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  1. Sorry, Unleashed and prior feels so long ago it's getting hard to remember it's still considered "modern", especially since it predates the writing shift of bringing on Pontac and Graff in 2010, which itself is a decade ago. Like, obviously we all call 1998+ "Modern Sonic" due to how Sega has divided the game incarnations now, but it's still weird. But sorry, didn't meant to misrepresent what you meant. I believe someone can write a scenario where Sonic and Tails are at odds, my paragraph is simply about my issues with Lost World's plot specifically as it relates to keeping the characters consistent and believable. I'll go further, I believe that having a plot where Sonic and Tails are at odds is arguably a thematically relevant next step for their relationship after Sonic Adventure 2. Short of Tails getting his own game or a scenario completely independent of whatever Sonic is doing in a game, there's not a better way to demonstrate that Tails is progressing to become his own hero after SA2 while keeping him in the sidekick role. You can absolutely keep him in the sidekick role and have it still be in character, I believe Tails' role in Sonic Colors is probably the best out of the Pontaff era games in that regard, but the next step in his journey from the two Sonic Adventure games would be to do something heroic without Sonic still there leading by example. Let's take Lost World's premise and remix it a bit to something I think would make more sense in that regard. Sonic and Tails chase Eggman to Lost Hex just as they do in the main prologue, but like with the Egg Carrier fight in Sonic Adventure something happens and they get separated. This would be the ideal opportunity to have two campaigns for Sonic and Tails, finally giving fans a chance to play as Tails again, but it's not mandatory so long as Tails can have scenes without Sonic. Eggman throws Zazz at Sonic, Sonic dispatches with the Conch, and Sonic realizing he's made the Zeti a lot more of a threat agrees to side with Eggman under the assumption that Eggman was the only thing keeping the Zeti from being a mess. Meanwhile Tails is researching the island, he meets other inhabitants (other Zeti? a different race? maybe just the little animals) and sees what all Eggman has been doing to the environment. Sonic and Tails meet up, they've both come to drastically different conclusions about who the real threat is and you have your now much more justified argument and break off again. This culminates with Eggman taking over again following the Deadly Six's defeat only for Sonic and Tails to reconnect and finish off Eggman. Again, that's without any detail, but a rough idea on how you could try and rearrange Sonic Lost World to better fit the story it was trying to tell. There's nothing wrong with the concepts in Sonic Lost World, it just does them in the worst way possible.
  2. *Posts about X!Sonic being boring* Oh hey, looks like I have an unpopular opinion too! I'm actually a big fan of the "Sonic gets others to change their world view" thing from the games/Sonic X. To me, Sonic is clearly designed to be a static character that doesn't really experience change himself - I think that's literally at odds with the whole premise of the franchise. Sonic's go where the wind takes him and help anyone he runs across style appeals to me because of how endearing I find his personality and seeing it positively bounce off the other characters in the series; both old and new. Character relationships are the bread and butter of Sonic to me, and I like the nuances each character have with each other. With Knuckles, Antoine, or Shadow, Sonic is more cocky and jabby in his comments, enjoying getting under Knuckles' skin, having fun watching Ant flail, and wanting to goad Shadow into giving him a challenge. With Blaze or Whisper, Sonic is more sentimental, noting the characters feeling more comfortable and relaxed than they were before. With the Chaotix, Sonic feels slightly out of his element, not used to their own consistent mannerisms manifesting in laughing with Vector's habits, impressed by Espio's dedication, or bewildered by Charmy's childlike excitement. All that is to say I enjoy watching Sonic bounce off everyone as he is. Sonic has a flat character arc, where the story is him changing the world around him with his own inner truth. That doesn't mean Sonic can't be challenged by another character or learn something mind you, but the story is still going to have Sonic being Sonic by the end of it. In SatAM, Sonic will sometimes be told that his actions put others in danger by Sally, but he's not going to stop being the free spirit he is just because he learns to put more thought into his actions first. In Sonic Adventure 2, the last cutscene has Sonic considering Shadow and Gerald's actions over the course of the game, making him think about someone or something's true nature in a greater context, but he still knows who he is and reassures Amy that his not too bothered by everything that's happened. In Sonic X, Sonic is visibly saddened having to say goodbye to Chris in episode 52, but he doesn't dwell on those emotions more than the moment and looks forward to what's next when we see him return to his world at the start of the episode. Sonic status as a flat character doesn't mean he can't express himself in different ways, but it does allow him to remain consistent in his portrayal and personality throughout his long and evergreen franchise. Lost World is my least favorite plot in the main series, and it's because to me it attempts to tell the story of Sonic being in the wrong, called out on it, accepts his failing and learns from his mistakes - which is all fine, except it does it in the worst way possible. Sonic leaps into action before Tails has finished talking and ignores his warnings to wait. Is this wrong of Sonic? Absolutely. Is it in character for Sonic? I would argue no. In a situation where Tails is absent and Sonic is observing this on his own, sure - Sonic would jump right in and knock the