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  1. Yeah I have to admit this episode was really repetitive. Hopefully they wont have to keep re-visiting it and just get back to the regular Kitchen Nightmares. I just don't think they would be able to top that level of craziness.
  2. Knuckles in Sonic X is also pretty darn cute! Hehe! Also I feel so sorry for him when he gets squashed by the hamster wheel
  3. Amy is Sonic CD is quite cute. I love her giggle, and the way Sonic acts like he doesn't care
  4. I lost interest briefly while at secondary school - as most people my age did I think - which was a shame as that was when a lot of really great games came out - such as the Sonic Adventure series but then got back into him in a big way in my last year of sixth form - and have been a solid fan again ever since. I guess I was playing a lot of Nintendo titles back then and didn't have a lot of time for Sonic.
  5. I really love both Lava Reef/Hidden Palace Zone and Death Egg Zone from Sonic & Knuckles. Both have incredible layout and awesome music. In Death Egg Zone I love blasting through as Sonic with the lightning shield - you can pick up insane amounts of rings! I even love the upside down Act 2 - adds an extra challenge which is fun. It's a shame they couldn't make the Death Egg level longer in Sonic 2, I imagine it would have been just as awesome. I like how Lava Reef as Sonic feels very different to playing as Knuckles - as you get the feeling that this is very familiar territory for Knuckles but is a real challenge for Sonic. Not sure if that was intentional but it's how I feel when I play it.
  6. Yeah I would have to agree, humans - other than Dr Eggman - are quite good as side characters. I hope they don't make another Chris or Elise character - but then, I have to admit, I'm an older fan - if there are looking to aim the franchise at a younger audience then they may consider it - as kids quite liked Chris before. I do also agree that the controls can be a bit frustrating - particularly when you play for the first time - I just wish the games were a bit longer too. Also, some autosave features can make the games too easy.
  7. Yeah, this does sound a bit strange. Not sure how they would work this, I thought it ended quite nicely - in the first film. Intriguing though...
  8. Wow! I cannot believe it's been 20 years already. I remember getting this game from my birthday back then, makes me feel old! I love to pick this game up from time to time but I have to admit I enjoy it a lot more as S3&K. Feels more complete to me - I agree it does feel a little rushed.
  9. The sound and the faces of the Chao when they eat fruit in the Chao Gardens. And how happy they look when you pick them up and run around with them.
  10. I agree that Knuckles should have his own game again - his character and history are quite deep and interesting, and it may give newer fans a different perspective - other than being Sonic's strong and slightly stupid sidekick - which really isn't how most Knuckles fans perceive him at all! Silver would be a good shout too for similar reasons. Maybe Mighty should too! A "what happened after I left the Chaotix" game haha!
  11. I love it in Sonic 3 when Knuckles giggles.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm Vicki. Long time Sonic fan since my childhood and still going strong today. Been on here a while but not posted much - I've met quite a few people on here and at SoS - looks like an awesome place to chat and meet new people. My favourite character is Knuckles (particularly Classic Knuckles) and I collect merchandise when I can.
  13. I could consider them to have a good friendship, but not as deep as the bond between Sonic and Tails. Knuckles has often been considered a bit of a loner so I guess I wouldn't ever think of him being very close to anyone. But then again Sonic, Tails and Knuckles have made a good team so maybe their bond will strengthen in future games.
  14. Wow! These are all so cool. I really love the most recent pose. Very nice indeed
  15. I haven't played this game as much and would like to give it another chance, but I do agree that for a racing game it is almost impossible to control and can be frustrating. I am much more a fan of the Sonic and Sega All Star Racing series - that is a formula that works IMO. I wonder if anyone would remake - it making it a lot smoother to play...
  16. I've subscribed to Kiira the Hedgehog and Hogfather - would recommend these two. Very good if you are into merchandise collecting. Kiira also has some interesting game reviews and cosplay stuff too.
  17. I watched it in Japanese and thought it was pretty fun. Wasn't really expecting much but some episodes are re-watchable. I really liked episode 17 - the Knuckles episode, and episode 24. It's been a while since I watched it all the way through...
  18. Favourite game of all time for me would be Sonic CD - amazing music, amazing level design and it still gives me a buzz when I play it. I am also very keen on Sonic 3 and Knuckles - for the same reasons but I think Sonic CD has the edge...
  19. I'm quite a fan of Shade - if my profile picture didn't give that away...and unlike most people I know I really liked Sonic Chronicles. I guess one of the reasons being when I was a kid, Knuckles was my favourite character and I always hoped for a female echidna character you could play as in the games. Her moves in the battle stages were awesome too - I often paired her with Sonic and Knuckles. I'm hoping she gets a bit more exposure in the future games...and I really wouldn't mind if they make Sonic Chronicles 2.
  20. I got a Mega Drive for Christmas back in 1996....I think. Fell in love straight away. Went off Sonic for a bit in my teenage years, as a lot of people my age do, but rekindled my interest when I went to college. Been a big fan ever since.
  21. I do agree, I much prefer playing S3&K over Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles separately. Mind you I have played both games quite a lot - I consider S3&K a bit more of a challenge. I like how Hyper Sonic is exclusive to this game too, it would be nice to see him make a bit of a comeback but I guess that's one of the reasons why he's so special.
  22. I am quite a fan of Metallic Madness Good Future - Japanese/European version. As I remember someone saying before - it makes you feel like you've won the game already and I agree. It's so cool. There are so many good songs out there though, it's difficult to pick a number 1 favourite. I also love Sonic 2 - Wing Fortress - probably for the same reason . You can't really sing along to those though, which is where songs like Open Your Heart and Live and Learn are good. Depends on your mood really, doesn't it?
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