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  1. Looks like they're not shying away with throwing in "mild language" in the writing for the series, even mocking the shock people had about Dingodile swearing in IAT.
  2. Psychonauts 2  looks amazing.

  3. I get that it's a comic book series, but I'm surprised they really do glaze over the fact that Loki murdered his father and then attempted to commit genocide on his own race just to prove he was worthy of the throne. Just thought it was weird, esp since its the worst thing he's done on screen and the rest of his history was cross examined.

  4. Been binge watching  Bob's Burgers and I love the family dynamic for the most part. It's nice to see a TV dad who isn't a selfish idiot but instead actually cares about his kids.

    Some episodes make Linda intolerable though, like the one where she steals Bob's Espresso machine to pay a scam artist to teach baseball, But then she gets mad at Bob for being upset about.

    Same with the Dinner Theatre episode where she gets angry Bob calls the cops on a guy who robbed him at gunpoint in a full restaurant while her kids were there, just because that was "her star actor."

  5. Waiting to the download to finish for battle toads on gamepass

  6. Kang is gonna be the Mephisto of Loki.

  7. What exactly is the deal with the game releasing on epic, and why is it a bad thing? I've seen people call it a deal -breaker and I'm genuinely curious as to why that is.
  8. Out of all the Sonic plots we've gotten, I think Unleashed is my favorite. It's simple, charming, and there's a decent balance of comedy, and the game had some the closest moments to legitimately heartfelt character interaction. Even when things hit the fan, it didn't get too overly melodramatic compared to something like SA2 or 06. As a cherry on top, we actually see Sonic and Chip hanging out and being friends and just generally having a good time together. Can't really say that about most Sonic games where his friends play a role in the story when I think of it, except for Battle or Team Sonic Racing kinda.

    1. Slash


      Unleashed is actually one of my favorite Sonic plots.

  9. When has the Crash series been remotely obscure anywhere? He's been a highly requested character in multiple crossover fighters, and there was plenty of hype for the remakes and 4. The series was one of the biggest western gaming ips in japan sold pretty high numbers everywhere else.. In fact Nitro-Fueled had the biggest launch for the series.
  10. Just saw Black Widow and it was good but.....






    Taskmaster was really  wasted here. Without spoilers, Taskmaster doesn't say more than one-line,  no real developement, the trademark character mimicry thing is barely shown off,  the identity reveal was underwhelming, and a return is super unclear when the movie ends. I still liked alot about the movie, but man, Taskmaster is one of my favorite Villains/Anti-heroes and they did the character dirty here.

    1. The Master

      The Master

      I feel the same way about Taskmaster here. Almost came across like Deadpool from Wolverine Origins.

    2. mayday2592


      @The Master Would be great if they go the same route as Deadpool and introduce a more accurate Taskmaster in the future. Kinda doubting it though Since Echo, a character who has similar abilities is being introduced in Hawkeye, and possibly her own series.

  11. In the theater for Black Widow.

    1. The Master

      The Master


  12. Loki made me remember how much better Sif  was used on Shield than any of the Thor movies.

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Sad isn't it?

  13. Watching Final Space for the first time and I'm really liking it.

    1. Red


      Final Space is excellent

  14. At the theater for F9.

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