conch away determining Eggman having it to be a bad thing (which it is, it's just that no one having it is worse in this situation, but I won't dwell on that beat). But with Tails there next to him, in the middle of analyzing the situation? No, I don't buy that he'd jump in while Tails is doing his thing. Nothing about the character's relationship over the base two decades before that tells me that's what he would do. He may not understand Tails all the time, but he does listen to him and what he advises; he knows Tails usually knows what he's talking about. This cutscene alone is not the problem though, ordinarily Sonic would quickly apologize the two would make up and we'd be on our merry way. But the fallout from the scene dictates the plot for the rest of the game, Sonic owns up to his mistake but it ticks Tails off enough that he insists Sonic doesn't trust or respect him, escalated by having them work with Eggman (because that's never happened before). This leads to the two not getting along, Tails being captured by the Zeti, and Sonic determining his failings are the cause of all this misfortune. And I don't believe any of it. I don't believe Tails would blow up at Sonic for working with Eggman, I don't believe the two of them would bicker like this, and I don't believe that Sonic would make the mistake again of not listening to Tails twice, and I certainly don't believe he was "too slow to save his buddy". I find Lost World's plot to be incredibly contrived because no one seems to be acting in ways that make sense for their established characters. It's a plot that knew it wanted to show Sonic and Tails at odds and to show Sonic wasn't always perfect, but had no idea how to get that across in a way that seems natural. And I'll gladly pick any generic plot where Sonic goes around helping people without being overly challenged over something that gets the basic character interactions of two of the most prominent characters in the series wrong. But this is the popular and unpopular opinion topic - someone else in this thread has stated Lost World is their favorite modern Sonic story. I certainly don't agree with that assessment, but maybe for them it jives fine. Others have stated they find Sonic boring when he's just helping people. While I find that captivating on it's own, maybe for others it isn't. I can't say what is the most prevalent interpretations on everything I just mentioned, but it's certainly what I think about it.
  3. I think it'd be the bees knees if Sally was a playable character in this mobile app that is adding Knuckles in a cowboy hat here soon. She could have a spinning dash that utilizes her ring blades as her Boost Item, a lightning shot seemingly from Nicole as her Projectile Item, and maybe some acorn shaped mine as her Trap Item. I also think it'd be just neat if at some point we have a game where Sonic finds her protesting a new golf course Eggman's built because she knows it's gotta be some new nefarious plot by him even though everyone besides her, Sonic, and whoever else of Sonic's friends are allowed to be around is giving him the benefit of the doubt. If that could lead to her riding around in an acorn shaped car in Team Sonic Racing 2 that'd be swell. Reasonable request? Incompatible with the canon? You make the call.
  4. So, Ian mentioned something that may be of interest to this topic on today's Bumblekast. Video should be timed for the appropriate question. Make of that what you will, but up to this point all Sonic X content he considered off the table any other time Ian was asked about it.
  5. Great video, thanks for sharing Kuzu. Was pretty surprised by the positivity toward the romantic relationship between Sonic and Sally. I don't really want that in the games myself, but I do appreciate seeing a well thought out argument in favor of the SatAM/Archie relationships - which I also love in those media.
  6. So I'm a fan of Sonic X (I know, hard to imagine given my avatar,) so let's brainstorm for sec about what advantages Cosmo has that other characters don't and what potential roadblocks she might face. First, the pros. Cosmo is from Sonic X, which on we'll touch upon to the negative in a bit, but for now that means she was designed by Uekawa and Sonic Team. This is a huge point in her favor because that means Sega of Japan sees Cosmo as one of their creations, she showed up for at least a while routinely in Sonic Channel's fan art section, more than the American characters anyway (it's been a while since I looked at those, don't know if she's been featured recently or not) which shows at least someone on SoJ's staff still thinks about the character and indulges her fans. Cosmo's design itself apes a lot from the design of Lumina Flowlight from Sonic Shuffle, a character considered much more obscure and hasn't shown up in official media almost since her debut - cameos as cards in Sonic Rivals notwithstanding. As a result, Cosmo could be seen as a way to salvage aspects of Lumina and better connect her to the series proper. This would be similar to the philosophy Sega took with the Chaotix for their appearance in Sonic Heroes, meaning that Sega could see Cosmo as suitable for inclusion in the broader Sonic franchise already. While minor, certain elements from Sonic X have been adapted into the main series, even if we don't really see them often, such as the Chaotix's house from Sonic X being featured in the official comic for Vector on Sonic Channel during the 25th anniversary celebration and the two worlds, human and animal, connected via rings is seemingly similar to the portal used in episodes 50 and 53 of Sonic X. Lastly, we should also note Sonic X's longevity and popularity that persisted after the series finished. While Sonic X ended in 2006, television reruns persisted in the same time slot range as North American premieres until that venue closed in 2014, ending a nearly constant 11 year run on US television. That's not insignificant. The series' premiere digitally on Netflix and recent blu-ray release by Discotek are also signs that Sonic X's legacy has weight