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    rosedust reacted to Dee Dude in Nakamura interview on Sonic Forces' premise, decisions for playable characters, porting to the Switch, and more   
    For the record...one bad decision from Nakamura doesn't mean I hate him nor do I hate the game.
    It has stupid choices and maybe even some missed opportunities? Don't get me wrong but it still ain't the abomination the majority makes it out to be.
    I'm still defending Sonic Forces due to still seeing so little of it and the things I do like, I'll wait til I buy and play the whole thing.
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    rosedust reacted to Chris Knopps in Nakamura interview on Sonic Forces' premise, decisions for playable characters, porting to the Switch, and more   
    The problem is, for big 3D titles the company prefers multiple characters to have unique play styles matching their personas.
    Unfortunately, if it's not Sonic 2.0 or Sonic 3.0 then people whine, and it seems to me that, if they can't give multiple characters multiple play styles in 3D, the only thing Sonic Team has to say to consumers is F-You on the subject. It could be they'd just be too bored making a game with different characters that are essentially Sonic in a different body.
    You could say they could make passages only certain characters could reach, but I'd see that as kind of dull if I were a developer. Put a hill here, some blocked passage there, it doesn't sound too fun even from my standpoint.
    This is backed up with giving the avatar weapons, they want to add characters that also add new game play into the mix. If folks would back off from this "Must Play Like Sonic" mindset we'd likely have others returning, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon, thus neither are other characters.
    The only thing I ever hated was Big fishing around, back in the day I enjoyed playing in mechs and hunting for treasure since it felt like new additions to the characters, well, character. But... Hey.
    Play like Sonic or don't bother. So long as this is the consumers motto, SEGA will say they won't bother either.

    It seems so long ago...
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    rosedust reacted to Scar in Nakamura interview on Sonic Forces' premise, decisions for playable characters, porting to the Switch, and more   
    Sounds to me like nobody at Sonic Team knows why this game exists, but are just making it anyway.
    What an age we live in.
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    rosedust got a reaction from Ming Ming Hatsune in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    All I want is unlockable Classic Amy.  
  5. Promotion
    rosedust got a reaction from Rey Skywalker-Ren in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    All I want is unlockable Classic Amy.  
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    rosedust got a reaction from Lord-Dreamerz in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    All I want is unlockable Classic Amy.  
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    rosedust reacted to LukA8 in Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)   
    That Season 2 press release did mention "Shadow and other game characterS", so at least one more would have to appear alongside Shadow/Vector. Then again, that press release set up some very wrong expectations. People thought Shadow would get a recurring role this time, yet literally no one has showed up so far, almost a year later, when there's only eight episodes left that we don't know the title of, since they're likely not in any of the upcoming ones.  But assuming the press release didn't lie and there is a third character, it brings us to a weird situation because the credits have stayed the same throughout Season 2, indicating no other voice actor has joined. Some possibilities:
    The third character is just Metal Sonic again. (Not sure when they have Cybonic now) It's someone who shares an existing voice actor...Charmy? Nah, if he appears it would be in the same episode as Vector and only if all three Chaotix are there. Espio's VA is not on the cast list and I doubt Sega would allow Kirk Thornton to imitate his voice. Is there anyone else? E-10000G from Free Riders voiced by Wally Wingert. The third character's appearance and thus, his/her voice actor was not decided on when Season 2 premiered with the cast list (unlikely since it has been stated Boom episodes take about 2 years until they're finished) or is kept a secret on purpose. I wouldn't get my hopes up for that just yet, because wouldn't it be unfair if they list Keith but not another actor? Also, we're literally running out of episodes right now. However it goes, it's obvious Sega doesn't seem to like the series using their extended cast and it really shows. Shadow's VA/Orbot is a regular on the show, they have his model ready yet they never use him. His and Metal's appearances were one of the weirdest episodes of Season 1. Even that bookshelf Team Sonic was building had more screen time in the Season 1 finale. He just appeared for the thrill factor, stood around while Eggman played a fangirl, disappeared, shortly fought Sonic and then disappeared again. Metal Sonic's sudden appearance at the end of his episode made a bit more sense since he was the true culprit they were searching for, but it was just as underwhelming and after that episode, it just seems weird how Eggman never ever uses the one minion that can actually face Sonic.
    It seems Sega wanted Boom to be its own thing yet they wanted it to be consistent with the main franchise, which is not a bad thing per se but the execution was wonky. We're just supposed to accept that Sonic knows Metal Sonic and Shadow and never ever mentions or comments on them.Maybe they should not have chosen Shadow, one of the few characters with a complex backstory whose tone doesn't even fit a comedy just because he's popular? Guess we'll see how Shadow is treated this time. There were some hints of another multi/two-part episode, but chances are he'll just return to fight Sonic again. For Vector, he's a much, much more talkative character, so if his appearance is just another glorified cameo, they'll have to hide him until the last two or three minutes of the episode.
    @Chameleon94 Despite what they said on Twitter, I bet they never even intended to use Metal Sonic for Robots in the Sky. The crew probably needs a special permission by Sonic Team to use Shadow/Metal/the rest of the extended cast and are closely supervised when doing so, and would probably not have been allowed to feature Metal in a side role anyway. Strange, isn't it, how Sonic fans nowadays can't even expect Sonic characters to show up in a Sonic show when they're already neglected in the games. : P
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    rosedust reacted to Detective Kaito in Nakamura interview on Sonic Forces' premise, decisions for playable characters, porting to the Switch, and more   
    At this point, all of this is just depressing. Either they're really stupid or they're lying. One thing for sure, Classic Sonic won't be returning to any more Main Series games after all the backlash he's gotten over the past year.
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    rosedust reacted to Waveshocker Sigma in Nakamura interview on Sonic Forces' premise, decisions for playable characters, porting to the Switch, and more   
    ...So tl;dr

