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    rosedust got a reaction from Dee Dude in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    I feel like this story is much more simpler and since it's not gonna be multiple stories like 06, it can be done well. I have faith in him as a writer and despite 06's story not being, well, that good, I think that he can possibly redeem himself here!
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    rosedust reacted to Chris Knopps in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    I'm with @Dr. Mechano.
    Iizuka has a lot of work to do in order to restore Eggman to his full potential. Even when given the spotlight they make him near impossible to take seriously, to see as a threat. His dialogue in the game leaves a lot to be desired even when he's the main focus and/or final boss.
    I mainly say blame Iizuka because of what he did to Episode 2 of Sonic 4 with the Sonic and Tails stuff he wanted put in, as well as wanting the Mania team to focus on old stages over new, Shadow the Hedgehog as a whole, and in his chair, he's able to control the franchise as a general whole putting him responsible for the terrible demographic focus from Colors until now that ruined the plots and characters alike as well as general locations in the series.
    I will say that despite its faults Mania, and even Forces in some ways, is a good first step, but only one of MANY that he owes us to make up for all he has done until now. We can also blame him for what happened to BOOM considering we didn't see him nor' Sonic Team as a whole helping out when it was clearly needed and they obviously knew. That might be stretching it, but again, in his chair, I do hold him accountable.
    You could say it was SEGA's idea for Mania to focus on old stages, but he DOES have power to testify against that, which is why I hold him accountable for Mania too.
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    rosedust reacted to Blue Wisp in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    I mean sure I love Eggman as much as everybody else. But asking for Eggman to be the main villain EVERY time? How do you do that without running stale if it always ends the same way.
    Eggman does something, Sonic shows up and fucks his shit up and then he rides off to the sunset. 
    How do you get past "Eggman builds a giant thingamajig that will make him rule the world"? Eggman builds ANOTHER giant thingamajig that will let him rule the world? Eggman does something evil to enslave the world and build Eggmanland?
    I don't justify or condone the Monster of the Week and Eggman upstaging format, but it's functional to a degree.
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    rosedust reacted to LukA8 in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    Knuckles' story could potentially start to divert more from Sonic's in Mirage Saloon, after he's being thrown off the Tornado. Why else would they do that? To make him look bad?...Maybe. But he did have a different starting point from Sonic in the Mirage Saloon demo, so he could fight the Heavy and then rejoin Sonic and Tails in the ending. I wish Tails would get a similar treatment for once and have his own storyline instead of him imagining to be Sonic.
    In other news, will SonAmy shippers all game over at Metallic Madness Act 2? I love how the Amy Dolls act like she does in CD, standing around like a cutie and trying to hug Sonic when he comes closer...and, yeah, well, explode.
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    rosedust reacted to Strickerx5 in PC version of Mania delayed till August 29th... #FuckDenuvo   
    Like literally when I was just starting to warm up to this game. I appreciate them wanting to put out a quality PC version but why the living hell did this need more time? What the hell needed to be optimized? The game should be able to run on a damn phone. If there were problems, they had to have known weeks beforehand.
    Another damn example of the pc market getting shit on. I literally thought this was the one thing Sega was good with. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.
    And who the fuck doesn't already own Sonic 1?!
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    rosedust reacted to RedFox99 in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    I actually like that they want to take things more seriously and give the other characters bigger roles but to each their own.
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    rosedust reacted to NikoS in Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces   
    sorry for the outburst, i just didn't want another pontaff/graff story, even if it's Nakamura, it's a change of pace i welcome
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    rosedust reacted to Ratcicle King in Sonic Mania: Opening Animation (Minor Spoilers)   
    Exaggerating much?
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    rosedust reacted to JosepHenry in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    ... I hope that doll wasn't the only way to see Amy in Mania.
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    rosedust reacted to Osmium in Sonic Mania: Opening Animation (Minor Spoilers)   
    It's no Sonic CD imo, but still very good and charming. 
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    rosedust reacted to JosepHenry in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    Yeah maybe the boys being the boss is real...
    But there is NO way Shadow is in this game. Like... lol
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    rosedust reacted to Celestia in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    I'd actually love Shadow to be in this, for two reasons. One is simply that I like Shadow, but two and more importantly, it'd feel like a nod to Megamix, one of the projects Stealth was known for before working on official products for SEGA. Bonus points if by some miracle Mighty appeared too so the whole cast from that game was in this.
    But yeah the guy's clearly trolling, lol
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    rosedust reacted to SonicFlameFairy56 in Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)   
    I agree. Amy would probably lose it. 
