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  1. KEGA or Gens do not accurately emulate the Genesis/Master System hardware. Well, to an extent they do, but it's not solely about how something looks -- it's about whether it can accurately mimic hardware that we want to keep for generations and generations in to the future. We won't preserve Genesis with KEGA or Gens -- both are limited and unable to emulate every game anyways. Those are the reasons why people should care. Looks and upscaling/etc. do not replace proper emulation and console preserving.
  2. Actually, the emulator itself is not illegal or related in any way to piracy. Exodus is a complete software-implementation of a hardware console, and is therefore not the same thing as downloading games themselves/copying them/etc., which is what generally falls under "piracy laws." Exodus can be linked to, but you mean that the game ROMs shouldn't be, such as the Sonic The Hedgehog binary itself.
  3. Note: This is NOT marketing! I am not paid to post this here or such -- I just want to spread the word about how Sonic The Hedgehog and other retro titles can be kept alive. I thought I'd post this here since this is a Sonic forum after all, and many might be interested in this kind of news. What is Exodus? Exodus is a cycle-accurate software emulator. What does that mean, you ask? Its goal is to emulate every machine/opcode and function that the real piece of console hardware does -- but does it using software running on another host computer. Why bother? Good point. We have tons of Sega Genesis/Master System emulators, but you know what? Virtually none of them are accurate enough to replace the real hardware. There will be a handful of games still failing to run or do something correctly because they aren't mimicking the console hardware accurately enough. Exodus has the goal of emulating everything perfectly, from the exact timing it takes to implement a machine instruction on the Sega hardware to the correct timing of how pixels are filled on to the display. Exodus, in theory, can be indistinguishable between real hardware or otherwise. As such, Exodus can replace the need for the console when the time comes that such do not exist or cannot exist. When you don't have the the correct implementation, you're stuck with potentially tons of games but cannot play them because the console does not exist, and no emulator is accurate enough to run everything correctly anyways. This is where Exodus shines. Here's just a simple video showcasing how Exodus can run a freshly dumped Sonic The Hedgehog ROM from the cartridge itself and do so perfectly. Exodus is still a WIP, but its goal is to preserve the hardware in software forever, effectively allowing Genesis/Master System gameplay to never fade away, because as long as some implementation of a perfect, cycle-accurate emulator exists, it can always be replicated on a newer, host computer system throughout the future when consoles do not exist anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xJaXTim0UA Please consider supporting Exodus in any way you can, even if it's just acknowledging it! Thanks.
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