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  1. Today is always the worst day to be a Sonic fan.
  2. Or because Cream would add nothing to the narrative. Can't quite say the same for Omega though...
  3. Interesting to bring that. I personally don't. I have no interest in comics in general, only in Sonic and had a mild curiosity when Megaman's comic was still alive. I'm way more familiar with manga. It's an alright outfit, but I think it kinda removes one of her unique traits when comparing her against the main cast, which is the dark fur in the edge of the limbs. also, Nicole is an name, not an acronym
  4. TSR will certainly be crushed by Crash, so I guess not.
  5. The benefit of having Sonic disappear for a decade is to gain momentum: To be able to try a convincing propaganda of "Sonic is back", as the bad memories may not be decisive on making the public ignore the franchise anymore. A good combo would be having a lore reboot, as well. Anyway, you guys are mistaken if you think that Sonic sales are that vital. What truly gives them money and keeps the whole thing alive are pachinko machines - a similar situation that Konami currently is, too.
  6. We don't know the complete sale figures of Forces, but it is easy to assume that it's still the worst-selling PC Sonic game ever on Steam. Highly doubtful that it moved away from 35k since July, the last time steamspy allowed the numbers to be shown by non-patreon people. Even though, I don't think it was the most damaging thing ever caused to the brand. I'd say that the movie poster controversy did a lot worse, because everybody, including normies from other facebook groups I am part of, made, and are still making a lot of mocking out of it...
  7. In this case, it does. Because it looks like hastily made up just to create numbers and some extra cash. Of course not. My point is that, the strength of those, to the point of being used as excuse on every single problem the comic gets is really doubtful.
  8. I am still a little skeptical towards the mandates. It has become the scapegoat for everything. Everything is the mandates fault. SoJ is the incarnation of Satan. I used to agree, but honestly I don't really buy it anymore. If you don't like Sonic Forces, than don't buy it!
  9. They made a cover just with the design references of the new character? Really? That's ridiculous lmao
  10. You misunderstood. By "hatred" I meant the general audience, not his. The quantity of people demanding these characters to stop existing wasn't this big in 2010~2011. If you don't really believe in your own argument, who else will?
  11. At this point, I don't even want the FF's back. Especially with Flynn still on control. This intensified feeling of hatred towards those characters is a byproduct of his writing on the post-reboot. People cheered on their permanent death, but in the end it was all for nothing. This arc still had several characters that added nothing to the narrative.
  12. Interesting. You say that this arc is very different from post-reboot, while I was saying exactly the reverse. To me, it repeated a few exact same mistakes from the past, one of them, hooking your point about cast size, it did the same thing of adding characters to the arc that added absolutely nothing to the narrative. Still, it didn't irritate me as much as the post-reboot did, so I'll keep reading for now (I still haven't read from 280 onwards, lol). Anyway, I agree about Mega Drive. It surely has a great art, but I really couldn't care less about the story. I have no idea why people use it as a reference. It's pretty mediocre.
  13. It is important to notice that this is far from a recent trend. Just remember how strong Sonic always was in FF.net, (obviously, it's losing ground on the recent couple of years, but that's a natural consequence of how abandoned the franchise is) no matter how crappy a fanfic material may be, it means that someone behind this text had this mindset, this desire to see more of the lore, and not the game. To the point that calling out this set of people for being faux fans really don't cut it. Maybe if it was said fifteen years ago or something like that...
  14. It was like requesting a commission for someone and never actually paying for it, according to her. So yeah, if she was american and had signed an actual contract, she would had the measures to sue them. Since she's brazillian (iirc) though, she can't be protected either by our own worker laws, much less by american laws. So, yeah, she has no means to reclaim... What is truly intriguing though is... why? Why scam that artist at all? What is the reason behind that? I can't imagine the price being high. Also, most alternative covers after #4 really, really sucked. Looking worse than dA stuff. I wonder if there is a connection...
  15. They are only doing this scam because they can, without any consequences. If she was american, or lived inside the U.S. they would had paid long time ago, afraid of any legal troubles. She is not, so it is very, very difficult to sue while living in a completely different country.
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