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  1. Adventure with sprinkles of Freedom Fighter(Archie comics) and Modern(IDW comics)
  2. Well from my experience the smug comes from not taking Eggman as a serious threat and treating him like an grade school brat. As for the too perfect, well I’ll just say I’m not fond of the games since Colors for reasons I’ve discussed before.
  3. Everytime I see that regrading Sonic I can’t help but think that Sonic has a narcissistic fragile ego who can’t handle other people taking action.
  4. You can never convince me that the non-Sonic characters can’t be independent heroes kicking ass. Because I’ve seen what they’re capable of in previous games and the comics and to reduce them to helpless infants who can’t do anything without Sonic is just irritating.
  5. This isn’t about hating Sonic, people also to want play as other characters and stuff like Olympics and TSR isn’t gonna cut it The problem of go play another game series is that Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Shadow, etc aren’t showing up in non-Sega games where I can play as them so that suggestion is a load of crap. Sonic is the main character but that doesn’t stop me and others for wanting to play as other characters in an big budget 3D game so I’ll keep asking whenever I get the chance and I don’t need your approval.
  6. That doesn’t make sense when a majority of comics attempt to have a consistent release schedule.
  7. Really hope they don’t freak out whenever they see Espio using kunai or shurikens.
  8. If that new team is motivated to make an actual 3D game and have other characters playable again I’d be ok with it.
  9. My guess: 1 or 2 issues of characters dealing the aftermath; particularly with introspection on those who fell to the plaque, Dr Starline breaking off on his own after learning Eggman isn’t what he built him up to be, possibly becoming the main antagonist in Year 3 and/or cooperating with another IDW original villain.
  10. If Sonic B and fill in the blank were swapped with either already existing characters or new characters with defined personalities and skillsets, I would had gave Forces a chance. But the reason that didn't happen was because Retro Sonic instantly soured me on the game for various reasons and I saw the create your own as another cop out for not using the numerous established characters that haven't been active in over a decade. Generations 1 turned me off from playing any game where my only option was Sonic and the quarter hour Shadow DLC wasn't enough for me.
  11. And yet despite being a straight to the point port, people claimed it had gameplay issues that the original genesis version didn’t had prior.
  12. Yes the true savior of Generations 2: Shadow’s gameplay campaign that felt like a last minute add on and took less time to run through than a Sonic X episode even without ads and opening/ending credits.
  13. I can say the same about their exclusion( such as Sonic 4 and Sonic 1 GBA port) But how much did the other characters had an impact in Generations 2? From what I’ve seen it wasn’t much of an improvement from the 2011 predecessor.
  14. ^That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get tiring seeing it in every damn game. Congratulations your iconic stage had become mundane and uneventful due to it’s overuse and crippling dependency.
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