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  1. You know what would be better? IF they actually work on the 3D gameplay so they won't need to put in 2D sections in their 3D games.
  2. Well in that case Classic fans should deal with Sonic 4. Well I never wanted Sonic Mania but I'm not gonna crap on people who do want those types of games. Why do you think no would be happy with it? Most Adventure fans generally want real 3D gameplay and more characters playable. What's so hard to understand?
  3. So from what I'm getting is that we're getting more 3D games that aren't really 3D games. Funny enough Sega wants to be stuck in the past and not move forward at all. With constant returning to Sonic's roots, 3D games consisting of more 2D than needed and the pathetic try hard feel of "Isn't the classic era great you guys".
  4. I'll admit that the trailer gives me hope that the other characters actually do something instead of Sonic doing everything. Now if only they were playable...
  5. Characters you think are currently popular

    If anything I wouldn't be surprised if many Adventure fans moved on to the comics. It's not the same as playing a game but for me it's been so much more satisfying.
  6. I have no problem admitting to that.
  7. Is it a problem that I'm more impressed with the mobile games over the console ones?
  8. Or they can do what the Powerpuff girls did with that one episode where the girls quit because the citizens were relying on them for crap they can easily do themselves. That way you can show off how inept the villagers are without Team Sonic and how the villagers shouldn't take them for granted.
  9. I never cared about game physics.

    I've seen this commentary about gameplay physics so many times not just for Sonic 4 but pretty much every Sonic game. I'll admit that this thread was made out of anger what with Mania being herald as the bringing back Sonic to the limelight and critics brushing off anything that isn't 100% duplicate of the classic gameplay, even to games that weren't even set out to be a classic inspired game. I don't see physics as a big deal because I believe that the gameplay mechanics of the Classic games are not the only way Sonic can be good. "But wait that's not true. Critics also like the boost formula" Some may reply. But I don't think it's that great either when it can make the games too easy and I find it ridiculous boost games like Generations gets to praised as one of the best "3D games" when at least 50% of the gameplay isn't in 3D. In short I wanted to see if other felt the same way. I apologize to anyone who felt hurt by my initial post. I should have been more understanding to those who value gameplay mechanics just as fans of the Adventure era want other to be more unstanding of why we have so much value on plot and characters outside of Sonic and Eggman.
  10. I never cared about game physics.

    Was the difference that freaking bad? The response to Sonic 4 gameplay mechanics were like Competitive Smash players whining about Brawl having slight differences from Melee. You make it sound like the game was Hong Kong 97.
  11. I never cared about game physics.

    Can you give an better example of wanting every game to be a clone of the Classic era.
  12. I've seen this a lot in the fandom where if a game doesn't have 100% of the game physics of the Classic era it automatically sucks. I don't share this mindset because I barely notice it and if I do I just adapt to the changes made. "Oh no Sonic's jump in Sonic 4 is 2% higher than it was in Sonic CD! This game is the worst". And while I do prefer 3D games I do like Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure. I don't know how the physics work and if it isn't a pure clone of the Sonic 1 when it comes to game physics I don't care. If that's the only way Sonic games can be considered "good"' then the Classic era is more overrated than people want to admit.
  13. I swear it's like they're trying to find new ways to piss off fans of those characters.
  14. Have them be important to the plot and not just go gaga whenever Sonic ties his shoes. (In other words I wanna see them kicking ass and not kissing Sonic's ass). Have their gameplay similar to Sonic but still disntinct that they don't come off as clones. (Ex Adventure , Rush). And if people still complain about Sonic not being in the spotlight all the time, well tough shit. I had to deal with nothing but Sonic since Unleashed and it just made the series so small and empty.
  15. Your biggest worries about Sonic Forces?

    The comparisons to Mania. How other characters are portrayed. What will come after Forces: Will Sega finally give us other character to play as or are we stuck with Sonic and fill in the blank for a decade?