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    Korke got a reaction from Legendary Emerald in Worst period for Sonic?   
    Today is always the worst day to be a Sonic fan.
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    Korke got a reaction from Legendary Emerald in Will 2019 be a good year for Sonic?   
    TSR will certainly be crushed by Crash, so I guess not.
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    Korke reacted to Ryannumber1Santa in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I think personally, my issue is that the comic just doesn't feel really fleshed out enough. Like, if you're an Archie fan, we had to spend 30 issues trying to get a new universe set up and established again which also tied into a 30 issue long saga based on Unleashed as well. Then you're thrown into a Classic adaption which is pretty boring and can be summed up as "yep, it's the classics but we've got some fan-service jokes now". Then after that, we finally began getting back into the interesting stuff that was based on a mixture of games and originality again, only to end up back to Square 1 with IDW needing to set up a series again.
    And to be clear - I don't hate IDW. I'm still picking up the issues every month, there's been a few stories I've liked, and even a character or two I like (Primarily Whisper), but it feels like Ian's now running with the same problem as the Shattered World Crisis is - only in reverse. Where there, the new universe was being established really slowly and spending a lot of time showing off a lot instead of making it digestible, IDW is instead running too fast to try established this new universe which is based on all the games plus Forces but not quite and still trying to fling in original elements, and even on top of that, we're running one thing to the other without time to make it digest. 
    Part of my confusion also comes from two large elements. First off - I still don't really like any of the original characters. It doesn't help that a primary reason that everyone was running around trying to justify the loss of Archie's cast - not just the Freedom Fighters, but villains like Breezie, the Egg Bosses, and allies such as Razor is that it would be a clean start based on the games, and that would allow those who had gotten really sick of Archie's cast to get back in, which is fair enough. It stings that Archie's cast got the basic "fuck off" farewell that it did, but whatever...
    ...but all of that feels kind of invalidated to me because we've spent the last 12 issues now trying to scurry around and introduce this new universe altogether that is closer to the game's canon, which IMO is kind of a bad thing because continuity is so screwed up for that series and is now actively harming the series as it's now not only discounted the casts of SatAM, AoStH, and Archie, but even forgotten game characters including Mighty, Ray and the Hooligans. 
    Yet on top of the above, it's still bringing in original elements from very early into the series and still not really making them digestible, or giving us a lot of time to get to know them. Tangle's been around and had focus for only one issue, Rough and Tumble were IMO - really forgettable and a pretty bad attempt to have a gang fill in for the Hooligans. We've just met Rough and Tumble's boss and for now, whilst he has a cool design, he's only been around to basically snap Eggman into his villain role once again - which to be fair, maybe he'll have a bigger role, but we don't really know yet.
    For all of Archie's failings, not only did we get back-up stories to introduce the majority of the Egg Bosses for example, but it was timed so Eggman's Dozen followed it up very soon after so we could get a full arc with Eggman spotlighting and the group as a backup cast so we could get to know them better and develop them up as long-standing villains. Even a lot of the new villains and characters got a full arc to themselves to showcase their personalities and schemes instead of just the one issue they get in IDW. Breezie for example is one of my absolute favourites in Archie Post-Reboot, and all she had was Champions, yet she was that much of a fun, scheming tycoon villain that had rivalries with the Freedom Fighters and bounced off so well with the main cast that she stood in for a really good counter-piece for both Sonic and Eggman, a neutral side who was in it for themselves.
    It feels like right now, for IDW's first year, and first arc, we've instead got a set of good ideas but not enough development or usage of them. Instead of taking one idea and developing it, it's got tons of ideas but immediately drops it to pick it back up about 10 issues later to do something else. Like Tangle, we met her in Issue 4, and didn't see her again til about Issue 10 or so and at that point, she had to get a ton of potential screen-time taken away because it was a finale and featured everyone. Same for Whisper - who's really unique but is forced to have her arc and interesting stuff placed on hold because of the overlying story. We see her shooting a dirty look at Shadow, implying something for the future, but with Eggman back in action, who knows how long it could take before we see it.
    But my major issue, to be frank - is the connection to the games. Because so far, it feels like it's been nothing if not limiting. We know for a fact that IDW will not be canon due to all the non-game factors appearing. That then begins to mean that we've established a game-centric universe for no real reason other than just retying the characters back to their game versions, but that's whatever. I find it counter-productive to wipe a universe with the excuse of tying it into game-canon only to immediately spend the first year recreating a new universe with unique characters again, but whatever.
