite genre, so I'm probably easy to please when it comes to a potential sequel. I think what makes BK special is the solid gameplay mixed with cute designs, great music, and a quirky set of humor. A lot of those elements can be timeless in the same way Mario or Kirby are. The biggest thing that might need improving would be gameplay, but Mario Odyssey is a shining recent example of the 3-D collectathon being achievable in the modern era. So long as BK sticks to what works and only updates the aesthetics and gameplay up to current standards, I think you could have another fun adventure. Not getting too hyped right now though, could very well be nothing, or another spin-off thing, or just a remake of the first (two) game(s).
  5. Tarble doesn't fight, it's why he was cast off Planet Vegeta in the first place. Funimation licensed the Dragon Ball series through Toei, and therefore were able to get everything Toei owns - the shows, movies, and the tv specials. The direct to video/video game tie-in/Jump Festa stuff however is not controlled directly by Toei only, meaning that any attempt by Funi to license that material requires working something out with those that do, which for whatever reason they haven't been able to do. That's why Plan to Eradicate the (Super) Saiyans, Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return, Episode of Bardock, and the other even more ancillary content has never been released or dubbed.
  6. Eggman has been regularly used as a Power character in stuff like Sonic Riders before, there's no reason they couldn't have had him be the Power member of the team and had Chaos or Infinite as the technique character. Zavok is in because Sonic Team wanted him in. Honestly, it makes sense. Like with the Wisps since Sonic Colors, Zavok has been around for soon to be six years now, and in that time continues to pop up in stuff like Mario & Sonic, Sonic Forces, etc. He's part of the tertiary cast at this point - maybe not the rest of the Deadly Six but he certainly is, more so than say the Babylon Rouges or Chaos at any rate. It would have been more neat if Egg Pawns could have been saddled with Eggman and Metal Sonic and we had him, Chaos, and Infinite as a non-story other villain team, but the roster was limited to 15 so here we are. Also, I like Zavok just fine, so I don't mind him showing up.
  7. Would they dare feature another design that's meant to be a surprise after how poorly received Sonic was? Like, if Knux is meant to be a cameo at the end of the movie in the hopes he'd hype people up for a sequel, and he looks awful... they have to be aware of that possibility, if not before certainly now.
  8. Finally got a chance to see the trailer. I'm going to take a while to decompress it, because surprisingly I didn't out right hate it like I thought I would. It's definitely bad and certainly nothing like Sonic, but there are moments in there I think work, though not enough to salvage it. Still, should give it a more thorough review later to be fair. Love the poster of Sonic running up the building by the way. Don't really like the rest of them, but that one is cool.
  9. I liked it. Omega was cute and I thought most of the other jokes with Knuckles and Shadow landed. Not nearly as good as the first one, but still enjoyable and hope they make more in the future. Though, wish we could have seen Team Vector and Team Eggman. Kinda weird how Mighty and Ray have gotten animated interpretations before Silver and Blaze. Never would have guessed that would happen before last year.
  10. I brought up Chiaotzu because after the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai he was essentially an accessory to Tenshinhan's character. In his initial arc, Chiaotzu was quirky, got on Krillin's nerves, was dumb, was morally conflicted by what his friend wanted and what his master wanted, and had a somewhat unique move set and design (even if the Dodonpa was mainly there to introduce the connection to Taopaipai). After that arc though? He helps Tenshinhan find Dragon Balls, dies doing what Tenshinhan asks him to do, gets hurt off screen to motivate Tenshinhan, dies again to protect Tenshinhan, and worries about Tenshinhan fighting Cell. The closest he gets to being his own character is making the trip down Serpent Road with the others. Kale is distinct in that a lot of her actions during the Tournament of Power focus on her learning about and controlling her power, but it all centers around pleasing or keeping Caulifla to herself. I just don't find that interesting for a character that has the potential to become reoccurring, because it connects her too much to Caulifla and limits what she can do. Now, if she changes substantially that could work. And if she only appears in this arc and she doesn't get revisited often, then this being her story is fine. But I worry this is their introduction arc and that we can expect to see more of them and this is just her one schtick. I don't need her to be Caulifla's cheerleader/damsel in distress until she gets jealous - that's not interesting to me. Again I don't roll my eyes or anything when she's on screen, I just wish she had more agency.
  11. I don't necessarily dislike Kale, but she's a lot less versatile of a character than Caulifla. I haven't watched the Japanese version, just the dub (haven't watched tonight's episode yet), so I can't speak to any remaining appearances in the ToP, but she's just been very pigeon holed into specific character points. She's devoted to Caulifla, she's clingy, she doesn't like other people being with Caulifla, she gets jealous. If she can't have more diverse reactions to other characters, she's going to come off as one note. Seeing how Vegeta or Freeza react to another character and how they bounce off them makes them more rounded characters that we have more interest seeing more of in the future. Now, to be fair, there's nothing right now to say that Kale and Caulifla will show up again at some point, but being from Universe 6 they at least stand a chance. At the moment, Kale reminds me a lot of say Chiaotzu, all of her actions are focused on her relationship with Caulifla like how Chiaotzu's actions, after the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai anyway, pertained to his relationship with Tenshinhan. It stunts their potential for more varied interactions and I hope they try something different with her if she shows up again.
  12. I've never really been into these games, but still like having them around! Dream events and having all of the characters available in each event are the two things I'd most like to see. Having new characters (Infinite, Pauline, etc.) would be cool too, but not more than the other two.
  13. Today has made me so tired.

