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  1. Just because Sonic is the main attraction doesn't mean it's gonna stop people want the other characters actually doing something besides kissing his ass.
  2. No. If we keep getting classic pandering, I want a game 100% dedicated to the Adventure era that doesn’t get compromised by classic bait Sonic.
  3. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    IDW gave MLP a 2nd ongoing after 12-13 issues. So if sales are good I can see them giving another Sonic comic around 20 issues in.
  4. Same go for the classic fans when they tell us we only like the Adventure series, Heroes, etc because of nostalgia.
  5. I agree. Just because I prefer the Adventure formula over the Classic formula, that doesn’t mean I want City Escape to be the first stage in every game.
  6. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    So I read the first issue. I thought it was ok, but my main criticism it felt like it was cut short halfway. Maybe because it’s just setting up the new continuity but I hope it doesn’t become a recurring feeling.
  7. @Mayor D sure people were cheering in the video but that didn’t stop people whether on YouTube comments or various forums from raging like hell the moment CS showed up.
  8. Given no one said it, the biggest reason I couldn’t stand CS in Forces because during the first trailer I really thought they would finally got their crap together and have other characters playable in a “3D” main Sonic game. But instead they throw in Sonic 2 and a fill in the blank character. That trailer played out like “Hey all you fans of the Adventure Era, you want a story that’s more serious? You want a game that’s gonna be actually in 3D? You want your favorite heroes to get off their asses and finally be playable alongside Sonic after a decade since having a meaningful role that goes beyond being glorified cheerleaders? Well fuck you! Even though we just announced an entire game devoted to classic Sonic, here he is again because we can’t have a game that doesn’t suck up to “Sonic roots” for the millionth fucking time. Enjoy your 3D game that’ll have consist more of 2D and the characters who aren’t a blue hedgehog do jack all nothing!” If I stopped playing the games because of Generations why would I put money down for Generations 2?
  9. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    There’s no reason they can’t do both. Not trying to start anything but I find it odd you perceive SEGA having an overall preference for newcomers over long time fans given their recent tactics.
  10. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    What I don’t want to see is over the top Classic era pandering. The classic side already has an update to Mania and animated shorts. Sure there’s the Sonic Racing game that will most likely have my favorite characters in it and be a break from the Classic fest. But it wouldn’t be surprising if they opted out of the story mode. A key aspect that got me involved with the first 2 Sonic Riders games (didn’t have an Xbox 360 so I couldn’t play Free Riders even if I wanted to). I just want a break from the “member classic era high” and have something that has the same energy and effort that got me into Sonic in the first place without it being compromised by genesis era pandering.
  11. Is there any good Sonic RPG fan-game?

    ^We’re the caps really necessary? I thought Chronicles was ok. Though I would like to see another attempt at an Sonic RPG.
  12. Only if I can play as other characters first.
  13. I’ve should have use Forces because I was pointing out the hypocrisy how fans can call 06 SA3 all they want but the minute anyone wants to call Sonic Forces as Generations 2, they bring out the pitchforks and torches. But If Adventure fans have to deal with 06 happening then Clasic fans shouldn’t be allowed to dismiss Sonic 4 and call Mania “the true Sonic 4”.
  14. What you consider bad ideas and baggage is not the same to other fans. For example I feel having a “3D game” be padded out with 2D sections and still calling it a 3D game is dumb. Same as constantly going back to Sonic’s roots or shoving Classic sonic in Forces was really unnecessary. And you want specifics of what I want in a 3D game: at least 2-3 non-Sonic characters playable 100% 3D gameplay (I shouldn’t have to explain this) A plot that balances humor and drama It may not be as detailed as others but I know what the hell I want. Yet It doesn’t stop Classic fans from saying Sonic 4 doesn’t count even though it meets the criteria of a Classic game. Hell Sonic Mania should be really called Sonic 5 if we’re aren’t allowed to disown games. Adventure 3 is just a placeholder title.
  15. What part of I don’t care about the title do you not understand? What you’re saying is very contradictory. You say we can have full 3D and multiple characters but right before it you label that desire as “make SA3”. So which is it? Are we allowed to want those elements in a Sonic game or not? Because if it’s the latter I’ve past the point of giving a damn. Especially to those who think Sonic can only be “good” by rehashing 1991 on an infinite loop.

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