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  1. But you have to remember that a common trick with comics is to have deceptive covers that don’t reflect the story. There are many examples of covers showing two characters getting married, someone supposedly joining a team or having someone die but the actual story to show that the cover was a huge lie to attract attention to readers. A recent example of this an when Teen Titans had a “traitor” subplot (again) and one issue seemingly gave away who it was, only for the story to say “nope it was actually this person”.
  2. So I know there’s a small chance of this happening but
  3. There was so much bs here and while I could point out why a strongly disagree with everything you I’ll only focus on these two statements The games may have not hold up for you but I still get more out of those games than everything since Colors combined; -story was more interesting- the games had actual 3D gameplay -new stages as opposed to recycling the overused Green Hill Zone -characters actually did more than Sonic do everything. As far as “stick with 2D” crap. Nope. I’m never buying into this defeatist and restrictive mindset. I like Rush and Rush Adventure, but I want an actual 3D game not this wishy washy 2D/3D. 3D gameplay for Sonic isn’t simple I’ll admit but that doesn’t mean that they should flat out not try because I’m sick of the absence of effort in the games. You’re getting sequels to Mania regardless, but there are people who still love the 3D games that came from that time and would like to see actual 3D make a return.
  4. I'd be cool with him as a recurring villain to build up the antagonist roster.
  5. I’m gonna throw my hat into the 2010-now ring game wise. On the animation side Sonic Boom is ok, and the animated shorts that got released recently are pretty good though I wouldn’t want a full 11 min series where everyone is mute. As for the comics, not much I can complain about. Archie was a wild ride that kept my interest even pass the genesis wave retcon andIDW managed to maintain the exictement despite being unrelated to its predecessor.
  6. I was open minded in 2008 and yet a decade later I’m still hearing the same crap of 3D was a mistake, Sonic is the only character we can care about, we need to go back to Sonic’s roots even though we were just there 5 minutes ago. I was willing to give TSR a chance on the possibility it would be on par with the first two Rider games (it was middle of the road for me). I was optimistic about boom where I can care about the plot and characters again until production issues cause what could have been an intriguing subdivision to be discarded on the cutting room floor (Look up Sonic Synergy). But please explain to me what you consider to be “open minded” because I feel that we have conflicting views on what that means.
  7. Just because no one here has been a douchebag about it here that doesn’t change that I’ve seen people outside of SSMB acting like obnoxious jerks towards the adventure games and I’m done being open mined to people who want to discard everything I like about Sonic. I was open minded with Unleashed and that’s never happening again when people can’t put out a review of a Sonic game without moaning how 06 ruined their lives.
  8. No I mean Sega Forums before it shut down and revamped itself
  9. Around the time they announced Mania and Forces. There were trolls who just mocked anyone for preferring the adventure style games. It got so bad I left and joined here. I’m sure there are other users here who were on Sega Forums as well so they can confirm it.
  10. I never said people did that here. But I have experienced it from people on Sega Forums, Game grumps and the infamous IGN video who mock people who like the adventure era games.
  11. I have no open mind for people who not only trash the games I like but also myself for liking those games. If I come across as rigid it’s because I’m done settling for games that aren’t satisfying to me. I did that for Colors and Generations, saw them as disappointments for reasons I’ve stated already, and didn’t bother with Lost World or Forces when those games contain the issues I saw would result in more disappointment over enjoyment.
  12. Yet they give it the 3D label when at least half the game isn't in 3D.
  13. I’m not abandoning my preferences for people who more or less had it their way for over a decade. I’ve heard all the issues people had with the games for a long time, but if it wasn’t enough for me to switch sides when critics continue to trash 06 why do you think I would do so now. I think the Adventure era games are good I’m not changing that for anyone. And it’s not like I haven’t tried those games. The issues I’ve had with dealing with the games since Colors is that the story is not engaging enough for me to care, the gameplay has gotten to the point to the main campaign can be done within hours after it’s initial release, the characters are severe downgrades from prior installments, and despite giving them the 3D label it’s a huge lie because they cram the game with as many 2D sections as possible because they can’t be bothered to make an actual 3D game. If I want the Modern games to have 3D gameplay, more balanced story telling and multiple playable characters I’ll advocate for those elements because that’s how I like my Sonic games.
  14. The Adventure/Modern games are the different way of telling a story from the classic series. The problem that I noticed is some fans has turned it into, "if it wasn't in the classic games, then it shouldn't exist". I'm ok with this for the Mania style games. But that doesn't mean Modern Sonic need to do the same. I want them to improve the aspects of the games that got me into the series than avoid them like the plague. The only thing I can say the fandom is hoarding it the use of Green Hill Zone in every single game because it's iconic or something like that. Aside from that I don't see it as a hoarding issue, but more of "what do I like about Sonic games". The fandom has grown to the point where some prefer Sonic games where it's a nonstop 2D genesis dreamland where the only thing that matters is the gameplay while other fans desire having games that contains serious storytelling, 3D gameplay various characters(who act more than glorified wallpaper) and and fully voiced dialogue. Honestly if SEGA does this for Sonic it's not a perfect plan but I can only imagine there would be less headaches and animosity than what we're dealing with now.
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