    But then you add on top of that - the fact that several of Archie's best characters ended up immediately locked out entirely because of the game focus - I.E - Ray, Mighty, Bean, Bark, and Nack - and then things begin looking more dicey. Because not only are we now sitting with a confused continuity that's basically the game's, but not quite, but it's still trying to bring in original characters relatively often, and it's trying quickly to differate itself from the games, so I'm confused why this was done. Like sure, you could argue it was to be an easy introduction for those who didn't read Post-Reboot Archie, but I'd also assume that soon after the comic gets bloated with original characters again, those people who liked the games and read the comic due to game-ties would drop off again.
    I don't think it's just the "first year" of IDW being a thing either because I loved Archie Mega Man, which did a lot of the same, being tied to the game universe at first, but then taking everything, expanding it, and giving it new twists. Time Keeps Slipping and Return of Dr. Wily are still two of my favourite arcs in the entire run because of the unique alterations to the story while remaining faithful, so Idk why I haven't been feeling IDW's attempt yet.
    I keep feeling like it's just trying to be too many things at once and then don't really have time to give the things I enjoy in it so far. Like, I love parts where it uses the game as a basis, but then veers it into a new idea, or meaningful interaction, like Sonic and Amy's interactions in Issue 2 where Amy's crush is still in full bloom, but she is that serious about helping others that she's keeping a tight lid on it, or Issue 5's idea of having Eggman gain memory loss and become good, or even the concept of Whisper - this silent assassin who seemingly got caught bad during Forces' story and is now taking payback by scoping Eggman's bases during the aftermath is brilliant, but then these cool ideas sort of get bogged down with the ones that don't get enough time or development. 
    Rough and Tumble don't have anywhere near the memorable or comedic chemistry that Team Hooligans had, which had it set up well with a hyper and practicaly insane child in Bean, a loud and temperamental leader in Nack, and the silent straightman with Bark. Instead, the two of them are just kind of punks, and just generally uninteresting ones at that. Same for Tangle. She was getting tons of hype and buzz before Issue 4 released, and then she just kind of faded as a one-off before making a random appearance again in Angel Island's battle arc where at that point, she doesn't get much screen-time due to how much there is to juggle. 
    My issue, I feel - is Ian was too confused on what really do focus on during the first year. Did he want to build a universe again from scratch, or did he want to take it easy and make a smaller story to build-off the aftermath of Forces? Did Ian want to take time to introduce original characters at the start, or did he want to spend his time introducing the game cast ready for the conclusion of this arc and then maybe focus on the original stuff later? In the end, it feels like he tried to do both and ended up not having nearly enough time to make them interesting. 
    First impressions matter heavily, and I honestly feel like Tangle, Rough, Tumble and a few others ended up somewhat harmed in terms of character because they were so hastily introduced and added without a arc to back their stories off. The only exception being Whisper because she's showing at least a few shades of her story having begun in Forces and we can somewhat infer details from that, even if she really needs to have that expanded to mean anything.
    As for what I would've done, I probably would've cut all the original details out from the first year. if you wanted to do this story with Metal Sonic, use the first year to establish the aftermath of Forces, and re-establish the game cast, as well as Eggman's memory loss to set up Year 2. Rough and Tumble aren't required at all for the character introduced in Issue 11 so cut them. Unless you have a plan for introducing Tangle with a solid arc instead of a one issue appearance, cut her. Maybe keep Whisper because her arc ties into what the first arc is setting up - the aftermath of Forces.
    Afterwards, when Metal Sonic is defeated, then introduce the new villain who's snapping Eggman out of his memory loss, as this original character now becomes a sign of things to come with the second year focusing on expanding things a little further than simply the games. Then have Season 2 include actual arcs focused around Rough and Tumble, and Tangle. Have them be apart of the main characters/villains of a given arc, and give them an arc to build things up and develop a little so we can then have a proper basis for them in later stories.