to it among casual fans making the series and its content ripe for continued exploit by Sega. TMS certainly seems to have no qualms about posting Sonic X clips routinely on their Youtube account. Next, the cons. Cosmo is from Sonic X, and therefore she's from another continuity. While I maintain that Sonic X has a lot going for it, at the end of the day Sega's official stance on stuff like the American comic books is that Sonic X content is not allowed to cross pollinate with the main series. This was true with Archie and it's still true with IDW. While Sonic X did have a long run post cancellation, the fact also remains that the series ceased releasing new episodes in 2006. That was 14 years ago. Unlike Sally and the Freedom Fighters whose history predated Sonic X's premiere by 10 years and continued making appearances for 10 years after Sonic X ended, Sonic X was promoted for only four years, with an additional two if you want to include the Archie Sonic X comic. That's a sizable period of relevance, and it outlasted Sonic's other television ventures, but it still is a long time to be without new products to promote beyond the other branches of the Sonic franchise. Another matter is Cosmo's limited appearances in Sonic X and the role she played in the series. Cosmo is not as synonymous with Sonic X the way say Chris is. Chris appears in the first episode, appears in the last episode, and is featured prominently as a main cast member throughout the series as a whole. Cosmo first appears in episode 53. While Cosmo is a main character in the show's third season, that still means she only appears in the last third of the series. That's significantly less time to stay relevant to the larger Sonic X sub brand. Cosmo only appears in the season produced exclusively for international audiences and not in the seasons produced for the domestic Japanese market. Cosmo has no merchandise produced of her to date. Beyond a head-shot cameo in one issue, Cosmo herself was not allowed to be featured in the Sonic X comic series. All of these things together, make it difficult to say that Cosmo is one of the most marketable aspects of Sonic X, even if fans are aware she's one of the more popular concepts. Finally there's Cosmo's role in season three, where she'd directly tied into the villain organization of the season and her story concludes with Tails being forced to kill her. Similar to the argument that Shadow has felt out of place since his story first ended in Sonic Adventure 2, Cosmo's current identity is tied to her portrayal and story beats as seen in Sonic X. This isn't like Sally being tied to SatAM or Archie, Cosmo's story begins with her introduction and ends with her death in Sonic X. While a Sega!Cosmo would obviously be her own thing, there is the fact that Sega would be utilizing a character who had previously already completed an arc and are now trying to find a right place for her. That's not easy to do, especially when her association with the Metarex is also not viable due to the Metarex also not appearing in the games. With all of that said, would I like Cosmo in the Sega-verse? Absolutely. Her simple but spontaneous personality is endearing and her relationship with Tails is super cute. Her design fits in with the rest of the cast well and her physical attributes with her petal dress would actually make for an interesting play style back when the supporting cast was allowed to be playable. But the pros and cons are both significant so I'm really not sure if Cosmo would actually be viable or not. Certainly doesn't hurt to ask though.
  7. I'm honestly trying to think of an instance where Sally is trying to win an argument out of ego in SatAM or Archie that isn't her playfully flirting with Sonic until they don't find it fun anymore and I'm not coming up with anything that really stands out, or at least nothing that isn't treated by the community at large like a major misstep for the character such as in STH 134. Maybe this is meant to play into you considering the characters IQ dropping to accommodate for that, but I really don't think so. I think a lot of this stems from my absolute love of the Archie comics' portrayal of her, especially pre-reboot, and the dislike for them I'm inferring from your posts. I *don't* have a problem with a lot of the things you're referencing as "odious" or "insufferable" about her character creating a divide over what should or should not be done with the character. The same can be said of Boom which you've referenced a couple of times in terms of better writing for characters with flaws, and I hate watching Boom because I don't find any of the cast likable. It's one of the few things in this franchise I have never geled with on any level (besides some character designs). Okay, but this is true in any circumstance, for any character. I don't like the way Tails has been portrayed in the franchise since 2013, does that mean I shouldn't want Tails to appear for fear his character will be flanderized? Should I want to wait until another writer gets a chance to write him, if another writer gets a chance to write him, in the hopes that his characteristics from the stories I liked be recreated without issue? Can Sally not be attempted until a writer comes along who does meet the criteria of producing consistently good material for the other characters? Does the fact you found one element of her character in the first half of the the series that aired 27 years ago to be satisfactory and all appearances of her thereafter in other media for the next 24 years never scratched the same itch mean a new version of the character should be beholden to that one aspect from 1993 you specifically liked? An aspect that you yourself admit does not work well enough with the main cast as they are portrayed in the games and therefore in your mind makes her unusable outside of with versions of the characters only found when adapted in the SatAM premise? I know I might be coming off a bit cross here, but I repeat - this element does not feel to me as essential to her as you're making it sound like.
