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  1. First of all, are you seriously proud of the fact that you have 10k+ posts on the Sonic Stadium Board, presumably complaining that Sonic is "pure" and that's presumably a problem? Second, Sonic was literally CREATED based on copying whatever was popular around the time. Literally throwing in Michael Jackson, fucking Bill Clinton, fucking Santa Claus; a group of Japanese people going "yeah, this is what Americans like". So nothing new there. Third, are you really that bothered that Sonic is like anime? Like you have Black Lagoon in your signature (clearly you like both series because they're just so similar) and you're complaining that Sonic is anime? My argument is 1) Sonic is no more "pure" than any other character who is good, which is most of the cast anyway and 2) what would it matter if he was anyway? You can't honestly have sit here, on this board, for however long you've been here, with the idea that Sonic, the character in particular, was supposed to have some questionable morals or actions. Yeah, Sonic's fucking Goku. He literally goes Super Saiyan. Who actually cares?
  2. The hell do I need to defend? Like who gives a damn, anyway? Who plays Sonic and thinks Sonic supposed to be some bad ass anti-hero who's supposed to do the somewhat-bad things sometimes? What gave you any indication that Sonic ISN'T super shonen? Thank you.
  3. No, I'm saying Sonic does hyperactive things, which makes him hyperactive. Tails does smart things, which makes him smart. Knuckles does dumb things, which makes him dumb. That's the kind of characterization the series gets. It even applies to their names. Shadow doesn't and wouldn't suddenly start boxing to show his excitement, because Shadow is not hyperactive. He would not suddenly shout for no reason "AW YEA THIS IS HAPPENING". He would never show he's excited, even if he is. He would cross his arms and look away. That's why we define him as moody, brooding, emo. Because he almost exclusively does things that we would call moody, brooding, emo. We know this because he consistently does these things. People just don't random do things like boxing the air. Even writing in Sonic games have a basic understanding that what characters do indicate who they are. Personality is what people would and wouldn't do, and the reasons why. If you don't count what people do as part of their personality, how do you define personality? The things I mentioned that Sonic does aren't things people do randomly. It's what hyperactive people do. You're right, in a game series with in-depth character writing that fleshes out their characterization, Sonic wouldn't be defined by his hyperactivity. But Sonic is not a game series with in-depth character writing that fleshes out their characterization, it's a game series that calls its dark, literally dark brooding character SHADOW. Mighty is mighty, because he's strong. Espio? Like espionage? And he's a ninja? It's always been like this. Sonic in particular has never had in-depth characterization, ever. He is fast, cool, and heroic, whatever the hell those mean.
  4. Liking to relax and being hyperactive are not mutually exclusive traits. Also for the purposes of a series of games about running fast, Sonic not doing anything is not an interesting trait (it's kind of why Sonic in Sonic X lacks presence), so I understand why those hobbies are falling to the wayside. But regardless, those hobbies aren't related to a lack of hyperactivity, I'd say they're connected to his "cool" persona. You have to understand that Sonic is "cool", but what "cool" means may vary. He can be the kind of cool that knows when to slow down and take it easy--that's why relaxing is one of his hobbies--but it can also be the kind of cool that doesn't take anything seriously and is always moving on--that's the kind of cool the new games are going for. The movie is going for the "ironic" cool, for the lack of a better term, where he's cool because he does too much. That's why I say Sonic's traits are incredibly vague and up to interpretation. None of Sonic's personalities are wrong, per se, just different interpretations. I don't think any game made Sonic out to be pure? Pretty much every good character has the exact same level of morality so Sonic's no more pure than Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and only slightly more pure than Shadow or Rouge.
  5. Sonic seems to fit the bill pretty well. I mean, the movie Sonic is on the extreme end of hyperactive in that literally everything he does is extra, but Sonic has almost always been "abnormally or extremely active". Just because he slows down sometimes doesn't mean he's not hyperactive. "Eccentric" is also incredibly vague and can damn well fit every single character. Tails the precocious super-genius, Knuckles the gullible knucklehead, Amy the love-sick freak, Eggman the... *gestures wildly*, and let's not get into most of the cast being giant talking animals... But really Sonic isn't really that eccentric anyway. Considering his design and powers being hyperactive is incredibly fitting, in fact, it'd be more weird if he wasn't.
  6. What change? What specific game or event can you point out to where Sonic went from what I'm sure was a clearly defined personality to the hyperactive type? I remember that the very first scene of Adventure is Sonic going "AW YEA THIS IS HAPPENING" on a rooftop. To no one around. For no reason. He's just jumping on rooftops and going "Yeah, this is my reason for living!" I'd call that hyperactive. I remember the random woofs and boxing motions he did in Shadow. I remember how pretty much every cartoon adaptation (except Sonic X I guess) had Sonic be hyperactive and wise cracking. I mean if you ask me, Sonic never had the most defined personality--in fact with all his friends he was always the one with the least character, for starters, we never had and still don't have a concrete backstory for him in the games, or even an actual character arc--and whatever "real" or "true" personality he has is whatever bias you have for the game it appeared in. Like I get it when people say this about Tails, that his personality has changed, because it has, but never with Sonic. He's always been inconsistent. Sonic is fast, cool, and heroic, and those are incredibly vague traits that can be interpreted in many ways.
