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  1. https://board.sonicstadium.org/profile/2033-strickerx5/?status=913648&type=status




    Technically Mighty's ability isn't a "wall jump" per-say, but he can gain height from a wall when clinged from it, and "jumps" upward from the same wall, so you sorta jinxed it?

    1. Strickerx5



  2. Huh, I thought artificially numbing would feel a lot weirder on my mouth then I thought.

    It turned out to be not that bad actually.  Just came from the dentist btw.

    1. TailsTellsTales


      Was it scary? I never been to a dentist and want to visit one before I won't be able to. Like is there extreme pain involved? Do they actually rip your mouth wide open to view the inside better? Like what can you expect from dentist?

    2. Shiguy


      Nah it ain't anything like how most cartoons portray it. The pain i've felt was from the the initial numbing even then it wasn't that bad. They do get you open your mouth quite bit so it's easier to a specific part of it.

       As long you let them do their job and cooperate there shouldn't be any issues. 

    3. TailsTellsTales
  3. The Star Allies demo is out in the US? 


  4. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/02/president-trump-we-have-to-do-something-about-violent-video-games-movies/

    "movies [that] come out that are so violent with the killing and everything else." He made a suggestion for keeping children from watching violent films: "Maybe they have to put a rating system for that." 

    Trump brings up a good point! We need some kind of rating system to determine the explicit content one might find in movies and video games!

    Because it's not like we've never had one those before...




    Most defiantly not... 

    1. DanJ86


      Don't forget humans have been starting wars, fighting and killing each other for thousands of years.........how long have movies and video games been around?

    2. KHCast


      Ahh love when conservative fuck head officials try finding scapegoats 

    3. Shiguy



      Video Game have been around since the late 1980s, and Movies late 1840s.

      But I guess we need further labeling since what we have isn't enough...

      Every R movie and M Game should have text that reads:

      "Guns R bad an u shouldn't hut pepl wit gons cuz it's bed ad u could srs hut som 1."

      And if that's not enough, put a 10 min PSA before the start of every video game and movie just to further reinforce the point.

    4. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy


      So clearly, violent video games actually reduce crimes, therefore we should make video games as violent as possible. Orrrr... maybe crime hasn't gone up at all, thanks to unrelated factors, to the point where we live in the most peaceful time in the entirety of mankind's known existence on this little blue dot. Food for thought.

    5. Shiguy


      @Mad Convoy

      It Annoys me more knowing how most mainstream news outlets don't actually look it into the context of "why" or the "reason behind these events that these fictional characters do."

      Just echo the "Violence is bad stigma" never give proper context to the events that happen, then proceed to make weak connections to actual violence that DOES happen and give entertainment media this false pretense that they are the direct cause of it. when it has been proven to be false on multiple occasions. Would it not help to do proper research before we make bold claims?

    6. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy


      Indeed. Which would be bad on its own, but it also tends to twist other people's statements to point that way.

      Take Jack Thompson for example. Media portrays him as the man on a mission to stop the video game menace from causing school shootings or something. While he has definitely made a ton of dumb/self-righteous mistakes, he didn't actually want to kill the gaming menace. He just wanted the ERSB to be more strict and consistent so that impressionable kids didn't end up playing things that they're not mature enough for yet and being emotionally and/or behaviorally affected as a result. And he also wanted parents to step back and think about what their kids are playing of their own accord-- before the kid is adversely, long-term affected emotionally/behaviorally by playing unsuitable games. But the actually reasonable stuff got consumed by the sensationalistic crap. And maybe it was partially his fault, considering that he was more than gleeful to give the media plenty of stuff to focus on ("Doom caused Columbine!" Really dude?), but the media didn't have to play up the least reasonable stuff while glossing over the stuff that actually made sense.

      To paraphrase a common science rule of thought, extraordinary findings require extraordinary evidence to be considered true and relevant, and correlation is not the same as causation.


                                                       BUT YOU MISSED THE GEM..."




    Cortex Power, accidentally jumped on the goal platform after create bouncing :V 


    1. Harkofthewaa



      Why do you do this to Crash, he never did anything to you, you monster.

    2. SupahBerry


      @Harkofthewaa Yes he did! He murdered their other relatives!

    3. Harkofthewaa



      @SupahBerry Proof, or it didn't happen.

    4. SupahBerry



      You know what I mean! This is the old version but it's still the same thing!

    5. Harkofthewaa


      Not the crates, silly! But rather why Shiguy dropped them on Crash's fragile head.

    6. SupahBerry


      :wacko: Oy....  I owe you, and those wooden cubical containers an apology.

    7. Shiguy


      I'll let in you in on a little secrect @Harkofthewaa


      Crash was never hurt (at least not by the boxes) rather he was mighty disappointed in my slip up.


      Now Coco on the other hand...

