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  1. One thing I would like in the multiplayer is some new non ranked pvp modes. Currently all there is is Turf war, which is good, but all the other modes are on the Ranked list and so get treated like full competitive modes with all the negative cogitations that come with a ranked comp mode. Some more 'casual' modes with no ranking system like turf war would be nice, since all there is after that for multiplayer is Salmon Run.
  2. The logo for those who haven't seen it and don't want to do the 106% needed for it to appear:
  3. Even though they didn't do Scottish meme voice, I'm just glad they've given her some form of British accent. I was expecting them to not bother trying at all after the amount of American accents they gave everyone in Twilight Wings.
  4. The new GP is out in Japan so we have some things confirmed from reddit:
  5. Remember that in the original game you couldn't see the trophy girls after their umbrella animation was over. Since the trailer was about the skins it makes sense they didn't show the girls, since that might have taken spotlight for some people instead of the skins.
  6. Funny on its own but then someone noticed this Says "As part of our ongoing efforts to prepare for our new game announcment, as well as release Sonic Mania Adventures Part 3 this month..."
  7. Interesting that you can only choose some things once for the avatar and never change it again. Also isn't the world map page spoiling the Death Egg by having a picture of it?
  8. A mod that gets rid of all speed boosters, a lot less springs, removes Classic sonics speed cap, and makes bosses actually challenging. I would say get rid of the QTE parts but that might be impossible due to level design.
  9. I like the Soundtrack as well as the spectacle of the game when shown in motion, just from a pure visual standpoint ignoring the gameplay and level design itself (I don't mind the gameplay, but the level design is something I have a few choice words for). The gameplay has good points which have already been mentioned in other comments but I especially like the removal of lives. Lives are really outdated. (for modern games anyway, their ok in classic style ones) The fact we are getting other playable characters other than Sonic even if it's just the avatar and Shadow is still a good sign for playable characters in the future. The price point of the game is quite low compared to all previous main series releases. Even thought it my be cheesy and not the greatest the series has ever had, they are putting some more degree of effort into the Story than in recent games since Colours.
  10. On a small note, the Sonic channel clip makes me wonder if there is acctualy an option to turn of the in-game character dialog, because that one doesn't have Tails talking to you like the IGN one does.
  11. ehh, not as good as the JP version but i've heard much worse. Both elsewhere and in the Sonic series. I didn't mind Eggman, Knuckles, Infinities and Silvers delivery , but Sonic is actually annoying me in this game, which is something that's never happened in the main series since 06 but that was more the writing. Speaking of the writing that's something I've not been liking about the game at all in the English version. Also, anyone know who is Infinites English and Japanese voice actors are?
  12. Something minor I noticed while browsing the Argos page for the Forces pre-order (all versions of the game), when it mentions the Shadow avatar costume it says there are different colour variants of it. Wonder if the variations will be random recolouring or if it will be Blue/Red and White/Teal to make the outfits look like Sonic and Silver.
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