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  1. The decline of various franchises

    I would say Spongebob. Most people say the first three seasons are the best, then after the first movie (released in 2004) most agree that it has become mediocre, with some seasons, such as the seventh, being considered downright bad/terrible. Flanderization of the characters' personalities is also strong and considered one of the declining factors, others being the quality, animation, the episodes' plots, etcetera. Though it has become slightly better since Stephen Hillenburg has returned to the show.
  2. A Hypothetical New Team Rose

    The three-member structure somewhat doesn't work with this team, and Big should have never been there, even if I loved their chemistry in Heroes, but he just doesn't fit. A hypothetical new Team Rose should stay the same, however, because I don't see any other character taking Big's place. I haven't seen anything, not even a tiny reference that indicates this group still exists either. Amy appears to have joined the main trio (in a few games filling the place Knuckles has), and Cream and Big don't even appear anymore, not even in cameos. Compare their situation to Team Sonic, Chaotix, or Dark, where they are still shown working together in some way. To put an example, in Forces you see them all, except for Team Rose. Even in the Runners spinoffs they are not even in the same team, so...
  3. I've never really liked Dragon Ball, but I think there is a lot of stuff and elements the Sonic franchise borrows from these cartoons, and the one that comes to mind right now is the "Super" transformation ability that Sonic (and some of his friends, such as Tails and Knux) can use, turning sparkly and changing from blue to gold, basically being invincible to most hazards and damage. I mean, even I (who despised that TV series as a kid) knew Dragon Ball innovated this and how unoriginal it was, even if it felt as an awesome reward for one hard's work collecting all the 7 emeralds. Even listening to the "Super" theme that plays when transforming in the games feel like they came from Dragon Ball (To put a clear example, the theme that plays in Mania when going Super). But what other aspects Sonic has that are at least somewhat similar to Dragon Ball?
  4. My favourite ones are the Sonic Mania special stages, followed very closely by the Sonic 4: Episode 2 special stages if that game counts. Least favourite would be the Sonic 3K special stages; while collecting Blue Spheres as a child was pretty fun, it started to become extremely tedious and annoying to do that as time passed by.
  5. Why.. why are you still Sonic fan?

    Well, I felt the need to reply this question, but, you asked: Why am I still a Sonic fan? Because I just like it, and I don't have to explain why, it's pretty simple actually. But as you insist, I'll tell you my reason: It's because this series has been part of me since my childhood, and have followed the franchise since I was a kid playing Sonic 1 on the Genesis. I love the concept of fast-paced platforming, collecting rings, destroying robots... Even the powerup ítems such as the shields and speed shoes are simple yet awesome, at least for me. Also Sonic's world, stories and characters are very colorful and quite interesting. I like Mario as well, and have played several titles from that series, but I don't really care if he is the king of videogames or whatever, his games are nothing impressive to me, even if they almost always do well: The platformers are linear as hell, the plot is often very basic (I don't see how great of a villain Bowser is with just kidnapping Peach), characters don't have personalities (with Luigi, Bowser, and probably Wario too, being exceptions), even spin-off series such as the Paper Mario and Mario Party series, or the Android game Super Mario Run have been getting mixed to negative reviews, and then there are horrible games such as Hotel Mario. I don't see most Nintendo products as masterpieces either, they are just decent and that's it. Maybe my tastes are weird, and I'm not even saying I downright hate Mario anyway. I admit Mario has sold more than Sonic and is way more recognized, but that doesn't make Sonic any less successful; His games have still still sold more than several Nintendo franchises (Such as Metroid and Donkey Kong) and beats several rival series in the platforming genre, including the likes of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Rayman, Mega-Man, etcetera. Even if the recent games such as Forces have been mediocre "OK" titles, there's still a lot of potential in the series, and there have been well-received titles such as the Adventure games, Heroes, the Advance and Rush spinoffs, the All-Stars racing games, Unleashed, Colors, Generations, and Mania. Even the episodic Sonic 4 was positively received by critics. There're lots of positives about the series, it's not just memes and furries as most people like to point out. I'm probably getting a bit defensive, but I hate it when they bash Sonic without any meaningful reason.
  6. The Future of SEGA: Grim or glorious?