    1. Perkilator


      Yeah, me too. Not from my shift at Ruby’s today, but from laughing my ass off at today’s Motobug.

    2. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Same here. The past few days have been downright exhausting. You're in good company.

  14. I have friends who watch Game Grumps. They brought Arin up actually on Monday, saying he loves Sonic's design and was perplexed why they were changing it for the movie. I know nothing about Game Grumps really, I do watch Completionist episodes if it's a game I want to hear Jirard talk about though. I like his work. This video though... there's virtually no content to it and no relevance to TSR. If you're not going to have your guests talk about the game, there's no reason to include them in the video. Also, the Tokyo Game Show was last September. Even before the delay, why did it take so long to put this out? This is like early marketing material to try and get people ready for more info, not something for a month and a half from release.
  15. For whatever reason the new pic makes me think of the cgi Chuck E. Cheese commercials. I think it looks better than the last two leaks actually, but not as good as the Chris Pratt poster.
  16. ...so what's going to happen if they show this off at SXSW this month? Also, if nothing else I still have that logo.
  17. I didn't mind this one honestly. Maybe he still looks like this in the actual film? The style guide's head looks a lot bigger though, longer "fur spines" too. And shorter legs without the muscles. Gloves? Give him golf gloves. They don't have to be giant poofy things. This design just isn't good. It's not going to make me sick or something, but they could have done a lot better (and looks like they did at one point).
  18. Well. It's out there now. On one hand, it may be better than I was expecting. On the other hand, it's still really bad.
  19. The fandom's known about him being a mutated Chao at least since his profile went up on Sonic Channel. Don't know if it was mentioned before that though.
  20. Everyone's going to have their own valid takes on something sensitive like that. I still like the roles I enjoyed him in (Broly, Edward Elric, Tamaki Suoh, etc.), and I can also appreciate that his ability to play those roles aren't representative of him as a person. Not everyone's going to be able to disconnect him from the roles though, and that's a perfectly valid reaction as well.
  21. Topic is a powder keg right now, but the RBWY news tonight made me think: I assume all of Omega's lines have already been recorded for TSR, but assuming he shows up again, good chance he'll get a new VA. Not that we'd be able to tell - it's Omega after all.

    1. Teoskaven


      What happened.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sexual misconduct allegations. Literally the only thing that ever happens anymore.

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      RBWY just makes me read it as Ribway...sounds like a restaurant.

  22. Chaos and Tikal, Chaos Gamma if Ian wants to go that far (he said he had an idea for him post-reboot I believe), Big and Froggy, Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla and Chacola, Omega, Gemerl, Nega (if he's not off limits still), Babylon Rogues, Marine, maybe Whisker and Johnny, Pickle possibly (the human world as a whole is possible, so who knows), Deadly Six, and maybe Sticks. Obviously there are more modern characters like Void or Erazor or Merlina or something, but the ones above are the ones that either are still relevant or were allowed in Archie either pre or post reboot. It's not a ton or anything, but still a number of options for Ian to pull out if he and IDW want (if Sega okays it of course).
  23. Awesome to see IDW is going to be doing mini series. Not sure if focusing on Tangle and Whisper first is wise, but I like them both so, whatever.
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