  8. And I think that's where the divide happens because I DON'T really care for the "pushy and neurotic" version of Sally you mention liking. It sort of reminds me of Tails' portrayal in Lost World, during the scenes where he's yelling at Sonic and all Sonic is trying to do is apologize. I hated that and don't want Sally to fall in some similar role of coming across as snide. I don't want to move on from discussing Sally, but I want to talk about Amy and Blaze for a second as comparisons. In the IDW thread, there's been some talk about Amy's perceived character in Sega Sonic from 1998-2011 versus her personality from 2012-present, specifically whether Amy's obsession with Sonic was a good or grating part of her character. Personally, I'm of the opinion that Amy was grating a bit before, but only when she would get angry with characters like Cream when they pointed out she was blowing up. Her obsession with Sonic was never the issue, that's just what she likes doing, and like in SA1 when Sonic wasn't around her instinct was to get side tracked helping people like Birdie or Gamma. In the modern games I think she's been sanitized like you're mentioning with Sally, but not due to the conflicts she has with others, but because she's no longer displaying the positive traits I prefer she be associated with. I mention this because of how it impacts what I want to see from Sally. If Sally were "pushy and neurotic" I'd probably find her less enjoyable to watch. "Why is Sally being so hard on Sonic? Why does he deserve that?", "wow, that's shallow of Sally to bring up when she does the same thing". Your mileage varies of course, you like seeing her faults and butting heads but to me that doesn't really speak to what I enjoy seeing about the character which is her acting on what she thinks is right and otherwise chilling with those she considers friends. But the obvious answer to that is "But then isn't she perfect? Where are her flaws?". That's where I want to bring up Blaze. Blaze is very similar to Sally in that they're both proactive women in this series that fight against villains for the sake of others. But what are Blaze's faults? The one that has gotten the most attention in the series is her lack of ability to trust and let others in. She relies on herself so much that she can forget she doesn't have to do everything by herself. In Sonic Rush this was her whole emotional arc, while in her subsequent appearances it's been her occasionally needing reminders about that. Given Blaze is no longer in the "new character receiving arc do to hanging out with Sonic" role she occupied in Sonic Rush, her character is going to see less changes going forward and therefore usage of her reflects the character given to her in her initial appearance only simplified for continued use. Similar to Knuckles being tricked into Eggman to be one of the big bads in Sonic 3&K and then getting tricked by Eggman time and again in later appearances all in more mundane situations given the overall plots of those later appearances. Back to Sally. I feel a similar flaw could be applied to her as it was to Blaze just so different. If Sally is an activist constantly worried about the needs of others, why can't her fault be that she tends to disregard her own needs and self care. Over the course of her initial appearance she learns from Sonic and his friends that she's overworking herself and needs to take time to enjoy herself too. Then the reoccurring role she has in the series is that she's fighting for something only for everyone to remind her not to over stress herself. Or not even that if all she's going to get is something like the supporting cast got in Generations. The point is, I think you can adapt Sally's personality and give her traits that are relatable and reusable without making her obnoxious to the player, which is what I'd see her being "pushy and neurotic" would easily fall into.
  9. So this isn't the first time you called Sally a busybody and straight man in this thread, but I wanted to address this here because I think it comes to the crux of the problem we're having - I really don't agree with your view of Sally's character and I really don't agree with what you seem to think are essential components in her use. Let's talk about Sally in the context of SatAM for a second before talking about what her coming to the games would actually entail. SatAM Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik are not equivalent to Sega Sonic, Tails, and Eggman. I think pretty much everyone would agree with that, yeah? SatAM's premise is significantly different from the games and that has been the sticking point for it in the fandom since it's debut 27 years ago. Does SatAM still represent the spirit of the franchise even if it deviates so much in terms of premise? Maybe, depends who you ask. But pretty much everyone should be able to agree that regardless of what SatAM did to the Sonic formula, it adapted the characters to fit the premise it wanted to tell, at least as much as could be adapted when the only real examples of Sega Sonic were Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 at the time. Sonic's 90s rebel attitude and hip status were exaggerated making him difficult to talk to. Robotnik's angry "the man" persona and over industrialization were exaggerated to make him a cruel, cold, and controlling with the animals being made into badniks being adapted as roboticization. Tails' child like incompetence and struggles were adapted to make him younger than everyone else and therefore needing to be protected. These are all rooted in their game portrayals but significantly altered to fit the story they were telling. Sally was not created for Sega Sonic, she was created for SatAM Sonic and her personality there and in the Archie comics reflected that role. She was meant to help direct Sonic's recklessness, she was meant to take care of Tails, and she was meant to oppose Robotnik. Sally's character did not necessitate changes for the other characters, she was meant to play off the adapted personalities used in SatAM. Straight man I can kind of see, but calling her a busybody makes no sense to me. Of course she's going to be in Sonic's business, he's an impulsive soldier that can be of great benefit to her cause but just as likely will make a mistake that could cost them everything. She struggles with trusting him to do the right thing because it's her job to worry about all the different scenarios at play. This is why you have scenes where Bunnie is helping her remember that Sonic can be reckless but he also comes through when he needs to. Sally, and all of these characters, are much more three dimensional characters in SatAM than you seem to portray them as when talking about them. But that's all SatAM, something that is a beast all it's own. What about the actual topic? What about adding Sally to Sega Sonic? Unlike SatAM where Sonic, Tails, and Eggman were adapted to fit it's unique premise, we've got a reversal here. Sally needs to be modified to fit the universe in the Sega games. And I think Sally's inclusion is much easier to incorporate than you seem to think. In SatAM, Sally is a leader of a rebellion against a dictator. But save Forces, that premise is not present in the games. So you adapt that - she's not a leader of a rebellion but an activist pushing to help those in need. In SatAM she was meant to rein in Sonic's at times dangerously impulsive attitude. In the games, Sonic is much more focused on the plights of others and all Sally would need to do is tell him about something that needs his help. They can still banter; Sally pokes fun at how much fun Sonic's having and he laughs it off admitting as much. In SatAM you had an opposites attract kinda relationship between the two, but in Sega it'd be much more two like minded souls that feel comfortable around each other to just joke and take a quick break before getting back to business. How about Eggman? The plot of any game always involves taking down whatever plan Eggman's cooked up. The difference is that Eggman always loses in the end. He's not some unstoppable threat that they are constantly trying to overthrow, he comes up with some new scheme and has it blow up in his face. Would Sally take combating him more seriously than Sonic? Probably, and in a situation where Eggman has them cornered you might finally get a scene where Sally tells Sonic to be serious. But in general, she knows Eggman has been taken down before and can be again. She's going to be more relaxed with everyone than she was in SatAM. And Tails? In SatAM he was never allowed to leave Knothole. In the games he builds bi-planes in his spare time. They're shtick might be Sally would praising him for his work and him getting embarrassed about it. The two would also likely strategize with each other about what was the best way of accomplishing whatever was going on at the time. I can do this with all the characters - show how Sally's natural personality would bounce off the other Sega characters, show how you would adapt the other Freedom Fighters to fit the premise of Sega Sonic - it's really not difficult to consider ways of making this stuff work.
