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  1. Happy birthday, boss!

  2. I think they can both suit Sonic, lets say for example make the levels match the story/situation. You can start the game all cheery and light hearted and those cheery stages will fit, but as soon as the story starts getting serious then that serioussness can then be reflected on the stages as well.
  3. I don't have any shame on that, I just don't think that stuff like an angry god commiting mass genocide is a kid's thing. Even stuff like Sonic X had sexual jokes on them like Rouge's "Oh so you're into S&M, huh?" so yeah, not exactly every Sonic thing is exclusively aimed at kids. The "10 year old trying to be so mature and adult" as you say, would be Shadow the Hedgehog imo.
  4. I don't really know about the retro games, but on the adventure era they sure aimed it at teens and such and now we're back to kindergarden, mostly because of the story's tone, simple and boring.
  5. It's a shame that people are starting to grow out of Sonic but I guess that happens really, sometimes it's not even the quality, some people just grow out of things, same way I've seen long term fans growing out of pokemon to later switch to stuff like assassin's creed and etc, happens in all fandoms I supose. We all know the bad direction in which things are going but unlike you guys I'm not sure sure if it's Sonic Team that's crap or if they're just tired. Yeah, because like you guys pointed out we almost always receive a new Sonic game every year from Sonic Team and that's quite a tight schedule so I'm not surprised that the games aren't that polished, 1 year is not a lot and we know that most franchises take a break of more than 1 year or so they have time to do a decent solid game. So yeah I think the problem is how Sonic Team has been overworked and how they must be tired since 1 year for a game seems like they have to rush everything. If only they could take the example from nintendo and such and have other teams to work on other franchises then maybe Sonic Team could have a break once in a while and Sega could still cash in money. (I know they have other franchises but they don't nearly get as much exposure as Sonic does, except maybe Bayonetta). They should totally bring Chuchu Rocket as a party game, though maybe that's just me. Now I still consider myself a big Sonic fan, I'm not exactly the most active person in the fandom but I still lurk here and there making fan art and etc. What I've had happen to me was dropping interest in Sonic for some time and then coming back and so forth, this has basicaly happened to me with every other franchise, zelda, kirby, pokemon, kingdom hearts, you name it, I just get more into those things when a new game is released or when I decide it's a good day to play some of their previous games, Sonic though has a special place here for me and while the lastest games aren't that good, I still give them a shot, I can't play most of them but I'll check them all out for sure. For some reason this franchise keeps pulling me in especially since Unleashed, I thought I had dropped Sonic but I came back because of unleashed, Colours wasn't great but I absolutely loved Generations and so it goes. As long as the franchise is alive I'll stick with it, that's for sure. Now I just really hope things will start looking better somtime in the future, even if they have to replace people in Sonic Team, at least replace it with competent people, because it seriously hurts to see a franchise with so much untapped potential to be handled like a mediocre thing that sells with kids. This franchise really deserves more than that and has the potential for it as well.
  6. I'm seriously more worried about the franchise getting its shit together rather than if most gamers now care about it or not, as long as Sonic's still around and we get decent games that's what matters to me. While I'm not particularly hyped for Sonic Boom, there's plenty of people in the fanbase and such that are. I'm interested on the tv series though since it's been some time since we had Sonic on the tv and that will help horde more fans , like kids :heh: into the franchise. Another reason I think Sonic Boom is not such a bad idea (as long as its not that bad and doesn't kills the franchise) is that it actualy lets Sonic Team breathe for once, instead of releasing a meh game every year they'll now have more time to try and do something decent and polished with the main Sonic series, so here's to hoping that we'll see the light in 2015. About Sonic's reputation, well it can definately be improved, we just need good games to come out and to have critics and basicaly everyone to stop saying every new Sonic game is the new Sonic 06, that sure would help. Yeah sure 06 is a big stain on the franchise, but no franchise is perfect in all honesty and there's people who like those kind of games so there's that. Though I think if they start building up Sonic's reputation and such then 06 will just be that point in time where we had a bad game and everyone will just laugh at how silly it was at the time, like you know, Zelda CDI games and yet the Zelda series is sucessful and has a good reputation but everyone knows or remembers those old "gems".
