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    rosedust got a reaction from AzureLakeSanic in Sonic Headcanons   
    my new hot take: theyre all gay... mind blown.
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    rosedust got a reaction from UltraGizmo64 in What rumors/false info from past Sonic games do you remember?   
    im highkey #teamextra... snap it sis
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    rosedust got a reaction from RedFox99 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    they tried to tell me that god didn't exist........

    but they were wrong.
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    rosedust reacted to Whatever the WhoCares in Nakamura and Iizuka on the Custom Hero   
    The same guy who said only male hedgehogs could turn super? 
    Actually, that makes perfect sense. Iizuka says one thing and does another, as usual. 
  5. Nice Smile
    rosedust got a reaction from RobotnikHolmes in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    i'm still bewildered at the thought of his existence. but, work i guess... get that promo sis!
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    rosedust got a reaction from Meta77 in Sonic Forces Impressions   
    give amy her promo sega wth.
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    rosedust reacted to Writer's Blah in Iizuka: There will not be a Sonic Adventure 3 & what future Sonic titles will be like   
    Honestly, this news isn't even a surprise to me. My hopes of ever getting something stylized in the Adventure formula again were always pretty low, but this confirmation is, at the very least, comforting in the sense that I should officially stop hoping. I'm not even sad or upset about this, I just feel really empty. It's a shame that the way I was introduced to this franchise is officially dead in the water and I would've had to have been born earlier than I was to appreciate the Sonic Mania revival. Mania's an excellent game by all accounts, to the point where I'd say it's only just below CD in terms of ranking my favorite Sonic games, but there's a difference between saying, "This is a really nice gift!" and, "This is what I've always wanted!" I wish I could consider myself a part of that latter category. I can't help but feel slightly bitter towards those classic fans who, after years of waiting, have finally had their payoff.
    The problem is considering how they got there. Whitehead spent years developing in the fangame community, perfecting his Retro Engine and taking criticism before his work turned around with CD's iOS port. Adventure fans are nowhere near that modicum of success. Whereas stuff like Sonic Souls and, hell, even Generations mods have provided a fertile breeding ground for boost gameplay development, Adventure's only claim in the fangaming community is Sonic World, which appears to be more focused on shoving in more characters than getting a true-to-form Adventure gameplay style up and running. It's honestly really upsetting that in this day and age, the closest thing a Sonic Adventure fan has to look forward to is Super Mario Odyssey. At this point, my only hopes of seeing anything Adventure-inspired again is to literally make it myself.
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    rosedust got a reaction from TargetWatch in Iizuka: There will not be a Sonic Adventure 3 & what future Sonic titles will be like   
    i guess sonic is cancelled then huh
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    rosedust reacted to Dizcrybe in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    Hardly surprising. It's easy to denounce neo-nazis because their inherent racism is overt. The sentiment behind "America should be a nation exclusively for white people" is obvious, but "white people are under attack" sounds just valid enough that any implied racism can be plausibly denied. That's why you can have someone that claims BLM is a hate group and can also claim they're not racist and have most of the country believe them.
    On a semi-related note, the fact that you can't even say "black lives matter" without being called a hate group is exactly why we need BLM in the first place. Every time some idiot claims BLM is a hate group, they only further validate their existence.
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    rosedust reacted to Failinhearts in Dangan Ronpa General   
    Don't worry, there's still an enjoyable group of characters here. Even certain characters I assumed to be one-note have more dimensions to them than I thought, so major props for that.
    It's just not enough to save this game.
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    rosedust got a reaction from Shasonsil in Your biggest worries about Sonic Forces?   
    Rouge hasn't been shown like wtf.
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    rosedust got a reaction from MainJP in Your biggest worries about Sonic Forces?   
    Rouge hasn't been shown like wtf.
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    rosedust got a reaction from Zavok the SpinningSilver in Your biggest worries about Sonic Forces?   
    Rouge hasn't been shown like wtf.
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    rosedust got a reaction from Silverfang in Your biggest worries about Sonic Forces?   
    Rouge hasn't been shown like wtf.
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    rosedust got a reaction from SBR2 in Your biggest worries about Sonic Forces?   
    Rouge hasn't been shown like wtf.
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    rosedust got a reaction from Monkey Destruction Switch in Your biggest worries about Sonic Forces?   
    Rouge hasn't been shown like wtf.
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    rosedust reacted to Blacklightning in Your biggest worries about Sonic Forces?   
    My biggest worries is whether Sega will actually take any lessons learnt from this to heart for titles succeeding it.
    Sonic Team has been hounded by a rather excessive amount of executive direction if you ask me, and that's been a problem because they tend to analyze things on a surface level only. Undoubtedly the dissonance in reception between Mania and Forces will be taken into account, as anyone would expect - but rather than finally realizing that games actually function better when it's a single playstyle with subtle variations rather than schizophrenically cramming together irrelevant bullshit in the hopes of appeasing as many individual audiences as possible, I fear they'll just look at them both and say "well classic Sonic sells better, so clearly we just need more classic Sonic" and continue to make that exact same fucking mistake.