  10. I'm also of the mind that stuff from the Adventure era could come back and hate that it's been so long since we got stuff like that AND would love to discuss possibilities of appeasing that crowd, but... it really doesn't have to do with trying to get Sally in Speed Battle - yeah?
  11. So I want to bring up some characters that I think might demonstrate the pros and cons of both angles for the Freedom Fighters. You guys love the Koopalings? I do. A lot of people do. Many people are apathetic toward them. And when they were playable in Mario Kart 8 a lot of people were outright frustrated by them because of the number of character slots they took up. So they run the gambit of emotions from folks. But back when they were introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3, I gather it was a big deal. I didn't play Mario 3 as I never got it or a re-release. My first exposure to the Koopalings was actually the Nintendo Adventure Books. For those unaware, they were a series of children's choose-your-own-adventure books where you got to decide what Mario or another character would do, go to the page indicated, and see what the result of your choice brought. My local library had books one and three: Double Trouble and Monster Mix-Up. Anyway, I loved those books and were some of the first Mario content I consumed after Super Mario 64. Little did I know it'd be a long time before I would be able to get a new game with the Koopalings in it. After the characters reappeared in Super Mario World, they were completely dropped from the series. While they appeared in two high profile games, Mario 3 and Mario World, the characters were best known for being in Western media such as the Nintendo Adventure Books and comics, the DiC television series, and even some Western developed games like Mario is Missing and Hotel Mario. Sound familiar? As far as relevant games go, 13 years after their appearance in Super Mario World, the Koopalings were used in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - the first entry in the yet unproven Mario & Luigi series. After that, they'd disappear again for another six years before their return to the Mario series in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Since then, the Koopalings appear in all sorts of stuff. Mario & Luigi, New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., some even appear in our own Mario & Sonic series! So what happened? Why were they brought back after so long? Because fans asked for them - a lot! But bringing them back resulted in changes and those changes angered a lot of their fans. The Koopalings were originally introduced as Bowser's children, and that fact appeared in all of the promotional material they appeared in such as the cartoons and print media. But during their absence, Nintendo introduced Bowser Jr. as Bowser's one and only son. So when the Koopalings were brought back, it was stated definitively that they were no now longer Bowser's children, but his minions. This didn't go over well with fans, and there are still people angry about this change. But you know what change people are also still angry about? That he's called Dr. Eggman and not Dr. Robotnik. That is still such a big deal that the recent Hollywood blockbuster that took 2020 by storm had him called Dr. Robotnik. And that's cool, but most fans really don't care at this point. Most are perfectly happy calling him Dr. Eggman, or acknowledging that he's called Dr. Eggman at the very least. And that's true of the Koopalings as well. There are still people angry that they aren't Bowser's kids anymore, but most Koopalings fans like myself are incredibly enthusiastic that they're appearing at all. While some hated that the Koopalings took up seven slots in Mario Kart 8, I loved it. I finally got to play as these characters I read and knew about from before I was in grade school. They're in Super Smash Bros., one of the biggest titles on the market, and it's fun seeing them beat up characters infinitely more popular than them. And it's all because people, their fans, continued to ask Nintendo to bring them back. The Freedom Fighters aren't the Koopalings. There are many notable changes to them. The Koopalings were developed by the team at Nintendo in Japan and first appeared in one of, it not the, most popular Mario game of all time. The Freedom Fighters were developed by Sega of America and DiC for an American television series which during development it was decided to give it a promotional comic book tie-in product. They were then given cameos in a Sega Technical Institute spin-off game also as promotion for the television series that came out that same year. The character that was by far the most popular, Sally, received a three-issue comic mini-series to test her popularity and it didn't do well enough to become an ongoing or receive another mini-series. She and Bunnie and Rotor are only slightly based off of the little animals in Sonic 1 with Sally being the only one to actual share the name of the animal she's based off of - Antoine isn't even that connected and didn't appear in Spinball. She did appear at Sega World Sydney due to her being more recognizable outside of Japan than Amy Rose at the time. Sega is aware of this popularity and would continue to give her special treatment in the Archie Comics due to her popularity which Ian has confirmed multiple times in the past. But the point remains, they aren't the Koopalings and there are significantly different circumstances behind their revival and possible revival respectively. I can only speak for myself, but if I could get Sally Acorn in a NPC role in a Sonic game where she's fighting for a just cause, meets Sonic, he agrees to help her and all we get is her complimenting him while poking fun at his sense of humor which he finds jokingly unnecessary? I'd love that. If that meant she'd get Uekawa artwork on Sonic Channel with a profile telling me she's an activist? I'd love that. If that meant she could be an unlockable or DLC character in Team Sonic Racing 2 where's she's driving a Bug with an Acorn on it? I'd be over the moon. If it meant giving up her status as a princess, giving up her struggles against an evil dictator, giving up her ability place as a leader of a specific team, and