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  1. I can't believe Nintendo made a game that Solid Snake can always enjoy.

  2. Time for a switch up! (heh) Magnet Bomber of the Dastardly 5 Bombers!

    He's gotten the most mileage out of me compared to the other 4  in R. His bombs have served surprisingly well for me on expert difficulty.

    Also Planet Bomber (Stages 3 to 9) can fuck off.

    Godamn balloons and their bullshit movements...

  3. NME Salesmen: "How can I help you King Dededee?"

    King DDD:



    NME: "That what we do best here at NME!"

    Escargoon: "You'd better get it with a money back guarantee!"

  4. "Alright it's time to do 200cc in Mario Kart 8 again.

    "It's been awhile hopefully I'll be prepar-


    oh fuck it's too fast, holy shit



  5. Hoooooo boi... gotta tell my best friend why I don't like Sonic Forces when he really likes it.

    And he thinks it's better then Unleashed because he couldn't figure out how to get pass the second HUB.

    1. VEDJ-F


      To be fair, I couldn't figure out how to get past the second hub for a long time. 

    2. Shiguy


      Weird how in SD versions all you had to do was go to Pickle's lab AND you're done. But in the HD versions you had to talk to the townsfolk to progress.

      Do the HD versions even hint to do that?

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Pretty sure one of the things Tails tells you to do was to go talk to whoever was needed to progress, assuming we're talking about Spagonia before Mazuri.

    4. Shiguy


      Spagonia before Mazuri yeah.

  6. How feels to fight a good player in Smash Bros.


    1. Ferno


      i was expecting this


    2. Shiguy


      More-so "causual play" vs "holy shit this person knows their stuff"

      In 4-vs-4 matches.

  7. Did they just pull a CAPCOM? Holy shit! They're pulling a CAPCOM! I mean it's not on the same level of bullshit but it's within the ballpark of it. Locking existing content on the disc behind a "temporary free but paid for later" DLC is pretty dumb. It at least it isn't "I can't believe it's not gambling" loot boxes or anything greedy AAA practices that plague a lot of those games, but c'mon now SEGA your better then this.
  8. Oh thank fuck my mom finally got rid of Hughesnet and switched back to Spectrum good riddance.

  9. Gen II (Gold) is what got me hooked on Pokemon to begin with when I was younger.

    I could never figure out how to get past the old man in Red which made give up on the handheld games (I owned; technically my sister's copy of stadium just I owned her copy of red) And just activetly watched the anime instead at the time till I got Gold.

    Incidently Gold was a borrow I had for a friend in elementry.

  10. Almost immediately after posting "Hopes and Dreams" from Undertale I got a connection error that read:


    I think it's a sign...

  11. Hmmmmmmmmmm... I wonder what the Light posse gonna be doing this time around? And are we gonna get another Street Fighter cameo ala news reporter Chun-Li?
  12. It's a little less to do with nostalgia and more-so trying to be in that, "hip crowd" (i.e pandering) with outdated material that isn't really trying to be clever or smart. It's just their way of cheekly being "self aware" without actually trying to be classy about it. Taking their cake and trying to eat it too.
  13. SEGA: Well yeah? We acutally know what our audiences acutally want: We don't leave them hanging like you guys! *eyes shift* *awkwardly sidles out the room*
  14. You know if they were going to make a meme shirt why didn't they pick this guy:


    Why not stick with the original "Meme Bean Machine"? He has shit-ton of quotables from the show he's most regonized in and he's official too (unlike Sanic who's now unofficially official now)

    They could of made an outfit in general representing the western Robotnik design for the avater, but I guess the SOA branch wanted to be "hip with the kids".


  15. This is an olde:

    "You have termites in your PINESS"


    1. A crocodile

      A crocodile

      should start at :49