  6. tumblr_inline_p3xl7pyUYG1v62g4f_540.png

    I can't believe Noctis is in KH3, Since when did he dye his Hair though?

    1. KHCast


      I knew he was reminding me of someone lol

  7. With that I've finally concluded Paper Jam!



    Unfortunately this game is probably the weakest entry in terms of setting, the squashed potential of having more elements of the  Paper Mario series blend in with the Mario & Luigi series is such a misnomer that it makes being a fan of the Paper Mario Series all the damning when a majority of the crossover stuff doesn't really do much to stand out feels highly underwhelming as result of that. Not much to comment on the plot since it's nothing new, but I'll give props to the quirkiness of characters especially the paper baddies counterparts. They had charming interactions that were cute. I didn't mind the Paper Toad missions, they're harmless at best, repetitive at worst. 

    Other then that It has probably the most solid Battle system out of the series to date, tons of really clever and fun attack patterns to memorize and learn with the addition of a third wheel (Paper Mario) who really shakes things up. The dumbing down of the forced tutorial fluff which plague the previous installment And streamlining some features.


    Overall, it has slight improvements over Dream Team, but has bigger problems that held it back in alot of areas but it's still a solid game just highly underwhelming with the crossover stuff.

    1. SupahBerry


      This game is basically the Sonic Generations of the Mario RPG series. Both games had brilliant concepts and some of the most refined gameplay compared to previous entries, but are severely dragged down by their barebones plot and several wasted opportunities. They both have also brought forth the idea that the two Marios/Sonics are from different dimensions instead of being the same characters, because they look different, and that's "too confusing."  


      In fact, I find the Sonic and Mario RPG lifecycles so similar that I'm start to think Miyamoto and Iizuka are the same person in disguise.

    2. Shiguy


      They can't be! W1 1-1 hasn't been shoehorned into everything just yet.

      Also Paper Mario being from another dimension actually makes sense.

      Checkmate Sonic Forces.

    3. SupahBerry


      I haven't checked, but I feel that some aren't keen on the idea on the idea that the Luigi that became the popular Mr. L persona isn't the same as the one that served help his brother in several other games.


      Plus, Paper Mario has also suffered from Solo Sonica, and has it's own obsession over "Wispy" gimmicks in it's games. And at least Sonic doesn't have the majority of his worlds population be Flickies or whatever's equivalent to Toad.


      There's also Rabbids Kingdom Battle being the Sonic Boom of the RPG series, although that was handled a thousand times better.

    4. Shiguy


      Color Splash seems to be a step in the right direction for most part at least

      The writing in that game is pretty solid the plus it has one thing that it's predecessor surely lacked and that's having personality and charm to it. similar to the first 3 games. Though it still not quite there with  the lack of any notable unique NPC that aren't toads

      Well and besides this guy


    5. SupahBerry


      Improvements in writing and charm can only tie veterans over for so long, especially when compare to the "epic" vibe that Super Paper Mario featured. It's seen as not good as the first two, but old PM fans now seem to treat like the "Sonic Unleashed" of Paper Mario. They claim it's underrated, and call it the last game that the development team supposedly put actual "effort" into it's world and style.  


      I'll have to wait until the next installment on Switch to see if it actually wins over it's audience, and win back it's older audience as well, because I find them to be rather vocal. White outlines are like the Green Eyes of Mario RPGs...

  8. Whew! I finally got that darn Duplex Crown in Paper Jam.

    I almost had a heart attack from the uncertainty that I didn't S Rank the boss Medley 

    But I did! haha whoooooooo... the final boss is gonna be a cakewalk now...

    1. Forte-Metallix


      The final boss is my favorite Bowser fight to date, and the biggest highlight of Paper Jam. (Not that it has many to begin with)

    2. Shiguy


      I saw the move that Robo Bowser does when you have to counter his stomps and he follows up with godamn corkscrew that you have to counter by mashing buttons

      That's fucking boss right there.

  9. The "real" reason that MVCI didn't show up at EVO...

    Because it didn't take you for a ride.

    1. Harkofthewaa


      Ain't that the truth.

  10. Tfw when you get a rare drop from an uncommon enemy in a RPG


  11. happy birthday! hope today is one fillied with love and joy!


  12. Happy birthday, buddy!

    1. Shiguy


      Thanks bud, appreciate it!

  13. I can't believe Nintendo made a game that Solid Snake can always enjoy.

  14. Time for a switch up! (heh) Magnet Bomber of the Dastardly 5 Bombers!

    He's gotten the most mileage out of me compared to the other 4  in R. His bombs have served surprisingly well for me on expert difficulty.

    Also Planet Bomber (Stages 3 to 9) can fuck off.

    Godamn balloons and their bullshit movements...

  15. NME Salesmen: "How can I help you King Dededee?"

    King DDD:



    NME: "That what we do best here at NME!"

    Escargoon: "You'd better get it with a money back guarantee!"


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