giving up on her being the love interest and second most important character in the narrative? I'd be fine with it. Because at least they're doing something with her of value. Because I get to see her doing new things in new material. If Sega brought back the Archie book and IDW started publishing as if the cancellation never happened, or the reboot never happened, or if Sega decided to make a third season of SatAM that picks up from the cliffhanger - I'd be over the moon too. But none of those things exist, and they certainly aren't going to exist if Sega doesn't even believe Sally or the Freedom Fighters are worth putting in a mobile game where I can currently play as Shadow dressed up like a vampire. Koopalings fans were happy that they showed up in a spin-off game, then they were happy when they came back completely, and now they're in everything and the only thing they can still ask for is for Nintendo to make them Bowser's kids again. I'd love if the only request Sally fans had was that they want her to be a princess fighting dictator Dr. Robotnik out of Knothole Village on Planet Mobius. Because that'd mean they wanted SatAM's premise used again, rather than just anything from it.
  12. I've only played a little of Sonic 4 - demos of Episode I and Episode II's mobile version after it became free. Neither really inspired me to play more. I do like some of the aesthetics of the zones, and I actually really like both games' soundtracks. So not one of my favorites by any means, but largely inoffensive to me personally. I will of course acknowledge the problem it was for everyone wanting something that felt more like 1-3&K though.
  13. At the time, Ian and company said everything in the OVA was off limits to them either because Sega said so or because the OVA was owned by Studio Pierrot. This even extended as far as Knuckles' iconic hat, which is why folks like Ian and Jon were so crazy excited when Treasure Hunter Knuckles got announced for Sonic Dash. If there were any rights issues they seem to have been resolved and Sega seems okay with at least some of their branches now using content from it, the live stream even talked about it at length last episode asking if fans had seen it and noting fans seemed to want a rerelease. This could be for a variety of reasons. If I were to speculate, I'd say it might be due to the popularity of Hesse's animations for Mania, both the initial trailers and opening and then later Mania Adventures. Those are all clearly heavily inspired by the OVA and the Sonic CD opening and I think they decided that meant the OVA was worth dusting off the shelf.
  14. I would LOVE to be able to legally purchase Fleetway, but... doesn't that have the exact same problems with reprinting pre-reboot Archie? Each writer and/or artist owns what they contributed to it? That's a ton of different individuals to track down, reach out to, get permission to reprint the work, potentially work out royalty payments for, and finally find publishers globally that would be interested in it (IDW would definitely bite at it, and I imagine you could find a British publisher, but would they even want to translate such an old comic for release in other countries? At least later parts of Archie were published in various European languages). All for a comic that ceased publication 18 years ago, and ceased publishing original stories two years before that? Again, I would love this potential product, but it's even more niche and seems a lot more cumbersome of a venture than saying "Hey Sega, you own Sally, Sally is popular and last appeared three years ago, you should use Sally in more stuff."
  15. So, I'll go ahead and add my two cents, since one of my staff at ASO spear headed this movement following a comment from me on the ASO twitter where I talked about how excited I was to see Tangle & Whisper come to the mobile games and would love to see Sally too. First, the main focus of this campaign - adding Sally to the mobile games. This is something I honestly don't understand why there'd be any hesitancy toward unless you're coming from Sega's perspective. As has been noted, these are noncanon mobile games which let you play as an Android mascot version of Sonic and have Sonic race Sonic respectively - there's nothing to take into account about the larger ramifications of adding any characters to this whether they be from Archie, IDW, Fleetway, etc. While I'd love for everyone to show up, obviously I'd focus on Sally because I like Sally and she's by far the most popular of the non-IDW alternate media series (which she is - there's really no debating that - she was a tent-pole character, arguably both positively and negatively more than Sonic himself, in an ongoing comic for over 20 years and Ian continued to say that Sally was treated differently by Archie and Sega because of her popularity throughout his tenure on the book). One obvious advantage she has, and why I'm going to promote rally4sally rather than rally4scourge or something is that she's literally owned by Sega, so there's nothing externally standing in the way of her appearing (for Fleetway fans - maybe ask Sega for Johnny Lightfoot or Porker Lewis for this same reason). Internally at Sega, there are two major issues I understand which would prevent her inclusion. 1. She was not designed or created by Sega staff. This is probably the biggest reason, but I'd love to see Hesse or Gates or someone give her a new design approved by Uekawa and Sonic Team. That requires them to care about her though, which fan promotion is probably the only thing we can do to that effect. 