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  1. Use someone who’s drift you can handle; for me it was Big also try to drift into every ring possible especially those long strings of rings.
  2. True but some of the complaints was more: “Why had ST made these people into such pathetic wimps?” I just want them better integrated in the games, have an actual involvement in the plot outside of being delegated to the cheerleading section, make them playable for god’s sake as in I want to be in control of them. Just because Sonic is the title character that doesn’t mean he’s the only one I’m allowed to give a damn about. And if the critics’ complain, fuck em they’re gonna bitch no matter what ST does and they had their way for so long because in my point of view the games had suffered for it by becoming dull desperate attempts of constantly “going back to Sonic’s roots”. And if that’s all they want, no one is stopping them from playing the genesis titles. Let the games move forward and not stuck in the same spot of reminding people how amazing 1991 was.
  3. Critics hating on anyone who isn’t Sonic, Tails, or Eggman is the reason I stopped giving a crap about their opinions on anything.
  4. Sonic Universe #21-24: Treasure Team Tango What sells it for me is seeing all these various characters: Team Rose (with Balze standing in for Big), Team Dark, Babylon Rogues, and Team Hooligan bounce off from each other.
  5. That could change if they somehow got people who actually gives a damn about making an actual 3D game. With the revolving door of the studio, that could happen but it's still a low chance. Also I find it hard to believe Forces was rushed when they had 4 years of development and it's no glaring signs of the game being unfinished.
  6. You like the classic games and ok with the current direction of the games. I like the Adventure games and not thrilled on how the games turned out in recent. Let's just leave it at that before things ugly.
  7. It's not about me refusing to give the classic games a chance. It's more that I'm burned out on SEGA's constant nostalgia pandering from making their games 80% 2D Colors onward, referencing Green Hill Zone at every opportunity and throwing in retro Sonic in Forces despite having his own damn game to himself. Along with the fact that the games having nothing that got me into Sonic in the first place. You think the Mania game is good fine, I'm not stopping you. But just because a million people love the game, I'm not obligated to play the game if I never cared for damn thing in the first place. Not everyone loves Modern Sonic, but not everyone has to love the Classic games either. Also, "Me i actually know what a good sonic game looks like", really doesn't help the situation and continues to show the problems with the fandom.
  8. I know I haven't been blunt about it so I'm gonna do so now: I don't give a damn about Mania or anything heavily tied to classic era. Not when it came out, not when it got overwhelming positive reviews, and not when it short animated shorts based on it. The classic aesthetic doesn't appeal to me as much as the Adventure era. You say that it's the best game and you're free to do so but I don't agree with that. Not now not ever.
  9. Yeah I'm bored and sick of the classic pandering in the games so I have no interest in throwing $30 for something I don't see as satisfying.
  10. A game where I get to play as actual non-Sonic characters, the plot is more serious than anything since Colors, it's fully in 3D and I get to actually give a damn about anything aside from the gameplay? As long as they don't rush the game out leaving in technical issues and long ass loading screens then yes. Fucking yes I would gladly take another 06.
  11. Do you know how pathetic that sounds: "Hey guys let's make a 3D game" "Oh but that's too haaaaard and I don't want to take the time to make the game work in a 3D environment" "Ah screw it just make most of if it 2D" At some point they have to let go of the crutch of 2D for the 3D games. If the games can't be in 3D most of the time thendon't fucking call it a 3D game. If your 3D game can only work with padding most of it with 2D sections, then call it for what it really is: 2.5D. If I really wanted 2D Sonic I would had picked up Mania or it's future sequels, which really shows how unnecessary 2D is for Modern Sonic.
  12. What's wrong with making a pure 3D game? I'm sick of these games lying to me. If you gonna call it a 3D game, then commit to the 3D. If it's really that difficult to make a 3D game then work on it, don't just pad out half the game with 2D sections.
  13. So the only other option is for shove more 2D sections in the 3D games have constant call backs to the genesis days never do anything new.If people really want a nostalgia trip, what’s stopping them from playing Sonic CD nonstop. I’m not even trying to defend Forces. I got turned off the moment Classic Sonic showed up in the first trailer. To me it doesn’t matter how well executed the nostalgia pandering is. It doesn’t change that having constantly calling back to Sonic’s roots for almost a decade and I’m bored of it.
  14. They have been revisiting Sonic’s roots for most of the games since Colors. It got old when they went to his roots for Lost World. Doesn’t matter how well they use their nostalgia it still feels like a cheap tactic “oh wow it’s Green Hill Zone again! It’s go great seeing it for the 40th time in a row”. ”Ah man I’m so happy they good guys destroyed another Death Star. What is this the 5th time around.” If the only way for these franchise to be good is to constantly rely on vintange iconography then there’s nothing to look for to for the future. It’s pretty much like the New Super Mario Bros games. You play one there’s really no point to pick up the other 5 games.
  15. Yeah the same thing can be said about Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee but that doesn’t mean I want every pokemon game in Kanto or that I only want to see the original 151 Pokémon despite the my first game was version blue. I just feel nostalgia is used as a crutch where they think all they have to do is throw in “element X” and all is good. With Sonic they constantly keep reminding players of the classic era with how they shove Green Hill Zone in every game. Mania doesn’t do much for me since I was never impressed with it since it was another staple of classic pandering that I’ve grown tired of.And as much as I love the Adventure era I would have the same issue if the games kept calling back to City Escape non stop. My issue with both Sonic and Star Wars is that they need something truly new to the table can’t be so dependent on reminding me of the good ol days because if people just want a reminder of what they like before, there’s nothing stopping them from playing the genesis titles or watch the original trilogy on an infinite loop.
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