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  1. realxandra

    Dog Racing

    Have any of you heard about dog racing? I am wondering if such sport is safe for animals considering the fact that they only have the face mask and no dog goggles to protect their eyes from the dust. Also, is it legal?
  2. I can't decide between Sonic 1, 2, and Sonic and Knuckles. all three of them are hard in their own ways. Sonic 1 had difficult precision platforming, Sonic 2 had the most levels, and Sonic and Knuckles was just all around hard.What do you think?
  3. As what the saying goes, everything change as we grow old. This has also happened to me, the games that I used to love before seems to be boring nowadays as my preference has changed.
  4. I am loving the pointers that you have stated, you surely are into anime considering the fact you have noticed the unnoticeable. .
  5. The feeling is so nostalgic as this anime brings me back to my childhood. I haven't thought that they will be able to keep up the good flow of the story.
  6. Do you guys have a pet? I want you to meet my ray of sunshine, Forest the Pompom.
  7. This looks like a great menu to try this weekend, I hope that I will be able to perfect the dish this time.
  8. I don't have my avatar yet, LOL and so a signature. I guess I should have one now.
  9. She has made a great contribution in her chosen industry. I hope I can reach the said age, I guess I need to start a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Wonder Woman 2017 was indeed the best film that Dc gets to create. I love the story, the actors, and the spectacular effects. It's jam pack, looking forward to seeing the next installment. I hope that they will Patty Jenkins again to direct this one. For now, I am excited to watch Unite the League a few months from now, hoping that I won't be disappointed.
  11. Hello all, my name is Alexandra and I am the latest newcomer in this forum I guess. How are you guys? I love animals, especially dogs. I am an architect wanna be although it's not that the degree that I've finished in college. I guess I stuck on being me. That all for now, and I am looking forward to having great interaction with you in the future.
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