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  1. Its a more skill based racer than Mario Kart, which adds to the appeal honestly. The former relies too much on items and chance which brings down the experience imo.
  2. Wasnt Sonic supposed to show up at TGA?

  3. The new game is rumored to have masks that give special abilities so it would make sense to have a new mask power up in CTR that does the same.
  4. Yaya is from a mobile game and Hasty is a brand new character.
  5. Anyone know when Shovel Knight King of Cards is supposed to launch?

    1. Nast


      according to the Steam page it'll launch in approx. 10 hours

  6. After watching the first couple eps of Steven Universe Future, gotta say Little Larimar is one of the best new characters on the show.

  7. So a Crash reveal is looking more and more likely. 7 major youtubers in the gaming community are receiving new Crash dolls and merchandise. The same thing happened prior to the reveals of Nitro Fueled, Spyro, and the N.Sane Trilogy, all around the same time of year.

  8. Ring races are confirmed in the blog and its been stated that King Chicken is unlocked in Adventure mode by finding the golden eggs in the hub world. Also there's this: Maybe Rilla Roo is in the next GP?
  9. Good on Sqaure Enix for keeping her origins mostly intact.
  10. It's basically a limited series that will tie up the loose ends left in the previous seasons and end the overall series.
  11. Huh so Jasper apparently will be a major villain, along with Aqua Marine a corrupted gem, and two Lapis Lazulis?
  12. Whoa I saw Amberly, but where are the Twins? In the same building? It's crazy the amount of fan service this game has.
  13. Took them long enough. With all the time it took for them to get the update out, I was expecting them to add something worthwhile that would make me want to pick this game up again.
  14. Lol Sega is really trying to market the gutted HD version of Banana Blitz as a "Brand New" game in the trailer.

    1. Joy


      What's 'gutted' about it? Did they remove stuff?

    2. Operationgamer17


      They cut out all the mini games but 10, and it seems a few music tracks had to be replaced, but that’s about it.

    3. Thigolf


      That line in the trailer was seriously weird.

  15. I'm the loser of the game you didn't know you were playing.

    1. PublicEnemy1


      Let's play another game, this time I get to win!

    2. Winter Spirit Ultima

      Winter Spirit Ultima

      That's right I heard this story over and over again

      Gee it's swell to finally meet her other friends!

  16. So Nintendo doesn't have a set schedule for SNES or NES releases. Hopefully that doesn't mean the releases won't be spread too far apart.

  17. Unless I'm forgetting something, Spyro fights Gnasty on his own. Edit: He does. However there's a cute little easter egg i found. When Gnasty is about to be fought in A Heroes Tail he claims to have defeated Spyro before and again makes that claim in the GP intro.
  18. Strange some people have to wait so long to find matches in some regions. Usually it takes a minute for me or less for me, with smooth gameplay to boot.
  19. Yeesh the Crash subreddit is really sensitive when it comes to any negative feedback for reveals. I voiced displeasure about Skylanders content was included and was promptly cursed out  by a couple people and had a threat sent to me via dm.

    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      What Skylanders stuff was added? There was a fake roadmap floating about with Skylanders Spyro, and it’s been confirmed fake since MoM Coco and Crunch are the new legendaries.

    2. TCB


      You talking about the new wheel set right?

    3. Tornado


      Make sure you stay away from the SSMB thread then.

  20. Lol I never saw those ever. Did they just never show up in rotation?
  21. So i played for around an hr online and so far the clock and warp rate has gone down significantly, in fact I think I only was hit by the clock maybe twice the whole time. The super engine came up more than i liked though tbh.
  22. Eh, a no item mode sounds awful so I'm not too bothered about it's absence. About the super engine, I think that's great it should have been there from the beginning. Just hope the rate for it isn't broken.
  23. So the super engine is available in normal races on a trial basis for Nitro Fueled. Also, the Warp orb and Clock rates have been adjusted again. Nice to see Beenox is still trying to cleanup the online modes, wish they more vocal with community though.

    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Let's be honest. Their communication has stunk and gone to pot ever since the game finally released. And we'll have to wait to see how well those orbs and clocks actually were adjusted.

    2. mayday2592


      @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice So far according to reddit the rates have improved. For all we it could be fixed but only time will tell.

    3. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Well, can't blame people for not having faith at this point. That said, there'll probably be more applause when they fix online as a whole. Not to mention so many other problems Nitro FIeled has.

  24. So we may have evidence for the next Crash game already.
  25. So new Crash art has been leaked. 


    1. Marcello


      If it's a piece of art, why are you posting a video?

    2. mayday2592


       @MarcelloSo, anyone who was curious could get a better explanation of what this could possibly mean.

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