    All that said, I wouldn't say I don't like IDW, I'm still enjoying the majority of the issues, even if some of them can also come off feeling like just kind of fan-service and one-liners in an issue or two so far. I do have optimism that they'll improve things and refocus their efforts in Year 2 to maybe find a better balance. I know personally, between the 30 or so issues of the Shattered World Crisis and the 12 issues of Metal Sonic, I really kind of want IDW Sonic to take a IDW Turtles approach of having their arcs condensed to four issues and focusing on a solid part of the storyline. 
    IDW Turtles has been balancing a number of storylines since Issue 50 - An invasion from space, aftermath of Issue 50 itself, Splinter changing and become estranged with his sons, the Turtles needing to deal with not being able to rely on Splinter's guideance any longer, Bishop's war on mutants etc, yet IDW Turtles very cleverly gives all of the plotlines time to breath and develop because instead of having them all tumble together in one long arc, they're giving mini-arcs that alter and change the story while leaving it open for a conclusion or continuation later and that allows them to juggle and develop different storylines at different points. I would love for IDW Sonic to play around with doing that as I feel like that would heavily help it manage it's stories better and give them all time to breathe. 
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    Korke reacted to Heckboy in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Problem is, it doesn't have much else either, aside from fanservice and exposition dumps.
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    Korke reacted to PublicEnemy1 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    That's the thing: we don't know WHEN it will get better. What if the comic gets cancelled right before it starts hitting its stride, like the Post-Boot?
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    Korke reacted to knuckles20 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    If people don’t like the Freedom Fighters, that fine. But the problem I have with this is that mindset has made the games so lackluster to me. It’s real easy to take that answer and turn it into:
    ”I want to see Sonic do shit, who are these other characters, I do not care for them”.
    This has me more concerned when people say the comics should me more like the games and can’t help but think of Classic nostalgia pandering and everyone else sitting around for Sonic to save them instead of being active in the plot.
    Even if I didn’t like the FF I wouldn’t demand that they go away because it makes me no better than the critics do demanded that the games should only be about Sonic and Eggman.
    Also there’s only so much you can do with the game cast alone where it’s gonna come to a point where comic-original characters are going to come forth whether people like it or not.
    Also I find it funny when people say fans only care about characters from the games when original creations like Tangle and Whisper got tons of love via fanart.
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    Korke got a reaction from JosepHenry in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    You misunderstood. By "hatred" I meant the general audience, not his. The quantity of people demanding these characters to stop existing wasn't this big in 2010~2011.
    If you don't really believe in your own argument, who else will?
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    Korke reacted to Kazhnuz in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    We don't need Cream, Gemerl and Omega either. We didn't even need most of the character used in this arc. We basically don't really need "any" character, and thinking in term of "big enough cast" is basically nonsensical. It's not a question of size of the cast (except in some extreme measure, like having 10 main character like in Post-SGW, which was its biggest mistakes and why I was more for making the FF a secondary characters group instead of a main one).
    It's mostly a question of use, and how different characters are used. Different characters fill different niche and different use, and tbh there are many niches that aren't really used, especially in characters that would be supporting characters for specifics roles.
    It's also a question of which story is written. I could say a lot of story that would be interesting, and where you would need more than your "big enough cast". Many stories of Post-SGW used and needed those "non-canon" characters to advance the story of the main character. For instance the Tails and Bunnie flashback was basically one of the best characterization of the smoll fox, as they were able to use how Sonic inspired Tails as a basis, while showing something that was more than just yet again an interaction between Sonic and Tails (something they did too). To take one example of story that would be useful for IDWSonic, if they wanted to show a story that really showed some of the organization (or the re-organisation) of the Animal World, character that are kinda like the FF and the other groups created by Flynn post-SGW would be useful, as they could serve a Militia of Some Town™ that have to be rebuilt, so would be a basis to make the world evolve. Likewise, if you want to show more stuff about the Human World, having some new characters could be useful.
    I'm not saying that we need the FF in particular for any that, but that's better if it's not yet again with a character of the main cast, for me, and the niche they could fill is kinda usefull (character that would be more tied to some particular place, and could be used to show some more formal groups, that could work pretty differently than the resistance, that is basically a bunch of more-or-less friends that save the world). And that I prefer when a creator reuse characters instead of creating expy, when they can. And that's the same for many other characters. Many character from different canon could be retooled to be useful.