  7. Happy birthday!

  8. That's one of the biggest errors they made in my opinion, doing platforming with such a slippery/fast character is gonna get you killed pretty fast since it's so hard to control him. I think you had that control in SA2 but you didn't go as fast as SA1 unfortunately. But yeah it's about time we got the physics part sorted out, it seems like after SA2 the characters just started getting too slippery up untill now, unless the problem has been fixed in LW. About the boost part, well I really like it. It was what made me go like "sh*t, so this is what a proper sonic game looks like" when I first played Unleashed, the sense of speed is amazing. But not gonna lie though, it can get quite restrictive, still it's so much fun to play though.
  9. I've played both SA1 and 2 recently and they control much much better than the newer games, the character's don't just slide because they build up speed too fast, aka Sonic in Unleashed, Colours and such. I think the characters are fun to move around, since they all have their own way of moving and set of abilities you can make use of. Tails and Eggman can be a bit of a pain sometimes though. I'd like to have something like Sa1/2 elements mixed with generations, if that's even possible.
  10. I could say SA1 and 2, due to the recurring events of them being bad aparently, but I don't think they're flawed, considering how old they are and the limitations we had at the time, not to mention the glitch part everyone complains about it but I have the Dreamcast version for like 10 years maybe or more and I've only experienced glitches like twice, extremly rare. The ports on the other hand.............. Putting that aside I'll probly go with unwiished, has its flaws with the god of war werehog and stuff but I really have fond memories of that game despite everything.
  11. Thats some really amazing work on the character there. I'm guessing the problem here is that while some of us like Uekawa's style, others are more keen on the cartoony style with really exagerated proportions and distinctive silluetes which is what Sonic Booms and Lost World (deadly six) went for. But thats the thing really, Uekawa has its own style and way of doing things which leans more on the anime side I think, while if you go for the cartoon side then you're bound to get diferent results like we did in unleashed for example or now in Sonic Boom, but to be honest I think this is all down to a person's taste more than anything else. Because while one can argue that Uekawa's designs don't have that much variety then one can also argue how cartoon's might lack consistency because all the characters are so diferent from eachother. They have their share of contrasting points but they also have their share of common points and we really have to keep that in mind as they're both good valid styles only they have their diferences which is what makes them what they are, distinct styles.
  12. Lyric's problem is probably how it leans more on the realistic side while Sonic stuff is usually more simple and cartoony, like what LongcrierCat did, it's a lot more simple in comparsion but it works a lot better in the Sonic universe. Also guys, those weird quills on Silver's forehead are suposed to resemble a japanese maple leaf, not a pot leaf. *captain obvious to the rescue*
  13. Like it has been said here, for characters like Sonic and inc. the key is really simple shapes and design and lets not forget the Sonic-like eyes. Biolizard and Black Doom... though the fact that they're monsters or aliens in black doom's case, I still think they stick out too much, they're too realistic and detailed in comparison to the rest of the Sonic gang so it really makes a lot of contrast, maybe if their realism and such was toned down it wouldnt be such a big constrat. Something like chaos for example, even though chaos looks out of place it also looks in place because he's not that detailed in his final form, it's just sort of a snake-like being with 2 tentacles, nothing too big, as for chaos 0 it blends in well really. Also take the wisps for example, theyre aliens but they don't seem out of place at all due to their simple and stylized design. As for people... I don't know if this illustration is official or so, (though I think it is) but I think that humans would definately look like this in the Sonic universe, you can somehow tell its Sonic-ish and I think it fits really well in the Sonic universe. Maybe its the eyes or so.
  14. I'm not particularly enthusiastic about Sonic Boom, but I am indeed very curious to see the final outcome, especially the tv series, it's been so long since any TV series with Sonic were made, so I'm pretty hyped about it uvu
  15. There's really something going on with Sonic's quills.. I don't know if they're too short of the upper quil goes too high but somethin's not right the the head shape and quills there. Amy's smile.. no comments. Tails looks creepy with that smile/expression. Knuckles and Sticks actualy look good.
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