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  1. First of all, you posted the same thing twice. Second, I don't like being given this reputation of being bad, just like what you just did! I especially don't like it when someone hates me by referring to something I wrote long ago!!!
  2. I have been an irregular viewer of CollegeHumor, and since a few years ago, I have also been watching one of its productions "Adam Ruins Everything". I have been loyal to it..... until I saw a YouTube video from user Rags bashing the show about video games and gender stereotyping. Once I saw Rags call "bullshit" on Adam's statement that "We see video games as exclusively for boys" and even calling him an idiot for not researching (personally, I see that as him saying "You're the worst person ever and you need to fucking die"), I got really scared. Does that mean I need to boycott the show and it's owner now? Do I need to completely boycott CollegeHumor for the rest of my life all because of the lack of research the show did on the video game subject?!?
  3. I didn't want to mention this at first, but now I gotta tell you that the reason why I thought I was a furry/anthro for liking Sonic was because there was an SFMLab item called "Modern Sonic Phonemes" which was flagged as furry/anthro with the notice "By downloading this, you acknowledge that you are a complete the amazing taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunchâ„¢."
  4. I've heard of being an Anthro as having the same reputation as being a furry, and apparently liking Sonic is considered being an Anthro...
  5. Well known in the gaming world, and Arts definitely is in its name.
  6. It's just a fake name I came up with for a real company in which I don't even want to tell you the real name of, I hate it so badly...
  7. I have heard all about that infamous Konami debacle. But how bad really is SEGA? I want to know because them creating my childhood hero was the only reason why I declared it the worst company of all time.
  8. I haven't bought Sonic Mania or Sonic Forces, but even to this day, they still have this fatal flaw. Not only is my prediction correct about Forces being exclusive to Windows (See my first post here for more information, but even then, it's not even close to being my biggest fear, which is coming up) ...but both games will also have this notorious game-ruining DRM called Denuvo. When Sonic Mania first came out, I saw the Steam reviews as most of the top ones are negative, with the basic consensus being "Great game, but ruined by Denuvo". But just today, I looked again, and a lot of the top reviews are basic, short, positive reviews, but a couple of top negative reviews (again bashing Denuvo) got me really afraid because one of those negative reviews made me realize that Denuvo might be ALWAYS-ONLINE DRM!!! The review ended with "Seriously SEGA... fuck you, fuck denuvo, and anyone reading this, buy Freedom Planet instead." Now, I do own Freedom Planet just for the Sonic-style gameplay, but the reason that scares me is because I always liked Sonic JUST FOR THE CHARACTERS, and not as much for the gameplay. Am I seriously a furry just for doing that?! I don't dress up in a fursuit or anything, but if you think I'm a furry, then I may need to kill myself for being a furry! The second negative review that bashes Denuvo concludes with "Maybe Sonic doesn't suck. Sega does." That just makes me realize that SEGA is the #1 worst Company in world history! Worse than Comcast, worse than Bitterman Arts, worse than Monsanto, worse than Walmart, etc. Which makes me want to bawl my eyes out because they made my childhood hero!!!
  9. .....Then am I NOT a Sonic fan for not playing the official games much.............? I just need somebody to help me out and justify my state as a Sonic fan, even though I never played much of the 3D games.....
  10. I just wanted there to be a Sonic Fan Game that I absolutely love....... And worst of all, I haven't even played much of the official 3D Sonic games yet. I only played their beginnings because I wanted to test them out.......... T_T Now, I don't hate those games, but it's been YEARS since I first bought them..... EDIT: On second thought, I actually did play the majority of Secret Rings and Unleashed but never fully beat them.
  11. But even though I really don't want to, but now the biggest reason why I now want to is because he takes all criticism and sends it off as an attack! Seriously, though, in case I do, I need you to give me some reasons why I should give any or a combination of these fangames another go (Yes, I have played Sonic Utopia and Green Hill Paradise and loved them despite them being incomplete): "Sonic Universe", "Sonic Robo Blast 2", and "Sonic the Hedgehog 3D"! If you think none of them are any good, then should I just join the camp that gives all official Sonic Games excessively high expectations?!
  12. Now Ozcrash is completely acting like a complete douche. Look at the comments section to this! Is THIS the biggest reason to avoid Sonic World?! Because the creator is an asshole?! UPDATE: The video I was originally linking to is not up anymore because Ozcrash removed it. EDIT: I think Ozcrash is the Phil Fish of 2017!!!
  13. Is there anybody out there who actually believes that my recent negative experience with Sonic World is just my fault and that I just need to practice, that's all?! Because I really want to love this game!
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