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  1. Yeah, he's quick to blame others for copyright infringement but when it comes to using other people's likenesses or images, he has an excuse at the ready.
  2. No, I don't watch a lot of modern American cartoons nowadays(I was more into anime, especially in college) and I don't use a lot of social media for that matter(like Twitter...Facebook I have but I had to get it in college as a requirement for my fraternity). I'm more of an internet forum kinda guy, lol. All right, if American cartoons in the last decade have had LGBT characters in their shows, then I was wrong and I'll re-evaluate my position. It's no big deal. On another point, that is a good question. I'd like to know the answer to that one...
  3. I'm not refusing to allow LGBT characters to be treated the same as straight ones. It's just reality that they're not placed on the same pedestal as straight characters and so, they're not going to be given the same attention. That can change in the future, sure...but I just don't see it happening yet. You're misconstruing what I said with Amy. Amy's crush on Sonic is a longstanding character trait that is considered okay for prime time and by any indication, we'll probably see it in the next Sonic movie or maybe not. We'll see. A bi character could pop up, sure...but no gay, lesbian or bi characters have shown up in Sonic yet in the almost 30 years it has existed. There's a reason for that. Maybe they're outdated standards or maybe they're not. Things change but they're slow to change.
  4. How am I making an effort to keep it that way? I'm stating my opinion...if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I stated that I didn't think it's appropriate subject for Sonic because it's not... Sonic's not about discovering one's sexual choice, it's about saving the day from a robotic madman named Eggman. Sega's kept the story around that and I don't see them changing it around anytime soon. Sure, they could in the future but I just don't see it happening.
  5. No one in children's media outright states they're "heterosexual". It's just considered a given normal and has been for a long time. Being "bi" however is not and takes time like anything else to become normal. It's just become more relevant with the rise of social media and the internet that you see a lot more material with this kind of subject matter pop up.
  6. Oh c'mon, I was just trying to make a point. The pride flag you CAN get away with because not all kids would know what it means and it can blend in the background. Penders says a lot of things and is never 100% percent honest. I imagine he was saying he could've made Rotor gay to get brownie points. They're streamlining the movies, comics and cartoons so they could probably get away with some stuff in the future.
  7. To be fair, the "Monster Of The Week" trope worked for awhile but wore out it's welcome after awhile. It made Sonic predictable after awhile....as was the whole "Super Sonic only in Last Story" thing. I'm glad they mixed it up and started making Eggman the final boss again but with forces, they could've mixed it up and had Infinite be the final boss avenging Eggman and wanting to show the world that he's not weak like Shadow said he was. Instead, he ended up being a lame Shadow clone(which kinda dissappointed me...he had such an awesome design and had potential. Same thing with the Phantom Ruby...a macguffin with a life of it's own as was hinted in Sonic Mania but never followed up on in Sonic Forces).
  8. You do have a point...love isn't just about sex but not everyone sees it that way. But again, I stress my point with the wording. Companies like IDW and Sega have certain guidelines they have to go by when it comes to children's content. A lot of parents don't want their kids discussing sexual preference if it's outside the realm of established societal norms of "boy and girl" because of what it might lead to(intercourse for one). If it's "boy/boy or girl/girl" relationships, it's considered too much in the realm of children's media. Sure, we as adults know the difference and can decide for ourselves. But kids are not considered to have a brain mature enough nowadays which is why we get a lot of stupid cartoons and not the stuff we grew up with like SatAM which were more mature(though there are still good cartoons being made, they're just harder to find). Let's say they have Sally explore another relationship with say Nicole...they'd have to stop at "best friend" because it's what is considered acceptable. Sally can't outright say she's "bi" to Nicole in official Sonic media. She could say "best friend" and it would work because it's innocent sounding. It's all in the wording and what won't offend. If Sonic were an adult show, you'd see Sally looking into Nicole more but it wouldn't happen right now. TBH, I'd love to see that because Sally and Nicole have a lot of history and it would make for an interesting dynamic but Archie Sonic is only online now though dedicated fans(and to be honest, it could happen in that book as that book is not under Sega mandate).
