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    rosedust got a reaction from Borvoc in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    okay! thank you sooo much! <3 i'll for sure try to check these out
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    rosedust reacted to Big Panda in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    If you just want to stick with the current continuity, my main recommendations are "Champions" (StH#268-271) and "Spark of Life" (SU#71-74).
    For the old continuity, "Enerjack Reborn" (StH#180-184), "Hedgehog Havoc" (StH#195-196), "Knocking on Eggman's Door" (StH#199), "Turnabout is Fair Play" (StH#200) and everything from #219-232 are some of my all-time favourites.
    Oh, and absolutely the Worlds Collide crossover, even if you're not all that familiar with Mega Man.
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    rosedust got a reaction from Nestor in Sonic X discussion   
    preach! i agree with all of those points. it just made him very, very, aggravating.
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    rosedust reacted to Nestor in Sonic X discussion   
    The saddest thing is, Chris is actually a somewhat well constructed character. His backstory is introduced quickly and explains his traits (his neediness is due to his loneliness from his parents never being present, his wanting to go on adventures due to his pampered lifestyle, etc) yet the show also early on establishes heroic qualities to show he's not just a whiny spoilt rich boy - heck, in his very first scene, the kid dives head first into a pool in the middle of the night still in his pyjamas just because he thought a random animal fell in the pool. And manages to surface dive to the bottom of a swimming pool and pull out a large animal despite still being in his jammies and having just woken up; that's actually kinda rad for a kid that age.
    The problem is, despite actually being fairly well thought out, that sort of character was just absolutely the wrong choice to insert into a story with Sonic and company; his clingyness and tendency to insert himself into every story meant that he ended up taking away from all of the other characters when they should have been the focus. I get they wanted to have an audience surrogate character, particularly to help Sonic acclimatise to the human world in a (kind of) realistic way, and that they needed to make sure he wasn't just a token character who does nothing... but they unfortunately overcompensated and went too far the other way.
    Which is a shame, because Chris could have actually been a fairly compelling character in a different show.
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    rosedust got a reaction from Nestor in Sonic X discussion   
    ugh, yes, he was so annoying, and everytime i try to rewatch the show he always ruins it for me cause i just cannot stand him. if he wasn't so major and didn't wreck amy's scene, i'd find him somewhat tolerable. he just really sucks.
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    rosedust reacted to RictalRose0 in Sonic Mania's reception to determine future direction   
    Classic Amy would be great yes AND she is actually from the original Classic line-up. The only girl from the classic line up actually that made the cut to the games. I think it would be great to have here there and do think the Whitehead team could do it eventually. What I really do have doubts though is wheter or not the Modern characters can appear as well. Characters like Shadow or Rouge or Blaze. They're not Classic Era I know but they are fan favorites (especially Shadow and Blaze) and it's not like Taxman hasn't done it before.
    Hell why can't they made a 2D game with the Adventure or even Moder Era aesthetics and characters? You know like Sonic Advance but with better graphics, better planned and longer stages and having the upgraded framerate Mania has as well as the better engine overall? An Advance game with Mania's quality. Now that would be great.
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    rosedust got a reaction from RictalRose0 in Sonic Mania's reception to determine future direction   
    yeah! it'd be awesome to have a 2d game with more playable characters, i've played some fangames online with classic amy, hell even sally acorn! i don't know, but i'd love to play more people and i think a lot of people agree. personally, i love amy's gameplay and it'd be fun to play as her in her own game (which would never happen though, being honest).
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    rosedust reacted to RictalRose0 in Sonic Mania's reception to determine future direction   
    If they're gonna start making a seperate line of 2D Sonic games along a 3D one they should really consider adding more playable characters to the 2D games. It's not like Taxman can't do it. He once helped to make that one fangame that had Shadow and some other guys playable. So he is familiar with the other characters and how to make them work. 
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    rosedust got a reaction from RictalRose0 in Sonic Mania's reception to determine future direction   
    i want 2d classic amy to be playable  but i don't think that's gonna happen here. i agree with the notion that, no matter what, 3d games aren't gonna be going away anytime soon. i do enjoy the 2d games a lot and it'd be nice if they brough some back like they are doing and i think that as long as they know what the fans want, they will keep delivering the best they can to the audience they want. 
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    rosedust reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Do you think Sonic Team is frustrated?   
    It's so frustrating that they have such a black and white attitude about feedback.
    Or rather a purple and Green attitude since they rarely aproach things straight forwardly.

    After complaints about Sonic friends, it's not "Let's take a brief break from them and then come back later" or analyse the reasons WHY the friends might be hated (Story focus balance issues, alien gameplay) and solve that.
    Instead they go straight for the gasoline and match and burn it into the ground, so opposing fans panic and start causing havok.

    Maybe fans wouldn't have such extreme reactions all the time if Sonic Team wasn't so Extreme and weird in their decisions.
    It rarely comes across decisions are made rationaly, it's like Sonic Team is in a constant state of panic and anxiety, wildly steering in whatever direction.
    And as such, we as passengers share in the panic and start screaming instructions from the backseat. TO THE LEFT! TO THE RIGHT! ARGHHH!

    Granted, it is their extreme attitude that's partly responsible for the best parts of the series. The series wouldn't be half as charming and fascinating if they only made rational and logical choices. But it's a double edged sword, that's for sure.
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