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  1. I'm just going by what I've seen some people say. Those aren't my thoughts. It's just that I've seen some people prefer 4 over Mania in some cases. While I don't know exactly why, it must be because some people compare the games with each other. I've seen arguments about the rehashed stages and bosses in both.
  2. Point still stands really. Just wrong choice of wording I guess.
  3. Yes, Mania does reimagine zones with new gimmicks and all, but really only the Act 2's and snippets of Act 1's. Sonic 4 also added new gimmicks to the zones, sometimes with all 3 acts. So far with Mania, it only really has one completely new zone so far, being Studiopolis. I have trouble counting Mirage Saloon only because it's mainly based off the scrapped Dust Hill and Desert Dazzle in 2 and CD.
  4. I wouldn't really have the rehashing zones problem only with 4, as Mania is a victim of it too.
  5. I'm just hoping the TV show isn't too kid friendly, because judging from the articles on it, kids seem like the biggest target for them. Knowing a lot of kids shows these days, it'll be really weird having the Sly cast of characters make really terrible corny/fart jokes every 10 seconds along with personalities being dumbed down. I hope it goes in a more serial direction with a comedy style matching the games.
  6. So basically everyone firmly believes Sonic Mania is the true sequel to Sonic 3K. Sonic The Hedgehog 4 as most know, is being pushed aside from the main series. So now it's becoming one of those main series/not really main series games (Just like Knuckles Chaotix, 3D Blast, Shadow, and Sonic Storybook series.) It'll most likely fall in obscurity for most and be the real sequel for others. Some believe Sonic 4 outweighs Mania for a lot of reasons. While I do find enjoyment from the Sonic 4 games (especially Episode 2) and will soon with Mania , I wanted to know others opinions on the topic. As for me. I find both positives and negatives with Mania and Sonic 4. (But that's really a whole other topic on it's own)
  7. As for my first Sonic related opinion, Fist Bump is a great song so far for me. I know most think the vocals are off, but I'm sure its because it's just a sample. I also know a lot are thinking it's too cheesy, but almost every vocal Sonic song is like that.

  8. Also, I must mention I am a good friend with @Lord Liquiir (Ogilvie)! So if you like what he does, i'm a good counterweight to him! XD

    1. Tara


      I hate that guy.

  9. First post. Well, here we go!

    Been a big time Sonic fan since "09 with Rush and have played and collected almost every game in the series since! Big fan of all eras and variations of Sonic. Also the start of me being maximum furry trash. I do have some of the most questionable Sonic opinions, which causes me to get in many debates. (which is always pretty fun on my part) So, expect me to talk about my opinions and thoughts on the series. Also will talk about other interests.

    1. Nepenthe


      Welcome comrade. I too am furry trash and have weird Sonic opinions. xP

    2. OkamiODonnell


      Hiya! I hope we share the same ones then! XD

    3. Kiah


      Welcome to the SSMB! Big fan of many things Sonic? You just made good with another moderator as you already did with Nepenthe there lol. 

      Hope you enjoy your time here :) 

    4. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Bienvenidos al Sonic Stadium, amigo.

      May your time here be long and fruitful!

      Plenty of active Sonic discussion with healthy sides of Dragon Ball and the like!

    5. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Ha, I could tell you were Ogilvie's friend from the Sly Cooper avatar.

      Welcome to the boards and enjoy!

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