    For me it's not really a question just about the FF, but about the legacy of Sonic, and of everything made around, things that often got a lot of passion, even if they weren't always like the games. ( That's basically why I loved Post-SGW Sonic. That was the last attempt of creating a "unified canon" for Sonic, as much as it was possible. Something that used the base of the games to create the world, but that was a big love letter to everything that Sonic was. Sometimes by directly retooling the characters, sometimes by creating expies. It was a "Sonic World", most that everything else we got. There was so much passion about the franchise that I really loved it, even if the use of the Unleashed story wasn't perfect at all. )
    And I will add that many people were happy that Dr. Starline (I'm really afraid to make a typo with his name xD) was that he reminded people of Finitevus. I've seen people talking about it here, on planete-sonic's Discord, on reddit, on TVTropes… So I think that legacy characters have still a place in the heart of many people. It's exactly like the Classic-only character, or when people where happy that Madonna Garnet reminded them of Topaz. They are a part of the culture of the fandom (and of fond memories), so many people would like them to be reused (especially when they could fill some useful niche)
    So that's why it's not for me a question of "big enough cast".
    Or if we need any characters.
    Just a question of stories, and how stuff are used.
    ( maybe my writing is a bit too dramatic for just a comic about a dumb blue mammal )
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    Korke reacted to Conquering Storm’s Servant in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Now, when people say this I’ve always been curious to the crux if what the issue is, but what exactly is the problem with the Freedom Fighters as protagonists?
    Because the Freedom Fighters were a small group compared to the full cast Archie had for them to be singled out (the Egg Bosses by contrast rarely get directly singled out by comparison), and quite frankly a lot of what IDW is doing has some similarities even without their presence.
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    Korke got a reaction from NikoS in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Interesting. You say that this arc is very different from post-reboot, while I was saying exactly the reverse. To me, it repeated a few exact same mistakes from the past, one of them, hooking your point about cast size, it did the same thing of adding characters to the arc that added absolutely nothing to the narrative. Still, it didn't irritate me as much as the post-reboot did, so I'll keep reading for now (I still haven't read from 280 onwards, lol).
    Anyway, I agree about Mega Drive. It surely has a great art, but I really couldn't care less about the story. I have no idea why people use it as a reference. It's pretty mediocre.
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    Korke got a reaction from NikoS in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    It was like requesting a commission for someone and never actually paying for it, according to her. So yeah, if she was american and had signed an actual contract, she would had the measures to sue them. Since she's brazillian (iirc) though, she can't be protected either by our own worker laws, much less by american laws. So, yeah, she has no means to reclaim...
    What is truly intriguing though is... why? Why scam that artist at all? What is the reason behind that? I can't imagine the price being high.
    Also, most alternative covers after #4 really, really sucked. Looking worse than dA stuff. I wonder if there is a connection...
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    Korke got a reaction from Miragnarok in Unpopular opinion: I like Sonic's universe more than Sonic himself   
    It is important to notice that this is far from a recent trend. Just remember how strong Sonic always was in FF.net, (obviously, it's losing ground on the recent couple of years, but that's a natural consequence of how abandoned the franchise is) no matter how crappy a fanfic material may be, it means that someone behind this text had this mindset, this desire to see more of the lore, and not the game.
    To the point that calling out this set of people for being faux fans really don't cut it. Maybe if it was said fifteen years ago or something like that...
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    Korke reacted to Marco9966 in Unpopular opinion: I like Sonic's universe more than Sonic himself   
    I always felt the stories were not all about Sonic, but about the new people he meets, Tails's quest for confidence, Knuckles's struggles, E-102, Shadow, Chaos, Tikal, Emerl, Blaze...
    I'm not here for the fast gameplay, I'm here for the stories, the character interactions, the mythology, the exciting stories.
    Sonic's world has so many cool things in the lore: Interesting cute creatures like Chao, Wisps live in the same world as mythological and powerful beasts like Chao, Black Arms, Dark Gaia...
    Interesting locations like Angel Island, Mystic Ruins...
    That's why I feel the newer games have been so lifeless and soulless because it's only Sonic, and the other characters are cheerleaders.
    Also, the IDW comics need a Sonic Universe spinoff so we can see the expanded Sonic Universe, not just Sonic and friends bash robots in nameless town!

    (art by shaolinfeilong)
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    Korke reacted to Marco9966 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Just give her the 700$ and be done with it IDW !!!!!