  7. What benefit would there be for it to flop critically (nevermind a 64% Tomatometer isn't that great to begin with [it just means slightly more than half of critics thinks it's worth a damn], but this is a video game movie)? Heavens forbid it's still good enough that critics enjoyed watching it, even if they don't think it's that good critically.
  8. Are people seriously asking why Sonic wouldn't know literally every aspect of Earth? In real life, people can't find Italy on a map or name any the 50 states of the country they've spent 30+years of their lives in. I think you can bare with the fact that he doesn't know what a mechanical bull is, not like that's particularly popular. Also yeah it'd make more sense that he'd know about insurance for fast things and the movie franchise about fast people in fast cars than some metal version of some animal.
  9. That's... not how any of this works.
  10. Not enough pits to be a DIMPS level. But eeh indeed.
  11. I don't mind Shadow playing like Sonic. The DLC bit only really annoys me because we don't get DLC for Generations or Mania and it doesn't look like we get completely new stages for Episode Shadow either.
  12. Eggman can take over the world but he can't afford a good photographer.
  13. The rebar in the center of the picture has the same color and rusted look as Park Avenue's bridges.
  14. The idea that Omega (who hates Eggman) and Rouge (who wouldn't work with Eggman) were captured would be itself enough for Shadow to work for Eggman and that wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Especially since we know they're in the game but they haven't actually appeared yet. It's a sympathetic motive, it's in-character enough for Shadow to do, yadda yadda.
  15. I mean it's not impossible that it could just have extra stages and characters to build up the selection (notably Speed Battle doesn't have the Avatar at all), but yeah, it's safe to say that what we see here is in Forces.
  16. I'm not bothered by Green Hill in a mobile game, like whatever. It's obviously just taken from Forces anyhow. The idea that it means that those levels are in Forces, including Sky Sanctuary, which was already in Generations, does however. Speed Battle looks pretty good, though.
  17. Honestly, not really. I haven't gotten a single game over in the main game. Most of my deaths are crusher-related or Phantom Egg related, and that's mostly because I just try to rush it. Blue Spheres is just tedious, not hard. The Special Stages were the hardest levels but as soon as I figured out how to really beat them, they were second nature, even 4 - 6.
  18. Oh, well, see, because '06 sucks, and so does Forces! So, yeah. And, there's burning cities in both of them (in entirely different contexts)... Infinite is kind of like Mephiles, if you squint and forget what Mephiles is like (remember how Mephiles didn't actually interact with Sonic at all?)... And, uh, '06 is the obvious bad Sonic game so it's the go-to for any direct comparisons. And Nakamura wrote both games... that's an legitimate comparison, though.
  19. What is your actual complaint? It's like visual semantics. It's a problem because the city's realistic? Why, is it Too Soon? Is it weird that Sonic has realistic cities? Mario never had realistic cities so yeah it'd be unfitting, but even in the classic games the cities looked like real cities, if stylized for the game. Ah, the old "I'm using Sonic '06 as a negative despite not knowing what Sonic '06 is like". Sorry, did I miss the humans and the Final Fantasy-like intro in Forces? Did I miss Sonic having to contemplate murdering Eggman? I mean, '06 had cities, right? So Forces is as bad as '06, right? The presentation for Park Avenue and Crisis City are starkly different. In the latter, there was no actual hope or feeling that it could get better, there were no one else, literally no one, but Silver and Blaze, the city looked all drab because it was just lava and ruined buildings, but you didn't really feel Iblis' power besides a poorly made tornado because he never really did anything. Meanwhile Park Avenue is still a stylized city ala Rooftop Run, there's still signs of life and untouched scenery like the Green Hill-like seaside, we can see what exactly is causing the damage and the scope but we still have the Sonics and the Avatar swooping in and saving the day, the Resistance is fighting back and we have a cheezy but cheerful song for the Avatar about beating the bad guys. I was talking about Eggmanland and the smog and inherent danger. And yes, CD had ruined cities, in Stardust Speedway in particular, only the background left a lot to imagination. It's mostly rooftops and lights but it still looked rather realistic, like people can live there, only not. And it's not like the city is the ONLY level in the game because there's Green Hill and the glimpses of other stages look stylized and cartoony. So again, what's your problem? Somehow being a realistic city is totally no-no, when that isn't AT ALL new to the series?
  20. Yeah, he could. We had a similar idea in Galaxy's intro level, with the Mushroom Kingdom on fire and being attacked. We're having Mario in a city too, and similar to the problem with Sonic, Odyssey works because it makes it clear that it isn't normal. Why is "ruined city" such a no-go zone for Sonic or Mario? What I mean is that what is Forces doing so special to warrant complaining about the identity? Forces isn't changing anything about Sonic's identity, it's in fact framing, developing, and subverting what we already know. Again, why is "ruined city" so alien and weird? Why is this something that "doesn't fit" in apparently any circumstance whatsoever? Like, okay, so in a game where Eggman wins, where there are many other examples where we see what could happen if he does, like Unleashed, or Sonic CD's bad futures which also comprised of ruined cities, they can't show, you know, the result of Eggman's rule?
  21. The boost formula almost inherently restricts exploration so anyone who was looking forward to the game won't be surprised. Non-linear level design, i.e. different paths and ways to play, that's a different story. And by "exploration" I'm sure you mean "hub worlds" which 1) hasn't been a thing since 2008 and 2) most people are fine with it staying there. Hub worlds mean crap when it comes to exploration, honestly, at the very least it is entirely divorced from the main gameplay.
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