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  1. While I (kinda) like Amy, I agree wholeheartedly with you. Though I don't hate her character, I truly wonder what Amy has ever done to qualify as a main character in the modern games from SA1-onwards, specially when in the classics she was barely present aside spinoffs such as the Sonic Drift series or Sonic the Fighters, and the only relevant role she had was being the damsel-in-distress in Sonic CD.
  2. Should Knuckles become an antagonist again?

    I think he was more of an antagonist than a true villain, and even then he did not fought Sonic on purpose, but rather it was mostly because Robotnik had tricked him to do so, otherwise they would remain on good terms, being described by Sega as a "good friend" even back then, though neither of them would ever admit it. Their relationship was a bit more rocky than with Tails due to their different personalities but both knew they could rely and trust each other pretty well, their rivalry being mostly playful between the two. Shadow, on the other hand, is Sonic's equal, and unlike Knuckles, he's not deceived into attacking Sonic and they are not friends or buddies, only teaming up when the situation requires it.
  3. Why do we see Green Hill Zone so often?

    I didn't mean it in a literal sense.
  4. Why do we see Green Hill Zone so often?

    Green Hill is the most iconic and known level in the series, and also Sonic's home. I can understand why it has come back so often, even if it's not named as such, with variants such as "Green Grove" in Sonic 3D, "Splash Hill" in Sonic 4 or "Windy Hill" in Sonic Lost World, though it's kinda overused these days. I cannot see why stages such as Seaside Hill/Ocean Palace from Sonic Heroes (these two even surpass Chemical Plant in appearances) have returned so many times though.
  5. I truly don't play too much on mobile, aside the Sonic games and those two Supercell ones, which use a similar chest-based system with gems to unlock cards. I didn't know about the other F2P games though.
  6. I've been playing this since last December and has been pretty good so far, better than the main game. The chest and Red Star Ring system have caught my attention though. I have noticed it's indeed quite similar to those in Supercell games, specifically Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.
  7. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    Sega is no small company though, and I definitely believe they have the money to make an awesome 3D Sonic game, considering the profits they make from the franchise as a whole. Their laziness and overall incompetence is what I also believe prevents that from hapenning.
  8. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    I guess you are right. "OK" Sonic games are the norm nowadays. I agree that's pretty bad when we compare to how good the series was in the '90s. But Sega won't care as long as they make a decent amount of money (in which they mostly succeed anyway), thus prolonging the mediocrity.
  9. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    Admittedly, Mario is superior and definitely has much more quality, but I just like Sonic more. Even then, Mario has had his own flops/mediocre games too. Hotel Mario comes to mind as an example, the educational titles, the Paper series after TTYD/Super, and I could also count the most recent Mario Party entries. I guess Nintendo learns from their mistakes when they commit them, unlike Sega.
  10. Classic, mostly because he has had consistently good, quality games which were successful in both, sales and reviews, something that Modern and Boom still can't match.
  11. Robotnik/Eggman finally winning and the heroes forming a resistance is (thankfully) not something we see in every game. The premise itself was pretty good, but terribly flawed. Through the game there also aren't many signs of Eggman ruling the world, just destroyed/desertified places and the doctor himself is most of the time in Green Hill for unknown reasons. It was badly executed, but could have been truly great if more effort had been put into it.
  12. I understand your point, but... When has Sega/Sonic Team learned correctly from their mistakes?
  13. Now that there are officially two timelines (three counting Boom! here) with different characters (aside the main 5 which exist in all dimensions), places, objects, etcetera, I thought it would be interesting to discuss this. You can choose one, two, or the three of them if you want: Classic Sonic Modern Sonic: BOOM! Sonic
  14. Sega themselves stated Sonic Forces "performed strongly": https://www.segasammy.co.jp/english/ir/library/pdf/settlement/2018/20180207_3q_siryo_e_final.pdf They also recognized Mania's success and were not afraid to admit Lost World flopped some years ago. Either way, I'm glad Sonic games still sell well. I just can't see how some people wanted Forces to fail, and I'm saying this as someone who did not like the game much at all.
  15. Unpopular opinion: I actually like the concept of the main trio of the series being Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles (despite his duties as guardian of the M.E), and I'm not really fond of Amy replacing Knux, at all. She just can't compare to Knux, and even makes the boys feel somewhat uncomfortable. I would rather see Amy as the fourth member of Sonic's team or in a different group altogether.

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