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    Korke reacted to Diogenes in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I mean I'm not expecting perfection straight off the bat, and obviously a lot of comics get stronger over time as they get past the setup and can really start working with the concepts they've introduced, but I don't think IDW Sonic is just "not as good as it could be"...I honestly think it's kinda actually bad. I think it's a comic that is extremely reliant on being an established series with an established fanbase and I'm not sure if it works at all from an outside perspective, and even as someone who knows the series thoroughly I'm struggling to stay interested in it.
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    Korke reacted to Diogenes in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    An underwhelming conclusion to an underwhelming arc.
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    Korke got a reaction from PublicEnemy1 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Like a very old popular quote from here would say, roughly translated to english: " There is a grain of truth in every joke"
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    Korke got a reaction from MetalSkulkBane in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Like a very old popular quote from here would say, roughly translated to english: " There is a grain of truth in every joke"
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    Korke reacted to PublicEnemy1 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    For some reason, this line worries me.

    "I’m clinging to this spiky blue moneymaker as long as I can."
    I don't know if he's making a joke or if he seriously doesn't care anymore. With the quality of IDW Sonic IMO, it really makes me think.
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    Korke got a reaction from UltraGizmo64 in Are we in a new dark era?   
    I think the biggest difficulty of the franchise is to capture the attention of the general audience. Forces tried it, and failed miserably. Mania sold well: For a Sonic game, as expected. It only did hit the 1 million mark in March to April, meaning that it was very catchy between already-fans, but the common people did not care.
    How can the franchise leave this limbo? I have absolutely no idea. Even a very good game like Mania wasn't able to get trendy. Perhaps it was because it arrived near the moment when Cuphead was mainstream AF (broke the 3 million mark, btw). In the eyes of the normies, both are in the same boat of "retro", I guess.
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    Korke got a reaction from Miragnarok in Are we in a new dark era?   
    I think the biggest difficulty of the franchise is to capture the attention of the general audience. Forces tried it, and failed miserably. Mania sold well: For a Sonic game, as expected. It only did hit the 1 million mark in March to April, meaning that it was very catchy between already-fans, but the common people did not care.
    How can the franchise leave this limbo? I have absolutely no idea. Even a very good game like Mania wasn't able to get trendy. Perhaps it was because it arrived near the moment when Cuphead was mainstream AF (broke the 3 million mark, btw). In the eyes of the normies, both are in the same boat of "retro", I guess.
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    Korke reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Are we in a new dark era?   
    I think the biggest diffrence between now and then is hope.
    Back in the 06 era, I felt most people had a "If only Sonic Team makes a 2d game again, it'll be fine/ If only Sonic team get's rid of the other characters, it'd be fine/ if Only Sonic Team get's more time, it'd be fine." sense of hope.

    Now everything we wanted at the time has been tried and it's "If only Sonic Team makes a 2d game...Oh, Sonic 4. If only Sonic's friends are back, oh, Rise of Lyric... If only Sonic Team was given more time, oh, Sonic Forces had 4 years. If only Sonic Team let's another team take over, oh, Rise of Lyric..."

    The ultimate irony of the current era is that we have a parody of everything people loudly wanted. Okay, so Sonic 06 was terrible because it was too far removed from the classics, 3d doesn't work, Sonic's friends are terrible, the story too convuluted and serious and there are too many gameplay distortions? Well okay then.
    Now 3d gameplay has been reduced to be the amateur opening act for the grand 2d gameplay concert, gameplay is just running straight to the goal with no weird diversions, Sonic's friends are rotting in a corner, story's a meaningless parade of shiny nostalgia objects dangling in front of your stupid face, the finest "I'm sure I've heard his exact joke in every cartoon ever" humor is pounded in your face non stop and Green Hill Zone is shoved so far down your throat that you'll barf Classic Sonic until judgement day.
    And hey, Boost, Wisps and nostalgia were praised when they were introduced, so let's desperatly cling onto those and shove them in everywhere.
    Everything you complained about is elminated, everything you praised is expanded. Sonic Forces is the perfect Sonic game, enjoy.

    Sonic Team's like the genie from those fairytales that lets everyone's wishes backfire on them. I don't know if they do it delbieratly to troll people, or it's a perfect example of doing what people want without understanding why people want it, but the results are so artistically genius that they belong in a museum.

