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  1. Right. It will be patched soon. But it´s wonderful looking at 872k Mach Bonus.
  2. It is ? I don´t find it better, really. I still think about one thing. Christian said that the 4P Competition Mode was made up because of playing the game while being together. Why not playing the game in multiplayer while they are not together isn´t a thing = Online Competition is still a mystery. Plus I thought Christian would do a streamed gameplay as did Tee and Simon.
  3. superman43

    Sonic Mania Reviews/Impressions Thread

    He won´t be underpowered, rather a not really good choice. It would eliminate all areas that are possible to enter just with Sonic carrying a shield. Mighty basically eliminated all uniqueness of Sonic´s Water Shield ability, for instance.
  4. Right. It was added to Mania Mode too and serves as a tease for the end of the game. Logical, considering you just passed the mid-game climax. Though it should have been in original release.
  5. That justifies only one thing - that the DLC was planned from at least few months before Mania release. Because: 1) the sprites found with S, T, K, M and R letters, with M and R being again Sonic... that´s why 1.04 patch on PS4 changed Mighty and Ray into Sonic (as the sprites weren´t loaded yet) 2) that Angel Island mini section was planned... MonkeyDude - used there, Sweep ("the water skater one") also used here, I think. Or at least it was. Whisp and Caterkiller might have served as possible badniks to return. Maybe Caterkiller was revised into the green one in Mirage Saloon. Mirage Saloon predominantly uses Sonic 2 badniks, although changed a bit. Plus... rescue mission ? What rescue mission ? In the first place, there is absolutely no reason for Metal Sonic to be playable. And then, what should he rescue ? Eggman or what ?
  6. I just wonder... Encore Mode acts are stored differently than Mania Mode ones, right ? That means... modders could actually make Encore Mode with all different zones. That actually doesn´t make any sense.
  7. Wait some time and modders will make playable Angel Island.
    Encore Mode:


  9. I believe it´s a leftover. They ported both zones from Sonic 3 Remastered, remodelled back the beginning part of Act 1 and added into DLC. They just didn´t bother with deleting this mess.
  10. superman43

    Mania Glitch Thread

    I believe it can happen with any character. This happened in Mirage Saloon act 2. Started as Tails/Knuckles, switched Tails to Sonic and clipped.
  11. superman43

    Mania Glitch Thread

    Just to mention it here... When you pause the game after Press Garden Act 1 boss fight is done at the right moment, the transition will fail. Restarting the stage will send you to Act 1 tally, though.
  12. superman43

    Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 5 Available Now)

    Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed.
  13. superman43

    Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 5 Available Now)

    Best from Part 5 was Tails. And with the most screentime. I wouldn´t say it was really anticlimatic, sure it was short, but I was satisfied with all of it. Getting inside, being like "frozen" (obviously nod to Press Garden), Death Egg final boss remix for hyped up Metal Sonic. Tails knowing again that Sonic is too much into action. Mighty and then all 4 beating up Metal Sonic, then vice versa. Tails as a hacker. Master Emerald (nod to Super Mecha Sonic), Knuckles just casually kicking the ass of both Metal and Eggman and just casually going away with the ME. And Tails choking at the end.
  14. Hilarious bug. Press Garden Zone Act 1, Mania Mode, STEAM. Transition to Act 2 failed.



    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Wall Garden Zone

    2. blueblur98


      heard you like pillars and walls.

    3. superman43


      Pausing during the transition = not a good idea. But I like the changes done to Press Garden Act 1. One pressing machine has slightly different box set-up, character looking up during the beginning and slight change to the colors of Shiversaw.

      Plus restarting the act restores everything to normal. I mean it is just skip to the Act 1 results.


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