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  1. This is the Sonic Statue for SEGA JOYPOLIS in Qingdao. In 2015, the statue had been on the building as an unique spot, but unfortunately, the statue was removed in May of this year. Hopefully, they will rebuild the statue soon. Detailed link: https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/GiiXy2QFJ?fid=1034:2429cb7833d9f64ee75ae00c395783e0
  2. Well, technically, I am not only watching, but also translates the show in another language subtitle and pack it together ...... Might feel a little bit weird, but consider some foreign countries are still blocked Google ......
  3. I know that. But one thing I am not sure you know it, the 1080p HD resource [spazz] is still not completed?
  4. Maybe I am a bit luckier. I am really glad Sonic Forces is the first Sonic games Chinese customized.
  5. Ok, so I try to find the thread about the content related Sonic Forces DLC. The image above is adapted from a business website in my country. The reason why I quote this one is that this is from an official business announcement. http://www.cfi.net.cn/p20170720002362.html About DLC, it said 'related' DLC in the period of the agreement, which means 'DLC' is a possible thing to have, but not sure.
  6. As a Chinese sonic fan (Excuse me for my poor English), I feel the action of Oriental Pearl Media is a bit 'naive'. They just want to attract more attention on Sonic in my country, so they need to use everything which can amuse the Chinese gamers, including DLC. So I think DLC-agreement is not real. Actually, the Sonic franchise in China is pretty small (but actually it has, about 100 members, I think). Every time, my friends and I need to use VPN to browse Twitter and Youtube (They are blocked in China) and translate the news in our website (Well, some of sonic fans even didn't know what is TSS and TSSZ, honestly). SEGA really want to expand sonic brand in the global, especially in Chinese market. That's a clever move. However, personally, the Chinese company know little about it, only its potential business (to make money). So, Sonic brand face quite a lot of challenges in my country. SEGA need to try harder.
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