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  1. When Ken was working on Archie, yes! The amount of Star Wars references alone in the main book and the photo backgrounds he used when writing and doing the art on certain back up stories with Knuckles alone was bad enough. At least any references in the main book are more inspired by other sources and not straight rips of an existing cover with matching font. 😕
  2. Geez Ken, not only do you rip off existing backgrounds if you look up things like "sunset background" on google images....you're ripping off album covers and using the same font. Totally original, don't copyright, it's mine...
  3. I couldn't find it anywhere today when I went out to pick up at Bull Moose. Usually, they get the more rare bluray releases...ebay's saying one to two months. I'm looking to get this thing but it's kinda depressing that I can't find a new bluray that's supposed to be out anywhere. Any sites I could go that anyone knows of?
  4. If you like fog and grime, there's plenty of that in the Pikachu movie. It even has a few horror movie moments.
  5. (This is from another post I made in error as I didn't see this thread originally) I just saw the movie! It was a fun time. Here's my thoughts: Mod edit: Please be courteous of spoilers, thanks.
  6. I saw the preview in theaters tonight before Detective Pikachu(which I HIGHLY recommend...great movie. It's a standard Pokemon movie in live action essentially with PG Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Pikachu)....it doesn't look BAD on the big screen. With some tweaking, I think it could actually work but Jim Carrey even bald is still Jim Carrey. That doesn't win any points with me but overall, I wouldn't mind seeing this in theaters.
  7. Just a quick question--if Ken were writing the current Metal Virus Storyline in IDW, what would his version of Dr. Starline look like?
  8. To be honest, I like the new year-long arc focus of the series. It gives the series a focus for the year that you know will see it's end by December and you'll get a resolution sooner. I'm loving this arc thus far...Dr. Starline is a fun new villian, Eggman is back to being his evil self(times infinity) and the book is fun. I love it. We got fan service in season 1 and now the story ramps up in Season 2.
  9. Agreed, that guy went from who leaned on the side of good/evil in SA2 to outright sadistic bastard who's tired of Sonic and wants to see all that he loves suffer even if he benefited from it. The metal virus is probably the most advanced form of roboticization we've seen and it's scary because Sonic has to keep it at bay and be careful not to infect his friends. What's so boring about it? It's a rather deadly form of roboticization that's contagious not to mention dangerous...so much so, Sonic is having difficulty keeping it at bay with his speed. This is probably the most interesting the comic's been for awhile though I do know where you're coming from with the annual...it had some wacky adventures and was fun. Honestly though, I LOVE the direction that the series is going and besides, we have Tangle for the fun and goofy stuff.
  10. That was a great issue. I didn't expect Eggman to announce himself as Mr. Tinker and just outright snuff the village that saved his life and accepted him for who he was. I guess in his mind, he's doing them a favor but I bet they regret EVER taking the fat man in after this whole mess is over.
  11. It's about time my Wave came back!x_X I've missed her!
  12. Jim Carrey with a mustache is Robotnik--yeah, I can sense the negative reviews.^^ I WANT to give the movie a chance but Carrey is making it hard for me to do so. I don't hate Jim but he really isn't the best Robotnik to me...
  13. It's kinda funny they didn't do the Winter Olympics but they are doing the regular Olympics...maybe the Olympic Games just make that much more money. I guess we do get two Sonic games this year(though I suppose you could count this as a Mario game too lol). I was wondering what they were going to do to fill in the gap for 2019 should Team Sonic Racing have released back in November 2018. I like the fact that the Switch version will be both the console and handheld version and we'll get all events this time with all characters (hopefully). As long as Blaze is in, I'm happy. Heck, maybe Infinite will be playable this time(probably wishful thinking given Team Sonic Racing and the pushing of Zavoc..).
  14. I was reading through some graphic novels and the thought occured to me--in the games, Robotnik/Eggman puts small animals into robots as a source of energy to run his robots. But in the cartoons and comics, he outright TURNED them into robots. Why do you think they've never attempted this plot in the games? Nowadays, the games have gotten more cartoony in their plots save Forces but Robotnik HAS tried mind control(Sonic Colors, Sonic Adventure when brainwashing the flickies minds with his E-series robots). Do you think we'll see a plot like this in the games in the future or should be it saved for the comics/possible future cartoon?
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