    SEGA is a multi-million dollar corporation. It's far from being run by idiots despite the rather clumsy decisions they take sometimes. So, for me, while not "glorious", their future is absolutely not grim at all. In fact, it seems pretty good. Not only they have Sonic (whose games continue selling well despite the mixed to positive reviews that the recent titles have received), but several other franchises that they make good profit of as well.
  7. As we know, most platform games, such as the Mario ones, have power-ups for the player character to use. Since the beginning of the series, we've seen several ítems that could be used by Sonic and his friends to their advantage. From several variations of rings and shields, to speed shoes, invincibility, the Emeralds, etcetera, all of them can benefit the heroes in some form. These are found in most games of the franchise, whether be enclosed in monitors as in the classic timeline, or capsules in the modern era. The gems almost always are located in Special Stages. So, well, the question is on the title. Could these ítems qualify as power-ups?
  8. Well, having played Mania, I believe they should add more playable characters than just the classic Team Sonic trio. I know it's based in the classic timeline (where there really weren't any other playable characters other than Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles), but maybe they could make Sonic and co. the main ones as in Mania, and add others as unlockable bonuses, with different movesets, abilites, stories, etcetera. In Mania, Amy (as a robot cameo in one battle), Bean, Bark, even Fang/Nack, they all make appearances yet we don't get to play as any of them. I have no problems with returning levels, but I'm going to make a point here as well, and while I like Green Hill and Chemical Plant, if they are going to make more classic-style games, please don't add either again! They were pretty well-redesigned (pretty challenging though, at least for me), but these have made enough come backs already. In my opinion, it would have been 1000x times better and more interesting to start in Angel Island than in Green Hill, but that's just me. (And we're even seeing the two (Chemical Plant is probable) yet again in Forces, sigh) The new zones were awesome, and I think they should expand on that more. Also I don't understand why on some levels there are S3K-like transitions, such as from Chemical Plant to Studiopolis, where Sonic and pals enter a tube and end up there, but from Flying Battery to Press Garden there is no explanation on how they magically teleport from a gigantic flying fortress in the skies to an ancient, snowy-newspaper factory. If they are going to work on another classic-style game, they should be consistent and add transitions in all the stages, not just some. Overall, I love Mania, but it could have been an even better product! From my point of view, they should work on all this stuff if they ever develop a sequel...
  9. I would say that it depends on the person. For me, as a long-time Sonic fan, the classics were pretty difficult. Sonic 1 (16-bit version) was a pain to me when I was a kid, I couldn't get past Marble/Spring Yard Zone, at times not even getting to the boss. Also, no spin dash, no Super Sonic, etcetera. Sonic 2 16-bit (And the lock-on game Sonic 2 and Knuckles) was quite hard for me as well, even in Emerald Hill, and stages such as Aquatic Ruin and Hill Top got me on my nerves several times. Sonic 3K was not really that hard when playing as Sonic/Tails, aside levels such as Hydrocity, Marble Garden, IceCap, Flying Battery, Sandopolis, and Lava Reef, but as Knuckles, it was the contrary. Sonic CD, Knuckles Chaotix, and Sonic 3D Blast for sure are much more challeging than the mentioned games before. Even today I still have problems with getting to the end of these games, though I'm much more used to them now than when I was a child. I won't say anything about Sonic Mania because I still haven't played it, but it seems to take a lot of inspiration from CD and Chaotix. The 8-bit spinoffs, having played them all, are for sure 100x harder than the Genesis games. About the modern era, the Adventure era games, Sonic Heroes, Unleashed, Generations and even Sonic 4 ep.i and ep.II, they all deserve special mentions. I also must say that those who don't play Sonic games often may get them difficult as well. I've noticed this often, but we as fans are more used to them. For example, I think that for the vast majority of this site, Green Hill in S1 is pretty easy, but for someone who doesn't play Sonic games it may be difficult. In general, Sonic games can be quite hard, but also some are pretty easy as well.
  10. What YOU think of Sonic Mania

    This game is great. As an old-school fan who grew up with games such as Sonic 2 and Sonic 3K, Sonic Mania is just too exciting. The levels, the enemies, the music, the bosses... Everything I've seen so far is perfect! I see no big flaws in this game at all. I would personally like to see Amy as well, but if it's gonna be a true representation of the classics, then it's pretty accurate to have the classic trio of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as the playable characters only, since it was like this back then. If the game turns out to be a huge success, then I would like to see a sequel as well. Sega would have no problems with it since they have worked with Christian Whitehead and co. several times now. Overall, I'm looking forward to buy this game and have endless fun with it.
  11. So, I think this would be an interesting debate to discuss...We all know the oficial sidekick position belongs to Tails... but could Knuckles be considered a 2nd sidekick to Sonic? You know, Knuckles in the beggining, antagonized Sonic, but that was due to Eggman's trickery. After that, Knuckles became one of Sonic's friends and a hero on his own right. After being added to Sonic 3 and Sonic 2 as a playable character through S&K lock-on technology, he also became part of the "main three" and a core Sonic character. However, he was also supposed to be a rival of Sonic, and a friendly one for that matter, not outright enemies. Fastforward to the early 2000s, Sonic Heroes is released, and the Team Sonic trio is officialy formed. From then onwards, Knuckles was seen in the role of being Sonic's 2nd sidekick a lot more often. That is, if you count the Sonic Riders series, Sonic Chronicles, Sonic '06, the Sonic Runners games, Sonic Boom... We also see Knuckles teaming up with Sonic a lot these days, and if not in the role of sidekick, he's a supporting character such as in Lost World, and the upcoming Forces. Mania will have him in a role similar to S2K and S3K, helping Sonic & Tails defeat Eggman. But Knuckles teaming up with Sonic was nothing new, as in games like Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R, he's there helping Sonic in some way. In many of the media where he appears (and specially in recent times) he's not guarding the Master Emerald at all. I sometimes even think that this concept has been dropped, alongside his rivalry aspect with Sonic being quite downplayed. I mean, when was the last we Knuckles and Sonic fighting each other? When was the last time Knuckles was seen as the guardian of the Master Emerald and Angel Island? And post-Colors onwards, we've seen Knuckles as one of the few characters to appear and have a role in the games, alongside Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Eggman. So, what do you think, is Knuckles a sidekick to Sonic? I would like to know what other fans think.