    At least, that's what I feel like the entirety of the interview just tried to tell me and sell me on. That they made all of these wacky and crazy design choices for hardly any reason that they themselves can ever comprehend while somehow not being able to understand that their player base might just want the more simple approach that had been done before in the past that they're refusing to just go for them because of their own lack of self-confidence and fear of doing anything old that had potential and building upon it or anything new that might work, thus leading to an endless cycle of them making a game that isn't particularly bad but is still incredibly frustrating and infuriating due to burying itself in a pit of mediocrity by constantly getting almost everything wrong, which might as well make it a horrible game.
    I mean, really? Are these guys really THAT clueless and out of touch? Are they just stupid or something? Or do they really just not care as long as it makes them a quick buck?

    Huh. I see. With this interview, I think I finally get why people hate this game so much. It's like I just had an epiphany or something. This game really is just one giant colossal mess with a few neat things hidden inside.
    I can definitely say this: I'm going to get this game. I'm going to play it. I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can in my own way. I'm still interested in the story, music and Infinite.
    I will NOT, however, defend anything else about the way this game was made or anything else about it unless we see something new that's somehow a massive game changer or the game ends up being much better than most are expecting whenever it finally releases.
    However, I don't see that happening or any future Sonic Team game being anything that can be considered respectable, high quality and worthwhile for any fans of the series when both the description of the creative process behind the games and the current situation of the series both manage to be summed up  as the following:

    Hm...Well, Forces should turn out to be very interesting for the series one way or another. I'm still gonna like it, but I'm also going to remain disappointed and against everything it symbolizes about Modern Sonic.
    Man, good thing Mania is coming. We need a 3D equivalent by a completely new team badly. I honestly don't want Sonic Team making anymore games are this.
    Okay, I'm done mind dumping my thoughts on this. I doubt I'll have anything else to say about it until the next trailer. - -
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    rosedust reacted to LividOrca in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    Right there with you! Honestly I'm willing to settle for her being exclusive to Competition Mode, like in SA2. It probably wouldn't require as much testing, sprites and whatnot.
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    rosedust got a reaction from LividOrca in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    All I want is unlockable Classic Amy.  
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    rosedust got a reaction from MainJP in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    All I want is unlockable Classic Amy.  
  13. Thumbs Up
    rosedust got a reaction from Detective Kaito in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    All I want is unlockable Classic Amy.  
  14. Promotion
    rosedust got a reaction from JosepHenry in Mania as a 'Perfect Dream Game'   
    All I want is unlockable Classic Amy.  
  15. Nice Smile
    rosedust got a reaction from RedFox99 in IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old   
    This. I don't really want more adaptions of the same game stories. They've already attempted it and it is usually never as good as the original. I hope all of these stories are original and fun.
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    rosedust reacted to Jack out of the comics! in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Thanks by the way, for the attention. I wish more people had noticed those ideas, I spent a full morning thinking about them.
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    rosedust reacted to BonkersTheAutomaton in IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old   
    I just want fun and interesting stories that don't make me feel as though I need to have read any backlog material in order to understand what is going one.
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    rosedust reacted to NintendoSoul in Humans in Sonic   
    Humans work best as part of the setting, moving scenery the player interacts with at their leisure. Trying to make them prominent as characters isn't an automatic failure,  but the only successes on that front have been antagonistic humans. 
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    rosedust reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old   
    I'm in favor of bringing back the Freedom Fighters, the Egg Bosses, Breezie and the S6, Gold, Von Schlemmer, and Nigel Acorn, Ellidy, and Uncle Chuck  as far as the more ambiguous selection go.
    Scrapped game characters would be nice as well, but they're in a stronger placement by comparison (even if they might not appear).
    Honestly, what I want is a format of appearances based on context and not on the so-called "Main Four" who show up just because people expect them. That was one of the better aspects of Archie as characters like Knuckles didn't just skimp out on guarding the Master Emerald without a strong reason forcing him to (and I'm not talking about the cop out "Eggman is threatening the world" excuse people make as a dog whistle to ignore all of this) and often minded his own business, and Silver actually had more room to maneuver in his appearances due to events making holes in time-space. And if we want to make things more balanced, we could rotate the character's appearances so that it makes sense for them being involved as well as giving more dynamic interactions between characters that haven't associated with each other much or at all, like Shadow, Blaze, and Marie, or Amy, Cream, and Blaze with Team Dark.
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    rosedust reacted to SonicComicFanboy in IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old   
    I honestly forget Cream exists half the time until people mention her name or she pops up in a comic issue or a game.
    She was supposed to be Amy's Tails but she kind of fell by the wayside.
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    rosedust reacted to RedFox99 in IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old   
    I hope maybe we can get maybe side story focusing on Cream, Cheese, Vanilla, and Chocola.
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    rosedust reacted to SpongicX in Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)   
    I agree, 10 is asking for a little too much, but I would love to see Silver and Blaze show up. However, it's pointless to ask for more characters in this show. The show has already established what it wants to be, and forcefully adding characters to it would just drastically change the show out of nowhere. The show already established itself as a show with small resources, and expecting more characters to show up as regulars, instead of cameos is just expecting too much from a show that just won't allow it. It might seem kind of forced to have these characters be missing for so long, only to just be added out of nowhere. Then the writers would have to make up excuses for why these characters are only now showing up.

