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  1. Can't say I'm surprised that they're using the same roster. Considering the budget of these games is rather limited, they're going to cut corners where they can. That being said, I'm happy as I get to play as Blaze again a second time this year.
  2. So...when does everyone think Starline will betray Mr. Eggman?
  3. The only thing really bad about it is the short levels and the story, which was also rather short and not that well developed. To be honest, I enjoyed the Avatar system, the control is solid, the levels are fun while short, the soundtrack is great(save the Classic Sonic ones though that's minor at best) and the VAs were solid especially Infinite. It's a good game overall, just not as good as it could have been! Still, I don't think that's reason to be all doom and gloom. English Sonic X Chris is horrible, yes...I will not disagree with you there. Plus, he has a very very annoying voice. Japanese Sonic X Chris however is fine! He's well developed and has some social issues...his parents neglect him and only has the wait staff and his grandfather, who is buried in wacky science stuff apparently, to raise him for the most part. He finds a crutch in Sonic and friends and when they leave in the second season's final episodes, Chris has a mental breakdown and stops Sonic from leaving. Sonic just goes with it and lets Chris get it out of his system....he's understanding with him and Chris admits his faults in the final episodes. In the third season, he goes out of his way to become useful to the cast and not just be a cheerleader from the sidelines. Honestly, if you haven't watched it, I would if not for the tearful Tails and Cosmo goodbye....there's some good acting in the series, it's just not domestic here in the United States.
  4. Honestly, the recent games haven't been that bad. Besides Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces was a good game all around(and no, it's not the second coming of Sonic 06) and Team Sonic Racing is all kinds of fun. We're in a lull right now...all the attention is on the MOVIE and despite the negative attention, the Sonic movie trailer is the most viewed trailer on Paramount's Youtube page. And now Paramount is spending more money to change Sonic's design. ..they seem to want this movie to succeed, at least partially. I mean, how often does that happen that the fans' reactions are acknowledged and actually result in honest to goodness change? At least the games have a good level of quality to them again but the fan base isn't as big as it used to be mostly because Sonic's just not out there as much as he used to be. We have the comic but that's once a month. Honestly, Sonic needs a cartoon like SatAM or Sonic X(the Japanese version is actually pretty decent) so people can see what a good Sonic story can present. I don't expect a pleasant surprise from the Sonic movie but I imagine interest in the blue hedgehog will go up upon the release of the film.
  5. So, I take it Penders took inspiration from the Cats movie trailer for his latest greatest character creation Dr. Z. 😕 I can see he's still using stock photos for his backgrounds...though I have to say that's the first time I've seen him use surgery photos!
  6. Hey, issue#43 was my first issue of Archie! I saw this cover and was instantly hooked. I like to think I came in at the right time. lol I had very little money back then as I was 12/13 back then but luckily, the issues were $1.50 compared to today's $3.99! Thanks for reviewing this issue Dr. Detective Mike. It's appreciated man!
  7. Knux looks angry at the artist for even trying to draw him...seriously, it's not bad but given the quality of the VA on that app, the voice work must've been voluntary because the only vibe I get is an old 1970s Star Trek episode with those beeps and boops he's using. Ah, Ken...still using those stock backgrounds and sound effects. I wonder when he started doing that or what brought that on....it had to have been early in his life as it seems he's always done that for his backgrounds in the comics.
  8. I already preordered Tangle and Whisper! Can't wait.
  9. Blaze The Cat. The only important one.*shot*....honestly, Blaze hasn't been in a 3D racing game for awhile and I'm enjoying the heck out of it!
  10. When Ken was working on Archie, yes! The amount of Star Wars references alone in the main book and the photo backgrounds he used when writing and doing the art on certain back up stories with Knuckles alone was bad enough. At least any references in the main book are more inspired by other sources and not straight rips of an existing cover with matching font. 😕
  11. Geez Ken, not only do you rip off existing backgrounds if you look up things like "sunset background" on google images....you're ripping off album covers and using the same font. Totally original, don't copyright, it's mine...
  12. I couldn't find it anywhere today when I went out to pick up at Bull Moose. Usually, they get the more rare bluray releases...ebay's saying one to two months. I'm looking to get this thing but it's kinda depressing that I can't find a new bluray that's supposed to be out anywhere. Any sites I could go that anyone knows of?
  13. If you like fog and grime, there's plenty of that in the Pikachu movie. It even has a few horror movie moments.
  14. (This is from another post I made in error as I didn't see this thread originally) I just saw the movie! It was a fun time. Here's my thoughts: Mod edit: Please be courteous of spoilers, thanks.
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