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  1. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Do you know what is the biggest difference between Mania and Forces ? Besides level design, gameplay and all other stuff... Mania: Minimalistic marketing, shown exactly what was needed (2 new zones, from 5, but still... renewed zones... 1st and 2nd in game order + music from the 6th one (mid-game climax stage)) Forces: Huge but awful marketing, first shown remixed zone was ! Classic Sonic´s Green Hill (a little bit bad choice) ! And it did worse than Mania or Gens beforehand. That´s what was first thing done wrong. Avatar gameplay... well, platforming with need to be careful about background. We don´t have any idea about the level order, but that can be deemed negative as well as positive. Bosses... not really entertaining... Eggman using old tricks, Infinite waiting for hits and making blurry vision. Neat. Yeah, I just cannot see what is actually good. Space Port ? Nah. 70% automation. Thank god for low-end laptop. EDIT: Or Casino Forest ? It´s too easy with no enemies and few spikeballs as in Sonic CD´s Collision Chaos. And the Sonic 4-alike music for Classic Sonic doesn´t help. If Sonic Team told Jun not to use Sonic 4 drums it would be a mega song, at par with Mania. Now it´s just meh.
  2. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    Exact definition of "developer is saint" and "nobody else has the right to say anything". That´s what you have summarised. Similar things as those in remakes were already possible to do on Genesis as well. Ehm... ok. Last thing I am going to say... who wants to make barriers will always find a way, who wants to be open to ideas will always find some block from others.
  3. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    Original developer would do minor tweaks but what I was thinking of are small almost forgettable ideas but in the same way nice touches as did in remakes. Something that Jon might not have thought about. That still doesn´t answer to why Taxman and Stealth were faithful. Yes, it was mainly SEGA´s part in keeping it faithful, but that´s how collaboration works. Jon could get some good ideas, but when he thinks it´s too much, he won´t add it in. Simple. The discussion here is... how much exactly is 3D different compared to S1, S2, S3 or CD. It´s not same, of course, but it certainly shares roots within how the game were programmed and it´s not only a bit, I presume. About the Flickies system... It is a little illogical to have them as a shield and losing them only with 0 rings. What I think is actually better that if you get hit, you lose rings and 1 flicky. That is what I would call balanced. Or losing only the flicky with no losing of rings.
  4. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Few things to say. 1) Forces have a very odd marketing. It can´t improve anyone´s view. (If you liked the game from the beginning, you are still. If not, you are hating it. Or just say it is OK, which is also a bit odd.) 2) Literally every thing in the entire game is reused. And even if it´s not truth, the percentage is just too high. 3) Avatar with "Wispon" is just overpowered and seems to substitute 90% of the characters from the Sonic series 4) Very little platforming for a platformer. And if there is any, it´s too easy. Look at "Green Hill Forces" in Sonic Mania. Compare it to Green Hill in Sonic Mania. You will understand why the level design is too uninspired. (It´s not the only stage to look like well... cheese !) 5) Boost gameplay and Wisps are being repetitive. 6) If Sonic is not present at the first 1/3 of the game, you will know that "Forces" = Avatar 7) What the heck ?
  5. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    And that is entirely your opinion.
  6. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Hm... well there are only two ways... either the things substituting the player input are there or not. That´s the first point. Second point, you can share opinion how much of the gameplay should be automated. Because it was definitely less than 1/5 of all movement in previous games and in Forces, well, some have 30% of gameplay, whilst this one particularly has like 60%+. It´s too late where I live, so let´s go to sleep.
  7. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Ehm... what is good about substituting player input, tell me. Isn´t it a key thing for a platformer ? And it´s inherently BAD because there is, as said before, very high percentage of automated sections. It´s ok in stages like Generations´ Chemical Plant or whatever before, because it was probably one of the very few things automated.
  8. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    There should be more to the sentence. The dash panels in Forces are BAD because they essentially substitute the player input (in context, that´s why the second part is omitted as it´s self-explaining). And that is a correct statement.
  9. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    Definitely not. Look at how faithfully they made the remakes and even asked Yuji Naka himself if HE approves Hidden Palace Zone for Sonic 2 remaster. They would work with him as they did with SEGA. No more, no less. And as you said, they are fans. Why would they even want to negate something that was done by the original cast as there is the original designer. That just doesn´t make sense.
  10. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    By the way, I DIDN´T say that Taxman and Stealth would do better without the original developer. I said that if they were collaborating we could expect some cool enhancement. Therefore your reply was not a reply to what I said.
  11. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    Like seriously ? Let´s focus on their remasters of CD, 1 and 2. There is a potential for some exciting addition.
  12. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    I can imagine this stage being in the middle of the gameplay. Similar to how Stardust Speedway´s music was revealed for Mania (I was thinking that perhaps it would be 3rd zone) but it was a mid-game climax. And I think that there would be 2 fights with Infinite before this stage and one after.
  13. Sonic Forces - Music Thread

    I personally hoped for a little better music at some points. Sonic 4´s alike Green Hill is a big disappoitment from Jun Senoue. Yes, I know that they couldn´t (or wanted not to ?) use original Green Hill, perhaps of being repetitive, but... common. I appreciate Flying Battery music and even others like Sonic Heroes songs all made by Jun, but this ? And Casino Forest... oh... the rest is not bad, but not all time good either.
  14. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Only time will tell.
  15. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    I think that even that is an achievement of Mania Team. Look at sales of Android Sonic CD, 1 and 2 and Steam Sonic CD. And they cost and did cost almost nothing.