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  1. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Because people get offended when you shit on things they like and try to come up with the most obnoxious excuses possible as to why their precious didn't get a grade A from the critics. For Sonic fans it's because there's this ingrained thought process that "Bad review = Sonic haters" when in reality the game probably just isn't that good and they can't handle criticism.
  2. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I feel like the Sonic fanbase is a smaller minority then people say it is. Granted I have no way of really proving it, but I'm pretty sure Mania didn't get good sales just from the Sonic fanbase alone. The casual crowd also gave that game a lot of attention because of it's incredibly fun and simple gameplay. Sonic fans keep this franchise on life support, but they can't afford to pay for the live saving operation to get the series healthy again.
  3. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I'd honestly be fine with the game getting sevens and eights as long as their flaws were still addressed, that's really all I want out of these reviews anyways. Now I don't personally think Forces deserves anything above a six but eh that doesn't really matter at this point.
  4. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Uh... I think any game that gets POSITIVE reviews wouldn't be NEGATIVELY effected by them. That's kind of the entire point. If mania was being universally shat on it would be harmful because it would tell Sega that Mania isn't the kind of Sonic game people want.
  5. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Yeah, just because they're a popular review outlet doesn't mean they need to buy all their games from official stores or wait for review copies. It's not the consumer's fault if the store breaks the street date early.
  6. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Nah fam, you've got me all wrong. I mean of course a part of me is satisfied that this game isn't getting an easy pass, but It isn't because I'm a blind Forces hater. Mostly I am just relieved that it's actual flaws are being recognized and addressed deeper then a surface level. But if this game failing is what it takes for Sonic Team to realize what they're doing wrong then hell yeah seeing a bunch of bad reviews will make me a happy camper. I don't see how wanting a game to get honest critique makes me have some sort of confirmation bias, though.
  7. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Why would I be desperate for something that I already know is going to happen?
  8. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Not gonna lie that 5/10 score is satisfying as fuck.
  9. Sonic Team's overall staff is a fine group of competent programmers, each boost game has gotten steadily more polished so I don't have a problem with the team on a technical aspect. The problem lies in certain directors and level designers who can end up making a game that should be good bad because they lack the understanding of what the appeal of Sonic The Hedgehog actually is. I don't think I speak for myself when I say that I really don't want Kishimoto or any level designers who worked exclusively on Colors, Lost World and Forces to ever have major involvement in a Sonic game again. They just don't get the appeal of Sonic in general or the boost gameplay, turning 3D sections into small hallways with no interesting design to them and 2D sections that lack any sort of flow or sense of speed that you'd expect from an Unleashed style game.
  10. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Well considering he made one Sonic game I don't really think he had a chance to take their criticisms and use them to mold a better game lol.
  12. "This level was short and simple, but that's OK because other games also had short and simple first levels." Excusing a game's bad design by pointing out other games that also have bad design doesn't suddenly make the bad design good.
  13. I could have told you that from the obnoxious amounts of tutorial bubbles littered in the first half of the level.
  14. To make the levels look longer then they actually are.
  15. If I had a nickel for every time someone said that in defense of this shit level design I'd be able to buy Mania 6 more times.