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  1. The problem with Lost World is that if you game overed it's back to the beginning, and also the difficulty was bullshit paired with questionable design choices. Yeah, but this isn't good. They should go back to the Shadow ring system, where you only lose some rings. Also, deaths do count towards the ranking, it actually counts ihow many too.
  2. That's... not how any of this works.
  3. Not enough pits to be a DIMPS level. But eeh indeed.
  4. I don't mind Shadow playing like Sonic. The DLC bit only really annoys me because we don't get DLC for Generations or Mania and it doesn't look like we get completely new stages for Episode Shadow either.
  5. Eggman can take over the world but he can't afford a good photographer.
  6. The rebar in the center of the picture has the same color and rusted look as Park Avenue's bridges.
  7. The idea that Omega (who hates Eggman) and Rouge (who wouldn't work with Eggman) were captured would be itself enough for Shadow to work for Eggman and that wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Especially since we know they're in the game but they haven't actually appeared yet. It's a sympathetic motive, it's in-character enough for Shadow to do, yadda yadda.
  8. And I thought judging a game's price on its perceived quality was a bit much.
  9. Sonic Rivals Dash I like the sound of building a team and doing live events.
  10. I mean it's not impossible that it could just have extra stages and characters to build up the selection (notably Speed Battle doesn't have the Avatar at all), but yeah, it's safe to say that what we see here is in Forces.
  11. I'm not bothered by Green Hill in a mobile game, like whatever. It's obviously just taken from Forces anyhow. The idea that it means that those levels are in Forces, including Sky Sanctuary, which was already in Generations, does however. Speed Battle looks pretty good, though.
  12. Honestly, not really. I haven't gotten a single game over in the main game. Most of my deaths are crusher-related or Phantom Egg related, and that's mostly because I just try to rush it. Blue Spheres is just tedious, not hard. The Special Stages were the hardest levels but as soon as I figured out how to really beat them, they were second nature, even 4 - 6.
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