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  1. I'd actually buy a Sonic Generations Ultimate. It's my favorite of the boost games.

  2. IDW is going to be doing Sonic related stuff all June, with special stuff every Saturday. The big announcement they mentioned is June 9th, so we don't have too much longer to wait.
  3. I'm going to personally ignore the 4chan leak for now; I'd rather not go in with any expectations until there's more physical evidence to back them up. It might be real, like the Sonic Wars stuff was, but I'd rather air on the side of caution before I start speculating on "how do I expect this open world Sonic game will play" and the like. I am curious about the supposed title leak. If the name is being shared with all these news outlets like Polygon but is absent in today's teaser, do you think it's safe to say we'll be getting more info soon, like at E3 or on 6-23? I feel like if it's going to be a while before we learn more they wouldn't have had details like that referenced in press material.
  4. Not to say that the effect on Sonic isn't related to the Phantom Ruby, but brightly colored cubes around Sonic aren't tied to just that concept.
  5. Not gonna lie, I think the thing I'm most excited about from the presentation was the new vocal theme for Colors Ultimate.

    1. Stasis
    2. GentlemanX


      Welp. So much for that.

  6. I don't feel like setting the bar for a compilation to be "Be at least as good as Mega Collection/Gems Collection" is too high. Yet here we are.

    I just want a physical cart to play SA1 and SA2 on Switch Sega.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      It can't even be hard to just bring the existing SA1 and 2 remasters to new platforms, maybe even with the changes to make the games more like the original Dreamcast releases like fans have done through extensive modding.

  7. Might pick up Origins if it's the mobile versions by Whitehead, but that it's the just the Genesis platformers is pretty lame - you got more content with vanilla Mega Collection nearly two decades ago. Colors Ultimate is what was expected. I'll pass. New game has nothing to look at, and is even more generic than the teaser for Forces in 2016 - could be good could be not, there's nothing to go on. Pretty animation though. At the very least they essentially confirmed they'll be doing more of these throughout the year, but this had really nothing to offer me. Back to waiting.
  8. 2010: Ryan Drummond confirms he was in talks to return as Sonic, Roger Craig Smith is announced instead, Sonic Colors is his first major game.

    2021: Ryan Drummond confirms his agent reached out to Sega to return as Sonic, Roger Craig Smith is announced instead, Sonic Colors Ultimate is the next major game.

    1. Kuzu


      So I was right, this is 2010 again.

  9. The news about Roger might be disappointing to me, but Spaz's cover for the 30th anniversary special makes up for it. He remains the best.

  10. Can't say I'm not a bit disappointed. I don't dislike Roger's performance as Sonic, but it's definitely not my favorite either, so I was genuinely curious about a new actor in the role. Roger's acting as Sonic is solid, he knows how to deliver his lines and get across Sonic's snark. But I've always felt his voice is too deep for Sonic so I wish we could have seen someone with a different register. Guess I'll just have to keep listening to Sonic & Tails R and thinking about what could have been. Also, general lol at Sega for clearly backtracking to save face.
  11. I know there's been a lot of, from my understanding deserved, vitriol thrown at the port of a port of a port release of SA1 for 360/PS3, but I don't remember hearing about issues with the HD release of SA2 back in 2012. Do you mean just general retroactive dislike of the Adventure games among certain circles? I don't really want to delve too deeply into the pros and cons of a remake of Sonic Adventure in this post, but to include something somewhat on topic, I'd be content with a competent re-release of the Adventure games for Switch over a full remake if the latter was untenable at this time. I think it could be good for the franchise for a number of reasons and could certainly lean more into appealing to me specifically, but I really just want to be able to play SA1/SA2 on a physical cart without having to navigate my Gamecube with my 4K TV.
  12. RIP Miura-san. We will never forget your seminal work in Berserk.