2. Unlike Tangle and Whisper, Sally's inclusion would not promote another product. If Sally were in IDW then she could be used to promote IDW, but that would cycle back around to problem number one. The only thing we as fans can do is try and change this mindset - try to make the case to Sega that fans want the mobile games to use everyone Sega has at their disposal. Which is the point of the campaign - to try and convince Sega that there are fans out there that want them to produce this product by taking a popular character and including them in a low risk avenue for them. It's the same reason fans keep asking for Sally in the IDW comics which IDW staff acknowledged in some interview recently. If you don't care about Sally or the Freedom Fighters and don't want to actively contribute to this campaign, sure that's fine. But having an issue with other fans trying to do it at all is so strange to me. Next, Sally and/or the Freedom Fighters in the main games. This has been something I've talked about before, but I'll go ahead and go over my thoughts on it again. While there would no doubt be some fans who will always be unsatisfied that the games don't reflect SatAM and vice versa, I personally don't think that's a strong enough reason to not please some fans by adding new versions of the characters that better match the worlds of the games or IDW comics. How I would personally introduce the characters would be to keep their personalities in tact while divorcing the SatAM setting from them. Have Sally no longer being a princess or tactical leader, but keep her more serious minded perspective and her humanitarian goals. She'd be an activist that volunteers time toward helping people and fighting against injustices; getting along with Sonic and playfully chastising him for his hyper "always on the move" attitude. If she were allowed to be playable (you know, if anyone besides Sonic is allowed to be playable outside of Mania and multiplayer racing/party/mobile games), that could be explored with elements to her design either in the way of her ring blades from post-reboot or something involving Nicole like in that Sally in Sonic 1 mod. The other Freedom Fighters would be similar - Rotor would be a modest but excited mechanic who likes to invent new devices to utilize with a moveset based either on those devices or his own body (I lean toward him sliding around on his belly with a paw attack rather than making him a brawler ala post-reboot but that could work too), Antoine would be a scared but brave swordsman whose moveset would focus on his sword (fighting with a sword could be straight forward, but having it allow him to bounce similar to Scrooge's cane in Capcom's DuckTales could be fun), and Bunnie would be a rough-and-tumble, outgoing cowgirl who uses artificial limbs that can stretch and fly (maybe even including her arm cannon). Instead of roboticization, they could be prosthetic. Nicole's a bit more complicated since her lynx form doesn't exist in SatAM and therefore may not be available to Sega (she was designed by Archie artist Tania Del Rio). Having her be an AI learning from Sonic to be hip like in SatAM would still be fun to me. The characters would be individual (minus Nicole being with Sally) with the Freedom Fighters group being something referenced when they're all together (including Sonic, Tails, and maybe Amy) complete with "Long time no see... looks like the Freedom Fighters are back together!". Other than that, they'd all have their own relationships like Bunnie and Antoine flirting or Rotor and Tails getting all technical with each other so other nearby characters get lost in the conversation. Again, this wouldn't please everyone, nothing will considering some SatAM fans would want the games to change to accommodate SatAM's premise and some games fans would be unhappy if these characters appear at all, but that's not a good enough reason to deprive fans of these characters from any use of them. I also will note that these descriptions are all based on the idea they could appear in the games, if they were only going to appear in the IDW comics you could probably get away with some further deviation. For example, I think Sally still being a princess could probably still be implemented well in IDW, but in the games it'd be best for her not to be a princess.
  16. The Knuckles not leaving Angel Island line is probably from the 7-13-20 Bumblekast.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  18. Ian has stated Sega has been a lot more hands on with the original characters in IDW than they ever were with Archie. I honestly could see IDW's cast being similar to the situation with Sticks where Sega sees them as characters they created. As many fans as the Freedom Fighters had and specifically as popular as Sally and Scourge got, there was probably always this disconnect Sega had with characters they had little hand in creating. There is probably a level of bias there.
  19. Growing up with Gen 1 for me was a mix of Pokemon Red, the cartoon, Pokemon Stadium, and Pokemon Snap. I also was a big fan of kids nature shows and documentaries, which is probably why I gravitated toward the nature photographer premise of Snap. I loved being able to traverse the tracks over and over to discover new ways to encounter the Pokemon - discovering how to make some Pokemon evolve, awakening the legendary birds in their eggs, finding how to make other Pokemon appear by taking certain pictures at specific moments, getting Pokemon to behave in certain ways either by leading them with apples or using the Pokeflute - there were so many different experiences crammed into that game. As much fun as I had battling with Pokemon in Red or Stadium, as a kid the Pokemon themselves were so cool that I just wanted to hang out with them. The Pokemon anime was a great example with that - getting to see Ash and the others interacting with their Pokemon and seeing their personality shine through. In Pokemon Snap, I got to experience that for myself, being the one in their environment and witnessing their idiosyncrasies. This trailer looks like a wonderful update on the visual front and I'm excited to play it! When it comes to Pokemon Snap, all I can really ask for is more. More tracks, more species, more items, etc. I've been waiting years for this announcement though so right now I'm still just super excited for the new game.
  20. Another character they might pick is Metal, since he could be added without needing to spend too much time developing a character unlike Amy or Knux - though I could totally see them too (maybe save Knux for a Sonic 3 if they want to imitate that like all the Tails Sonic 2 stuff they'll likely capitalize on in marketing). All I can say is, I had no idea how much I would like the first film so it's really exciting that I can look forward to the sequel! Will be an incredibly different experience than the "hype" for the first movie, and that's great!
