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  1. If Ken took over the comic again, it would literally be "The Shattering" of continuity all over again. We already had that with Archie and we don't need that again. The Archie era, even though it is sacred to me, is over. It had it's time as did SatAM. It's the IDW era now and we got great characters in Tangle, Whisper, Starline, etc. It's time for them to shine. If anything, Ken would be a regression. No THANK YOU!
  2. I like this issue, but if there's anything I have to complain about...
  3. I actually give to both Blaze and Tikal. Blaze, I've loved her character since she arrived in Sonic Rush and was excited she got a big role in Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. Kinda sad she didn't get to be in the final battle in 06 but she got two games for herself in the Rush series and Black Knight. We need a good 3D game with her starring alongside Sonic...she has soo much story potential. My other pick Tikal I chose due to her selfless nature and her theme is among the best in the series. She takes responsibility for her actions and those of her people trying to help Sonic quell Chaos in any way she can. She has not been used since Adventure, making her a much beloved character which is why I think Shadow never should've come back...he was great in Adventure 2 but beyond those games, he's become a joke.
  4. It was a fitting finale to be sure. Glad we got to see Super Silver again not to mention our first IDW appearance of Super Sonic. The stakes were definitely high here and one scene I like in particular.
  5. This was an awesome cartoon and I have to disagree, it has aged better than any of the other cartoons(besides Japanese Sonic X which is my second favorite--AoSTH is great meme material for Robotnik alone, Underground is ehhhh, BOOM is mixed). They actually put effort into this one and had some great lines (who can forget "MARGARINE!!! HAHaHAHA) from time to time. It's not perfect and without fault of course. DULCY I could've done without. She came out of nowhere in Season 2 and I only knew her because she was that also the voice of that black baby(I'm sorry I forget her name...I think it's Susie) on Rugrats. Antoine was turned into a joke character for the sake of a joke character(though, again...he did get some good lines lol). But despite that, we got a great cohesive storyline with "The Doomsday Project" in Season 2 which continued "in spirit"(IMO) in the Archie Comics with the Ultimate Annihilator, then the Naugus storyline. We also got some great female characters in Sonic...Sally, Bunnie and Lupe when all the games had was fan girl Amy and you couldn't even play her until Sonic Adventure. The comics would continue with that tradition in Hershey, Mina, Fiona Fox and so on. I kind of adored Sonic's time with Nicole and turning her into a slang talking computer(Sally was like "What did you do to her?!"). Robotnik was actually turned into a great villian with this show and why a lot of people preferred this incarnation. He was actually a THREAT. He already won and the Freedom Fighters were fighting an increasingly futile battle against someone who had a great big advantage. That was great and it was good to see a more mature cartoon for such a new franchise at the time. I wish they'd do another cartoon like this again or at least something of a mix. Overal though, a great cartoon and one I'll hold close to my heart always.
  6. Knight Of The Wind. A very good theme for a very good Sonic game(I would've loved traditional controls but it was an awesome game regardless).
  7. Yeah, I want to see Launch Base or Lava Reef and not just the Angel Island area or Master Emerald Shrine.
  8. Seems there's an issue with IDW issues coming in. My local shop didn't get enough TMNT issues so they couldn't pull the issue and said hopefully they'll get some next week. They only got a few Sonic issues as well.
  9. So, I'm privileged if my stuff is stolen, I'm beat up or my small business is broken into and all my money is stolen in the name of some high ideal...that's okay to you? It's okay for people who had NOTHING TO DO with George Floyd's death to be caught in the crossfire of some crusade against injustice? It's OKAY for them to be hurt, stolen from and have all their hard work RUINED? Let's be clear...there's a difference between riots and protests. A LOT of the rioters are just taking advantage of the situation to steal, hurt or outright hurt people of all creeds. This doesn't help the black community or any community. It's just making a situation that was already tense WORSE and creating more social divides. So NO, I'm not going to support rioters who want to cause pain to others in the name of so-called justice. I support protestors with common sense who don't hurt others who want real change. I will NEVER support riots that hurt innocent people, even if they result in change. Hurting others, stealing and arson in response to someone being hurt is not the right response and never will be. Everything you cited(Civil Rights Legislation, Stonewall, Berlin Wall, Egypt, France and Hong Kong)...the people were right to protest their government(especially Hong Kong...what China is doing is beyond not cool for individual rights) but the point is the people who make their protests LOOK BAD(IE THE RIOTERS who blow stuff up, set fires, break windows, steal, etc.) and turn people off. These riots cannot be compared to what happened to George Floyd. A lot of the riots have nothing to do with George Floyd at this point. It's nothing but random chaos just for chaos' sake. What happened to George Floyd is wrong, there is no question about that. The police involved in that incident deserve whatever happens to them...no one will miss them. Honestly though, to support these riots and say the theft, arson and destruction of small businesses already hurt by COVID-19 is justified is not right and never will be. We can't just assume the entire police force is corrupt by default. Police are human beings too and they deserve the benefit of the doubt just like anyone else. By the way, how was the entire system built under racist pretenses? The laws that police enforce are for all Americans, regardless of race. Sure, it can appear that way sometimes but c'mon, the system itself applies to everybody. I honestly do not understand how people can just make these accusations against ALL police...that's big time stereotyping which is something I thought we were fighting against? How are we supposed to go forward as a country if we take place in the same behavior that you accuse police of? Aren't we supposed to be better than this?
  10. Destroying people's businesses, stealing and blowing stuff up is NEVER justified just to make change happen, no matter how you spin it. All of this was unnecessary and could've been done without all the carnage and you know that. I'll never support theft or arson in any form against people who had nothing to do with what happened to Mr. Floyd. That is just pure lunacy.
  11. How do you suppose the man is supporting himself while all the stuff in the world is going on? As far as one can tell, he hasn't had any regular work from any publishers for years unless he landed a sweet gig and is going by the name "Many Hands" for Archie(haha). All I can see is him selling stuff on ebay but even that is limited in itself. He doesn't have any comic cons going on either as the San Diego Comic Con is cancelled this year as well as every other major one.
  12. Ken is living in a fantasy land if he thinks his characters can exist WITHOUT Sega, Archie or IDW et al. His characters are derived from existing materials...their backstories based on material that Sega created. He can't call them original when all he is doing is splashing a new coat of paint and renaming everything. Heck, his one ORIGINAL human character is based on Anthony Mackie...so not even THAT is original. Heck, his backgrounds aren't even his own most of the time...they're real life nature photos you can find on Google Images(his excuse being "convenience"). I'll always have fond memories of the Sonic/Knuckles/Sonic Super Special/Mini Series days...but doesn't mean I respect the man. The creator lost my respect when he set about his crusade to ruin the experience for everyone with this whole mess.
  13. God, I needed a good laugh today! That disk art for the Republic is like something out of a bad parody. I hope Red Letter Media reviews it one day.
  14. Yeah, he's quick to blame others for copyright infringement but when it comes to using other people's likenesses or images, he has an excuse at the ready.
  15. No, I don't watch a lot of modern American cartoons nowadays(I was more into anime, especially in college) and I don't use a lot of social media for that matter(like Twitter...Facebook I have but I had to get it in college as a requirement for my fraternity). I'm more of an internet forum kinda guy, lol. All right, if American cartoons in the last decade have had LGBT characters in their shows, then I was wrong and I'll re-evaluate my position. It's no big deal. On another point, that is a good question. I'd like to know the answer to that one...
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