    The only hope people seem to have at the moment is to put the Mania team back into action. I feel sorry for the Mania team, they'll have a huge burden to bare if they ever dare step into the ring again.
    And me personally, I only care for Neo Classic Sonic if they'll give him a brand new and semi-serious adventure again because I'm utterly DONE with the shallow nostalgia pandering meme humor. It has overtaken every other quality the series used to have.
    Cute as that Mania adventures cartoon was, I have no interest in the sequel show unless it's going to be closer to the OVA movie in tone. Comedy in support of an adventure rather then absorbing it like the all consuming black hole that it is.
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    Korke reacted to Diogenes in Are we in a new dark era?   
    Who said we ever left the first one?
    Sure, Unleashed, Colors, and Generations were significantly better games than '06, but were they genuinely enough to pull the series out of the pit it dug itself? Unleashed was severely hampered by the werehog, Colors is pretty divisive with its focus on 2D and for trading most of Unleashed's speed for a heavier focus on platforming, and while Generations has a pretty positive reputation it still contains many of the flaws of post-'06 Sonic like heavy nostalgia pandering, overuse of 2D sections, restrictive and highly automated gameplay, and poor use of the cast. Rather than a return to form I'd argue they were a brief respite from the worst of modern Sonic, but did little to actually solve the series' problems, and in fact were responsible for some new ones.
    But whether we call this one dark age or two, you may be right that this is a far more dangerous situation than the series was in a decade ago. Not because the games are worse now, but because this has been going on for so long that everyone is running out of steam. Mania aside recent games all feel stunted or held back; whether it's a lack of passion, a lack of freedom, a lack of budget, or some combination, I can't say. And critics, the general gaming audience, and even some of the fans have largely come to expect failure or at least disappointment from the series. The way things look now, the death of this series isn't going to come from one singularly bad game; there's not going to be some kind of '06 2 that's so shockingly bad that it becomes a memetic symbol of terrible games like the original. It's more likely to simply continue fading away, producing bad but forgettable games for a continually shrinking audience, until someone decides it's just not worth the effort anymore.
    Now that's not the only way things can go down, of course, and I certainly hope the series takes a turn for the better. But at this point I doubt Sonic Team has what it takes to do it.
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    Korke reacted to Rowl in Are we in a new dark era?   
    I really have a feeling, that the whole Sonic series is now once again in a new dark era. And I have a feeling it is much, much worst than the first dark age. The first one kinda started out with Sonic Heroes, which was a very mediocre game. Than Shadow the Hedgehog came, which was nothing really to be proud off and than Sonic 06 happen which damaged the reputation of the whole series. People still talked about this game to this day. And than there where the other games like Secret Rings, Black Knight, Chronicles and the Rivals and Riders series, which where either bad or boring. And Unleashed a game that was half good and half bad. The dark age ended with Unleashed. But still in this dark age we actually also had some descend games like the Rush series, the first two All-Star games and the Advance series. And even some of the more boring games overall weren't that badly rated by critiques.
    But... this new era that started with Lost World is a completely other entity. If you look how the feedback for most of the games are, you will see that the fans and critiques are much more harsher on those ones. A lot of people really didn't liked Lost World, the 3DS version is even more disliked, Boom is considered to be even worst than Sonic 06 and the 3DS games were just really boring for most people, the Mario & Sonic games of this era are considered to be the worst of the series, most of the mobile games are not really that fun to play, Forces is not really liked by many and is at best just meh... and Team Sonic Racing looks really uninspired and boring. The only highlight of this era seems to be Sonic Mania. And as good as this game is, but not even half of the content was new and the whole game was dependent on nostalgia pandering. 
    I do not want to sound like a negative nazi, but I really have a feeling that we are going true a really dark age again. The Sonic series never had such many bad or mediocre games in a row not eve in the first one and the first dark age was much shorter.
    I'm so sick and tired that Sonic is the laughing stock of the gaming industry. Non of my friends like this character because they all know how much of bad reputation he has in the gaming community. This new dark era has to stop after Team Sonic Racing. Sonic really can't have another one, especially an era that lasted as long as this one.
    What do you guys think? Are we really in a new dark era and do you think, that this era will end soon? 
  25. Nice Smile
    Korke got a reaction from BlueSky in Revive One, Banish Another   
    I'd banish most of the cast just to have Nicole back.
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