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  1. mayday2592

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    There's still two months before launch and Nintendo did say they'd reveal all the characters beforehand, so he may still be an echo fighter.
  2. mayday2592

    Nintendo Direct Megathread

    Well that was underwhelming.
  3. mayday2592

    What is the future for Modern Sonic?

    After all the negative reception Forces received, Sonic Team should take a long and serious look at what worked with the past games and hope to improve and expand upon them. But I doubt that'll happen since the Forces did manage to sell.
  4. So Brie Larson and Entertainment Weekly are teasing a Captain Marvel reveal that will break the internet. Any guesses on what it will be? Personally Im expecting an official first look at her in costume, seeing as EW has done that for previous MCU movies.
  5. mayday2592

    Shovel Knight [PC/3DS/Wii U]

    So the release date for King of Cards and Showdown has been set for April 19th. http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/30/shovel-knight-king-of-cards-showdown-physical-edition-release-date-announced
  6. Just got home from seeing Infinity War and wow, that was one heck of a movie. Without giving away spoilers, I would have to say this movie has some of the best action scenes in the MCU. And yes, I'm willing to say that one in particular is better than the Civil War airport port battle . I'm really hoping future mcu movies can take some influence from these scenes to create some really over the top and imaginative set pieces in future films instead of two guys with similar powers punching each other in the face 90% of the time while the background goes boom.
  7. Spyro 1 bosses were an absolute joke. I like the idea of pursuing them through the stage, but these guys go down so easy it almost takes away any feeling of accomplishment after beating them. If i were them I'd add some challenge to the fights, but i know they'll likely be exactly the same unfortunately.
  8. I'm guessing the Target thing was a mistake based on internet rumors since the title for the Spyro Trilogy was proven to be fake.
  9. mayday2592

    Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Battle Royale and Star Allies)

    The mixed abilities were mostly underwhelming TBH. The elemental weapons werent all that exciting and some of them like the TK/Stone combo or Art/Stone combo were useless.
  10. mayday2592

    Sonic Mania Adventures (The Complete Series)

    That actually looks really good.
  11. mayday2592

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I'm hoping theres a unique hook to mix up the racing like there was in Transformed. It would sorta make up for the lack of Sega characters IMO.
  12. Wow this was disappointing, could really care less about Mania nowadays.
  13. mayday2592

    Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Battle Royale and Star Allies)

    So just finished the first two worlds and well.... I'm disappointed so far. the level design has been simplified compared to the last three games and all the collectibles are insultingly easy to find. The rooms for switches or extra stages and puzzle rooms involve the most basic of puzzles and youre told which abilities you need to clear the room. The bosses have been downgraded too, the ones i foughtcould all be defeated in a minute or less and they lack any real challenge. This game reminds me of Forces, its not as bad, but its also the fourth game following a sucessful formula but manages to downgrade everything that made the last few games enjoyabke.
  14. Like you said e3 is still aways off. If the game has been in development long enough, why not anounce it out of the blue and surprise everyone instead of having it be lost in a sea of other game announcements during E3?
  15. mayday2592

    Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Battle Royale and Star Allies)

    After the last direct and the japanese overview video, I'm officially sold on this game. All aboard the hype train!

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