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  1. So i played for around an hr online and so far the clock and warp rate has gone down significantly, in fact I think I only was hit by the clock maybe twice the whole time. The super engine came up more than i liked though tbh.
  2. Eh, a no item mode sounds awful so I'm not too bothered about it's absence. About the super engine, I think that's great it should have been there from the beginning. Just hope the rate for it isn't broken.
  3. So the super engine is available in normal races on a trial basis for Nitro Fueled. Also, the Warp orb and Clock rates have been adjusted again. Nice to see Beenox is still trying to cleanup the online modes, wish they more vocal with community though.

    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Let's be honest. Their communication has stunk and gone to pot ever since the game finally released. And we'll have to wait to see how well those orbs and clocks actually were adjusted.

    2. mayday2592


      @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice So far according to reddit the rates have improved. For all we it could be fixed but only time will tell.

    3. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Well, can't blame people for not having faith at this point. That said, there'll probably be more applause when they fix online as a whole. Not to mention so many other problems Nitro FIeled has.

  4. So we may have evidence for the next Crash game already.
  5. So new Crash art has been leaked. 


    1. Marcello


      If it's a piece of art, why are you posting a video?

    2. mayday2592


       @MarcelloSo, anyone who was curious could get a better explanation of what this could possibly mean.

  6. This has to be one of the worst gaming conferences I've watched in a long time.

    1. Teoskaven


      Ubisoft at this year's E3 is way worse if you ask me.

  7. When you think about it Thor’s Arc in the MCU is one of the most messed up things in recent fiction. 

    Thor 1: Cast out of home, loses powers

    Dark World: Loses mother and presumably brother.

    Ragnarok: Loses Father, best friends, eye, sister and home.

    Infinity War: Loses brother for real, best friend and half of his people.

    No wonder he was in the state he was in for Endgame.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Add in Thor 1 he thought Loki died. He said in Avengers 1 he mourned for him.

    2. mayday2592


      True, also forgot the fact he had messed up his chance to avenge his people by killing their murderer which resulted in the deaths of trillions.

  8. After thinking about it, as great as most of his mainline games are, Mario and friends are some of the least interesting characters in recent gaming history. Only real exceptions being Luigi and sometimes Bowser.

    1. Cayenne


      I think Wario and his friends are the most interesting characters in the Mario franchise. The cutscenes in WarioWare Gold show how charismatic they can be and there's many japanese sources (official sites, articles, manga etc.) that describe many things about their lives and personalities.


    2. mayday2592


      Exactly. Mario Peach and Toad have absolutely nothing like that.

  9. Lol. I'm convinced another team was working on the online segment of the game. How could they get the core gameplay down so well, add more fan service than ever before seen in a Crash game and make great new tracks yet screw up the online gameplay?
  10. Chances are, anything about Baby Cortrx/Tropy in the datamine is leftover data when they were planned on being in the game before they were cut. Similar to what happened in Brawl with Mewtwo. The datamine is still semi valid atleast, alot that was mentioned did come out like an additional Tiny skin and N.Trance skin. It does make me wonder what chracters are going to make the cut though.
  11. Wow It's crazy how many people in the Crash fandom are actually supporting or excusing this mtx bullcrap.

    1. Tangled Jack

      Tangled Jack

      Well, I'm not gonna spend anything besides what I spent for getting the game, but yeah it is definitely annoying, although I hope I'll manage to unlock everything without having to use money.

  12. Apparently they have history of doing this with recent COD games also.
  13. Noticed in the Prehistoric Playground video N.Trance looks to have a new skin. Hopefully this means he's available normally.
  14. Yeah for now, the optimal experience is local multiplayer which is excellent. Online is just plagued with glitches and poor decisions.
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