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  1. Is there an interview or something from no less then 10 years ago that can confirm this? Because I really find it hard to believe a current gen Sonic game would be less worth the money or more difficult to create then the AAA developer games we've been getting so far.
  2. Man giving Wii U Lost World a second chance was a terrible, terrible mistake. Everything about that game annoys or angers me and feels like a personal attack on everything that makes me passionate about the series. A nonsensical/uninspired aesthetic, soundtrack that leaves no impression, boring/cringe story, underutilized mechanics, frustrating/boring level design, and the Deadly Six are undoubtedly my least favorite Sonic characters at this point NO CONTEST. The only thing that I'm conflicted on is whether or not I despise the 3DS version more. I actually think it has a better foundation but completely loses it's mind by the end of desert ruins and has some absolutely AWFUL gimmicks that put even the wii u version to shame. 

    Absolute dog crap games that nobody should ever have to experience.

    1. Sonikko


      I agree, the 3DS version has a better foundation but it really has no idea what to do with it after a couple stages. It somehow does much less with more.

      Lost World is just a pretty average 2D platformer all things considered, it's just an awful Sonic game. Still think it's better than Colours or Forces tbh, but apparently that's a hot take

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Lost World Wii U I can kind of enjoy sometimes, but hardly. It's full of underutilised and poorly explained mechanics on a revolving door, whilst the planetoid level design and parkour system are never used effectively. From originally quite enjoying the Wii U version despite its flaws, I've gone to like the gameplay less and less every time that I try to go back to it. Even the visuals feel half-baked. It doesn't go whole-hog at all on the cartoony visuals, instead feeling like the cheap Mario clone that it so obviously is. My opinion of the game is constantly dropping. 

      But despite all that, I still can't begin to call it anywhere near as bad as the 3DS version. Yes, WHZ tutorial and WHZ1 are fine. And the parkour is less finnicky than on the Wii version. The rest of the game? Fucking garbage. It looks hideous. It controls horribly. The level design is full of the most unfun, annoying and tedious gimmicks that the series has ever seen. You think the mandatory Wisps in the Wii U version are bad? They ain't got shit on the horrors of the 3DS game. It's truly, truly awful. And they managed to make the already awful storyline even worse by omitting several of the cutscenes. 

      There's no question in my mind. It's a pretty poor game on the Wii U versus what I find to the worst Sonic game mechanically on 3DS. 

    3. StaticMania


      Nobody should experience it...except the people who like it.

      Seems fair.

    4. Diogenes



      soundtrack that leaves no impression

      now that's simply not true

    5. Speedi


      @StaticMania Yeah, I'm never gonna knock people for liking stuff I don't lol. I'd personally never recommend them, though.

      @Diogenes Don't get me wrong it all sounds really good, but I can't imagine myself listening to more then a handful of songs on my own time. 

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Lost World's OST isn't without its bangers but something about the soundtrack really fails to stick the landing. I don't know what it is and I'm not going to pretend that I have any idea how to actually put it into words. But I definitely think that it's got something to do with the fact that Ohtani created like 90% of the soundtrack himself (especially when it comes to the level themes) and that Lost World apes so much from trying to imitate Mario. 

      "No impression" is totally untrue IMO. But it just doesn't hit the highs of most other Sonic soundtracks. 

    7. Strickerx5


      Yeah, can't say I disagree with any of this. The game is just... on another continent in terms of what I like about this series, to the point where it feels like it's trying its hardest to be anything but a "Sonic game." Like, it was even the first Sonic game... ever to not have me rushing to get the soundtrack.

      It definitely has some positives. I do love the idea of parkour and do think that, on a base level, having more villains in the series is a good thing. But all of that comes with the biggest damn asterisks.

      If it wasn't for truly broken games like 06 or RoL, it'd easily be my least favorite game in the series honestly (though even then I feel like there are more things I like in 06...).

    8. Wraith


      I like the soundtrack, and I like the intent behind the artstyle. Just about everything else about it is either bad on a concepual level or lands so far off the mark that it obscures the merit of the original idea. 

      I hesitate to call it a terrible game but it falls pretty short of the standard set by 3D Sonic, let alone the 2D games it wants to remind you of. 

    9. BadBehavior


      It's like Forces in that it seems Sonic Team spent more time making sure their systems were scripted and automated enough to not be liable to any bugs or glitches, and less time on actually making it fun to play. I mean, yeah unlike 06, it's "playable" (and even then, thats subjective)... but why would you want to play it?

