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  1. The problem with lost world is that they made tails overestimate himself, insulting eggman, becoming jealous of sonic/eggman teaming up, and speaking of teaming up they really wasted an opportunity with eggman helping sonic after he lost control of the zeti, except for the 2 parts were he saved tails/sonic, he hardly did anything, with his only excuse "i can shut dawn the machine" at least they shouldv let him invent something that will help sonic or something similar to Ratchet & Clank: all4one, i dont like the game much, but did a fantastic job with Dr. Nefarious being forced to work with the heroes, specially this scene.
  2. I dont remember where i read it, but wasn't there originally supposed to be a final battle were Infinite was too powerful to defeat that they needed the help of more sonics and end up merging to one giant sonic made of light?
  3. Hope its more than just replay old levels as super sonic, at least a true final battle to show us what really happened to eggman and infinite.
  4. The thing with the humor is that they are trying to make sonic funny while at the same time make him look cool, which so far doesn't seem to work well, i recently saw ClementJ64 lets play of lost world, and mentioned why a specific sonic cutscene is funny
  5. Is this a usa only thing? because i cant find it
  6. They really need to change some of Eggman's personality, which is something i was hoping with Forces since he took 99% of the world, like having a different kinda of clothing after 6 month later for his victory over sonic, having statues of himself, or force people to praise him(but he prefer to turn them into robots and sonic was killing people all along), but nope hes the same as any other game, for how long are they going to make him that "villain who has mindless robot minions", yes he does have cubot and orbot, but their role are always the same, only talking to eggman as an assistance.
  7. Remind me of Ratchet & Clank, too bad the actual game doesn't have something like this.
  8. This kinda make it even worse, remember when in mania and in the SF comics eggman said that the Ruby is more powerful than the chaos emeralds.
  9. The Capital City is one of the few level i enjoyed, simply because it wasn't a sonic level, we couldv got something like this
  10. You know i would have forgive them for reusing/copy&past all the old levels without any new ones if they at least let us explore those same levels instead of going through them as fast as possible, something similar to Sonic Unleashed(which is also supposed to be about going around the world), were we actually see and explore the the game's universe outside of the game's levels.
  11. Didnt know there was a second one, i remember playing the first one from that nintendo account website(dont remember), too bad it wasnt on playstation then it couldv done more with that cool traversal mechanics.
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