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  1. I always wonder why everyone thinks the Sonic Generations plot is utter trash. Because I found some kind of logic in it recently.

    1. RedFox99


      Would you like to share your insight? I don't think it's complete trash, but it is a little shallow and bare bones especially with how little the other characters help out.

    2. Ayliffe


      It's not "trash" per-se, just really... lacking in anything really happening.

    3. superman43


      It is shallow, sure. 

      What I figured out:
      1) "Is it just me or is this place awfully familiar ?" and "That pink water makes me really nervous for some reason"... so Sonic, Tails and co. don´t remember places they have been to but remember each other.

      It´s logical ? Yes, Eggman erased all his defeats, that´s why Time Eater shows himself to Classic Sonic in Green Hill Zone. For the second part, characters would meet anyway. (And the Classic Sonic meets with the Modern just before Death Egg battle)

      2) Classic Tails showing up. As Chemical Plant is removed from the timeline, I can only suggest that he is just there because he is the Sonic´s buddy. I guess. And why we see him after the Death Egg Robot fight ? He just traveled with Classic Sonic anyway.

      3) Eggmen battled in Death Egg fight and Egg Dragoon fight respectively are not the same ones as those controlling Time Eater. This seems also logical. When Sonics are from beginning and end of the timeline, why should Eggmen be from different periods ? Therefore what we see at the end of the fights is just Time Eater (controlled by different Eggmen) cleaning up the mess.

      4) Sonic and Tails return to Green Hill Zone, so, to the very start of all. Eggmen are trapped in the limbo, but the counterparts still exists in the respective timelines (or splitted timelines). So, Modern cast and Classic Sonic and Classic Tails remember Generations, others do not.

      Anything other that is not clear yet ?

    4. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      People don't dislike it for having plot holes, they dislike it for being simplistic and never using the chances it's given to reference the games it celebrates.

    5. superman43


      I saw it being hated for both.

    6. PaulyBFromDa303


      I tend to notice that the series likes to leave things out to bring them up later. Sometimes they need to prioritize better, other times it's just right. Pretty sure that we'll find some more stuff out in whatever sequel to Forces they come out with

    7. A person, that exists

      A person, that exists

      It's not trash per say, but it's incredibly barebones, and I personally kinda dislike it for that.

    8. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      I mean, maybe if they hired writers that actually gave half a shit about the franchise...

    9. Kiah


      In addition to the many blown opportunities in line with a franchise rich in history with both good and bad memorable moments Generations was the perfect opportunity for Sonic to be an actual friend to his friends and interact with them.

      That didn’t happen worth anything and that is what I hate the most about Sonic Generations’ story.

    10. Strickerx5


      I'd honestly say it's flat out trash. Not for its inconsistencies or anything, but for it not even trying to do... well, anything with what it had. They somehow made a story more bare-bones than Heroes (and even some of the classics) and couldn't even bring themselves to add, at the very least, the cheesy humor that Colors had. 90% of the cutscenes are just Sonic standing around in whitespace getting the other cast members back and they don't even do anything else for the rest of the game. Nothing is explained until that last little exposition dump Eggman gives towards the end and even that doesn't give much detail into anything. What makes matters worse is that the game was marketed as have a "epic adventure" in a number of trailers and that just wasn't the case.

      Honestly, it's one of my least favorite narratives in the franchise (which is still painful for me to say seeing that Generations itself is one of my favorite games in the series). While I won't go as far to say that it's worse than things like 06 or Shadow (because the stuff that goes there is simply inexcusable), it's a strong runner up with just how dead it is imo.

      (I'm sorry for jumping on this negativity. It's just that this is actually one of my biggest annoyances about the series currently. We haven't been giving a proper in-game story since BK and that was 9 years ago...)

    11. superman43


      Could we say that the problem of having story bare-boned/close to non-sensical is a shared trait of the later games of an era ?

      You mentioned Heroes, Shadow, 06, Generations and Forces... 

    12. RedFox99


      Regarding later games, it seems that Sega has been kind of afraid to use Sonic's friends post-06, especially with people complaining about them. 

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