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    GentlemanX got a reaction from Milo in It's a freaking MIRACLE. Shout! Factory is releasing all of Gravity Falls on DVD and   
    I really hope this does tremendous and maybe changes Disney's attitude toward home releases.
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    GentlemanX got a reaction from ThePrinceOfSaiyans in REACTION: Sonic OVA redubbed by Studiopolis.   
    "Strange isn't it" kept or no sale.
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    GentlemanX got a reaction from Livia_Gamer in Need help. my brothers (Nicoboi and HylianBran) are arguing about whether Sonic SATAM   
    I love both. I think Sonic X gets more time to realize the stories it wants to tell, while SatAM too often feels comfortable retreading previous ground. Those retreads are often enjoyable, but I think Sonic X is the better series.
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