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  1. hi

    1. Blacklightning
    2. rosedust
    3. Kiah


      Hi! I'm too tired to find a cute Kirby waving gif lol.

      Glad the statuses are working for you now. Have fun with them! ?

  2. i try not to think of the holes in sa2 plot bc its my favorite game so yeah. dont drag her shes fragile
  3. i hope the first comic is amy and cream sipping tea
  4. uhmmm it's just a game made by a couple of not professional ppl. did y'all expect a fullblown amazing game or sth? i've played it and i was shocked with how much i enjoyed it. you don't have to like it but i feel like it should be respected because of how much work was put into it. people have the right to be critical but it's really not that deep?
  5. ill rank the vip 1 amy 2 shadow 3 rouge 4 cream 5 blaze 6 idk more girls 7 another girl 8 another girl 9 idk another girl 10 yeah basically all sonic girls are valid :/ shadow too. the rest.... are there.
  6. is this going well? is amy going well? has shadow existed yet...
  7. the amy rose show really has a nice ring to it dont you think? i mean
  8. they tried to tell me that god didn't exist........ but they were wrong.
  9. this was my shit too bro yo what the fuck literally... everything?
  10. this is so amazing i'm just.... this was made just for me... i'm gonna barf when all those ugly preppies appropriate goth culture trying to wear chokers and boots. they could never. #justiceforgoths
  11. yo i wanna play this but my steam is literally saying "steam api not working" or some stupid thing. i paid 17 whole DOLLARS for this thing! i can't.
  12. amy rose is my queen idc abt anyone else im just here for my messiah to get ha screentime. btw sonic 06 isnt that bad... dont quote me! i made a gif just of this i.conic scene...
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