  13. I think its fair to say that IDW Shadow is comparable to Shadow's appearances in titles like ShTH, Chronicles, Free Riders, and TSR, but it does feel inconsistent with titles like 06, Colors DS, and Forces, at least to me. In the former, all Shadow seems to want to do is antagonize Sonic and the rest of the cast to prove his own superiority while in the later he seems more mission focused on whatever needs his attention and actively cooperates with others to reach his goals. Note the difference in Shadow's behavior in the case of Omega for example. In 06 Shadow is openly disappointed he can't do anything to help Omega in Crisis City and what happened to Omega is the first thing he asks Infinite in Episode Shadow. In IDW by comparison, he actively shows no interest in helping Omega in Chao Races, even when he doesn't have another immediate objective to prioritize. Plot wise, it allows Shadow to do other things so the story isn't contained to one continuous part, but character wise it only paints Shadow as hostile. Speaking of hostility toward other characters, let's talk a bit about Shadow and another character - Amy - as a way to discussing another element to Shadow's character; his role as a protector. Since we're referencing how Archie Sonic was different, back when Treasure Team Tango was being released fans were a bit confused why Shadow was more violent with Amy in that story compared to how Shadow interacted with her in SA2, following up on their moment together during the Last Story. Ian defended this by noting that Archie Sonic's version of SA2 was different as shown in Sonic Universe #2 and therefore Archie Shadow never had a similar moment with Archie Amy. This moment with Amy has been used to explore Shadow's protector role with characters across Sonic media such as Hope in the Archie comics and Chris and Molly in Sonic X. In the games, while Shadow has not been given as close a bond as those examples, 06 notably frames the narrative more broadly as protector of humanity. It's his big moment of defying Mephiles not once but twice in the narrative - even if humanity betrays him he will still fight to defend it because that's the promise he made to Maria and later Amy. These are all core aspects of Shadow's character baked into his characterization in SA2 and 06. He rescues Rouge, with her dilemma reminding him of his promise to Maria, the first time he seems to remember Maria's words in the story, then saves the planet from Gerald's revenge plot, then the world again from the Black Arms, and then once again from Mephiles/Iblis/Solaris. That said, it's likely Sega pivoted away from this following 06 given the complaints about the stories being too serious and too divorced from the Sonic/Eggman conflict that the series started with. Forces is the first main series game since 06 to prominently feature Shadow among other secondary characters in the story, and it too is greatly effected by the changes made to the series' direction in the intervening years. It's also possible Shadow's current attitude itself is a response to the fan outcry at "You got dis Sonic" from Generations, but I'd be surprised about that. The long and short of it is this - is Shadow's portrayal in IDW completely out of nowhere? No, I think you can chart a trajectory on how he got here and there are examples of this you can bring up that occurred prior. Does that mean he's compatible with the more popular portrayals of him both in and out of the games? I don't think so, I believe there's a strong case to be made that Sega has chosen to ignore a lot of what made Shadow popular in the first place out of a belief those elements were not the direction general audiences wanted (note here: I mean that what made Shadow popular with Shadow fans during the 00s was unpopular with general fans of the series notably those from the 90s).
  14. Wasn't the comic supposed to be switching to two issues a month? Did that stop? Delays are a problem regardless, and have been for pretty much IDW's entire run, but I thought the faster release schedule would help at least a little. As for complaints about the book's narrative at present - eh. As someone who never asked for the book to be more Sega Sonic focused and preferred pre-reboot Archie the most, I don't think the book is ill due to that particular limitation. You can tell engaging narratives and more mundane but still entertaining slice of life stuff within Sega's restrictions pretty easy. I didn't care for what I've read of the Metal Virus Arc but that's because I didn't like it in concept - zombie apocalypse stories don't do it for me and this one seemed to be no different. The stuff with Neo Metal Sonic at the end of the first arc was cool and that was done within Sega's restrictions, even giving us neat new stuff like Super Neo Metal Sonic. If the issue with the current fluff stories are they feel boring, it's probably either due to it not being what the particular reader is interested in, or the execution is just lacking for one reason or another.
  15. He's stated many times before that he's not planning on releasing physical versions of the individual issues, or chapters or whatever he's going to call them, since he sees that method as outdated. Those are going to be exclusive to the app. His plan is to only release collected graphic novels physically.
  16. It just looks like the purple swirling thing from above the tower to me. Slightly different due to artist interpretation sure, but not to any major degree.
  17. Dimps's last Sonic game was Lost World 3DS. But yeah, obviously fake leak is obvious.
  18. I own Sonic Colors for Wii, and I think revisiting it on that platform that will suffice for me. I didn't hate it or anything, but felt largely underwhelmed by it. Generations is the only boost game that has ever really appealed to me, so I don't expect Colors will do anything more for me the second time around. I know Colors has its fans and was at the time a critical darling, so I won't speak ill toward anyone excited at seeing it again, especially in 4K. But yeah, I'm definitely in the crowd hoping this isn't the big anniversary title. I'd hate to think Sega looked at the reception to Sonic Forces and decided the only logical step was to double down on the boost formula but to just directly recycle when it was positively received. I know that not everyone is a fan of the idea of remaking the adventure games but that at least would entail remaking games made over 20 years ago and likely would bring a fresh perspective on a gameplay style Sega hasn't worked with in a while. Colors is less than half as old as SA1 and was one of the founding titles for the Boost formula. At least a new boost game would bring new concepts such as characters or music to the series's history. Even Generations in 2011 acted as a celebration of the entirety of the brand and saw levels portrayed in ways they hadn't before (except Modern Rooftop Run and Planet Wisp). This as the main offering of the 30th anniversary would be... very disappointing. But I'm not going to assume that for now, not until we see how Sonic Team actually market this. If this is what Sega's biggest plan is for Sonic in 2021, it'll be clear from the promotional push they give it.
  19. SSMB Banner: "Mr. Yuji Naka is all right."