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    rosedust reacted to SpongicX in Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)   
    I wonder if Sticks and Amy will have a subplot, or if they'll just be entirely absent in this episode. Strange, I always figured if there would be a baby sitting episode, Amy of all people would be the one to do it.
    I hope this episode has a lot of laughs, I remember last year, I suggested it would be fun to see an episode where Sonic and the gang had to watch over Lady Walrus's baby, and chaos ensues. It does seem like a shame that Sticks and Amy aren't a part of it, but it still might be funny to see how stressed out the guys will get, over one baby.
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    rosedust reacted to DaddlerTheDalek in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Usually I would find it rather cute that a fellow Star Trek fan makes some references to Trek in a Sonic comic, but with Penders "I'll sue everybody who dares to reference my work! Only I'm allowed to do something like that!" attitude, it's just beyond hypocritical... 
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    rosedust reacted to JosepHenry in Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread   
    Sorry, it was an exaggeration on purpose. Is just that my "internet persona" is way louder than normal me
    If Amy isn't in Mania I'm sure I will love it anyway.
    Hovever relying on nostalgia for a prize could make me disappointed not gonna lie. Because 16-bit tracks aren't really that amazing of a prize to non nostalgic people.
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    rosedust got a reaction from DaddlerTheDalek in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I'm hoping this turns out good. I'm a little concerned, but I'll try to stay positive. Hopefully we get more news soon.
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    rosedust reacted to MetalSkulkBane in IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old   
    There is a simple reason why FF couldn't be a reason for comic's cancellation: they weren't removed in 252. If someone wanted them gone, they would be gone.
    As for IDW I have only one important wish: have ambition. Have continuity, have new characters, explore new concepts. Be more than a glorified add for games and nostalgia trap.
    It would be nice to give more focus to Shadow, bring Archie characters, hire Yardley, Evans & Skelly, etc. But as long as the point above is met, I'll probably be satisfied.
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    rosedust reacted to BlueSky in Sonic Headcanons   
    Soo, I'll put this in here since it came up a bit before; a thing about why I think in SA2 Sonic manages to, by bumping against those cars, to make them fly just like that while not flying backwards himself.
    Density's the best I can come up with the fact how mechanics work on, for example, in City Escape.
    It's about momentum, and collision; there're roughly two kinds of collisions; 1) elastic and 2) inelastic collision. This is by no means an elastic collision since Sonic's not flying backwards. So it must be 2nd option.
    The thing is, the car's still flying, so the fact it's not elastic is because Sonic isn't flying. So this isn't perfectly inelastic, but partially inelastic collision instead.
    So now, Sonic's body doesn't change externally so the fact some of the energy is absorbed by his body isn't changing it. This has to mean Sonic's sturdier than, for example, a tennis ball that bends a bit for some time when it bounces from the ground.
    Thus the easiest idea I have is the fact that Sonic's "extremely dense hedgehog".
    And please bear in mind, this is actually more of an inside joke for me than a full-fledged essay, though I did went a bit overboard with all the pfysics I think...
    Hope it isn't too wacky.
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    rosedust reacted to BlueSky in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    That sounds possible enough, maybe they'd pull it out from the hiatus. That'd be nice!  Good thing is Mr. Flynn's still getting "jobs" (as far as a freelancer can be said to have jobs)!
    If they do that, well for me it would seem as the reason why Sonic got cancelled isn't because they don't want to make lisenced comics at all anymore. Even this bit is against that. It's like they're trying to fill the space Sonic left to the Action line.
    The cancellation of Archie Sonic starts to seem to me as more and more something that Sega's also playing an active part in.
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    rosedust reacted to molul in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    I'll put it this way: if Amy was a Nintendo character, she would have her own series of games with her own gameplay, evolving the hammer on many ways. 
    Sega could do that, and the same with the Chaotix, Shadow, Tails... I mean new games, of course.
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    rosedust reacted to Lord-Dreamerz in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    Personally for me I think Amy is the most fun character to play on SA1. In fact she is the only character I play as whenever i replay that game. However I do think a few of her moves could be better. I feel she needs the peel out, a bigger hit box on her hammer attacks... and to be able to roll by pushing down while running.  Except I don't think I want her to have a spin dash as it makes her a more interesting challenge to play as without it.
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    rosedust got a reaction from Lord-Dreamerz in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    Her gameplay isn't for everyone, I get that. I personally loved playing her in Sonic Advance and the hacked Sonic 1/2 games. It's pretty much up to the person. At least everyone has a choice to pick who they want in this game!
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    rosedust got a reaction from Cornelius Fudge in Sonic Mania Competition Mode Revealed   
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    rosedust got a reaction from YuTwo in Sonic Mania Competition Mode Revealed   
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