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  1. The problem with Lost World is that if you game overed it's back to the beginning, and also the difficulty was bullshit paired with questionable design choices. Yeah, but this isn't good. They should go back to the Shadow ring system, where you only lose some rings. Also, deaths do count towards the ranking, it actually counts ihow many too.
  2. That's... not how any of this works.
  3. Not enough pits to be a DIMPS level. But eeh indeed.
  4. I don't mind Shadow playing like Sonic. The DLC bit only really annoys me because we don't get DLC for Generations or Mania and it doesn't look like we get completely new stages for Episode Shadow either.
  5. Eggman can take over the world but he can't afford a good photographer.
  6. The rebar in the center of the picture has the same color and rusted look as Park Avenue's bridges.
  7. The idea that Omega (who hates Eggman) and Rouge (who wouldn't work with Eggman) were captured would be itself enough for Shadow to work for Eggman and that wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Especially since we know they're in the game but they haven't actually appeared yet. It's a sympathetic motive, it's in-character enough for Shadow to do, yadda yadda.
  8. And I thought judging a game's price on its perceived quality was a bit much.
  9. Sonic Rivals Dash I like the sound of building a team and doing live events.
  10. I mean it's not impossible that it could just have extra stages and characters to build up the selection (notably Speed Battle doesn't have the Avatar at all), but yeah, it's safe to say that what we see here is in Forces.
  11. I'm not bothered by Green Hill in a mobile game, like whatever. It's obviously just taken from Forces anyhow. The idea that it means that those levels are in Forces, including Sky Sanctuary, which was already in Generations, does however. Speed Battle looks pretty good, though.
  12. Honestly, not really. I haven't gotten a single game over in the main game. Most of my deaths are crusher-related or Phantom Egg related, and that's mostly because I just try to rush it. Blue Spheres is just tedious, not hard. The Special Stages were the hardest levels but as soon as I figured out how to really beat them, they were second nature, even 4 - 6.
  13. So if I want to show that I'm on #TeamEggman, I have to wear the shirt backwards?
  14. Well, judging by this board I thought Forces' problems would be the story, level design, and gameplay, but apparently it would've been perfect if Park Avenue wasn't a realistic city. Y'know, because that's the number one problem with the Sonic Dark Age. If only it was City Escape Zone.
  15. Oh, well, see, because '06 sucks, and so does Forces! So, yeah. And, there's burning cities in both of them (in entirely different contexts)... Infinite is kind of like Mephiles, if you squint and forget what Mephiles is like (remember how Mephiles didn't actually interact with Sonic at all?)... And, uh, '06 is the obvious bad Sonic game so it's the go-to for any direct comparisons. And Nakamura wrote both games... that's an legitimate comparison, though.
  16. What is your actual complaint? It's like visual semantics. It's a problem because the city's realistic? Why, is it Too Soon? Is it weird that Sonic has realistic cities? Mario never had realistic cities so yeah it'd be unfitting, but even in the classic games the cities looked like real cities, if stylized for the game. Ah, the old "I'm using Sonic '06 as a negative despite not knowing what Sonic '06 is like". Sorry, did I miss the humans and the Final Fantasy-like intro in Forces? Did I miss Sonic having to contemplate murdering Eggman? I mean, '06 had cities, right? So Forces is as bad as '06, right? The presentation for Park Avenue and Crisis City are starkly different. In the latter, there was no actual hope or feeling that it could get better, there were no one else, literally no one, but Silver and Blaze, the city looked all drab because it was just lava and ruined buildings, but you didn't really feel Iblis' power besides a poorly made tornado because he never really did anything. Meanwhile Park Avenue is still a stylized city ala Rooftop Run, there's still signs of life and untouched scenery like the Green Hill-like seaside, we can see what exactly is causing the damage and the scope but we still have the Sonics and the Avatar swooping in and saving the day, the Resistance is fighting back and we have a cheezy but cheerful song for the Avatar about beating the bad guys. I was talking about Eggmanland and the smog and inherent danger. And yes, CD had ruined cities, in Stardust Speedway in particular, only the background left a lot to imagination. It's mostly rooftops and lights but it still looked rather realistic, like people can live there, only not. And it's not like the city is the ONLY level in the game because there's Green Hill and the glimpses of other stages look stylized and cartoony. So again, what's your problem? Somehow being a realistic city is totally no-no, when that isn't AT ALL new to the series?
  17. Yeah, he could. We had a similar idea in Galaxy's intro level, with the Mushroom Kingdom on fire and being attacked. We're having Mario in a city too, and similar to the problem with Sonic, Odyssey works because it makes it clear that it isn't normal. Why is "ruined city" such a no-go zone for Sonic or Mario? What I mean is that what is Forces doing so special to warrant complaining about the identity? Forces isn't changing anything about Sonic's identity, it's in fact framing, developing, and subverting what we already know. Again, why is "ruined city" so alien and weird? Why is this something that "doesn't fit" in apparently any circumstance whatsoever? Like, okay, so in a game where Eggman wins, where there are many other examples where we see what could happen if he does, like Unleashed, or Sonic CD's bad futures which also comprised of ruined cities, they can't show, you know, the result of Eggman's rule?
  18. That's the philosophy of Mario and Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat in general, which is why we have games like Mario Kart, Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts, so it's not really a bad thing. It's a bit weird to start talking about identity now as if Forces is so, so alien to the series, when we've had Sonic in Aladdin, Sonic as King Arthur, crossover games, Sonic in space, Sonic in realistic worlds, Sonic in trippy lands, etc. What is Forces doing with its tropes? It's a darker, ruined world. We've had those before, and this certainly isn't anywhere close to the worst example. The problem with Sonic though is that most of the time it asserts whatever current thing it's doing as its identity. When Sonic went to Station Square and tangled with GUN the games treated it like it was always the case, until suddenly it wasn't in Heroes, until it suddenly was in Shadow and Unleashed, etc. What's different here though is that Forces isn't asserting itself as any status quo, it's well aware that it's the dark story in the franchise. It's a Green Hill stage, but look what Eggman did to it! It's a city, but Eggman fucked it up! This isn't how it was before! But you're acting like somehow this is the new status quo and it's going to be like this? It's not. Sonic definitely has an identity issue but it isn't an issue here. The only problem that I have with Dessert Ruins-- and this fits with the rest of the game's level tropes-- is that it doesn't fit the world it's in. The lack of coherence within a world is definitely a Mario thing, and not a Sonic thing, and I wouldn't mind if it was just with similar levels, or even that it looked like it could be in Desert Ruins, like if we could see a desert in the background. Like if it was always a desert and also flying desserts there would be no problem. But in all honesty we knew they did it to make a pun, so whatever. I also don't know what that has to do with Forces, or what the comparison is.
  19. The boost formula almost inherently restricts exploration so anyone who was looking forward to the game won't be surprised. Non-linear level design, i.e. different paths and ways to play, that's a different story. And by "exploration" I'm sure you mean "hub worlds" which 1) hasn't been a thing since 2008 and 2) most people are fine with it staying there. Hub worlds mean crap when it comes to exploration, honestly, at the very least it is entirely divorced from the main gameplay.
  20. That's fine, but it'll never be on the same level as '06 and Boom.
  21. To be honest, Mario Odyssey looks like the better game than most platformers including other Mario platformers. Are we still on the ol' Mario vs. Sonic thing? It's pretty obvious who won. Haha. Hahaha. I'll be aghast, honestly impressed if it's as bad as those two, and really the only way it could is if Sonic starts falling through the floor sporadically.
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