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  1. Best case scenario: A remaimaginating of the game with improved gameplay styles that expand on the original concepts to create something brand new yet familiar. Worst cade scenario. The same exact game just with shiny graphics and less glitches.
  2. Honestly I think theyre only adding one each because more and more of the staff is being moved to the next project.
  3. Didint Nintendo say the DLC fighters would come from unrepresented franchises? Fire Emblem is far from that.
  4. Ugh, really another Fire Emblem character?

  5. Wow Ezra Millers Flash cameo on Crisis on Infinite Earths was something I never expected. The interaction between the two was gold.

    1. Kuzu


      I laughed so hard at how good it was

  6. Really hope that the next Crash game doesn't have a lame non ending if you don't have  100% when you beat the final boss. Always though it was dumb that Cortex or Uka would say at the end. "Oh you've beaten me but not really since you didn't get all the gems!" Atleast give me somewhat of a satisfying ending regardless of completion percentage.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      I like how Spyro 1 did it.

      "I beat the game!" vs "I beat the whole game which makes me cooler than you."

    2. StaticMania


      So...in Crash 3 Uka Uka says "they still have a chance to win because of the Gems"

      And that one instance is them being defeated "but not really"?

      In Crash 2 Cortex doesn't say anything, Coco just worries about his spaceship still being in Space.

      Neither of these really seem like non-endings and there's only 2 of em, they're actually pretty neat and different from the other endings.

    3. Menace2Society


      I mean, it’s not like the “good” endings of those games were any better. It’s why I never really bothered 100% any Crash game.

      Anyways, if it’s a classic styled Crash game, they’ll probably do something like that again. Stuff like Twinsanity and the Mutant games just had one ending for the beating the game, and they were really very different from the prior games, especially the latter two.

    4. mayday2592


      Wrath Of Cortex did it too. It makes the final boss feel anti-climatic and a bit pointless. Would have preffered if we got a normal ending and a mid credit scene teasing something extra if you got all the gems. 

  7. I liked the film, thought it was flawed and a bit predictable though. Gotta agree the movie feels rushed in certain parts and the Emperor seemed shoehorned in. Also it seemed like the titles for this movie and the previous should have been swapped. Unless im missing something, The Rise of Skywalker title didn't make much sense.
  8. So The Rise of Skywalker was ok, definitely had issues but it was nowhere near being the worst Star Wars movie like some critics were saying.

    1. Miragnarok


      Well, it still had toyetic character design, no sequences that felt pointless, and negligible politics.

  9. Its a more skill based racer than Mario Kart, which adds to the appeal honestly. The former relies too much on items and chance which brings down the experience imo.
  10. Wasnt Sonic supposed to show up at TGA?

  11. The new game is rumored to have masks that give special abilities so it would make sense to have a new mask power up in CTR that does the same.
  12. Yaya is from a mobile game and Hasty is a brand new character.
  13. Anyone know when Shovel Knight King of Cards is supposed to launch?

    1. Nast


      according to the Steam page it'll launch in approx. 10 hours

  14. After watching the first couple eps of Steven Universe Future, gotta say Little Larimar is one of the best new characters on the show.

  15. So a Crash reveal is looking more and more likely. 7 major youtubers in the gaming community are receiving new Crash dolls and merchandise. The same thing happened prior to the reveals of Nitro Fueled, Spyro, and the N.Sane Trilogy, all around the same time of year.

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