  9. Your first point that no one is talking about "banging"...they're talking about Sally being bisexual and whom she prefers to be with. A sexual preference is literally what it means...whom you prefer to have sexual relations with. Again, it's the context of the word. Being in a "relationship" is a lot more innocent sounding than "sexual preference" or "discovering one's sexuality". To a parent and especially corporate entity, that sounds too borderline especially with the word "sex" in it. LGBT issues are considered adult issues outside the established norm. It's not going to fly in children's media which is why you don't see it in Sonic media like the games, comics or cartoons. Your second point...my point about Sonic "living his own way" is in reference of his heroic nature to help others not how he loves someone. IF Sonic were more of an adult book, I'm sure more LGBT issues would be pushed, but it's not an adult book...it's a children's book about a blue hedgehog destroying robots from a wacky scientist named Dr. Eggman Ivo Robotnik. It's not a trashy romance novel you can buy from the drug store. Your third point...that's just one example and I cited others before like Sonic and Blaze or Tangle and Whisper where they hinted at relationships but didn't take it further. With the Sonic movie example, I'm not saying that Sonic and others can't be in a relationship...it's that THIS Sonic wasn't seeking a sexual relationship but a parental one. He lost OWL MOM and wanted to fill that void in his life. James Marsden came in and became a father figure to Sonic. They leave it at that...something considered entirely appropriate for a kid's movie. If they took it further and had Sonic pining for James Marsden, it would be Sonic 06 all over again. It's the same thing with lesbian or gay relationships in comics, movies and TV shows...they can HINT at it but they can't outright say it. It's a children's property at the end of the day and they're in it to make money. They're not going to go out of their way to offend the majority of parents and appease a few. It doesn't work like that. You can get away it in other media, but Sonic The Hedgehog is not the place where you'll OFFICIALLY see the characters go beyond established societal norms. Maybe in the future.
  10. If you could write your own storyline for Sonic(like our resident Ian Flynn eventually got to do!), what would it be? Me personally would be another take on the Metal Virus storyline Ian has employed(and has become very relevant in our current day and age), where Sonic and co. have to deal with roboticization from a Robotnik who dealt with a situation like the Coronavirus and saw the worst in humanity. He would reason that "free will" is the ultimate problem in human society and if only one person with a strong enough will had to deal with the decisions of every day life, it would "free" everyone else of all burdens kind of like an MCU take on Thanos seeing eliminating half of all life as a "necessary measure" for humanity to thrive, Robotnik would see roboticization of all life as a means to ultimate salvation. The roboticization process would be more permanent as well...roboticization in this version would turn the subject into a standard Egg Pawn, their memories totally wiped so as to erase the burden of "free will". Sonic would be constantly battling the Metal Virus but ultimately, as there is no cure and Sonic's speed ultimately not stopping the spread of it throughout his body eventually, Sonic and Robotnik in their final battle would come to an understanding as he ultimate found he had no control and that his vision wasn't so "glorious" after all as he feels the effects of his own virus upon himself as Sonic ultimately infects him to nullify his threat. The world may fall but at least Robotnik doesn't get away with it and can't hurt anyone else. It probably would have to be toned down for an actual comic but it would be a testament to Sonic's will to never give up on free thought and to do what's right versus Robotnik's twisted mirror version of that.
  11. I don't think Sally's sexual preferences are a subject appropriate for a children's comic IMO. It's good for fan fiction but the official stuff should never go down that road. Sonic's not about that stuff.
  12. By the time Penders ended his run on the book, there was no clear direction and the editors clearly had enough which is why they brought Ian in and after awhile, the book vastly improved and we got stories like "Eggman Empire" from now on. It was a good time to be a Sonic fan, especially after the fall out from Sonic 2006.
  13. True. Ironic that a Sonic fan writes a better Sonic book and is a fan favorite compared to the man with an ego who can't even claim he's created anything original that's resonated with people. Ian at least is humble and easy to approach. Ken, on the other hand, has shown us through his Twitter and his legal actions that the fans don't really matter to him...only his ego.