    The writers don't seem to want to focus on plots or explanations for a show like Sonic Boom, so it figures they wouldn't want to add a bunch of characters, and give them each explanations for why they're now just showing up. Just look at Shadow for instance, they were so lazy with introducing him at last minute, and all they had to say about him was that he was one of the best characters in the entire canon, and that was it. If people got annoyed with their lack of dedication to bringing Shadow and Metal Sonic into the show, what makes us think they'll treat the others any better? Sonic Boom would rather focus on silliness, instead of a good balance of story telling with humor, and we just have to accept that the writers just aren't willing to change it. The best they can do is improve their writing, but there isn't much the writers can do, without drastically changing the show. 

    So far, we only have hints that Vector the Crocodile will make a brief appearance in one of the season's remaining episodes, but that's all we got so far. 
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    rosedust reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in Shadow problems topic   
    Gonna go on and say I like Ian's Shadow over every incarnation post-SA2. He's powerful, but not unbeatable; he has different shades of his personality and is capable of being funny with how serious and angry he can be without it being demeaning to his character; and his broad range of potential utility is explored much greater than the games have presented.
    If anything, that's the best model for Game Shadow to emulate.
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    rosedust reacted to Indigo Rush in What is Sonic the Hedgehog's identity to you?   
    Sonic the video game is an action platformer with a unique and, at the time, revolutionary blend of momentum-heavy movement, dynamic inertia, rolling physics, and pinball mechanics where the character flings around the level off slopes and bounces on enemies at high speeds while collecting magical jewlery. This gameplay style creates an environment where the player can feel safe moving ahead with minimal lethal risks. Levels have branching paths to make for several ways to experience the game, as well as occasional alternate characters with slightly different mechanics that change the experience of gameplay progression. The game goes from good to great after repeat playthroughs and enhanced skill. Low skill floor, high skill ceiling, a slight emphasis on scores, a higher emphasis on time and speedrunning.
    Sonic the character is a blue, rolly polly hedgehog in red sneakers who can run and roll at really, really absurdly fast speeds. He's got an irreverent and impatient attitude, but a kind heart that gives him a sense of obligation to vigilante justice. Loves nature just as much as he loves the city, as long as he can run and jump around both. Doesn't like being couped up, doesn't like swimming, and doesn't like being tied to any responsibilities. Cute, corny, cool. Has that 90s radical cheese to his personality, but will turn off the jokes when things get serious. Will gladly turn into a sentient sawblade and tear through solid metal when his friends are in danger. Likes long runs on the beach, single but not looking for a serious relationship. Eats chili dogs because why not.
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    rosedust reacted to SonicComicFanboy in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    You wanna talk about racism lets talk about all the actual racism going on in America right now against men & women of color, hispanics, middle easterners, etc.  Not your manurfactured "racism" against an extremly sexist genre of animation and comics that constantly objectifies females and ovsrsexualizes underage girls to the point its flat out creepy & pedophilic. And i'm sorry no cultural differences don't justify those things!
    And the "not all anime" like the "not all men" argument doesn't work because no one is saying all anime, but enough where its a notable problem.  Heck even some of the ones supppsedly aimed at girls/women can be sexist/rapey at times.
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