    I mean, not today probably.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Poor guy. Dude must be crushed seeing a game he (seemingly?) put a lot of heart and soul into get raked across the coals and no doubt losing any and all trust from Square-Enix. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if his career in games is pretty much over.

  20. I don't understand. Are you asking if everyone would be happy if the Freedom Fighters came back one time only to acknowledge they were a thing and people liked them and then they were never to be utilized again? By asking if that would be enough for people or if that would be a slippery slope, are you framing this premise as though a segment of the fandom should only be appeased once and then we all should be expected to move on and it's unreasonable to want continued use of these characters and concepts afterwards? Because no, I would still see the value in the Freedom Fighters and continue asking for more content featuring them.
  21. What I consider the most reasonable argument against the Freedom Fighters coming over to IDW is the fact that they can't function as Sonic's primary supporting cast like they were in SatAM and Archie. I say that's the most reasonable argument to me because there's really no refuting it: the Freedom Fighters, with Sonic in the lead and the rest as back up focused on tactical missions to stop the Eggman Empire, should not be the direction IDW goes in. IDW is a more SegaSonic-centric book than Archie ever was. It takes the setup of the games and tells new stories that are, theoretically anyway, more in line with what you might find there. Sonic is the protagonist, we focus on him running around doing the hero thing, and he runs into his various friends while on said adventures. That's how SegaSonic works, and therefore that's how IDWSonic works. ArchieSonic and SatAMSonic did not work that way and expecting the new book to go back to that isn't reasonable, or honestly preferable given IDWSonic's premise. So those saying that the Freedom Fighters, as they were in SatAM and Archie, wouldn't work in IDW makes sense. But. Being Sonic's primary supporting cast, even the Freedom Fighters team in concept, is not required for these characters to work. Sally can rally against injustice and act strategically without being around Sonic all the time or leading a team focused on beating Eggman. Bunnie can be a high energy, down to earth brawler with a lot of empathy and tech appendages without being in Sonic's periphery and needing Sally around to tell her what she needs to smash. Antoine can be a bit of a stuffed shirt who has a tendency to prattle on and need a bit of convincing to jump into the thick of things without always doting on Sally or Bunnie or being the nag in Sonic's life. Rotor can be a specialist in equipment for himself and others who wants to show what he's capable of without being the guy Sonic prefers to chill with and always inventing new weapons to use against the Eggman Empire. And Nicole can be Sally's trusted aide who's slowly learning to act beyond her programming without having to provide a strike force with the technical specs needed for continuous militaristic operations. The characters they were in SatAM and Archie were big enough to function beyond the role assigned to them in those narrative concepts. Each has their own unique personality that allows for a breadth of potential story and character opportunities in any canon they could be dropped into. A degree of adaptation is needed, sure, but there's more than enough there to make them creatively viable. It's not like we're talking about one shot characters or those only involved in one, specific story arc. They can be retooled to fit the new environment they're surrounded by while remaining largely recognizable with how they've been portrayed in the past. If you just don't like the Freedom Fighters, fine. No one can force you to like something you don't. But plenty of people will also feel the opposite and there isn't a reason they shouldn't show up from a purely character standpoint. I can kinda understand the "we already have a ton of characters" angle, but if you think the book is going to stop introducing new, heroic characters I've got bad news because that's not going to happen. Belle was literally introduced five issues ago. New characters are going to show up to keep things fresh and the cast will continue to increase. In the games this can be frustrating because it's hard to give all these characters adequate screen time that'll please their fans. But in the comics? It's much easier to shuffle your characters give every reader a chance to see their favorites at one point or another. Whether that's new characters or legacy ones. But as has been said already, those currently writing the book would add the characters if they could, it all comes down to Sega saying yes or no. But for the question of whether they "should" be in the book; I think they should. I'd like to see new versions of them interacting in a more SegaSonic grounded book.
