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  1. I could of sworn that there was topic that had a similar discussion of... "that" except it was about Amy's age(?) Not sure though...

    1. Kiah


      Probably. I try to make it a point not to remember obnoxious, inappropriate and ridiculous topics. Wouldn’t surprised me that a topic existed in the slightest. 

    2. Shiguy


      It's things like that make me of think of what this place was like around the early mid 2000s...

      And then suddenly I want to stop thinking

      you guys keep doing your job though!

  2. Good shit right here (though I think 2 has a lot more rememberable pieces 1 has some standout pieces)

    All the more reason why 3 was a let down

  3. If I had a decent microphone set up i'd probably participate in the little singalong since i've got a pretty decent singing voice but since don't have that leisure...


  4. >When an obscure artist's blog that you follow gets deleated and none of their art is archived



    >When you realize you saved exactly one piece of their art






  5. I'll tell you what Sonic game that really needs a remake/remaster...



    Not even jokeing here, this was the my S̶o̶n̶i̶c̶ Jam when I had Gems Collection.


    1. Polkadi


      Huh, I was expecting a joke game, like Sonic Schoolhouse.

    2. A hyper KING heavy engine

      A hyper KING heavy engine

      Lol that reminded me when I found this


    3. Diogenes
    4. Clewis


      Sonic R on pc was my first 3D Sonic experience, so I'd feel kinda obligated to buy something like this just for nostalgia's sake.

      And speaking of Sonic Jam, I would literally throw money at my screen for a Mania team-led remake of Jam, featuring updated, but still stylistically low poly aesthetics for Sonic World, along with Taxman's versions of the classic Sonic trilogy.

    5. A hyper KING heavy engine

      A hyper KING heavy engine

      They need to look at how the surfaces were made in that game and apply good rolling physics to it. 

    6. Shiguy


      @Polkadi They did that it was called "Sonic Leapster"


      well ya see...

      this is was the last time there was a direct sequel to a racing series made by Sonic Team


    7. Blacklightning


      No joke, a racing game would be the one thing boost gameplay would actually be good for. Hell, they already set the groundwork for it in the Shadow fight for Generations.

    8. Yeow


      @Blacklightning Been saying this for months now :v

    9. Cobalt_Bolt


      Please don't unleash the Tails Doll upon us again. The last time I saw that thing it tried to kill me with a wired Gamecube controller with extension cord attached back in '09.

    10. Shiguy



      This thing?


      Whatever, he's poultry

      Compared to this



      (Tails doll spooped me when I first heard of the rumors when I was younger. I was naivè back then.)


  6. And I'm back! With watching more Sonic Underground!

    Yeeeeeeeeahhhhhh *cough*


    So after "allegedly" finding their actual mom


    Even though the show wants us believe that they didn't when she outright stated that they were her fucking children, the brothers did diddly sqaut to acknowledge the fact that there mother was litterally right there. Sonia was the only said ANYTHING and show acts like "they still haven't found her yet", uhhh yeah they fucking did, but because they didn't outright confirm that it (they totally fucking did) it doesn't count I guess...) 

    Sleet comes up with plan to catch the hedgehogs by arranging a fake wedding with Queen Aleena, which I gotta commend Sleet for his cunningness even if it mostly backfires. He's shaping up to be a pretty alright character in this. When the Hedgehogs catch wind of this they devise a plan to foil it via pretending to uhhh... A "thricetet?" In order to sneak in at the request of Bartleby

    Robotnik catches wind of Sonic being there ready to take the bait (as Sleet predicted would work) and sets out on catching the him via an "cat n' mouse" trap with the "trap" being Dingo transforming into a... Chilli Dog stand, and then a Fly trap? Soooooo, are they gonna like use this as a potiental setup for an episode? Transforming the Hedgehogs into radically different forms they're unfamiller with in order to catch them? Just saying that could be intereeeeeeeesting setup guys...


    Anyways, when that backfires the hedgehogs are lured in by the paper thin disguise Dingo was using, causing Sonia to get caught in the process and for Robotnik to instead take her as his adoptive daughter. Manic and Sonic take a plan of action to stop it from happening Manic, who comes up with the plan unfortunately gets caught via a hidden camera wasting valuble time. When all hope seems lost, Aleena shows up to stop the the decree thus saves the day.