  21. It's seems crazy to me that the only console games released this current generation so far, as the PS5 and XBSX are soon approaching, have been Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, Team Sonic Racing, and Mario & Sonic 2020. If we want to throw the Wii U in there due to it's short life span, we can also add Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Sonic Lost World, Rise of Lyric, and Mario & Sonic 2014 and 2016. Nine games, three of them Mario & Sonic games, two of them car racing games from Sumo (only one of which is actually a Sonic title, not a Sega crossover that was also released on the 360 and PS3), and two of them being Rise of Lyric and Mania which were developed independently from Sonic Team. Generations turns 10 years old next year - between the 20th anniversary and the 30th anniversary Sonic Team's only main series games will have been Lost World and Forces; two of the most divisive to poorly received entries in the series after 06. I don't mean that to say Sonic Team is wrong to take their time before the next game launches, that would also be foolhardy. But saying "we need to slow down" when the series, in my eyes at least, has essentially ground to a halt already, paints a picture of a franchise that's essentially ready to be dormant - releasing new games during anniversaries to remind people it existed and not much else. I don't know, I'm only musing, but to me it just screams how unhealthy the brand is if Sega is saying "we're planning to take our time" when the last main series game Forces came out three years ago this fall. We've got the IDW comics and a potential movie sequel - I guess that's what's front and center for the brand for now.
  22. Probably the comic. The Boom comic is very sparse on content, 11 issues - three of which were crossovers during Worlds Unite that barely count. Of the eight actual issues, the six Ian wrote were pretty decent, showing a good understanding of the characters and with humor that seemed actually funny to me, primarily meta humor and fourth wall gags. It's not really what I ask for in Sonic content, but was cute for what it was. Of the Freibergers' two issues, issue 11 was good, in large part due to Diana Skelly's art, while issue 5 was pretty meh. I actually like the story in Rise of Lyric, but I haven't played the game and am in no hurry to do so due to it's reputation. Other than that? There's a handful of good character designs - Sticks, Zoey, Perci, Lyric, Cliff, Q-N-C, and Nominatus - but otherwise and in general Boom was the one piece of the franchise I've never cared for. I hoped I would, I liked the trailers for Rise of Lyric promoting a 3-D platformer style that looked closer to the Adventure games than the Boost titles. And when we got our first bit of animation for the series being Sonic vs. Burnbot I was hopeful we were in for a fun kids action adventure series. But the game turned out to be an incredible disappointment to pretty much everyone and the TV series ended up being an unfunny sitcom about characters who were Sonic and Co. in name only, at least to my tastes. Am I sorry the sub-series is gone? I suppose I'm sorry for those did enjoy it, its existence didn't frustrate me or anything past that I wished something else was in its place. But I'm not going to miss it like say Sonic X or the Archie comics, that's for sure.
  23. The only obvious cheat I've seen are players who can spam items. Like they get an item and then use it like 10 times in a row or something instead of the usual maximum of three.
  24. I encounter the Zeti fairly often when I play, Zazz in particular can be a pain if you get behind him due to his star land mine move. The only characters that are less common are the special characters really, which makes sense because they're lower level. I've played the game since it came out almost daily, mainly because it's an easy way to pass time for a few minutes while I'm on a break - I complete whatever the missions I've built up from the previous day are and open whatever longer chests I started to unlock before I left. I've played some with every character, but I like Amy's moves the most so I usually stick with her. I imagine it's probably frustrating coming in late in the game and having a backlog of characters that are either a time investment to get enough cards for or are only rotated so often. If you've played like I have though it's been pretty easy to unlock everything as they come up - especially because I rarely spend Red Star Rings on chests, usually saving them up until I can buy one of the big chests when they do their 50% of sales. Because of that, I usually have enough Red Star Rings on hand to easily spend buy the 5 Red Star Ring requirements to double my chances when a new character is added (I don't do that to get more cards after I've unlocked the character though, I just let myself get those slowly). I have yet to spend any actual money on the game, nor do I ever intend to. I love how many characters they've added, Zeti included, and it'd be rad if they keep adding them over time - the rest of the Deadly Six, Tikal, Sticks if they can swing it (it's pretty clear they intended to add Boom Sonic at one point and then were told not to), Infinite (he's probably barred too given how obvious a choice he would have been), any other modern characters they could convince Sega to let them use.
  25. I was watching it weekly until the hiatus hit. It's hard to tell what my early thoughts are on it. The first episode was okay while the second episode The third episode ended with them reaching the Digital World proper, so I imagine the series will be heating up going forward whenever things restart (word is One Piece - which went on hiatus at the same time - is moving to have everything produced from home soon, so hopefully Toei will be able to get their other series like Digimon and PreCure up and running not too long after). Easily the best thing about the reboot has been the animation, which has been really high quality so far. The plot I'm finding a little boring, but hopefully that changes soon. Part of the charm of Digimon for me is the quirkiness from the old English dub, so if you're like me watching the Japanese version of either the original or this it comes off a little bland. But I also appreciate it for what it is.
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