  3. God, Sonic game concept art is so cool. I could get addicted to looking at this shit for hours wondering what could have been.

  4. So I was listening to the theme of Shadow's semi-hero route and it gave me some stuff to think about. Actually found myself liking it a lot, personally. It's a good look at the inner psyche of Shadow.

    That said, it did also make me wish the game took a much different route with his overall story. The idea that he's suffering survivor's guilt being indirectly responsible for the ARK tragedy is one that is very interesting to me. And I'd have much preferred him learning to cope with said guilt be explored then the weird choose your own adventure plot we actually got.


  5. One day I hope we can normalize male Sonic characters wearing full outfits or even just more clothes in the games and spinoff media. I wanna see Shadow in a hoodie and Sonic wearing a tuxedo.


    1. VisionaryofSUPER


      I daresay, give a few of the boys some... pants!

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Last time they gave him a scarf, we reacted pretty reasonably

    3. Speedi


      It was a pretty lame scarf.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't mind them dressing up for some specific scenario that would require it, but I really don't think that Sonic characters need clothes, much less elaborate outfits. Although if you wanna see Sonic in a tux, there's always the Rivals games.

    5. Speedi


      Yeah, I mean it's not like I want them dressing up every game or something. Just the occasional outfit would be nice to see.

    6. HPX


      It's fun in fan art, but in-game, I just think Sonic's design is too strong to cover up with clothes, to say nothing of animation hassles. I never even liked all the upgrade items cluttering up the models in the Adventure games outside of the shoes. That's about as far as I'd go, besides maybe letting Knuckles put his dreads in a topknot.

      But the more you cover up the core model, I think the more you undermine what makes them appealing.

    7. Speedi


      Well, the upgrades were always kinda clunky in how they just sort of got stacked on top of the character's clothes/accessories. I was thinking more stuff that compliments their design instead of just being visual clutter.

    8. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Nevermind I want Sonic to wear clothes




  6. This is of course, an entirely hypothetical situation and all that. I really don't have strong opinions on the character myself, seeing as I generally ignore Boom related media. But it's always fascinated me how involved Sonic Team was in her creation given how disinterested they seemed to be in Boom as a sub franchise overall. And she's actually gotten a character page plus some official art on Sonic Channel, too. So it seems like they're also somewhat fond of her? Personally, I'd be pretty cool with it. The series could use some more female characters and depending on how much inspiration they take from Boom giving Amy another friend to go on adventures with on their own would be nice. But uh, what do y'all think? See any potential in her? Or would she just be a waste of a new addition?
  7. Sonic is...


    a pretty cool guy.

    1. Piko


      Imagine liking Sonic lol am I right guys?

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Don't know about cool but he is fast. I guess he can cool you down with hos speed.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Eh kills robots and doesnt afraid of anything.

  8. Boy, I hope the new Sonic game is at least interesting to talk about. It'll be nice to see the fandom finally have something all fresh and shiny to sink their brains into. I feel like a lot of Sonic discussions are starting to become very creatively bankrupt these days. There's just not enough new media to keep us from going back to old topics, I suppose.


    1. HPX


      It'll likely leave us just as dejected as Forces did and even more frustrated by the continued lack of understanding by the folks in charge.

  9. I don't understand how Heroes being a lighthearted story about teamwork makes it in anyway a mockery of the classic games' tone/storytelling? The game is pretty earnest in how it's story is told and Maekawa has even gone on record saying his favorite Team to write dialogue for was the Chaotix. You know, the most comedically driven characters in the game lol. He's gone on record saying he doesn't care for the classic "era", but there could be a lot of reasons for that seeing as he wasn't very specific about why.
  10. Idk, I've never felt like Sonic at his core was meant to be a particularly chaotic character. Yeah, he's got a mouth, lives by his own rules and makes people earn his respect. But he's always been a pretty friendly guy who enjoys helping people and sharing his wisdom with whoever needs it. If anything I'd argue some of his edges have gotten too much focus to the point that he feels like kind of a jerk in a lot of recent media. Though, depending on who you ask this is a good or bad thing I guess.
  11. Or is his independent and free spirited nature just misinterpreted as him having some inherent beef with the law? Because personally I've never really got that vibe from him. Most of the time when Sonic's fighting against authority it's because he's defending himself from a false accusation or helping overthrow an evil king/emperor/dictator person. He's not actively shown ever antagonizing them and he was actively working with G.U.N in Shadow's game, to the point that he straight up feels bad for destroying their robots in the first level. Perhaps I'm just not looking at this from the right perspective, but I just don't see where this idea comes from. Disclaimer: I have not indulged in every piece of Sonic media... yet.
  12. Not sure if this is counts as a "hot take" or whatever but personally I've always saw the Sonic series as more action oriented then a straight up platformer with emphasis on speed. Even in the classic quadrilogy (1 to a lesser extent) the level design felt to me like it was more focused on having unique set pieces and challenges that weren't usually about jumping across gaps between land. And honestly, most of my least favorite Sonic games are the ones that end up trying too hard to be a platformer by ditching the energy and action in favor of something more Mario-y (specifically the 2D games). You can criticize Sonic's many gameplay styles for a lot of reasons but imo not having enough platforming was a point that never made sense to me. Granted, I have no idea how semantic-y this is because I'm sure people have their own interpretation of the line between platforming and action, but that's just how I feel about the whole thing.