  22. The interview in that video was not conducted by the creator of that video. It's a clip from an interview conducted in 2010 at NYCC. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Spaziante isn't 60 at the time that interview was conducted. If he is, he's found the fountain of youth and I need to track him down to learn where it is. Here's a Sonic Stadium article about the interview when it was posted.
  23. I don't think it's been explicitly clear that they would have to be different from what Archie did should they be told they can use the Freedom Fighters at some point, just that is real possibility those could be the restrictions they have to work under. Ian specifically mentioned the IDW team did a hypothetical discussion for fun where they talked about all the different ways they might handle things depending on what rules they were given and what they'd actually want to do to make them fit. There are no hard rules with the Freedom Fighters right now outside of that Sega isn't letting them use them right now. I can only speak for myself, but I'd be fine with a SatAM/Sega version of the characters. I don't think Antoine and Bunnie being married really makes sense for Sega versions of those characters, Antoine's name being Depardieu is whatever (I'd just have him be Antoine the Coyote myself), and having Nicole be in the handheld again as an accessory character to Sally would also be fine. I'll go even further - forget about Bunnie's parts being roboticized, just have them be prosthetic or some sort of tech armor. Ditch the Sally as princess concept and just have her be an activist. Get rid of the Freedom Fighters team setup entirely and have them be stand alone characters that have a team dynamic when they work together like Team Sonic does. I think most people asking for those characters at this point aren't asking for the IDW book or games to contort themselves to fit the premise of post-reboot or pre-reboot Archie, or even SatAM. They just want versions of those characters as part of the tertiary cast.
  24. Sure, I was thinking about it recently so I'll bite. I'm going to be in full dream mode here though, so bear in mind I don't actually expect Sega would do anything like this. Sonic Mania Classic Collection: Utilizing the Sonic Mania brand name rather than just "Classic Sonic", this would encompass pretty much everything prior to Sonic Adventure. Sonic 1 would include at least the original Genesis/Mega Drive version as well as the Taxman version, with maybe the Sega Ages version thrown in as well. Same with Sonic 2 and Sonic CD, with Sonic 3&K being included similar to Mega Collection which allowed you to play through all three versions. The 8-Bit games would all be included (Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos, Mean Bean Machine, Spinball, Drift, Triple Trouble, Drift 2, Skypatrol, Tails Adventure, Labyrinth, Blast) with any title originally released on the Master System using that version for screen display reasons. Include all the previously unported games (Eraser, Waku Waku, SegaSonic, Cosmo Fighter, Chaotix, even Schoolhouse). I don't know if you could get the Pico games running on something like this, but if you could then include those as well (Music Maker, Gameworld) And round things out with the 16-bit versions of Mean Bean Machine and Spinball, Fighters, R, and both the Mega Drive and Saturn versions of 3D Blast. All titles should have widescreen support if possible. Bonus feature wise, include the manuals (preferably as many versions as possible), an art gallery for all the Classic Sonic titles, the opening and ending animations for Sonic CD (maybe even include the opening to Sonic Mania), commercials from across the globe, and some remixes to accompany stuff like the gallery like was in Gems Collection. Big