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  1. I want this game to surprise me by having other characters playable (not counting avatar) but if it's another Solo-Sonic game, I'm not even gonna bother with it. Between that, lack of 3D gameplay and little to no care of plot and characterization, I'm tired of the bare minimum that's been incorporated since Colors.
  2. If it's any consolation. we'll have plenty of Digimon memes to fill the void.
  3. The only thing I have to say that’s “lazy and uncreative” in regards of Colors(if not every “3D” Sonic game 2010 onwards) is padding the game with 2D sections and then marketing it as a 3D game as opposed to making an actual 3D game.
  4. I would say Chronicles but that would require me to feel any guilt. It was on the last few Sonic games I actively replayed. The storyline, characterization, soft resetting my game so I can get every Chao available, that was a good time for me. If I’m having fun with a game, why the hell should I feel guilty about enjoying it.
  5. I’m not arguing against Colors Ultimate. I have no interest of buying it but it doesn’t mean I going to be a douche to people who do want it. All I’m doing is stating why I would want to see either a remake, port or entire new game that’s actually understands why people love the Adventure titles. And I know remaking Colors is a safe option, but Sega has been playing it safe so long and it hasn’t done me any favors at all. So I see no reason why I shouldn’t ask for games that actually contains aspects I like about the Sonic series
  6. It still doesn’t stop me from wanting remakes or ports of games I actualy like and knows the meaning of “3D gameplay”.
  7. Not so much need but I would love to see an Adventure remake regardless.
  8. If they're not playable, it'll be another case of Sonic doing everything while everyone else standing around worshiping Sonic when they should be fighting with him. It's my one of my biggest issues with games since they made Sonic the only playable character. Gonna echo what others said, I'm hoping this isn't their only game in progress. I'm still hoping for a "3D" game that allows me to play as other characters even though Sonic Team has given me little reason to be optimistic.
  9. It's not the only reason, there's also my general non-interest with the Classic games despite earlier attempts to play them. If I had to pick a favorite of that era it's easily Sonic the Fighters. I don't hate those games it's just not my cup of tea. I just don't want to feed into the "Sonic haven't had a good game since 1994" mentality because I firmly disagree with that notion. That's never going to happen with me. Because for years I dealt with insufferable morons telling me I'm not a "true Sonic fan" because I prefer games like Adventure 2 and Heroes over Colors and Generations and I shouldn't need to explain to you why that is so aggravating to deal with. Even while I expressed my intense disappointment in Forces from reveal to release not once did I persuade people having optimism for buying the game because I'd be a hypocrite for doing so. If people want to do speed runs in Lost World or wreck shit with their OC in Forces I'm not going to stop them. And about the dev team being unable to competently analyze fan feedback or criticism, what's the alternative; stay quiet and waste money on games that aren't going to be fun for me? That hasn't worked for me because that silence tells them I'm completely fine with the state of the games when that's far from the case. So I see no reason why I shouldn't continue to advocate why I haven't enjoyed a Sonic game since 2008 and what I want from the main titles.
  10. Oh I did. I just explained why I don't care about Forces' half-hearted attempts to meet my criteria of what I want from the games. Also, I've been playing Sonic Team's Russian Roulette for years and the only things I can say I won out on is the comics and a mobile game that's a spinoff of a console title that claims to be a love letter to early 2000s games. Everything else that's been released in the 2010s has been either trying so hard to pander to people who want Sonic to remain stagnant in the genesis days (Every main title since Colors) or got screwed over because Sega make last minute demands in order to fulfill other priorities (look up Sonic Synergy). So it's all the more reason why I should be vocal on what I want from the games.
  11. The "playable characters" were Sonic A, Sonic B, and a blank slate with no defining personality that isn't that much different than the silent retro Sonic. And before you bring up the Shadow DLC why the hell should I be satisfied with last minute table scraps that only adds 15 minutes to the game as opposed to him being part of the main game from the start. So that's a complete miss for me. And I found nothing engaging about the plot when they continue to make everyone who isn't Sonic appear to be helpless yes men. That pissed me off in Generations and Lost World and I knew they were going to pull that crap again the moment I saw Classic Sonic in that 1st trailer.
  12. Why is this have to be a choice? Why can't I get games that have quality with stuff I've been missing from the games for nearly 14 years now. There's no reason I can't get quality out of Sonic games that have multiple playable characters, actual 3D gameplay (and not the fake 3D we've been getting since 2010) and more engaging plots. Also bold to assume the "darker" plot is the only thing Adventure fans didn't like about Forces.
  13. What you’re saying isn’t all that different from what I’ve heard from others in previous years. It all boils down to “Sega needs a embarrassing amount of time on a single aspect before using things I like about the games”. All that time and nothing to show for it. Also, don’t know if it was me being naturally defensive after so many years or typing so late at night I read post as read you post as decent at best as opposed to worst
  14. You calling them decent doesn't change that my stance that the 2000's games were the best the games had to offer. I have no interest in Mania mainly because of the "only the classic games are good" stigma critics and purists smothered with it and I refuse to feed into that mentality. I don't care how flawless the classic games are, what I want is 3D Sonic games that are actually fun for me and that hasn't happened since Unleashed. Don't take this as me hating 2D. My favorite 2D titles are Rush and Rush Adventure. Yeah I know the boost is included in those games but I don't consider it as game breaking in comparison to the "3D" counterparts. You saying this doesn't change that I've heard this sentiment starting with Colors and it came up again with Generations. And with Lost World. And with Forces. And now we're near the end of 2020 and I'm hearing this track again. And the only benefit is that I haven't at gave my money to games that stripped away everything that initially got me into Sonic games.
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