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    rosedust got a reaction from DonWaffleleven in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    this. i tend to see a lot of people who get mad when sonic shows attitude cause he's "mean". like what, do we want another mario who has literally no known personality traits? it makes sonic a better character in my opinion and it should be focused on even more than it is right now imo.
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    rosedust got a reaction from TailsTellsTales in Things you'll never get tired of in Sonic   
    I'll never get sick of Amy Rose! I'll also probably never get sick of anything in Sonic lol. Even my complaints aren't enough to make me quit! I do really miss the other characters being more involved so I guess I'm sick of the newer games' storylines? Still, I'd play them anyways lol.
  20. Chuckle
    rosedust reacted to Blue Blood in I think *the theory* is basically confirmed at this point *Mania Spoilers*   
    Maybe make good games like Mania instead of shitty games like Forces, and you won't need to beg people to buy them. Just sayin'.
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    rosedust reacted to Polkadi~☆ in So are Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations not considered good games now?   
    You can't exaggerate "Sonic's best game in two decades" unless you stretch the truth.
    Plus, people go for the low hanging fruits and claim Sonic is shit, whilst completely leaving his good games in the dust so they can prove their point.
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    rosedust reacted to Flyinpenguin117 in Sonic Channel   
    I think it'd be kinda funny if she started showing up in SA2 Big-esque cameos.
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    rosedust reacted to Diogenes in Why doesn't Sonic get more complaints about being Overpowered than Shadow   
    Sonic is the main character. Far more often than not he's the one who needs to deal with Eggman's biggest robot or the monster's true form in the end, so reasonably enough he's going to be one of the toughest characters in the series, and his win rate is naturally going to be inflated. But it's important not to conflate win rate with power level.
    When it comes down to it, Sonic's powers are pretty modest. He's super fast, sure, with the agility to make proper use of that speed, and a spin that can smash through metal, but that's about it. Sure, technically he can use Chaos Control, but he essentially never does; as far as he knows, he hasn't used it since he and Shadow put the ARK back in place, in spite of having many opportunities to do so, so I can't realistically factor it into how strong he is. And Super Sonic requires all 7 emeralds and (as far as the story is concerned) only gets busted out when things are really going to shit; it's not part of his default toolkit. So most of Sonic's wins, Super Sonic final bosses aside, come from a fairly modest power set and enough pluck and determination to push through to victory. Which is a pretty solid formula for keeping your hero endearing, and making them, if not an underdog, at least reasonably challenged by whatever monstrous bullshit they've got to punch sense into at the climax of the story.
    And then there's Shadow. Who, first off, has all the same base abilities as Sonic, the speed, the agility, the spins. He's got his own equal-to-Sonic Super form, if you insist on counting Sonic's. And unlike Sonic he does use his Chaos powers freely, teleporting around, stopping time, firing off bolts and blasts of energy, basically casually tearing spacetime a new one whenever something gets in his way. And then in ShtH we find out he's a good shot, he knows how to drive a motorcycle, he can flip a bus with one hand, and he's occasionally bulletproof. And at that point it gets a bit silly, not simply because he's (on paper) stronger than Sonic, but because he's being presented as a hypercompetent Sonic-but-more. Instead of filling his own niche, Shadow essentially makes Sonic redundant; anything Sonic can do Shadow should be able to match or exceed, with some extra tricks on top of it. And that's not how you go about making an endearing hero. An interesting villain, maybe, as someone Sonic has to continually strive to catch up to, but with Shadow firmly on the heroes' side and their rivalry being pretty limp (if it even still exists) there's no longer a dynamic between the two that makes it work.
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    rosedust reacted to Rogue in Shadow problems topic   
    I had no problem with the way that Shadow was handed in the comics in both the old universe and the reboot universe.
    In the old universe he only got his butt kicked when he faced opponents stronger then him such as Enerjak.
    Shadow may be the ultimate lifeform but that means nothing when you're facing a god.
    New reboot universe Shadow was basically the same as Sega Shadow.
    You can't blame Archie/Ian for Sega's problems.

    Hope and Maria are two completely difference characters with the only thing that they have in common being that they are both young blond girls and being releated to Dr. Robotnik.
    They have two completely different personalitys and Hope was introduced into the comics before Sonic Adventure 2 even was released.
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    rosedust got a reaction from GuyWithThePie in Sonic Forces news coming after release of Sonic Mania   
    I bought it on Steam and I have soooo much fun playing it. IDK, it's definitely hard for me like I always get E-rank and die a ton of times, and the treasure hunting stages are SOOO long, but I really enjoy playing it.
    Anyways back on this topic, they really need to pull out the hype with whatever they're releasing. They need to get the fans sold on this game! I'm really pumped for this game, but people are right, they are not pimping it out that much at all. I'd like to see some new songs, some new stages, and maybe some cutscenes. Just a good glimpse of the game.
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