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  1. If that new team is motivated to make an actual 3D game and have other characters playable again I’d be ok with it.
  2. My guess: 1 or 2 issues of characters dealing the aftermath; particularly with introspection on those who fell to the plaque, Dr Starline breaking off on his own after learning Eggman isn’t what he built him up to be, possibly becoming the main antagonist in Year 3 and/or cooperating with another IDW original villain.
  3. If Sonic B and fill in the blank were swapped with either already existing characters or new characters with defined personalities and skillsets, I would had gave Forces a chance. But the reason that didn't happen was because Retro Sonic instantly soured me on the game for various reasons and I saw the create your own as another cop out for not using the numerous established characters that haven't been active in over a decade. Generations 1 turned me off from playing any game where my only option was Sonic and the quarter hour Shadow DLC wasn't enough for me.
  4. And yet despite being a straight to the point port, people claimed it had gameplay issues that the original genesis version didn’t had prior.
  5. Yes the true savior of Generations 2: Shadow’s gameplay campaign that felt like a last minute add on and took less time to run through than a Sonic X episode even without ads and opening/ending credits.
  6. I can say the same about their exclusion( such as Sonic 4 and Sonic 1 GBA port) But how much did the other characters had an impact in Generations 2? From what I’ve seen it wasn’t much of an improvement from the 2011 predecessor.
  7. ^That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get tiring seeing it in every damn game. Congratulations your iconic stage had become mundane and uneventful due to it’s overuse and crippling dependency.
  8. Too bad the “3D games” are filled with at least 60% 2D sections so that statement is already a fucking lie. And even then it’s still a bore fest where we keep going back to the roots that have lost it’s nostalgic appeal its attempts have become apathetic, Eggman lost his antagonist credibility and everyone else’s independence has went down the drain on for the sole reason of putting Sonic on a higher pedestal because apparently the title character can only have importance if everyone around is are reduced to incapable yes men kissing his ass 24/7. I don’t care what IGN, Game Grumps or anyone else says: the “3D” games got worse since Colors, Solo Sonic is the worst thing that’s happen to the series and I want to play as other characters in an actual 3D game (I’d be ok with a full 2D game as long as they don’t heavily rely on classic pandering, give me a new experience) because Sonic by himself is so fucking boring to me.
  9. Plus they eventually had more villains to face; they didn’t spend 26 years fighting the same person.
  10. Ok that’s reasonable. This might sound weird but not once did I look at any original Archie character and said “this person feels awkward here”. The closest I would say would be Dulcy the Dragon.
  11. Can you explain how you define that phrase because I got into the Archie comics because they revitalized what I love about Sonic and whenever I hear to “represent the series” or “make the comics more like the games” here’s where’s my mind goes: -Green Hill Zone/Classic era imagery at every opportunity -make everyone incapable of doing anything without Sonic -the stories has become so simple and safe that they feel uninteresting to me -Eggman being so non threatening, little Suzy Johnson from Phineas and Ferb could take him with little problems -the removal of everyone sans Sonic, Tails and Eggman made the world felt empty The IDW series while operating different from Archie, it still maintains the energy and feeling of what got me in to Sonic in the first place. Maybe I’m overthinking this and know we’re talking about an completely different medium of entertainment but the more I hear this stuff, especially with how SEGA has a tighter grip with the series the more I worry that SEGA will do to the comics what they did to the games: doing everything I listed to the point I no longer care for Sonic anymore
  12. Be careful, you’re poking holes in the anti-serious narrative. If I wanted safe and simple, I would picked up Mania. For modern Sonic I prefer have a story that takes it self seriously and has more going for it than “Stop Eggman” over simple stuff like Lost World or Colors because I found the writing in the those games were so lacking, it made me ask if the games doesn’t care why should I put down $40+ for them.
  13. Sooooooooo is anyone actually looking forward to the games? I’ll admit that I find it disappointing that some of my favorites aren’t gonna be in the game and graphics can be better but I’m interested in what SwSh can do. Also, can we please not go into the “you’re not a real Pokémon fan” bullshit to fans who are excited for the games. If I can air my grievances for Sonic Forces(along with my disinterest for Mania) without demonizing the people who were enthusiastic for it, I’m sure Pokemon fans can do the same.
  14. You’re not the only person here who likes the stories of those games and I agree that the writing in the games needs an improvement.
  15. Seriously can we please knock off the idea that we can only have either good gameplay or good plot. It’s possible to have both.
