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    rosedust reacted to Dee Dude in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    In Avatar's defense, they're basically Sonic with gadgets, Wispons and no boost.
    So it's kinda fair to put them on the same level as Tails and Knux type gameplay.
    But I digress since this is a Mania topic.
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    rosedust reacted to JosepHenry in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    Waiting for the PC version by watching LPs...  I discovered that the Heavy Rider is female and her Motobug Jimmy is a homage to that Polygon Jim member from Retro that passed away some years ago. I don't know if that has been posted here yet, but that's really cool.
    Until Mania doesn't come out for me.... Please have a giant Forces news explosion not too long until then? So SOME (I SAID SOME) people will stop being so pessimistic (Hopefully) by showing cool stuff about the game that they will love and get hyped for? (Hopefully) 
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    rosedust reacted to JezMM in Artwork: SpongicX's artwork   
    I feel you missed the joke of the dolls.  It wasn't about destroying them but rather the humour that Eggman created the dolls as a threat to Sonic - someone who would be grossed out by them.  In addition it's a joke on the "gameplay" of avoiding her hugging you at the end of Stardust Speedway.  As an Amy fan it really made me laugh and I thought it was a great little nod to her in a game that otherwise didn't feature her.  I definitely hope she appears in the next game proper, but I don't feel there was any hatred towards her by how they decided to reference her.
    Regardless of my counter-opinion though, you did a really cute job on the art anyway!
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    rosedust reacted to SpongicX in Artwork: SpongicX's artwork   
    Here's a drawing of Amy's sad response to her absence in Sonic Mania.
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    rosedust reacted to Spinneret in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    As far as the whole freedom fighter thing goes I personally have a few concerns. I don't think that a pure Sega Sonic book can survive longterm without OC's unless Sega is going to allow the video game characters to have character development.
    If the Satam and Post Reboot Archie Sonic characters can't come back then hopefully IDW can come up with some new kickass new characters.
    I keep thinking back to Archie's Sonic X comic which was more inline with how Sega wants Sonic to be and it was pretty boring. Sure there were a few good issues but ultimate it felt like a soulless comic.
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    rosedust reacted to Waveshocker Sigma in Sonic Forces Rumors   
    Well at least if Silver dies, they can finally stop trying to figure out what to do with him, lay him to rest and nothing of value will be lost.
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    rosedust reacted to DonWaffleleven in Shadow problems topic   
    Another problem is what story could be told with Shadow. His story arc kind of ended with Sonic 06. Shadow having to deal with him being feared by G.U.N. (who didn't fear him enough to stop him from joining. Huh) and even his closest "friends" Rouge and Omega, In the end resolving to continue fighting on his own terms with his companions rather than be suckered in again like he was with Eggman or the Black Arms.
    (I like Shadow's story in 06)
    It kind of addressed everything left to his character. A new game with Shadow as the focus would have to either not have Shadow develop as a character and just go on a self-contained adventure or generate some new kind of threat to challenge Shadow's perceptions of the world around him. With Sonic Team's present quality of writing, I see neither expected to be happening any time ever.
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    rosedust reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in When were you born and do you like 2d or 3d more   
    I grew up playing both. I'm a late 80s baby, so I saw the inception of 3D gaming and the highest of 2D gaming in series like Mario and sonic.
    To me, these type of threads tend to pop up because Modern (3D) sonic fans aren't comfortable with the idea that the 2D genesis games are widely considered great and always have been, while Modern Sonic has had a very rough go of things, especially in the "adventure" era from SA1 to Sonic '06. Arguments about this tend to run in circles and no one will ever change their mind, because we all have all bit of nostalgia for the things we experienced in our childhood days.
    My feelings are two-fold:
    1) Modern Sonic (Sonic Adventure-Sonic Forces), for the most part, really does suck and has largely been a failure except in a few instances. This coming from a guy who loves the original Sonic Adventure (one of my top 3 favorite Sonic games actually)
    2) The Sonic series has a higher potential in 3D than in 2D, despite the 2D games generally being handled much better. A 3D game with a strong concept and focused design would put Sonic on a level that would rival the very best on the market.
    It is my highest hope for 3D sonic to reach the same level of quality as a game like Mania and even surpass it. But a lot will have to change in the direction of the series for that to happen.
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    rosedust reacted to Mad0Mura in When were you born and do you like 2d or 3d more   
    Born in 2001. Grew up with the Adventure games, Advance games, and classics (through Mega Collection and Gems Collection.) I like the classics more than the boost games following Unleashed (I really loved the sense of speed that you had playing in day stages, and my only qualm about the Werehog is that the stages were too long (in the PS3/Xbox 360 versions.) The Adventure games are my favorite, and S3&K and Sonic Adventure have the best level design IMO. 
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    rosedust reacted to Dr. Mechano in Sonic Headcanons   
    I think that Professor Gerald's unjust imprisonment and execution was what spurred Eggman toward supervillainy in the first place.
    As a child, young Ivo looked up to his grandfather, and wanted to be a great scientist just like him; a man who, until that point, had been known as an altruistic scientist dedicated to the common good of humanity. But then the government took Ivo's hero away, locked him up, and ultimately killed him.
