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  1. Sonic fans: Classic + Adventure + ????

    For me there are 3 "Eras", kind of similar to Generations with one small exception. Classic - from Sonic 1 up to 3D Blast/Flickies´ Island Adventure - from Sonic Adventure to: a. Sonic Heroes (by voice acting) b. Shadow the Hedgehog (design of characters) c. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (the main gameplay element) "Just a guy who loves ADVENTURE." Modern - after any of a., b. or c. endings of Adventure era "An adventure is no fun if it´s too easy."
  2. Do you all remember Solaris prototype ? Sorry, Sonic 06. My conclusion is that Mania could be actually both. Eggman brought Little Planet next to Angel Island when Sonic and co. were going through Press Garden (for me, illusion of in-between Ice Cap and Mushroom Hill). Oil Ocean doesn't take place in Sandopolis pyramid, that's an unacceptable idea for me. West Side Island could have been brought by Phantom Ruby as well (look at Sonic Mania title screen, there are 2 islands, not one).
  3. i really don't understand the praise for Sonic CD

    You can judge whether Sonic 1 or CD is better, but you can't compare CD and 2 or 3&K. About the level design. Some may say it's a clear mess. But most of the time Time Posts are placed near the areas where they can be used. I agree that some controls (pointing to Collision Chaos act 3, pinball) are bad as hell in both original and remake. I played remake, the real best you can get is in range of 20-29 second, but usually it's around 1 minute, sometimes as tedious as 2+ minutes. For me, personally, CD is a bit more fun than 1 or 2. You can be entertained by 6 continous rounds in CD, whereas in 1 you get bored in Marble Zone for sure and in 2 the ending point for me is Casino Night/Hill Top
  4. For me, personally, as I feel Mania was. The main route in Green Hill was basically the original stages (Act 1 and Act 2 in S1 for Mania Act 1 and Act 3 for Act 2)... but, after the "end" of the section taken from originals you can smell more of automation up to the end. Chemical Plant was always automated. The Act 1 again takes original designs, most of the time. Act 2... well... it is hold some button to proceed, but at least you get rewarded for the timing, which wasn´t done in any stage. (And if so, name one.) Studiopolis is automated mainly in lower route. But again there is sense of right timing done well. Flying Battery feels like Flying Battery. This is million times better than the original, as Taxman, Stealth and co. clearly knew that the elevator kind of thing was just shit. Again there was a huge amount of automation even in S&K. Press Garden is good. Yes, there is a bit of automation and I can clearly say where and how much time it takes. Stardust Speedway is way better than CD. In Sonic CD you couldn´t get the timing right, never. Hydrocity has basically the same amount of automation as in S3, if not less. Mirage Saloon besides having the Sky Chase Zone for Sonic and Tails stage is ok. Oil Ocean is basically as in S2 with the addition of Sandopolis gimmick to Act 2. Lava Reef - same as S&K. Metallic Madness - original was very blocky Titanic Monarch - I can agree with it being the most automated final stage. But it´s still better final stage than Scrap Brain and Death Egg combined. Nothing more to say.
  5. I am thinking of a Sonic and Tails game in a similar manner to Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed (for the sake of "different" playstyle). And make it a consistent adventure with something that never have been seen in cutscenes. For example, how Heroes and Forces had 3 (short) days until Eggman proceeds with his plans (domination/wiping out resistance) but never seems to acknowledge how it could have been 3 days... The game could feature Modern characters OR Classic characters. Definitely not both. + new and well-made "Sonicy" levels, Bosses á la Egg Viper or Egg Walker from SA or the Death Egg Robot Phase II from Forces. I think that could be promising. No running bosses or if so, not with Boost.
  6. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    I would like to see a well-made Wacky Workbench, but that would need Phantom Ruby again (taboo for many) and including a non-original stage (taboo for many).
  7. Sonic Colors or Sonic Forces?

    For me, Colors is better because they had a vision and they accomplished it more or less. Apart from that the only positive of Colors was being released 7 years ago, at the time when people were not sick of boost gameplay. Or wisps. Or linear level design that much.
  8. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    I´ll be happy if there would be like 1 or 2 returning zones. The key point here is that they should contribute to the plot.
  9. Another ideas to consider: Eggman just make Infinite disappear, even though he is an actual character and not an illusion. Eggman didn´t conquer the entire world, only South Island. Infinite was able to make an illusion (=reality) of falling sun for Sonic and co. after "3 days deadline" and Death Egg (one of the power supplies) destroyed. That´s just illogical if the Phantom Ruby Infinite had was much better than the Avatar´s.
  10. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    yes, that´s what I wanted to say... Colors had introduced them, ok, stay in there... Gens was a celebration, so it´s ok to have them in a stage from Sonic Colors. But it´s absolutely pointless to have them in Lost World and purely miserable using them in Forces. EDIT: One thing I found out. Iron Fortress has the ultimate segment of stage scripted (you have to hit the booster or do a good Drop Dash). This is downgrade from even S4 Ep I and Ep II ! Whoops S4 alert.
  11. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Review on the Slovak site: http://www.sector.sk/recenzia/31603/sonic-forces.htm Score: 5.0 Pluses: avatar and character design, some good levels with retro feeling, music and dubbing, good-looking Minuses: not-interesting, short, not using full potential of: levels, OC, guns (wispons), character differences At the end, they advise Mania for Sonic fans plus they hope something good will happen in the "main series".
  12. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I think that this idea: http://www.seganerds.com/2013/08/06/iizuka-color-powers-will-be-standard-in-future-sonic-games/ should be reconsidered after Forces. It was good for Colors (all stages) and Generations (Planet Wisp and Tropical Forest being the Colors´ stage for anniversary), but after that it shouldn´t have been used IMO.
  13. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    If we assume that Sonic Forces was developed as an anniversary title, then we can be certain that it was a mess last year. And therefore I presume they were not working on the game itself for 4 years. Correct me, if I am wrong. Plus if they did "Hedgehog Engine 2" for 2 years after LW, there is absolutely no way they could make it with the team presented in credits for the anniversary.
  14. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Yes, I meant that supposedly 3D outings should actually be fully 3D, not only partially, with the part being game by game smaller and smaller. Or way more useless.