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  1. Bit the bullet and bought the Mario 3d collection, after 8 hrs I realized the only 3D Mario games I really  enjoyed were Mario Galaxy and onward. Don't really care for the style Sunshine and 64 had. 

    1. pppp


      When Koizumi and the team he formed in Tokyo took over 3D Mario, that was when the series really took off and never looked back.

  2. As much as Crash 4 frustrates me when it comes to getting 100% I keep coming back.  Even when I'm starting up a new different game and barely past the first hour, I'll get bored and go back to Crash. Been an issue with the last Crash games too. I think I have a bandicoot addiction lol.

  3. Lol dreamcastguy is making clickbait duds again. 

  4. Canadian Guy Eh's review is up. https://t.co/UCBUrr2UDD?amp=1
  5. The 106 percent ending is kinda obvious and REALLY isn't worth it.
  6. Right  after i make a post defending the hidden crates in Crash 4, I run into a stage that I can't find all of them on even after scouring for the stage for 10 minutes lol. There really should be an indicator some sort in a patch. Maybe have a "?" appear over Crash's head for a second, and have him look in that general direction while standing still, or have the controller rumble or make a sound when they're nearby.

  7. Agree on boss length being an issue. With some being just awful. Another thing was the over reliance on old zones Green Hill and Chemical plant were fine, but the later ones really lack that same creativity and some like Oil Ocean were just annoying. The final zone was just bad in my opinion , the gravity gimmick was annoying and both stages are too long. Lastly encore mode was a big disappointment with some ugly palette swaps and minimal changes to the levels.
  8. Yeah so far i havent struggled too much with the hidden crates and survival challenges on subsequent runs for most levels, maybe it's because I'm used to other games that require you to search for lots of hidden stuff in linear levels and after decades of Crash, but time trials just suck. Really hope they patch in checkpoints. And the less said about nsanely perfect relics the better. @KHCast I'd say the main levels are perfectly fine tbh, it's the bonus and flashback tapes that get aggravating.
  9. Yeah those later stages go on for a bit especially in world 8. I think im just gonna go for all the skins and hope none involve platinum relics and no death awards. The ending for 106 want worth it at all.
  10. Just looked it up and Crash 4's secret ending at 106 percent is predictable and definitely not worth the effort. The 100% percent one though...


    Lol its a throw back to Crash 1 with a likely non canon where are they now segment with a ton of cameos. With a smooth voice over who happens to be.... Crash Bandicoot. The 106 ending is Cortex relaxing only to be found by Uka Uka.


  11. Yeah I'm not going for 106 percent in this, relics are just brutal. Really don't get why they didn't add checkpoints to time trials, they fixed a few of the bigger issues like making backtracking more manageable and less time consuming, but didnt fix this.
  12. So far this is on its way to the top of the list for me. I agree some of the gem requirements are a bit redundant, but the excellent level design makes up for it and it seems most of the meaningful extras can be gotten after a standard run and inverted run anyways. Played through the 11th dimension and I had a smile on my face for a good chunk of it. So much fanservice and throwbacks in this game, its crazy.
  13.  3 thoughts on Crash 4, This game is amazing so far. Man this game is hard, and Gaijin Goombah should cover Crash 4's Japanese themes levels.

  14. So why exactly are people so upset over Steve? He always seemed to be a popular character in gaming media. Although I personally don't know much about him. Honestly a better choice than Byleth atleast.

    1. Thigolf


      Adult people getting mad that a their toy for kids gets invaded with another toy for kids

    2. Winston


      I don't like Minecraft so it's just another boring addition to me, but I'm happy for the people that wanted him. It is better than Byleth at the bare minimum. 

    3. Teospooker


      Same as Winston.

    4. Diogenes


      he's fuck ugly. like, not just "i don't like this design", it's unpleasant to look at.

      in a game full of creative, expressive, well-animated characters, he's a bunch of boxes covered in muddy, low-resolution textures with bare minimum animation. i've got plenty of respect for minecraft as a game but the character designs are absolute zero-effort garbage that the game succeeded in spite of.

    5. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      he babby gem

      he only for zoomers 

      he ugly graphics, lower poly than star fox snes

      he may may character

      he waste of slot

      he no crashsoratracerdoomguyraymangenotailsdante

    6. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Pretty much the same as Winston, although I like Minecraft (although it's not something I can play for hours upon hours at a time).

      I mean, I am happy for those who really, truly wanted him in. I was expecting him back as far as FP1, I just wish it was someone I'm interested in (which is purely subjective, I admit).

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