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  1. The problem with Lost World is that if you game overed it's back to the beginning, and also the difficulty was bullshit paired with questionable design choices. Yeah, but this isn't good. They should go back to the Shadow ring system, where you only lose some rings. Also, deaths do count towards the ranking, it actually counts ihow many too.
  2. Only some things. Also it's not damage control if 1) I'm not actually defending it? But I guess you're damage controlling jokes then; and 2) I don't know the context and some of the jokes seem serious. I've legit seen people bring up the Totinos and Hello Kitty promotions-- as the promotions, not as part of the stream-- with ire, so.
  3. You can't be sponsored by them, you sponsor it by having it. It is a tool, not necessarily a brand in itself. That's why people say "[Game] has Denuvo" not "[Company] is working with Denuvo". It's a matter of semantics but it's a pretty big oversight. The reputation's not killing anyone though. People are laughing. That's about it. It's a pretty bad argument, though. Unethical animal treatment is something that everyone looks down on, and actually hurts people and things. Physically. There's real morals to it. That's why I have a problem with that analogy. You have "Kid-friendly thing x Non-kid-friendly thing" so you thought "no animal testing x butchering animals" is a good counterpoint?
  4. Well, at least you managed to make a Forces jab, so it's all okay.
  5. Then the promotion would do nothing to turn off (ha!) others, right? Okay, so either my suspicions are correct and I'm the only +18 user here, or are you guys denying that a series that has recently gone hard on 90s and 'naughts nostalgia doesn't have an adult audience?
  6. You really overestimate how much people care about Hooters. We have this one guy who thinks its the spawn of Satan but that's the worst. Also, to another quote: I've never heard any justification like that. The only justification I've heard is "the people who make Sonic OCs will love it" which is objectively true, or is it somehow stupid? Why don't we have 4 pages of this?
  7. Like I said, that's too obvious. SEGA, they may not be smart thinkers, but they're thinkers.
  8. That's what I said several times, yes. Like Doritos and Mountain Dew? Because that gives you energy to play games, right? Those two were heavily connected to gaming for a while even though no one would actually tell you their favorite snack for gaming is fucking Doritos. They kind of went off on their own and they've made Dorito-flavored Moutain Dew (or was it the other way around? Whatever). Like you seem to be mistaken and think there has to be a link you see; what the hell does Sonic have to do with, say, Progressive Insurance? If your answer is "uh, people who have insurance play Sonic games", then how do you know people who play Sonic don't go to Hooters? Also why advertise to people who already buy both brands individually? It's not like Mario and Sonic where the fanbase of different sizes over lap. I don't know how you equate Hooters and Sonic with animal testing and no animal testing but you got my attention. First of all, the company sponsors Denuvo, by using it in their games, not vice versa. Second, I have yet to hear about a Hooters controversy, especially one that would realistically alienate gamers and people who play Sonic. You seem to think this is a situation of "good thing x bad thing" when it's just "one thing x one entirely separate thing" which happens a lot. So you do think that Hooters is the "bad thing" in this situation? I'm not going to devalue your anecdote, but I'll say I don't think people dislike Hooters as much as you think.
  9. Except you do?? Because that's what selling sex is???? You're confusing "selling sex" (as in prostitution) and "sex sells" (which is the term for when the advertising is focused on the sex appeal). They don't have sex, so they literally aren't whores.
  10. Too obvious. Too greasy. And let Sonic usurp her meme game? No way. Ew. Literally who. Now you get it. The fact that you get your perception of reality from South Park says a lot. The fact that you're okay with the South Park episode, which parodied Hooters with children, and not the real thing, says too much. So they don't fit the definition, because they don't have sex with their customers.
  11. Pretty sure touching the women and making them do things like going topless or engaging in sexual acts is illegal. Are you afraid of sex or something? Look, do you have anything else because this is going places I didn't want it to. EDIT: Okay, good he doesn't.
  12. Morally-- Dude, it's just hot women. Does that turn the devil inside of you, or something? Yeah, they're pretty far off from actual strippers. Some women work there as actual cooks and managers. They give to charities. They also sponsor sports like NASCAR. What the hell kind of argument am I getting into here?
  13. If you can't see the logic of a very basic business tactic, then we can't, I agree. Did Hooters hurt you? They're not fucking strippers. They wear midriff-baring shirts and short pants (how indecent) and give food. They don't give lapdances. They don't show their tits. Jeez. Even if they were, that's some pretty harsh slut shaming. Also it's not fast food. Come on, guys, I didn't think you were humongous prudes, that's something I expected even less from a Sonic forum.
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