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  1. I know it’s been hard keeping up with release dates but Bad Guys #1 came out today.
  2. But with this topic, it not a case of “Eliminate 2D all together” but it’s more “I want 3D gameplay in these 3D games”. It’s getting to a point as shown in the previous page where the last main “3D” title barely had any 3D gameplay. Even before Mania there were plenty of games that was exclusively 2D for people who prefer 2D Sonic so there’s no excuse the same can’t be done for the 3D games.
  3. Out of the games I’ve played personally Colors. Sonic only character playable, story was uninteresting, over abundance of 2D sections; all of these aspects made me unmotivated to finish the game. Generations 3DS is a close 2nd place the difference being I actually beat the game but along with my issues with Colors and the fact I beat it hours after buying it in the same day, it was the game to stop playing Sonic games for nearly a decade. Now out of all of the games, Forces got me disappointed for many reasons but the main catalyst was the moment Classic Sonic showed up in the first trailer.
  4. I see nothing beneficial or substantive about 3D platformer games that requires 2D sections to the point that they overtake the 3D gameplay. It’s not that people hate 2D, it’s the way they have been used to pad out the lack of effort for the 3D titles in the last decade. If I’m paying $40+ for something that’s marketed as a 3D game, stop lying to my face and give me a god damn 3D game.
  5. Then they should stop advertising those games as 3D titles if the majority of gameplay isn’t going to be in 3D. This is like claiming the 2004 Spongebob movie is a live action film when those sequences make up about no more than 10 minutes of the entire movie.
  6. It’s the way they use the 2D sections that end up making it the majority of the gameplay that bugs me. This is really notable when Classic Sonic shows up in Generations and Forces with purely 2D gameplay but for some reason Modern Sonic (even Shadow and fill in the blank in Forces) can’t stick with the 3rd dimension. The whole thing comes off as a cheap and lazy way to satisfy douches over at IGN or any Classic fans that believe Sonic can only be good if he’s in a 2D plane and people calling Colors and Generations one of the best 3D games is a joke because again they put in the bare minimum amount of effort for the 3D gameplay. Is it really too much to ask for an actual 3D Sonic game that actually commits to the 3D and not be reliant on 2D sections like a worn out crutch?
  7. Given the Eggman takeover in Forces and the Zombot invasion things aren’t going to spring back overnight like it never happened. Also as much as I don’t like Forces one thing I’ll give it credit for is showing that people can’t just sit on their asses and watch Sonic deal with Eggman because the moment he falls their world is screwed. So there should be some kind of milItary force to stick around because again their world shouldn’t be overly reliant on one person to protect them from Eggman, The Deadly Six or whoever else decides they want their shot at world domination.
  8. I understand that but getting releases of these games or hell new games that actually appeal to me that contains actual 3D gameplay and allowing my favorite characters to be more than spineless lackeys shouldn’t be dependent on constant catering to those who believe Sonic should remain in the limbo of 1991 or can’t write a review for a game without bitching about 06. Is it really too much to ask for games whether it be a remastered versions of a games I enjoyed when I was 12 or actual new games where the “3D titles” contain genuine 3D gameplay, allowing me to play as favorites like Knuckles or Amy that goes beyond a 15 minute DLC, or doesn’t constantly throw in my face how “iconic” Green Hill Zone is along using other Genesis imagery as a worn out crutch?
  9. I’d be ecstatic for a bundle release of Adventure/2/Heroes for the Switch. And as for those worried about the potential negative response from IGN and Game Grumps, I’m past the point of giving a crap about what they say about those titles. They had it their way for a long time and I feel the games had suffered for it. So if this isn’t planned already SEGA should get to it.
  10. That she was more concerned about the Master Emerald than she was for him. Dude got cuckolded for a giant ass rock.
  11. Knuckles leading the resistance in Forces was one of the few things that I was ok with because who else should’ve gonna step up after Sonic got captured by Eggman? Tails couldn’t do jack without a Sonic to hold his hand. Amy would’ve gotten flak from the Sally Acorn fandom based on her mixed reception in the IDW comics. While Shadow can work with others as shown with his time with Team Dark his preference to keep to himself would be difficult for those who weren’t already familiar with him.
  12. Based on the 2 recent threads about Amy Rose, I don’t think she’s bland or lacks a personality at least with the comics. And whatever issues people have with Amy that come from the games, that can be easily be the about most of the characters since 2010.
  13. What I'd like to see in a SA remake? I shouldn't have to say this but to be on the safe side, full 3D gameplay. Also rework the cutscenes with better animation and improved dialogue.
  14. Whenever the subject of Amy’s current characterization comes up I have to wonder do people want her to be anything more than that pink girl with the hammer who has a crush on Sonic? I’m actually ok with her in stuff like Heroes and X where her infatuation was more prominent but I do enjoy her portrayal in the IDW comics where she has it under control and has a life outside of chasing Sonic. But people are acting like the crush is completely gone when that isn’t the case. Examples like #2 where she prioritizes getting Sonic to return to the resistance, she briefly views him as if the dude was a shonen anime hero and at the end of #14 where Sonic bridal carries her as they go to investigate one of Eggman’s old bases, not only does to take joy out of it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she was daydreaming of her wedding day. Amy’s crush being more subdued in favor to flesh out her other characteristics doesn’t make her bland.
  15. Agreed. I have no problem with fans who enjoy Sonic CD, Colors or Mania. My problem comes from condescending fans telling me that I need to stop asking for more engaging plot, more characters playable and that I'm not a real fan because of my lack of interest in playing the classic games and still consider Adventure 2 my favorite Sonic game. Dealt with this in the 06 fallout and I'm still not buying any of that crap.
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