  16. Going with with Fire and Ice for having non-Sonic characters actually doing something and while it wasn’t huge as other stories, I actually gave a damn about what was happening.
  17. I’ve seen comics from DC/Marvel that had delay but with the big 2 delays are more common with big events like Secret Wars or Dark Nights: Metal where something with a monthly/biweekly release schedule would been stretched out where it finishes 2-4 months after it’s original planned end date I know the delays are annoying as hell but delays are not exclusive to Archie/IDW and it hasn’t been that bad compared to other publishers.
  18. With Dynamaxing, you can make one Pokemon on your team giant sized. But it only last 3 turns and you can only use it once per battle.
  19. I’ve stated before that it doesn’t matter what stage ST pushes and it’s not because I prefer the Adventure era. I’m bored of being told how iconic and amzing Green Hill Zone is. It’s hard to feel nostalgic for something that been gone for less than a day. But if you think my displeasure of seeing Green Hill Zone is simply because I’m not fond of the classic era, that is very incorrect. For example, my favorite video game franchise is Pokemon. The first game I’ve ever played was version Blue. And I’ve watched the anime series all the way at the start from the Kids WB days and I still watch it to this day. Most people would think that based on these facts I would be a genwunner: a Pokemon fan that disses anything that doesn’t resemble the Gen 1 era. But this is wrong because: 1. My favorite game of all time is Alpha Sapphire(based in Hoenn) 2. Favorite anime arc is the XY arc(Kalos region). 3. You wanna know my current issue that I have with Pokemon? It needs to ease up on reminding people how amazing Kanto is. From XY to the let’s go games it’s been Kanto this and Kanto that. From stuff like giving Charizard and Mewtwo 2 mega evolutions, the Alolan variants being exclusive to Kanto mons, and the new movie based what I’ve seen is going to be just the first one again but with 3D models! So despite Game Freak’s attempts to appeal to my childhood nostalgia, I’ve instead grown indifferent by anything that has a heavy Kanto focus. Because I love Pokemon more than just the first 151 entries and if I really want nothing but to relive those Kanto days, I got Version Blue sitting in my 3DS waiting to be played after I beat it within a week’s time. And this is the issue some fans have with Sonic, we know GHZ is cool but it stopped being exciting when you throw it every chance they get as if they have nothing else to say. And I would still say this even if I identified myself as a Classic fan.
  20. It doesn’t matter if the stage being pushed is Green Hill Zone, City Escape or Windmill Isle. The issue is simple: fans are sick of seeing the same damn thing over and over again. This is basically what would happen if your favorite holiday was celebrated every day of the year: it stops being unique and it degrades to your average Thursday. This is not something I hold to Sonic exclusively. One of the major complaints I’ve seen from plenty of fans who grew up on Gen 1 Pokemon is that they’re tired of Game Freak’s constantly reminding people how awesome Kanto is that they ran with Pokemon XY. So you can't blame nostalgia for why people are bored of seeing the stage. The series can’t keep partying like it’s 1991. It needs to actually move forward because every game produced by ST have been saying ‘we’re returning to the roots’ since Colors. Thank god the comics haven’t succumbed to this state of nostalgic stagnation. Also, many Adventure fans would like to see elements from that era(actual 3D, multiple playable characters, etc) not only return but fixed the problems the games had before so they're an non-issue. You can't just say "it didn't age well" as a reason to keep the series in a creative rut.
  21. Just because Green Hill Zone is iconic that doesn't mean it doesn't get tiring seeing it every 5 seconds. And this isn't me hating on the classic era, I would get fed up if they did the same thing with City Escape, Green Jungle, Radical Highway or any other stage in the series. Have you ever seen that fan video of Present day Sonic being unamused of seeing GHZ yet again and explaining to Retro Sonic why the stage isn't all that exciting anymore? If you haven't feel free to do so now: This may be surprising to hear but there are fans who don't get that special feeling from the stage given how aggressive they have been pushing the stage as if that's the sole way of Sonic of being good which is why fans are expressing their annoyance. The series has been on "Member Green Hill Zone?" as far back as Generations and some of us would actually like the series to actually move forward and that's hard to do when the games have been pretending like it's 1991 for almost a decade.
  22. Comixology has #18 for July 3rd as well
  23. I’m pretty sure by anniversary title Marco means it’s another excuse for more “Member Green Hill Zone?” and despite calling it a 3D game it will actually consist of 60% 2D gameplay. Basically what ST has been doing since Colors.
  24. Use someone who’s drift you can handle; for me it was Big also try to drift into every ring possible especially those long strings of rings.
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