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  1. How can you remaster something that hasn't even been completed yet? Seriously Ken, put your product out first before you even talk about George Lucas-esque "special editions"...but at the rate we're going, that's not going to happen.
  2. They probably confirmed his exit now so we're not surprised later down the line when the game is actually released. Nice of them to do so, honestly. It does seem like they're going for a shakeup once again.
  3. Good to see they're finally going for a new VA. Hearing a new voice for Sonic in the movie was a breath of fresh air and here's hoping for a great VA this time around for the new game. No offense to Roger Craig Smith but he just wasn't that great a Sonic. Jaleel White, Ryan Drummond and Jason Griffith were better overall while Roger filled the role and nothing more for me.
  4. Eh, I get the point of incentivizing people to get in the door but I don't like having to buy the same issue three/four/five times if I want a complete run collection. I just see it as a gimmick to get people to buy more issues when they could actually give us more story.
  5. In the current iteration of the comics, we usually get three variant covers for a standard issue(some exceptions for anniversary issues and such) and 20 pages of story content. It used to be you got 22-24 pages per issue in the Archie days for $1.50. Times change of course. The standard is now more money for less story pages. What I don't get--if we're getting 3 covers per issue why not just drop the variant covers, make 1 cover per issue and give us 22 pages for $3.99? I'm fine with variant covers but I think it's overdone and I'd rather see us get 22 pages again and even the occasional double size issue for anniversaries or a yearly annual. Question--are you fine with the way it is now or would you rather see more story pages and a single, good cover per issue?
  6. All right, here's my shot in the dark at what we're getting for the 30th Anniversary: Classic: Sonic Trilogy Mania: A remake of the original 3(3 being one game for our purposes) Sonic games in the Mania engine(since Sega likes to reuse assets) with members of the Mania Team contributing to it's making. You can play the three games on their own or as one big adventure in an "Arcade Mode". Modern: Sonic 3D Collection: A collection of the 3D Sonic Games on one Blu Ray(Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World). HD resmoothing options available as well as various galleries. New 3D Sonic Game: What I'm hoping for is a completely 3D Sonic game. I know I'm probably doing this in vain but they have brought back members of the Sonic Adventure team so here's hoping they're using their knowledge in making a great 3D game again. Comics: We're getting a new Classic Sonic mini-series and the IDW series will continue in addition to that. That's a given. There's also that sweet hardcover for the first twelve issues. I will be getting that. TV: This is the out there stuff! We got the complete English run of Sonic on Bluray in SD. If that can happen, why not SatAM and Adventures on Blu Ray? If there's anything I want, it's the Japanese run of Sonic X on Bluray. I'd LOVE that but I know it's a longshot at best. That's my bet anyway....that, or ANOTHER re-release of Sonic Blast on DVD. That special seems to stick around.
  7. I'd pay to see this twice. More Blaze makes my week.
  8. That's an understatement! Mammoth Mogul, SUPERSTAR?! Honestly, I had to do a double take when I read that!
  9. He fell asleep for nine years, woke up, looked at some old trashy art and called it "inspiration".
  10. If Ken took over the comic again, it would literally be "The Shattering" of continuity all over again. We already had that with Archie and we don't need that again. The Archie era, even though it is sacred to me, is over. It had it's time as did SatAM. It's the IDW era now and we got great characters in Tangle, Whisper, Starline, etc. It's time for them to shine. If anything, Ken would be a regression. No THANK YOU!
  11. I like this issue, but if there's anything I have to complain about...
  12. I actually give to both Blaze and Tikal. Blaze, I've loved her character since she arrived in Sonic Rush and was excited she got a big role in Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. Kinda sad she didn't get to be in the final battle in 06 but she got two games for herself in the Rush series and Black Knight. We need a good 3D game with her starring alongside Sonic...she has soo much story potential. My other pick Tikal I chose due to her selfless nature and her theme is among the best in the series. She takes responsibility for her actions and those of her people trying to help Sonic quell Chaos in any way she can. She has not been used since Adventure, making her a much beloved character which is why I think Shadow never should've come back...he was great in Adventure 2 but beyond those games, he's become a joke.
  13. It was a fitting finale to be sure. Glad we got to see Super Silver again not to mention our first IDW appearance of Super Sonic. The stakes were definitely high here and one scene I like in particular.
  14. This was an awesome cartoon and I have to disagree, it has aged better than any of the other cartoons(besides Japanese Sonic X which is my second favorite--AoSTH is great meme material for Robotnik alone, Underground is ehhhh, BOOM is mixed). They actually put effort into this one and had some great lines (who can forget "MARGARINE!!! HAHaHAHA) from time to time. It's not perfect and without fault of course. DULCY I could've done without. She came out of nowhere in Season 2 and I only knew her because she was that also the voice of that black baby(I'm sorry I forget her name...I think it's Susie) on Rugrats. Antoine was turned into a joke character for the sake of a joke character(though, again...he did get some good lines lol). But despite that, we got a great cohesive storyline with "The Doomsday Project" in Season 2 which continued "in spirit"(IMO) in the Archie Comics with the Ultimate Annihilator, then the Naugus storyline. We also got some great female characters in Sonic...Sally, Bunnie and Lupe when all the games had was fan girl Amy and you couldn't even play her until Sonic Adventure. The comics would continue with that tradition in Hershey, Mina, Fiona Fox and so on. I kind of adored Sonic's time with Nicole and turning her into a slang talking computer(Sally was like "What did you do to her?!"). Robotnik was actually turned into a great villian with this show and why a lot of people preferred this incarnation. He was actually a THREAT. He already won and the Freedom Fighters were fighting an increasingly futile battle against someone who had a great big advantage. That was great and it was good to see a more mature cartoon for such a new franchise at the time. I wish they'd do another cartoon like this again or at least something of a mix. Overal though, a great cartoon and one I'll hold close to my heart always.
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