one I'd like to see is a playable version of Sonic World from Sonic Jam. While the Gamecube era collections also included other Sega titles, the only one I'd really want to see was Flicky. Maybe Ristar if there was enough room. Sonic Adventure Collection: As previously mentioned, this would be SA1, SA2, Heroes, and ShTH. Try to include as much additional content from DX and SA2B as possible (since I don't think you'd have room to include both versions). and then focus on bonus content like manuals, commercials, and a gallery with remixes. If it were possible to include more, the two I can really think of are trying to include Shuffle as well as cutscenes from the games you can watch on demand. Like with the Classic Collection, widescreen support would be ideal here. Sonic Mobile Collection: This would be focused on most of the handheld titles released after Sonic Adventure (Pocket Adventure, Advance, Advance 2, Pinball Party, Battle, Advance 3, Rush, Rivals, Rush Adventure, Rivals 2, Chronicles, Colors DS, Generations 3DS, Sonic 4 I, Sonic 4 II, and Lost World 3DS). In addition to those titles, I'd also like to see them include as many of the mobile games like from Sonic Cafe or Hardlight as possible, even if stuff like Sonic Runners would need to be reworked for the format. Same kind of extra content from the previous two sets would be included here. Sonic Riders Collection: This would contain Sonic Riders, Zero Gravity, and Free Riders with all the similar previous bonus content on the other sets. Free Riders would need to be reprogrammed to work with button controls. If there was any room still on the release, maybe include the other classic racing titles like Drift, Drift 2, and R as bonuses. Sonic Storybook Collection: Obviously this would include Secret Rings and Black Knight. If Sonic Shuffle can't fit on the Adventure Collection release put it here to go alongside the Storybook games party modes. Try to give the games more traditional controls when possible so they're not reliant on the Wii's controls. Sonic Boost Collection: This would be Unleashed, Unleashed Wii, Colors, and Generations. Sonic Lost World could probably be given a Sonic Lost World Deluxe style release and be fine. Not counting a Mario & Sonic Collection or an Superstars/All-Stars Collection, that would leave 06 and the Boom titles really. 06 is too big to really fit with anything else I don't think, and it'd be a tall order to get the game in an acceptable state for re-release. If there were room I'd say put it on either the Adventure or Boost Collections. The Boom games could all be put together, though I don't really care about those.
  25. Why did audiences connect to Avengers but didn't connect to Justice League? Ignore the two films' actual quality in terms of directing and what not for a second because we're talking about superhero team up movies featuring well known characters from the big two and Justice League came out years after the super hero movie genre received its second wind thanks to the MCU. There is no reason for both of those movies not to be major successes. How many characters were *introduced* in Avengers? Iron Man had two movies, Cap had a movie, Hulk had a movie, Thor had a movie, and Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and the rest had also appeared in prior MCU movies. The Avengers worked for casuals because there had been a solid build up before they got the big crossover movie. Justice League was not a standalone feature, and in fact was the fifth film to take place in the DCEU. But outside of Superman and Lois Lane debuting in a Superman movie, the rest of the cast was thrown together. Batman and Wonder Woman were introduced in Batman v Superman, not able to establish themselves before being put in a crossover film. The rest of Justice League's cast: Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman, Steppenwolf, all debuted in Justice League. It was a disorganized mess and general audiences thoroughly rejected it. It's clearly not problem with DC's brand though, since Wonder Woman and Aquaman's stand alone features were both hits. If you want your audience to care about what they're being shown, you need to invest in time where the audience gets to know and like the characters and stories you're featuring. You can't do that when you're introducing a big cast en masse in a first or second film.
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