    Overall I say that was a pretty decent episode compared to the first 2 excusing that one really stupid moment in ep.3, there were alot less dumb decision making in this one. (besides the slopey animation)

  7. Couldn't decide between smug Georgette from Oliver and Company or smug Sawyer from Cats don't Dance. Eventually went with smug Sawyer cause she isn't a conceded (Litteral) bitch like Georgette is...

    Plus i'm more of a cat person then a dog person anyways, and Sawyer's just cuter :V

  8. I haven't played A Hat In Time myself, but if we're talking movement options Hat Kid runs circles around Mario in terms of getting somewhere quickly on the the ground, and unlike Mario's Diving in Odyssey, Hat Kid's is more akin to Sunshine's diving (I.e. getting better horizontal coverage) and the Sprint hat and scooter badge definately rectify this.

    However that's just on the ground...

    See unlike Mario, Hat Kid doesn't have shit on Mario when it comes to Jumping. No, Mario in Odyssey can get WAAAAAAAY better vertical coverage then Hat Kid can. (unless i'm not aware of some movement glitch which if that's the case that doesn't change the fact that it wasn't intentionally put there in first place, unlike Cappy who is)

    Jumpman true to his title definately "Leaps" bounds way over Hat Kid who doesn't have whole lotta tools to get higher despite having a double jump (and were talking basic movement here, the Hookshot is an "assist" rather then something natural. Same can be said with the Captures in Odyssey.) To reinforce this fact look at this major skip in the spoiler here for Odyssey:


    It might seem a little unfair (lol low G's) but that doesn't change the fact Mario simply can get huge vertical coverage when the gane allows him to.


  9. Man playing 3D world again after Odyssey is gonna feel Super Weird without diving or Triple jumps. Granted Odyssey is based off 3D World's Engine, so it won't be too unfamiler but then again 3D World has a "Run" button multiple playable characters and power ups.

    Hoooo boy.

  10. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    But you know what the difference here is? Mephiles had payoff worth a damn cause Shadow was acutally there to confront him TWICE Inprisoning him, and then beats his ass later. Here Infinite acts like a schoolyard kid who got beaten by a big bully, doesn't actually confront Shadow during the climax nor does he ever interact with him afterwards That's what i'm more bewilderd by.
  11. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    So you mean to tell that this guy Had better compelling backstory and developement Then this guy The guy who's tonally unfitting for series vs the guy who essentially got a supercharged Roboticization maguffin... When people were suggesting that Infinite was Mephiles 2.0, they weren't kidding! he would of been better off for it you somehow found a way to make the Shadow recolor LOOK better by comparison by not being "Him" You fucking found a way to make, fucking this Look """""""better"""""" Nakamura when you write something bad you don't take a piss straight up in the air and expect to land in the stall, you take piss in the godamn stall and make sure it goes down. How do you manage to a comparsion look worse from it's predecessor. How do you even? also stay away from Tails (assuming you weren't the only one who came up with the ideas to make him a pansy) stay far away from Tails.
  12. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    See now i'd argue here that With XV you don't ABSOLUTLEY need to watch the tie in anime or movie to understand what's going on in the world Eos, unlike Sonic Forces FFXV is JRPG with alot of Western influence and I feel that the base game does it's job at explaining what happens in the in overall plot that the movie and anime only give better context to what happens.
  13. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    That Polygon review highlights exactly what I hoped for. Addressing the negatives while highlighting the positives. That may or may not recurring trend for other review scores but it's a good start. I don't know whether or not Mania is gonna be the "Eye Opener" (more then likely it will) for the majority reviews as a bases for comparison cause it's bout time some issues in the boost games get brought to attention. (Starting with the 2.5D stuff we need stop shoehorning this into the Boost games plz)
  14. Mario Odyssey Spoilers


    The Koopa Free Running challenges are among my Favorite in the game.

    They're essentially glorified Il Piantissimo races in Sunshine except with more opponets which boils down to "How well can you optimize Mario's movement to get to the goal?"

    When you consider how refined Mario's movement is in this game it's whole lotta fun see how much you can play around with it.

    If there were any DLC for this game I wouldn't mind it being more these. 

    (Bonus points if they make some of these for the challenge rooms.)


  15. Omg, Mario can actually breath underwater forever just by looking at something. The manual zoom that you use while underwater allows Mario breath underwater forever pffft Odyssey mang.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I wish 64 was like that XD