    This disillusioned him with the powers that be, and led him to one conclusion: That only he is smart enough to bring order to the world! Thus, his life's goal now became toppling all existing governments and replacing them with his own glorious Eggman Empire - where he'd get to call the shots instead of the corrupt bureaucracy that took away his grandfather.
    "Ivo Robotnik" was no more. From this moment forward, he would don the colorful supervillain alias "Dr. Eggman," and begin his infamous career as a mad scientist bent on world domination - a goal he'd have succeeded at a long time ago, too, if it wasn't for one Sonic the Hedgehog constantly thwarting his plans.
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    rosedust reacted to MainJP in Sonic Headcanons   
    There are two yellow(ish) emeralds in Sonic The Fighters:

    The second one you retrieve from competing with Tails is the prototype emerald he's been working on for use in SA2:

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    rosedust reacted to RedFox99 in Boom Theory: Different Timelines   
    The person did a good job at the theory
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    rosedust reacted to A sonic fan in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    really really hope they dont go the sonic x route with this, and use the sonic is in our world idea. especially since its been done before. would rather they make it so that the movie takes place in a world where anthros and humans live together in peace, i think that would be interesting.
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    rosedust reacted to Rodx in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    I hope they just embrace a more elaborate plot .
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    rosedust reacted to JosepHenry in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    I just want Amy. She deserves to be in Mania so she is finally playable in a main Classic Sonic game ;_;
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    rosedust reacted to JosepHenry in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    my opinion.
    All of those are wrong lol, Infinite is just a new guy who got corrupted
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    rosedust reacted to Ratcicle King in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    Yeah uh, that's your opinion, honestly from what I've seen, many, including people here, agree Mephiles was one of the worst parts of 06.
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    rosedust reacted to Dr. Mechano in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    Beats me as to why. Mephiles was about as inspired as Black Doom, with an equally generic personality.
    Which, given that, I can understand why people think he was something to do with Infinite.
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    rosedust reacted to Ratcicle King in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    Honestly, if you ask me, the reason why Forces is giving so many 06 vibes isn't a direct relation to it, but  basically because Nakamura's probably trying to redeem himself.
    As in, he's aware of how much 06's plot sucked and wants to give another go to that concept, only removing most of the stuff that didn't work and keeping what he thinks did or can work in the story. 
    If Iizuka lying before invalidates his word then anyone in a non-disclosure agreement should ever be trusted. 
    Having the same eye as Mephiles doesn't mean much, it can just be a red herring, besides, if he WERE to be Mephiles, they wouldn't show his eye, because any mystery about his character dies right there, as it'd be a dead giveaway it's him. It's way too obvious.
    Shun Nakamura also made Elise so by your logic he has the same chances of being Elise as he has of being Mephiles.
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    rosedust reacted to Fletch in Sonic Forces news coming after release of Sonic Mania   
    Expected. It wouldn't make sense for them not to heavily reveal new info for Forces since it's the only new game to focus on and promote to build excitement. I know we're supposed to get news at Tokyo Game Show (Forgot where I heard this, maybe from an interview with Nakamura?).
    It's the Sonic game that many played the most that got them into the franchise on a Nintendo system (I got Battle, DX, and Mega Collection all at once but played Battle the most). I honestly strongly believe that majority of people probably did experience Sonic Adventure 2 through the Gamecube version more than the Dreamcast version, and when you see comments like this it's just them stressing they played Battle version and that's it. They love Adventure 2 and don't think any 3D Sonic game past it ever best it, but specifically Battle they played. 
    Also Battle added stuff that made the original SA2 better. Treasure hunting exclamation point when you're right there on the emerald piece is a godsend.
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    rosedust got a reaction from GuyWithThePie in Sonic Forces news coming after release of Sonic Mania   
    I bought it on Steam and I have soooo much fun playing it. IDK, it's definitely hard for me like I always get E-rank and die a ton of times, and the treasure hunting stages are SOOO long, but I really enjoy playing it.
    Anyways back on this topic, they really need to pull out the hype with whatever they're releasing. They need to get the fans sold on this game! I'm really pumped for this game, but people are right, they are not pimping it out that much at all. I'd like to see some new songs, some new stages, and maybe some cutscenes. Just a good glimpse of the game.
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    rosedust got a reaction from DaddlerTheDalek in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I'm hoping this turns out good. I'm a little concerned, but I'll try to stay positive. Hopefully we get more news soon.
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    rosedust got a reaction from RedFox99 in PC version of Mania delayed till August 29th... #FuckDenuvo   
    True, true. I'm not blaming them, it's just frustrating at most.
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    rosedust reacted to JosepHenry in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    Well, Forces is gonna look better and better from now on!
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    rosedust reacted to Dee Dude in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    I won't assume this story will automatically be terrible because someone involved in 06 (a game people can't get over) is writing.
    If anything, this gives me a real boost of confidence in the way the story will be handled.
    06 was a different situation, the universe it set place was a total mess with it's elements such as romance, time travel, death, etc and the uncanny characters visuals didn't help.
    Forces on the other hand is our main post Unleashed modern universe where everything is much more fluid and tamer so I can imagine the dark tone will handled a lot better so we could see them take a better approach for what 06 did wrong. 
    Who knows, maybe this could be less of 06 and more Unleashed/SA2 tone wise.
    While I hated Mephiles, I do like how Infinite is similar to him so it's possible Nakamura made him as a bit of a callback hate him or not. 
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