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  1. The worse thing is that the community will be split. You get friends that will play it now, some others later, by the time the people later will join in the discussion, the casual players will have moved on to another game etc. It's not that the experience of playing the game in itself that will be degraded just because you will play it 2 weeks later than what was the initial date, but part of that experience is sharing your findings and joy with others offline or online. And people being out of that because of their platform of choice is much worse than being left out of it because the game isn't available on your region yet (NA/EU/JPN - JRPG releases are an example of this). Personally you may not care about that for your own reasons, but that doesn't mean that there's no such thing as a social phenomena that rises between Sonic fans with a global release such as Mania's.
  2. It's as if people are judging each action individually! As much of a fan as I am, if they do wrong, I'll call them out. And this is wrong. To add insult to the injury... Sonic 1 for compensation? It's not that I hate the game but Mania's target audience has overplayed it. Honestly, it's one thing to give something away as part of some sort of celebration and another to give it because you messed something up. In the latter case, if they cannot do better, they're better off not do damage control at all. Because that's what this is.
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