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  1. Even Odyssey seems to have a better sense of flow to it...
  2. This is pretty good stuff. What was the last Sonic game to have orchestrated music? Was it Mario and Sonic Rio 2016?
  3. Or maybe because the Switch build was a very early one? We have seen how games can change drastically between E3 demos and final release. Mario Kart 8 had significant changes from E3 to release, Deluxe had changes and bug fixes from it's show demo. So did 3D World. Even Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Racing Transformed had optimisation improvements. I know the Switch version will likely run at 30fps. But the audio issues and input lag should not be there in the final game.
  4. Oh boy.... I REALLY hope that’s a bug in the early E3 build of the game and won’t make final release. There’s also considerably more slowdown (like ACTUAL slowdown) in handheld mode and audio issues in the same build, so I don’t expect the final Switch version to suffer from these issues. The fact that Forces on Switch is three times as big as Generations on PC makes me hopeful.
  5. Did you play it in handheld or docked mode? Also, Sonic games are highly compressed into CPK’s. It’s how games like Rio 2016 are 3GB or less while they are actually closer to 6GB unpacked. SEGA’s compression tools are even better than Nintendo’s. We could be seeing a meaty Sonic game here, since the Avatar means they can’t use prerendered movies.
  6. The texture quality downgrade on Switch might explain the file size. Still, this means that the game WON'T be content starved.
  7. I think Shadow has no double jump, but he has an absurdly long homing attack range.
  8. And games like Puyo Puyo Tetris last FOREVER on the system.
  9. I have a Switch and on average it lasts longer than the 2DS, especially in sleep mode! I am very much looking forward to the most ambitious portable Sonic title ever created.
  10. Oh boy oh boy! We all know that the Lost World team are the pioneers of EXCELLENT level design!
  11. I played the game at Gamescom. It's seriously as bad as i feared. Sonic's level was really...REALLY short, and the enemies are nothing but filler to fill up your boost meter. Also, the game needs to stop ? with the 2D sections. Also, i don't like how there's dash pad after dash pad after dash pad. I barely felt in control. There were no real alternate pathways and Sonic felt like he was Classic Sonic's level was actually okayish. The avatar is going to leave a poor taste in peoples mouths though.
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