  14. Hey y'all. Thought this might be of interest to you...KEN PENDERS is going to do an interview with Midnight's Edge about the Sonic movie and the past controversy with Archie. This'll be all one sided methinks...
  15. Tom Schwartz makes a better Sonic TBH and after a decade of the same VAs, I'm ready for a shake-up in Sonic again. They need a better VA for Shadow....no one has given him any gravitas for years. I will agree NO to the Rock as Knuckles...he doesn't fit.
  16. Yeah, I expect it to do at least $500,000,000 and SLIGHTLY exceed what Detective Pikachu did overall and get a sequel unlike the former. Paramount is doubtless going to make a sequel considering I think they realized they've got something good on their hands. I want to see more echidnas. lol
  17. I'm hoping for $500,000,000 for the life of this movie...Detective Pikachu was just shy of that but I think Sonic has the legs to potentially get there especially since it hasn't even opened in Japan or China yet(though it may be awhile for China due to that vile Coronavirus).
  18. Since Robotnik was called Robotnik.... "Robuttnik".
  19. I just had to comment on this...Sonic had a parental figure in his Uncle Chuck before Kenny came up with Jules or Bernie and on top of that, SatAM at least made you feel a connection to Uncle Chuck in that episode Sonic temporarily reunites with him then cries losing him again. I don't recall any of Ken's parental figures giving me that feeling.
  20. It's karma. Ken's own attempt to take away what we loved in Archie...and for a time, while he left behind a decent legacy that while flawed resulted in a LOT of characters people loved like Geoffrey St. John and Lara-Su(not the abomination he CALLS Lara-Su now...), he had to get in the mindset that characters that were Sega's were his to profit off of. The basis for his characters are based off Sega's and are not entirely original in their concept. What Ben Hurst did with SatAM was more original, creative and left a legacy Ken will never be able to say he had. Ben's show got two seasons on ABC. Ken's book got cut off at 32 issues(which today would be a respectable run considering most Marvel books don't even last a year to be fair). Now, the Sonic movie has come to fruition and people are loving it and he must be angry inside that it's not HIS name involved with the project. He wanted the name recognition, the prestige and he never got it. All he has is the "Lara-Su Chronicles" which he keeps teasing and trickling down but is taking his time with. You know what Ken? There's a man named Fred Perry who has written and drawn his own series called Gold Digger. It's a personal favorite of mine. Not only that, he MADE his own movie and it's on DVD. It took him awhile but he got it done and manages to do his own monthly series on a regular basis. Last time I looked, he's at over 200+ in his own series and he's been at it for awhile(for reference, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_Digger_(comics).) What does Ken have under his own belt? Last time I looked, some teaser art and nothing released. Ken will never be the creative he thinks he is because he doesn't have the drive that people like Ben Hurst and Fred Perry do. It's sad, people would've been more into his work if he hadn't done this entire thing with Archie but on the other hand, I am thankful...it let us see who he is really is.
  21. That would be hilarious to see the Grumpy Cat version of Sonic. lol That sucks you have to choose between the versions, though. 😕 I'm griping because I paid for my tickets and I can't get my money back for the Thursday night preview.
  22. No, he'll announce a new lawsuit stating that certain structures in the movies were used without his design and that he got copyright on them in 2012 and then he'll sue Sega, Paramount, and Archie for old times sakes. But yeah, I expect we'll have his vaunted take as soon as he gets out of the theater.
  23. Blaze is such a multitasker when it comes to holidays!
  24. I love the fact that this movie is getting the hype that it is. It's not the SatAM movie I'd love to see on the big screen(that's a pipe dream at this point) but regardless, seeing people getting excited for our favorite blue mascot is gratifying in and of itself. I can't wait for the movie.
  25. It's possible...we got Sonic Colors in 2010, a year before Sonic's 20th and in 2011 we got Sonic Generations. So it could be possible that they're doing two games, one that leads into another like before.
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