    1. Diogenes


      to me platforming isn't about literal platform-jumping specifically but about movement where gravity is a major concern, and i think that covers nearly everything about the classic games aside from bosses (kinda) and some bonus/special stages (deliberate breaks from the core gameplay). at a basic level jumping fights gravity, obviously, but slope physics are also an expression of gravity and the fight with it, slowing you down or speeding you up depending on direction, modified by whether you're running or rolling, and affecting the angle of your jumps.

      talking about sonic needing more platforming, it's not that sonic games should play specifically like mario (though i think there is a lot it could learn from mario) but that it's not putting freedom of movement and the constant fight with gravity in the forefront.

    2. Kuzu


      I went over this on Retro yesterday, but there's a bit of a divide about if you should consider Sonic as a platformer versus considering him a stylish action series of set pieces. 

      Sonic games have always had roots in Arcade action games, even back in the Classics and  they're both built under the same principle of playing repeat playthroughs for a better score. 

      And it seems like whenever Sonic leans too far into either side, the other side isn't happy; people who want Sonic to be a platformer hate it when the series focuses mainly on spectacle and set pieces (Basically, most of the 3D games :V) while when the games focus more on being a platformer, there are complaints about the game "not feeling like a Sonic game" (Pretty much why levels like Marble, Labyrinth, and Sandopolis are so heavily disliked).


      tl;dr: You got people who wanna platform vs. people who just wanna go fast. I suppose this is why the Boost playstyle is so divisive since it leans so heavily on one side of the spectrum to the detriment of the other. 

    3. Diogenes



      while when the games focus more on being a platformer, there are complaints about the game "not feeling like a Sonic game" (Pretty much why levels like Marble, Labyrinth, and Sandopolis are so heavily disliked).

      see though marble and labyrinth aren't bad sonic levels because of the platforming, they're bad because the platforming doesn't make use of sonic's abilities. all square edges and tight corridors and, in the latter's case, speed-sapping water. like i don't think even the most platforming-loving sonic fans are going to point to marble and labyrinth as good examples of how sonic should play.

      sandopolis is fine though, people who don't like it are just weak.

    4. Speedi


      I guess this is where the different interpretations come in. Because I feel like a level that makes use of Sonic's abilities well can't really be focused on platforming because it becomes too flat and restrictive. A big part of platforming is observing patterns and timing your movements carefully, which obviously doesn't mesh well with a character who lacks a set speed to his physics. Of course you can absolutely platform fast once you've mastered the level design, but the sections themselves never actually encourage(couldn't think of a better word lol) you do that most of the time. 

    5. Diogenes


      why would it need to be flat and restrictive when we're talking about characters who can run up walls? sonic's not suited for every kind of platforming but the way he moves lets him do things that other platformers can't.

    6. Speedi


      Huh, never even thought of an idea like that. But yeah the physics can definitely offer their own unique challenges, too. 

  13. Well, I mean X is in the future of Megaman's world and Classic is in another universe. The games directly build off of Megaman's timeline with the whole reploid and maverick war whereas Classic Sonic is just kinda stuck in his own universe so there's not much room for mixing and matching characters or story elements (At least as long as Sega wants to keep that stuff tied to a specific artstyle).
  14. Seems like an unnecessary extra step, though. We already have two designs for more realistic or cartoony games, creating a fusion would probably just cause more of a dumpster fire to the people who liked those looks for him.
  15. Right, and I agree with you. It's pretty weird that Sonic's current aesthetic is something that needs to be defended in favor of being the focus to me. I've never seen this sort of thing with other fandoms, but maybe I'm just ignorant to those kinda discussions lol.
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