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  1. If the game is inspired by Breath of the Wild, then the cyberspace levels would definitely be like the Shrines--small, hyper-focused levels that reward the player for exploring by giving them a break in the gameplay.
  2. What I mean is that they are not going to look in-depth into fan games, intentionally or not, to avoid that problem in the first place. Actually, considering SEGA's lax attitude towards fan games, I would believe they just don't look at them. They are definitely listening to fans' desires but I highly doubt they crib ideas from fan games specifically. Their old rival has been going on an open-world spree for a while now. "Open-world Sonic" is not a unique fan idea, and really fans are still very cautious on the idea on principle (and I still am, to be honest).
  3. Taking ideas from fan games is actually a really bad idea for a company and the majority of companies avoid doing that. And when SEGA takes inspiration from fan games, they typically just hire the fans anyway. Besides, I don't think they need a fan game to make an open-world game. Utopia didn't invent the idea, after all.
  4. Y'know, I was going to make a snarky comment, but I'm genuinely concerned that you have like a personal vendetta against Roger Craig Smith for voicing a cartoon hedgehog "wrong" and it's like, you alright bro?
  5. The Zelda level was actually pretty fun. It's free DLC so it was never in depth, but it wasn't flat and it was nice to explore even with Lost World's awkward running mechanics.
  6. I've said this before, but Sonic's stiffness in the boost games is a deliberate choice because they are aware that you will be going through levels in a linear fashion. EDIT: Lost World had looser controls than the boost games for this reason. If they make a mechanic like the spin cycle, it's probably because they already conceived controls that would make the mechanic make sense. The real concern is whether the controls will be too loose like Heroes, not stiff.
  7. Considering that Sonic Forces couldn't have started development more than half a year prior, I do actually think its sparse marketing is due to the lack of gameplay to show, especially since Sunset Heights was like the only damn stage they showed for months. If this leak is true, they have had something in the works for a year and have another year to finish. It wasn't that secretive, it's just that no one would believe the leak. That leak has a crap ton of info on a game they played in 2020 and was to release in 2022 (though they say it was supposed to come out November 2021). The only reason we take the leak seriously is because it aligns with exactly what little official information there is.
  8. Sonic Generations had literally the same marketing tactic. The first teaser was vague and said nothing but "Classic Sonic is here." Here for what? What's going to happen? Didn't even show the name. Hell, the teaser wasn't even representative of the final game, since you don't run through Green Hill while it's washed out like that (a missed opportunity, to be honest). It was also leaked beforehand as well. This is literally the same scenario. This is because this is how SEGA tends to operate, period. This is how they like to market a main series 3D Sonic. I'd say that spilling the beans like a torn beanbag chair because you're afraid of an overzealous fanbase that think your game will suck anyway would inspire less confidence. This is obviously a game SEGA believes they can afford stretching information over the course of a year. That's not a "lack of confidence."
  9. It's been a single day after their first game announcement in four years. We are a month away from a much bigger gaming event, and they said that Sonic will be present in the next game event. And SO MANY OTHER companies play the same tricks. None of them tell you literally everything about a game a year before it comes out.
  10. I would be pleasantly surprised if the game is a direct follow-up to Forces, but I doubt it, especially with the details we've got.
  11. if the "spincycle" is an attack, then the circle you would need to make wouldn't need to be accurate at all. It just needs to close. And if it is an attack that is used to kill as many enemies as possible, that implies that there are areas where there are lots of enemies, and I doubt that their terrain wouldn't be flat anyway. Many enemy camps in BOTW are flat. The most misshaped camps are the tree houses. This is because lopsided terrain gets in the way of battle.
  12. Forces Switch looked and played incredibly well, in my opinion. The worst sacrifice was framerate. But yeah, the Switch version probably won't be good. Unless they outsource it.
  13. I don't really think Sonic fans have seen Tron...
  14. There is no damn way they'll have boost speeds in an open world, especially if they're aiming for Switch/PS4/XBONE. He'll be fast, but he'll be manageable fast.
  15. You got Emeralds in Lost World by collecting all the Red Rings, if I remember correctly. The 3DS version had (horrible) Special Stages.
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